Division III XC All-Region Honorees Announced for 2016

Division III XC All-Region Honorees Announced for 2016

NEW ORLEANS – All-Region honorees for NCAA Division III Cross Country were recognized Monday by the U.S. Track & Field and Cross Country Coaches Association (USTFCCCA) following Saturday’s NCAA regional championship meets.

A total of 557 student-athletes (278 men and 279 women) from 160 programs earned the distinction by finishing among the top 35 individuals at one of eight regional sites across the country.

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A pair of men’s teams and a pair of women’s teams landed all seven of their runners on the All-Region lists.

Johns Hopkins’ and Emory’s women were fully represented on the All-Region front, as were the men of Claremont-Mudd-Scripps and North Central (Ill.).

Three more men’s teams (SUNY Geneseo, Johns Hopkins, Christopher Newport) and three more women’s teams ( SUNY Geneseo, Tufts, UW-La Crosse) earned six All-Region honors, apiece.

On the conference level, the SCIAC narrowly edged the NESCAC on the men’s side with 26 honorees to 25. The NESCAC topped the women’s list with 24 honorees, followed by the UAA with 22.

The NCAA Division III Cross Country Championships will be held Saturday, November 19 in Louisville, Kentucky.

A full list of the honorees can be found below. It is sorted alphabetically by team and then in descending order based on athletes’ finishes at the regional championships.

Only athletes from USTFCCCA member institutions are eligible for the award.

