The Bowerman Blueprint: Creating The Award

NEW ORLEANSThe Bowerman isn’t won overnight.

Nor was it created without meticulous attention to detail.

Tinker Hatfield, the man tasked with designing The Bowerman, poured countless hours and drafted numerous concepts between the times he first put pencil to sketchpad in June of 2009 – when he was initially contacted about spawning the award for collegiate track & field’s highest honor – to its grand unveiling six months later in Orlando, Florida.

Hatfield isn’t a stranger to innovation. After all, it’s in his job description as the Vice President for Design and Special Projects at Nike. Hatfield’s lengthy resume with The Swoosh includes composing 19 models for the company’s most iconic brand: the Air Jordan basketball sneaker.

“People always ask, ‘How did you come up with that design or that shoe,’” Hatfield said during an interview with FloTrack at the 2009 USTFCCCA Convention. “For me, I have to think about the meaningful side of either the athlete or, in this case, Bill Bowerman’s presence and his contributions to track & field.”

Bowerman’s impact on the sport of track & field, both as a legendary coach at the University of Oregon (where he won four national titles) and as a groundbreaking visionary (he made the first waffle sole for a running shoe), has been long-lasting and monumental.

“Bill Bowerman was a very innovative thinker,” said Hatfield, who vaulted under Bowerman’s watch for two years at Oregon and works for the company he co-founded. “He was always about the future. Even as he got older, he was still pushing his athletes to think about training in a new way. He was always innovating with shoe design, track spike design and also the facilities.

“He was just a very progressive guy and I thought the award should reflect that. It should be very modern, futuristic and very fast-looking.”

And while Hatfield does have that deep-rooted personal connection to Bowerman, the possibility of making something unique for the sport he loves couldn’t be passed up.

“One of the reasons I took this thing so seriously and put a lot of energy into it wasn’t just because it was Bill Bowerman and part of his legacy or just another design project for me – or something like that,” Hatfield said. “It’s about promoting track & field and the specialness and nature of what makes track so cool and so special. It’s about speed. It’s about the future. It’s about working modern technology and techniques.”

If there is one thing each of the 16 former winners of The Bowerman has in common, it’s that they proved to be the future of track & field. Since 2009, when Jenny Barringer and Galen Rupp first held The Bowerman, former winners have won 10 Olympic medals, 22 IAAF World Championship medals and twice set a world record.

Many of those former winners will return on Friday, December 15 when two more athletes join that elite fraternity at The Bowerman Presentation. You can watch all of the action starting with The Bowerman Red Carpet Show at 8 pm ET while The Bowerman Presentation gets underway an hour later.


The Bowerman Voters will receive ballots listing each of the finalists and must rank them by first, second and third choice. First-place votes will receive three points, second place will notch two, and third will receive one point. The finalist with the highest point total will be declared the winner.

The Bowerman Voters consist of:

  • The Bowerman Advisory Board (11 members)
  • Select media personnel, statisticians, and collegiate administrators
  • Galen Rupp, 2009 men’s winner of The Bowerman
  • Ashton Eaton, 2010 men’s winner of The Bowerman
  • Ngoni Makusha, 2011 men’s winner of The Bowerman
  • Cam Levins, 2012 men’s winner of The Bowerman
  • Derek Drouin, 2013 men’s winner of The Bowerman
  • Deon Lendore, 2014 men’s winner of The Bowerman
  • Marquis Dendy, 2015 men’s winner of The Bowerman
  • Jarrion Lawson, 2016 men’s winner of The Bowerman
  • Jenny (Barringer) Simpson, 2009 women’s winner of The Bowerman
  • Queen Harrison, 2010 women’s winner of The Bowerman
  • Jessica Beard, 2011 women’s winner of The Bowerman
  • Kimberlyn Duncan, 2012 women’s winner of The Bowerman
  • Brianna Rollins, 2013 women’s winner of The Bowerman
  • Laura Roesler, 2014 women’s winner of The Bowerman
  • Jenna Prandini, 2015 women’s winner of The Bowerman
  • Courtney Okolo, 2016 women’s winner of The Bowerman
  • Online voting by the public will constitute one collective vote (ranking of choices will be made by order of total single votes)
  • Online voting by USTFCCCA members will constitute one collective vote (ranking of choices will be made by order of total single votes)



Winner: Galen Rupp, Oregon
Finalist: Ashton Eaton, Oregon
Finalist: German Fernandez, Oklahoma State

Winner: Ashton Eaton, Oregon
Finalist: Andrew Wheating, Oregon
Finalist: Ryan Whiting, Arizona State

Winner: Ngoni Makusha, Florida State
Finalist: Jeshua Anderson, Washington State
Finalist: Christian Taylor, Florida

Winner: Cam Levins, Southern Utah
Finalist: Tony McQuay, Florida
Finalist: Andrew Riley, Illinois

Winner: Derek Drouin, Indiana
Finalist: Lawi Lalang, Arizona
Finalist: Julian Wruck, UCLA

Winner: Deon Lendore, Texas A&M
Finalist: Edward Cheserek, Oregon
Finalist: Lawi Lalang, Arizona

Winner: Marquis Dendy, Florida
Finalist: Shawn Barber, Akron
Finalist: Edward Cheserek, Oregon

Winner: Jarrion Lawson, Arkansas
Finalist: Donavan Brazier, Texas A&M
Finalist: Edward Cheserek, Oregon


Winner: Jenny Barringer, Colorado
Finalist: Destinee Hooker, Texas
Finalist: Porscha Lucas, Texas A&M

Winner: Queen Harrison, Virginia Tech
Finalist: Lisa Koll, Iowa State
Finalist: Blessing Okagbare, UTEP

Winner: Jessica Beard, Texas A&M
Finalist: Kimberlyn Duncan, LSU
Finalist: Tina Sutej, Arkansas

Winner: Kimberlyn Duncan, LSU
Finalist: Brigetta Barrett, Arizona
Finalist: Brianne Theisen, Oregon

Winner: Brianna Rollins, Clemson
Finalist: Brigetta Barrett, Arizona
Finalist: Kori Carter, Stanford

Winner: Laura Roesler, Oregon
Finalist: Sharika Nelvis, Arkansas State
Finalist: Courtney Okolo, Texas

Winner: Jenna Prandini, Oregon
Finalist: Kendra Harrison, Kentucky
Finalist: Demi Payne, Stephen F. Austin

Winner: Courtney Okolo, Texas
Finalist: Keturah Orji, Georgia
Finalist: Raven Saunders, Ole Miss

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