2018 NJCAA Indoor Track & Field National Rankings – Pre-Championships

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NEW ORLEANS – There are only four days until the NJCAA Indoor Track & Field National Championships, and there is a new team to beat on the men’s side of the National Team Rankings.

South Plains (Texas) and Barton (Kan.) CC swapped spots in the rankings, with the Texans jumping up to first for the first time this season. While the men’s rankings had the aforementioned interesting development take place, the top-11 spots in the women’s rankings went unchanged from a week ago.

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The NJCAA Indoor Track & Field National Championships will be held in Lubbock, Texas, on March 2-3.

Men’s Story

While the action on the track was pretty quiet across the penultimate weekend of NJCAA indoor track & field, that didn’t stop South Plains (Texas) from taking over the top spot in the rankings. The Texans have a whopping 18 top-10 Descending Order List marks this year, including five in the top-three.

This might bode well for South Plains (Texas), who won the national title the last time they were ranked this late in the season, coming during the 2015 campaign. They will look to dethrone the Tritons, which have won the last two championships.

However, below both the Texans and the Cougars of Barton (Kan.) CC, the third and fourth spots remained the same as Iowa Central CC and Cloud County (Kan.) CC held down the fort in those two spots, respectively.

Barton (Kan.) CC is tied for the most top-10 Descending Order List performances with Cloud County (Kan.) CC with 19. Iowa Central CC owns 17.

Western Texas made its first appearance in the top-five on the season, coming in at fifth. The Westerners were last in the top-five of the rankings during the fifth week of the 2015 season.

Women’s Story

The women’s NJCAA rankings went virtually unscathed over the week.

Iowa Central CC, New Mexico JC, Central Arizona, South Plains (Texas) and Barton (Kan.) CC all stayed in the top-five spots, respectively. The Tritons managed to successfully hold onto the top ranking throughout the entire season. The other four teams have jockeyed for spots two through four since the third week of the season.

This isn’t uncharted territory for any of these programs, as New Mexico JC, Iowa Central CC and Central Arizona have won the last three national titles, respectively.

Iowa Central CC leads the pack with 26 top-10 Descending Order List marks, including an NJCAA-leading 14 in the top-three. The Thunderbirds own 24 top-10 marks, while South Plains (Texas) sits in third with 18.

Central Arizona and Barton (Kan.) CC have 16 apiece.

The first change in the women’s rankings came in at 12th, where Hutchinson (Kan.) CC moved up two spots.


Men’s Indoor Track & Field National Team Computer Rankings (Top 25)

2018 Week #6 – Tuesday, February 27

next ranking: none, NJCAA Championships, March 2-3
Rank School Points Region Head Coach (Yr) Last Week
1 South Plains (Texas) 302.08 West Erik Vance (2nd) 2
2 Barton (Kan.) CC 288.96 Central David Schenek (9th) 1
3 Iowa Central CC 267.97 Midwest Denny Myers (9th) 3
4 Cloud County (Kan.) CC 265.70 Central Harry Kitchener (41st) 4
5 Western Texas 168.35 West James Williams (6th) 6
6 Meridian (Miss.) CC 164.00 Central Chip Gayden (5th) 8
7 Coffeyville (Kan.) CC 153.89 Central Craig Perry (11th) 5
8 Paradise Valley (Ariz.) CC 137.36 West Dave Barney (22nd) 9
9 Monroe (N.Y.) 136.84 Atlantic Lesleigh Hogg (4th) 12
10 Trinidad State (Colo.) JC 131.33 West Lauren Martin (2nd) 10
11 Central Arizona 130.82 West Tony Dougherty (18th) 11
12 Mesa (Ariz.) CC 128.25 West Steve Jacobs (30th) 7
13 Iowa Western CC 92.83 Midwest Emmett Statzer (11th) 14
14 Hutchinson (Kan.) CC 86.31 Central Pat Becher (33rd) 13
15 Hinds (Miss.) CC 78.19 Central Reginald Dillon (17th) 15
16 Arkansas Baptist 63.37 Central Cedric Vaughn (9th) 17
17 Pima (Ariz.) CC 54.10 West Greg Wenneborg (13th) 16
18 Vincennes (Ind.) 53.08 Midwest Blake Albrecht (1st) 23
19 Gillette (Wyo.) 51.21 Midwest Sean Smith (1st) 18
20 Garden City (Kan.) CC 48.72 Central Douglas Marshall (4th) 19
21 Colby (Kan.) CC 44.16 Central Cameron Rieth (3rd) 22
22 Allen (Kan.) CC 40.80 Central Vince DeGrado (7th) 21
23 Cowley (Kan.) 36.92 Central Mark Phillips (14th) 20
24 Butler (Kan.) CC 28.15 Central Dustin Mettler (1st) 24
25 Southwestern (Iowa) CC 25.96 Midwest Trey Bruton (1st) 25
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Women’s Indoor Track & Field National Team Computer Rankings (Top 25)

2018 Week #6 – Tuesday, February 27

next ranking: none, NJCAA Championships, March 2-3
Rank School Points Region Head Coach (Yr) Last Week
1 Iowa Central CC 398.27 Midwest Denny Myers (9th) 1
2 New Mexico JC 356.15 West Keith Blackwill (13th) 2
3 Central Arizona 268.65 West Tony Dougherty (18th) 3
4 South Plains (Texas) 264.32 West Erik Vance (2nd) 4
5 Barton (Kan.) CC 200.24 Central David Schenek (9th) 5
6 Western Texas 173.73 West James Williams (6th) 6
7 Monroe (N.Y.) 165.06 Atlantic Lesleigh Hogg (4th) 7
8 Cloud County (Kan.) CC 138.92 Central Ted Schmitz (37th) 8
9 Cowley (Kan.) 113.49 Central Mark Phillips (14th) 9
10 Butler (Kan.) CC 97.71 Central Dustin Mettler (1st) 10
11 Vincennes (Ind.) 82.15 Midwest Blake Albrecht (1st) 11
12 Hutchinson (Kan.) CC 74.25 Central Pat Becher (33rd) 14
13 Highland (Kan.) CC 72.05 Central Tom Bond (10th) 13
14 Garden City (Kan.) CC 48.49 Central Douglas Marshall (4th) 15
15 ASA Miami 45.50 Atlantic (0th) 12
16 Coffeyville (Kan.) CC 41.35 Central Craig Perry (11th) 18
17 Southern Idaho 40.76 West Lindsey Anderson (1st) 16
18 Pima (Ariz.) CC 36.09 West Greg Wenneborg (13th) 17
19 Mesa (Ariz.) CC 35.85 West Steve Jacobs (30th) 23
20 Paradise Valley (Ariz.) CC 35.68 West Brian Batliner (4th) 19
21 Iowa Western CC 30.64 Midwest Emmett Statzer (11th) 21
22 Essex County (N.J.) 27.65 Atlantic Deshaun Craig (3rd) 22
23 Arkansas Baptist 24.43 Central Cedric Vaughn (9th) 24
24 Allen (Kan.) CC 24.04 Central Vince DeGrado (7th) 20
25 Meridian (Miss.) CC 22.26 Central Chip Gayden (5th) 25
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