MEN – 2016 NCAA DIII Cross Country All-Region Honorees

Student-Athlete Year Institution Region
Andrew Bill FR Albion Great Lakes
James Weekley FR Albion Great Lakes
Carter Smith JR Allegheny Great Lakes
Dan Cheung SR Allegheny Great Lakes
Randy Violette SR Allegheny Great Lakes
Craig Nelson JR Amherst New England
Mohamed Hussein JR Amherst New England
Raymond Meijer SR Amherst New England
Abdullahi Salan SR Augsburg Central
Tanner Osing SR Augustana (Ill.) Midwest
James Jones FR Bates New England
Zach Magin JR Bates New England
Will Knowlton SO Berry South/Southeast
Evan Hatton SO Bethel (Minn.) Central
Christopher Roberts SR Birmingham-Southern South/Southeast
Timothy McOmber SR Birmingham-Southern South/Southeast
Jack Fisher SR Bluffton Great Lakes
Matt Jacobson SR Bowdoin New England
Nicholas Walker SR Bowdoin New England
Mitchell Hutton JR Brandeis New England
Ryan Stender JR Brandeis New England
Robert Hiegel SO Bridgewater (Va.) South/Southeast
Trey Gibson JR Bridgewater (Va.) South/Southeast
Andrew Philipose JR Calvin Great Lakes
Jordan Kramer SR Calvin Great Lakes
Mark DeJong JR Calvin Great Lakes
Nathanael Dick SO Calvin Great Lakes
Zac Nowicki SR Calvin Great Lakes
Tris Dodge SO Carleton Central
Aaditya Mhatre SO Carnegie Mellon Mideast
Curtis Watro SR Carnegie Mellon Mideast
Paul Fleming SO Carnegie Mellon Mideast
Ryan Auld JR Carnegie Mellon Mideast
William Mitchell SO Carnegie Mellon Mideast
Galen Caldwell SR Case Western Great Lakes
Sam Merriman JR Case Western Great Lakes
Isaac Steffensmeier SR Central College Central
Mark Fairley JR Central College Central
Tanner Rathje JR Central College Central
Nathan Riggs JR Centre South/Southeast
Ben Wasserman FR Chapman West
Elijah Orr FR Chapman West
Andrew Benfer SR Christopher Newport South/Southeast
Daniel Read JR Christopher Newport South/Southeast
Grayson Reid JR Christopher Newport South/Southeast
Jeffrey Dover JR Christopher Newport South/Southeast
John LaPointe JR Christopher Newport South/Southeast
Samuel Murch JR Christopher Newport South/Southeast
Garrett Ryan SR Claremont-Mudd-Scripps West
Jesse Joseph SR Claremont-Mudd-Scripps West
Joshua Sealand SR Claremont-Mudd-Scripps West
Kevin Huang JR Claremont-Mudd-Scripps West
Kyle Lund SR Claremont-Mudd-Scripps West
Nico Banks SR Claremont-Mudd-Scripps West
Thomas D’Anieri FR Claremont-Mudd-Scripps West
David Chelimo JR Colby New England
Griffin Gagnon SR Colby New England
Silas Eastman SR Colby New England
Peter Callan FR Colorado College West
Ben Bosworth SR Connecticut College New England
Danny Aschale FR Connecticut College New England
Cuyler Gabriel SO Cornell College Central
Mitch Ryan SR Cortland St. Atlantic
Paul Christian SO DePauw Great Lakes
Polo Burguete JR DePauw Great Lakes
Zach Batt SO DePauw Great Lakes
Bryce Descavish FR Dickinson Mideast
Mason Hepner SR Dickinson Mideast
Alec Bass JR Dubuque Central
Alec Thibodeaux SR Eastern Mennonite South/Southeast
Austin Hunt SR Emory South/Southeast
Bennett Shaw SO Emory South/Southeast
Lukas Mees SR Emory South/Southeast
Michael Sisario SR Emory South/Southeast
Shane Sullivan JR Emory South/Southeast
Collin Mulcahy SR Fredonia Atlantic
Ethan Francis SO Fredonia Atlantic
Ben Taber SR Gettysburg Mideast
Damon Kilgore JR Gordon New England
Anthony McLean SR Grinnell Central
Daniel Christiansen SR Grove City Mideast
Evan Jones SR Gustavus Adolphus Central
Thomas Knobbe SR Gustavus Adolphus Central
Henry Whipple JR Hamilton Atlantic
Graham Peet SO Haverford Mideast
Greg Morgan SO Haverford Mideast
Henry Woods JR Haverford Mideast
Jimmy Gorman SR Haverford Mideast
Ryan Herlihy SO Haverford Mideast
