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Track & Field Academy Coming to Chicago in November

June 15, 2015   Share

USTFCCCA Track and Field Academy

NEW ORLEANS – For the second November in a row, Chicago will be a hotspot for track & field coaching at the highest level, as the Track & Field Academy will host its third round of Master’s Endorsement Program courses on November 20-22 alongside its Track & Field Technical Certification Course (TFTC) on November 20-21.

The Master’s Endorsement program will rigorously and thoroughly cover the inherent issues and techniques in coaching high-level track & field and cross country athletes, with this November’s two courses in Chicago focusing specifically on short sprints (Academy Course 501) and the pole vault (Academy Course 506), respectively.

APPLY: Master’s Endorsement Program Courses | Track & Field Technical Certification

More information on the Track & Field Technical Certification Course can be found below.

In the Master’s courses, students will investigate in an open-ended discussion format the challenges faced in high-level coaching. Veteran clinician and standout coaches will guide the discussions in both courses. Kebba Tolbert of Harvard and Curtis Taylor of Oregon will instruct the short sprints section, and the pole vault course will be taught by Tom Hays of Kansas and Todd Lane of LSU

Admission into the course requires completion of four of the Academy’s 400-level courses (or three 400-level courses and the "310: Strength and Conditioning Certification" course. Those wanting to take the short sprints course must also have completed the “302” Track & Field Academy course, and “303” is a prerequisite for the pole vault course.

Obtainment of Master’s Endorsement status follows the successful completion of the Master’s course, along with the Specialist Certification, six required 400-level prerequisite courses, six years of formal coaching experience and the fulfillment of the mentorship requirement. More details can be found here.

Courses in the javelin throw (Academy Course 508) and cross country (Academy Course 513) will be offered December 13-14 in San Antonio, Texas, prior to the start of the annual USTFCCCA Convention. Registration for those courses is separate from Convention registration.

Six additional Master’s Endorsement courses are currently in development, each targeting a specific discipline in track & field or cross country. Once fully implemented, the Master’s Endorsement courses for each discipline will be held once every two to three years.

For a complete list of the Master’s Endorsement courses (existing and under development) and more information about the Master’s Endorsement Program, visit the Course Catalog and Programs section of the Academy Website.

Track & Field Technical Certification Course in Chicago

While the Master’s Endorsement Program courses are designed for experienced coaches looking to further hone their base of knowledge in a specific event/event group, Chicago will also have the broad-based Track & Field Technical Certification Course (TFTC) to offer on November 20-21 for those coaches looking to jump start their young careers.

The TFTC is a 15 hour course in training design and technical instruction for all the common track and field events. The course is taught over two days. Curriculum is broad based, covering all key aspects of technical coaching. Each section is illustrated with pertinent, animated video created specifically for this course, to enhance clarity and understanding.

Topics included in the course are:

  • Foundations of Training Design for Track and Field
  • Training Components for Track and Field
  • Training Design for Track and Field
  • The Sprint Events
  • The Hurdle Events
  • The Relay Events
  • An Overview of the Jumping Events
  • The Long Jump
  • The Triple Jump
  • The High Jump
  • The Pole Vault
  • An Overview of the Throwing Events
  • The Shot Put
  • The Discus Throw
  • The Javelin Throw
  • An Overview of the Endurance Events
  • Training Design for the Endurance Events

For more information on either the Master’s Endorsement Program or the Track & Field Technical Certification Course, please visit or contact