Austin Neura FR Heidelberg Great Lakes
Julian Morrison SR Hope Great Lakes
Jesse Capellaro SR Ithaca Atlantic
Sean Phillips SR Ithaca Atlantic
Tim Chappell JR Ithaca Atlantic
Matt Andrews JR John Carroll Great Lakes
Alex Doran SO Johns Hopkins Mideast
Louis Levine JR Johns Hopkins Mideast
Oliver Hickson SO Johns Hopkins Mideast
Schaffer Ochstein SR Johns Hopkins Mideast
Scott Pourshalchi SO Johns Hopkins Mideast
Tom Pavarini SR Johns Hopkins Mideast
Josh Janusiak SO Lawrence Midwest
Blake Slattengren JR Lewis & Clark West
Liam Monheim FR Lewis & Clark West
Brien Nugent JR Loras Central
Justin Adams JR Loras Central
Mason Tope JR Loras Central
Timothy Sevcik JR Loras Central
Isaac Jensen SR Luther Central
Parker Beard SR Luther Central
Drew Smith SR Lynchburg South/Southeast
Josh Shaw SO Lynchburg South/Southeast
Alex Gudeman SR Manchester Great Lakes
Connor Bresnahan SR Manchester Great Lakes
Benjamin Schott SO Messiah Mideast
Ascencion Aispuro JR Middlebury New England
Brian Rich SR Middlebury New England
Chalmer Combellick SR Minnesota-Morris Central
Dennis Maloney SO MIT New England
Matt Deyo SR MIT New England
Rory Beyer SR MIT New England
Adam Sopchak JR Mount Union Great Lakes
Matt O’neil SR Mount Union Great Lakes
Preston Myers FR Mount Union Great Lakes
Corey Mullins SO Muhlenberg Mideast
Jaryd Flank SR Muhlenberg Mideast
Andy Vasquez FR Nebraska Wesleyan Central
Ash Gandul JR Nebraska Wesleyan Central
Jordan Wheeler JR Nebraska Wesleyan Central
Tanner Brown SR Nebraska Wesleyan Central
Galo Vasquez SR New Paltz St. Atlantic
Al Baldonado SO North Central (Ill.) Midwest
Dan O’Keefe JR North Central (Ill.) Midwest
Dhruvil Patel SO North Central (Ill.) Midwest
Ethan Adlfinger SR North Central (Ill.) Midwest
Omar Gomez SR North Central (Ill.) Midwest
Zach Plank SR North Central (Ill.) Midwest
Zach Hird SO North Central (Ill.) Midwest
Jorge Maldonado SR NYU Atlantic
Neil Saddler JR NYU Atlantic
EJ Douglass SR Oberlin Great Lakes
Austin Sankaran JR Occidental West
Brody Barkan SO Occidental West
Jovani Barajas JR Occidental West
Keenan Leary JR Occidental West
Thomas Robertson FR Occidental West
Andrew Harden SR Ohio Northern Great Lakes
Bobby Borger JR Ohio Northern Great Lakes
Ian McVey SO Ohio Northern Great Lakes
Kase Schalois SR Ohio Northern Great Lakes
John Sotos JR Ohio Wesleyan Great Lakes
Andy Fleming SR Oneonta Atlantic
Anthony Lupia SR Oneonta Atlantic
David Busby SR Oneonta Atlantic
Brad Hodkinson SO Pacific Lutheran West
Sam Brunnette SO Plymouth State New England
Andy Reischling SO Pomona-Pitzer West
Charles Watson SR Pomona-Pitzer West
Colin Mulligan SO Pomona-Pitzer West
JD Kieffer SR Pomona-Pitzer West
Julian Degroot-Lutzner SO Pomona-Pitzer West
Nate Richards SO Principia Midwest
Zach Matthiesen JR Principia Midwest
Dylan Buffington JR PSU-Behrend Mideast
Jeremy Hernandez JR Ramapo Atlantic
Abhinav Nagpal SR Redlands West
Benjamin Casey SO Redlands West
Adam Hearn SO Rhodes South/Southeast
Dominic Voehler SO Rhodes South/Southeast
Ryan Phillips JR Rhodes South/Southeast
Spencer Fields SO Rhodes South/Southeast
James Bailey JR RIT Atlantic
Jonathan Pelzar SR RIT Atlantic
Matt Hill JR Rose-Hulman Great Lakes
Kevin Veltre JR Rowan Atlantic
Benjamin Fazio SR RPI Atlantic
Garrett Davis SR RPI Atlantic
Grant O’Connor SO RPI Atlantic
Matthew Stewart JR RPI Atlantic
Sean O’Connor SO RPI Atlantic
Jovan Newsum SR Saint Mary’s (Minn.) Central
Malcolm Milton JR Salisbury Mideast
McQuade Milligan SR St. John Fisher Atlantic
Ryan Bugler SR St. John’s (Minn.) Central
Benjamin Fishbein SR St. Lawrence Atlantic
Sidi Abdoulaye SO St. Lawrence Atlantic
Thomas Caulfield SR St. Lawrence Atlantic
Alex Berhe SO St. Olaf Central
Jacob Eggers SR St. Olaf Central
Joe Coffey SR St. Olaf Central
Keith Ketola JR St. Olaf Central
William Anderson SO St. Olaf Central
Jacob Gallagher SR St. Scholastica Central
Brandan Moretton SR St. Vincent (Pa.) Mideast
Langston Gash SO Stevenson Mideast
Alex Burks JR SUNY Geneseo Atlantic
Alfredo Mazzuca SR SUNY Geneseo Atlantic
Connor Pulvidente JR SUNY Geneseo Atlantic
Isaac Garcia-Cassani JR SUNY Geneseo Atlantic
Luke Holtzman SO SUNY Geneseo Atlantic
Travis Briggs SR SUNY Geneseo Atlantic
Andrew Tedeschi SR TCNJ Atlantic
Dale Johnson JR TCNJ Atlantic
Adam Schaaf SR Trine Great Lakes
Weyessa McAlister FR Trinity New England
Austin Brown SR Trinity (Tex.) South/Southeast
Brian Wongchotigul SO Trinity (Tex.) South/Southeast
Luke O’Connor SR Tufts New England
Tim Nichols SR Tufts New England
Nicholas Nielsen SR U. of Chicago Midwest
Jackson Goodwin SO U. of the South South/Southeast
Logan Stockton SR U. of the South South/Southeast
Mark McAlister SR U. of the South South/Southeast
Dante Capone SO UC Santa Cruz West
Paul Colosi FR UC Santa Cruz West
Zahid Anjum FR UC Santa Cruz West
Justin Zorn SR Union (N.Y.) Atlantic
Trevor Maloney SR Virginia Wesleyan South/Southeast
Colin Rinne JR Wabash Great Lakes
Dominic Patacsil SO Wabash Great Lakes
Mason McKinney SR Wabash Great Lakes
Eli Kaczinski JR Wartburg Central
Jerry Frawley SR Wartburg Central
Kailas Kokare SR Wartburg Central
Harley Moyer SO Washington and Jefferson Mideast
Cooper Baird SO Washington and Lee South/Southeast
Ian McDonald SR Washington and Lee South/Southeast
Mac Strehler SR Washington and Lee South/Southeast
MacKenzye Leroy JR Washington and Lee South/Southeast
Phillip Harmon SR Washington and Lee South/Southeast
David O’gara JR Washington U. Midwest
Kyle Cepeda SO Washington U. Midwest
Nick Matteucci FR Washington U. Midwest
Peter Johnsrud SO Washington U. Midwest
Daniel McSolla JR Wentworth Institute of Tech New England
Patrick Hopkins JR Wentworth Institute of Tech New England
Tate Knight JR Wesleyan New England
Will Dudek SR Wesleyan New England
Julian Sandoval SO Whittier West
Kevin Huey SR Whittier West
Osvaldo Cerda SR Whittier West
Ruben Solorza SR Whittier West
William Howells FR Whittier West
Grant Bingham JR Whitworth West
Ernie Pitone SR Widener Mideast
Franklin Livolsi FR Widener Mideast
Will McDermott SR Widener Mideast
Patrick Loftus JR Willamette West
Austin Anderson SO Williams New England
Ben Decker JR Williams New England
Griffin Colaizzi JR Williams New England
Liam Simpson JR Williams New England
Noah Williams SR Williams New England
Darin Lau JR Wis.-Eau Claire Midwest
Matt Cyra SR Wis.-Eau Claire Midwest
Nick Petersson SR Wis.-Eau Claire Midwest
Patrick Treacy SO Wis.-Eau Claire Midwest
Riley Huffman JR Wis.-Eau Claire Midwest
Austin Zajkowski JR Wis.-La Crosse Midwest
Ian Ewers JR Wis.-La Crosse Midwest
Sam Hinz SO Wis.-La Crosse Midwest
Thomas Schultz SO Wis.-La Crosse Midwest
Charlend Howard SR Wis.-Oshkosh Midwest
Joe Zack SR Wis.-Oshkosh Midwest
Tyler Miletti SR Wis.-Oshkosh Midwest
Ian LaMere SR Wis.-Platteville Midwest
Matt Wubben SR Wis.-Platteville Midwest
Daniel Borash SR Wis.-River Falls Midwest
Dane Tyler SR Wis.-Stevens Point Midwest
Neil Pedersen SR Wis.-Stevens Point Midwest
Devin Sauvola JR Wis.-Stout Midwest
Jackson Lindquist SR Wis.-Superior Central
Jordan Koski JR Wis.-Superior Central
Brett Harms JR Wis.-Whitewater Midwest
Austin Scott SR WPI New England
Alex Smith JR York (Pa.) Mideast
Andy MacGibbon JR York (Pa.) Mideast
Benjamin Linne SO York (Pa.) Mideast
Grant Dell JR York (Pa.) Mideast


WOMEN – 2016 NCAA DIII Cross Country All-Region Honorees

Student-Athlete Year Institution Region
Jessica Shaw SR Albion Great Lakes
Emily Forner SO Allegheny Great Lakes
Monica Patrick SR Allegheny Great Lakes
Sarah Hevener SO Allegheny Great Lakes
Sarah Jane Guillaume SR Allegheny Great Lakes
Kaitlyn Arnold SR Alma Great Lakes
Katherine Treanor FR Amherst New England
Nicky Roberts JR Amherst New England
Taybri Irving SR Augsburg Central
Jackie Schane SO Aurora Midwest
Jazzmine Reyes SO Aurora Midwest
Kelly Brennan SO Baldwin Wallace Great Lakes
Jessica Wilson SR Bates New England
Katherine Cook JR Bates New England
Olivia LaMarche FR Bates New England
Emma Roberts FR Benedictine (Ill.) Midwest
Alainna Chretien JR Berry South/Southeast
Danielle Patterson SR Berry South/Southeast
Sarah Kelley JR Bowdoin New England
Emily Bryson SO Brandeis New England
Maddie Dolins SR Brandeis New England
Sophie Walton FR Caltech West
Johanna Admiraal FR Calvin Great Lakes
Katie Diekema SO Calvin Great Lakes
Kristen Lundberg FR Calvin Great Lakes
Lauren Strohbehn SR Calvin Great Lakes
McKenzie Diemer SR Calvin Great Lakes
Emily Kaegi JR Carleton Central
Samantha Schnirring SO Carleton Central
Aparna Alavilli JR Carnegie Mellon Mideast
Megan Ludke SO Carroll Midwest
Danielle Kulpins JR Case Western Great Lakes
Annie Rodenfels SO Centre South/Southeast
Serena Gale-Butto SR Centre South/Southeast
Briana Stewart SR Christopher Newport South/Southeast
Emmie Schmitt SR Christopher Newport South/Southeast
Jessica Lee FR Christopher Newport South/Southeast
Logan Harrington SR Christopher Newport South/Southeast
Bryn McKillop JR Claremont-Mudd-Scripps West
Carmen Mejia SR Claremont-Mudd-Scripps West
Caroline Willian SR Claremont-Mudd-Scripps West
Malea Martin SO Claremont-Mudd-Scripps West
Rachel Mow SR Claremont-Mudd-Scripps West
Caitlin Lawlor JR Colby New England
Hannah Springhorn SO Colby New England
Allison Crimmins SR Colorado College West
Jerrica Bauer FR Colorado College West
Katie Sandfort SR Colorado College West
Leah Wessler SR Colorado College West
Stefani Messick SR Colorado College West
Emily Villines SO Concordia (Tex.) South/Southeast
Nora Imperl JR Concordia (Wis.) Midwest
Ashley Curran SR Connecticut College New England
Isabella Franz SR Connecticut College New England
Abrah Masterson SR Cornell College Central
Rachel Moline SR Cornell College Central
Mary Baughman SR Cortland St. Atlantic
Megan Wagner JR Cortland St. Atlantic
Anna Fash SO Denison Great Lakes
Claudia Monnett SR DePauw Great Lakes
Emma MacAnally SR DePauw Great Lakes
Angelina Biondo SO DeSales Mideast
Beth Dauer JR DeSales Mideast
Meaghan Driscoll SO DeSales Mideast
Veronica Wheeler JR DeSales Mideast
Adriana Frayne-Reixa SR Dickinson Mideast
Lucile Ionescu SO Dickinson Mideast
Molly Conrad FR Dickinson Mideast
Sofia Canning JR Dickinson Mideast
Fabiola Ortiz SR Dubuque Central
Jenny Larson SR Edgewood Midwest
Natasha Zanoya SR Edgewood Midwest
Piper Atnip SO Edgewood Midwest
Brenna McNamee JR Elizabethtown Mideast
Casey Quinto SR Elizabethtown Mideast
Kelsey Brady JR Elizabethtown Mideast
Maria Anderson JR Elizabethtown Mideast
Gabrielle Stravach JR Emory South/Southeast
Maeve Andrews SO Emory South/Southeast
Megan Waples JR Emory South/Southeast
Meredith Hughes FR Emory South/Southeast
Mia Eisenhandler SR Emory South/Southeast
Sophie Cemaj SR Emory South/Southeast
Tru Powell JR Emory South/Southeast
Brenna Donovan SO Fredonia Atlantic
Elizabeth Hilfrank JR Gettysburg Mideast
Emma Luhmann JR Grinnell Central
Emma Zimmerman JR Grinnell Central
Lydia Keiper SR Grove City Mideast
Sadie Novak-Klug JR Gustavus Adolphus Central
Kathleen Miles SO Hamline Central
Madeline Dopp SO Hamline Central
Amelia Keyser-Gibson JR Haverford Mideast
Katie Sullivan JR Haverford Mideast
Nicole Giannetti JR Haverford Mideast
Avery Lowe SO Hope Great Lakes
Emily Joosse SR Hope Great Lakes
Erin Herrmann SR Hope Great Lakes
Jessica Gaines SR Hope Great Lakes
Denise Ibarra JR Ithaca Atlantic
Sierra Grazia SO Ithaca Atlantic
Taryn Cordani SO Ithaca Atlantic
Becky Rohwer SR John Carroll Great Lakes
Erin Kiley JR John Carroll Great Lakes
Paschasia Modrzynski SR John Carroll Great Lakes
Ellie Clawson SO Johns Hopkins Mideast
Felicia Koerner SO Johns Hopkins Mideast
Gina D’Addario SO Johns Hopkins Mideast
Natalia LaSpada SO Johns Hopkins Mideast
Rebecca Grusby FR Johns Hopkins Mideast
Shannon Martello SR Johns Hopkins Mideast
Tess Meehan SR Johns Hopkins Mideast
Melissa Cerrillos SO La Verne West
Frances Swanson SR Lewis & Clark West
Courtney Beard SO Linfield West
Kaelia Neal JR Linfield West
Audrey Miller SO Loras Central
Emily Day SR Loras Central
Anna Ryden JR Luther Central
Kenzie Carney JR Luther Central
Morgan Alvis SO Lynchburg South/Southeast
Kimber Meyer SR Macalester Central
Mariah Jordan SR Manchester Great Lakes
Abigail Nadler SO Middlebury New England
Meg Wilson FR Middlebury New England
Sasha Whittle SR Middlebury New England
Sarah Smith SR Millsaps South/Southeast
Christina Wicker SR MIT New England
Leandra Zimmermann SO MIT New England
Mary Eccles JR MIT New England
Maryann Gong SR MIT New England
Megan McCandless FR MIT New England
Katie Mayer FR Moravian Mideast
Meg Brockett SR Moravian Mideast
Sarah Hughes SR Moravian Mideast
Hilary Reigle SO Mount Union Great Lakes
Katie Durisin FR Mount Union Great Lakes
Jamie Pacilio JR Muhlenberg Mideast
Ellie Beiermann FR Nebraska Wesleyan Central
Jamie Larsen SR Nebraska Wesleyan Central
Riley Sigler SR Nebraska Wesleyan Central
Sydni Harris JR Nebraska Wesleyan Central
Emily Cavanagh FR New Paltz St. Atlantic
Linnea Halsten SO Oberlin Great Lakes
Aria Blumm SO Occidental West
Roxanne Valle SO Occidental West
Ashlie Baumann SO Ohio Northern Great Lakes
Emily Richards JR Ohio Northern Great Lakes
Sarah Fowler SR Ohio Wesleyan Great Lakes
April Ackermann SR Oneonta Atlantic
Deirdre Dwyer SR Oneonta Atlantic
Megan Holzwarth JR Oneonta Atlantic
Rachael Shine SR Oneonta Atlantic
Alex Winter SR Otterbein Great Lakes
Claire Lamb SO Otterbein Great Lakes
Julissa Poullet SR Otterbein Great Lakes
Stephenie Spencer JR Pacific (Ore.) West
Lauren Perschetz SR Plattsburgh St. Atlantic
Helen Guo FR Pomona-Pitzer West
Lauren Hamilton FR Pomona-Pitzer West
Maya Weigel SR Pomona-Pitzer West
Tori Klein SR Puget Sound West
Paris Hughes JR Ramapo Atlantic
Jessika Snincsak SR Redlands West
Kaylee Jorgensen JR Redlands West
Maria Ramirez FR Redlands West
Abby Watkins JR Rhodes South/Southeast
Ashley Litoff JR Rhodes South/Southeast
Reagan Alley JR Rhodes South/Southeast
Emma Jones SR RIT Atlantic
Rebecca Schwan SO RIT Atlantic
Claire Brooks SR Roanoke South/Southeast
Kerri Dalton SR Roanoke South/Southeast
Anne Peterson SR Rochester Atlantic
Samantha Kitchen SR Rochester Atlantic
Jaime Lord JR RPI Atlantic
Karina Bolton SO RPI Atlantic
Madeline Dery SR RPI Atlantic
Mary West SR RPI Atlantic
Shelby Shrader SR Shenandoah South/Southeast
Allison Kosobud SR St. Benedict Central
Emma Weber SR St. Benedict Central
Leighlin Ahlstrom FR St. Catherine Central
Rachel Hall SR St. Catherine Central
Caroline Driscoll SO St. Lawrence Atlantic
Leah Livernois FR St. Lawrence Atlantic
Megan Kellogg JR St. Lawrence Atlantic
Brittany Beeler SR St. Mary’s (Ind.) Great Lakes
Erin Artz SR St. Norbert Midwest
Taylor Domro FR St. Norbert Midwest
Bryony Hawgood FR St. Olaf Central
Jamie Hoornaert SR St. Olaf Central
Jessica Bentley JR St. Olaf Central
Jordan Lutz JR St. Olaf Central
Mary Naas SO St. Olaf Central
Casey Hovland JR St. Scholastica Central
Alex Fossum JR St. Thomas (Minn.) Central
Bridget McGivern SR St. Thomas (Minn.) Central
Kayla Janto SR St. Thomas (Minn.) Central
Amy Regan SR Stevens Institute Atlantic
Mary Visca SO Stevens Institute Atlantic
Alicia Belko SR Stockton Atlantic
Cassandra Hrusko SR Stockton Atlantic
Elise Ramirez SO SUNY Geneseo Atlantic
Kelly Flanagan SR SUNY Geneseo Atlantic
Kristen Homeyer JR SUNY Geneseo Atlantic
Marissa Cossaro SR SUNY Geneseo Atlantic
Marissa Bellusci SR SUNY Geneseo Atlantic
Sara Rosenzweig SR SUNY Geneseo Atlantic
Amy Kaschak SR Susquehanna Mideast
Indy Reid-Shaw SR Swarthmore Mideast
Natalie Cooper SO TCNJ Atlantic
Laura Taylor FR Trinity (Tex.) South/Southeast
Lexi Phelps JR Trinity (Tex.) South/Southeast
Melissa Whitman JR Trinity (Tex.) South/Southeast
Molly McCullough SO Trinity (Tex.) South/Southeast
Alice Wasserman SR Tufts New England
Brittany Bowman JR Tufts New England
Kelly Fahey SR Tufts New England
Kelsey Tierney SO Tufts New England
Natalie Bettez SO Tufts New England
Samantha Cox SR Tufts New England
Cassidy McPherson JR U. of Chicago Midwest
Kelsey Dunn JR U. of Chicago Midwest
Khia Kurtenbach SO U. of Chicago Midwest
Minnie Horvath JR U. of Chicago Midwest
Shannon McClish SO UC Santa Cruz West
Hollis Ratliff FR UT-Dallas South/Southeast
Lindsey Rayborn SO UT-Dallas South/Southeast
Marissa Coombs JR Virginia Wesleyan South/Southeast
Ashlyn Bagge JR Wartburg Central
Shae McEnany SO Wartburg Central
Kirsten McMichael SO Washington and Lee South/Southeast
Margaret Seybold SO Washington and Lee South/Southeast
Samantha Yates SO Washington and Lee South/Southeast
Alison Lindsay JR Washington U. Midwest
Aly Wayne JR Washington U. Midwest
Annie Marggraff SR Washington U. Midwest
Elizabeth Hagstrom FR Washington U. Midwest
Ellie Degen SO Washington U. Midwest
Emily Latimer JR Waynesburg Mideast
Katie Latimer SR Waynesburg Mideast
Edie Sharon SR Wellesley New England
Sonja Cwik SR Wellesley New England
Jess Cardin JR Westfield State New England
Jessie Kuykendall SO Westminster (Mo.) Midwest
Whitney Rich FR Whitman West
Jessica Iribe JR Whittier West
Julissa Tobias JR Whittier West
Allison Wood SR Whitworth West
Bailey Scott JR Whitworth West
Kayla Leland SO Whitworth West
Thais Pedro-Trujillo JR Whitworth West
Morgan Jones SO Wilkes Mideast
Hannah Swanson JR Willamette West
Olivia Mancl SR Willamette West
Anna Harleen JR Williams New England
Carmen Bango FR Williams New England
Emma Zehner SR Williams New England
Maggie Peard SR Williams New England
Victoria Kingham JR Williams New England
Callie Fischer JR Wis.-Eau Claire Midwest
Morgan Marek SO Wis.-Eau Claire Midwest
Sam Slattery FR Wis.-Eau Claire Midwest
Annie Brekken SO Wis.-La Crosse Midwest
Elizabeth Frick SR Wis.-La Crosse Midwest
Ellen Smith SR Wis.-La Crosse Midwest
Kaitlyn McDaniel JR Wis.-La Crosse Midwest
Sadie Kroll SO Wis.-La Crosse Midwest
Sarah Ziolkowski FR Wis.-La Crosse Midwest
Cheyenne Moore JR Wis.-Oshkosh Midwest
Erica Munyan JR Wis.-Oshkosh Midwest
Kristen Linzmeier JR Wis.-Oshkosh Midwest
Chelsey Heiden SR Wis.-Platteville Midwest
Katie Wardinski SO Wis.-Platteville Midwest
Abigail Fouts SR Wis.-River Falls Midwest
Kayla Zboran SR Wooster Great Lakes
Jasmine Higuera Castillo JR WPI New England
Kathleen Cannon SR York (Pa.) Mideast