2018 NJCAA Indoor Track & Field National Rankings – Week 4

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NEW ORLEANS – There’s a new leader in the clubhouse on the men’s side of the NJCAA National Team Rankings.

Iowa Central CC moved into the top spot ahead of Barton (Kan.) CC for the first time this season, joining its women’s program as the top teams in the NJCAA rankings, announced by the U.S. Track & Field and Cross Country Coaches Association (USTFCCCA) on Wednesday.

In addition to the aforementioned change, a few more teams helped their causes in the rankings this week after having solid weekends this past weekend.

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The NJCAA Indoor Track & Field National Championships will be held in Lubbock, Texas, on March 2-3.

Men’s Story

The Tritons of Iowa Central CC moved to the top of the rankings on account of putting together some really strong performances at the SDSU Indoor Classic. Akeem Bradshaw’s long jump mark of 7.39m (24-3), Travis Petersen’s weight throw of 1827m (59-11¼) and the 4×800 relay team’s time of 7:44.22 all sit atop the NJCAA Descending Order List, putting them just ahead of Barton (Kan.) CC.

Joining the Tritons in moving up in the rankings was Coffeyville (Kan.) CC, who returned to the top-five in fifth after slipping to sixth a week ago. Julien Gillum led the Ravens at the Indoor Gorilla Classic, posting a 1:19.59 in the 600, good for fourth on the Descending Order List. Chase Dennis, Maurice Moore and Terrell Jackson also notched top-10 Descending Order List marks in the weight throw at the same competition.

South Plains (Texas) and Cloud County (Kan.) CC each stood its ground in the rankings, coming in at third and fourth, respectively, for a second-consecutive week.

Women’s Story

The Iowa Central CC women’s program welcomed its male counterparts to the top of the heap while putting on a show of its own. Adva Cohen continued her impressive rookie campaign by running a 16:16.50 in the 5000, good for first on the Descending Order List. The Tritons’ 4×800 relay squad also ran the best NJCAA time on the season at 9:15.32.

All in all, Iowa Central CC hit eight top-10 Descending Order Marks at the SDSU Indoor Classic.

Central Arizona made the biggest move on the week, returning to second after falling to fourth last week.  Nicolee Foster led the Vaqueros at the Don Kirby Elite where she notched the top 600 mark in all of NJCAA at 1:33.58. Shawkia Iddrisu also had a great weekend, running the second-best 400 time in NJCAA this year at 55.16.

The Vaqueros rise in the rankings meant two teams had to fall. New Mexico JC and South Plains (Texas) each dropped a spot to third and fourth, respectively.

Barton (Kan.) CC remained in fifth, rounding out the top-five on the week.

's Indoor Track & Field National Rankings

2018 Week 4 - February 14th

1 iowa-central-cc IOWA CENTRAL CC
Midwest Region (1)
Denny Myers (9th)
435.54 ◀▶
(LW: 1)
2 central-arizona CENTRAL ARIZONA
West Region (1)
Tony Dougherty (18th)
302.70 ▲ 2
(LW: 4)
3 new-mexico-jc NEW MEXICO JC
West Region (2)

Keith Blackwill (13th)
298.52 ▼ 1
(LW: 2)
4 south-plains-texas SOUTH PLAINS (TEXAS)
West Region (3)

Erik Vance (2nd)
273.52 ▼ 1
(LW: 3)
5 barton-kan-cc BARTON (KAN.) CC
Central Region (2)
David Schenek (9th)
188.32 ◀▶
(LW: 5)
6 western-texas WESTERN TEXAS
West Region (4)

James Williams (6th)
177.63 ▲ 2
(LW: 8)
7 monroe-n-y MONROE (N.Y.)
Atlantic Region (1)

Lesleigh Hogg (4th)
159.07 ▼ 1
(LW: 6)
8 cowley-kan COWLEY (KAN.)
Central Region (1)
Mark Phillips (14th)
135.88 ▼ 1
(LW: 7)
9 cloud-county-kan-cc CLOUD COUNTY (KAN.) CC
Central Region (5)
Ted Schmitz (37th)
116.20 ▲ 1
(LW: 10)
10 vincennes-ind VINCENNES (IND.)
Midwest Region (2)

85.13 ▲ 2
(LW: 12)
11 butler-kan-cc BUTLER (KAN.) CC
Central Region (3)
Dustin Mettler (1st)
83.93 ▼ 2
(LW: 9)
12 highland-kan-cc HIGHLAND (KAN.) CC
Central Region (4)
Arrowhead Conference
Tom Bond (10th)
78.63 ▼ 1
(LW: 11)
13 pima-ariz-cc PIMA (ARIZ.) CC
West Region (5)
Greg Wenneborg (13th)
53.59 ▲ 10
(LW: 23)
14 asa-miami ASA MIAMI
Atlantic Region (4)

Sidney Cartwright
52.15 NR
15 hutchinson-kan-cc HUTCHINSON (KAN.) CC
Central Region (7)
Pat Becher (33rd)
49.74 ▲ 1
(LW: 16)
16 coffeyville-kan-cc COFFEYVILLE (KAN.) CC
Central Region (6)
Craig Perry (11th)
47.28 ▼ 3
(LW: 13)
17 southern-idaho SOUTHERN IDAHO
West Region (7)

42.96 ▲ 11
(LW: 28)
18 paradise-valley-ariz-cc PARADISE VALLEY (ARIZ.) CC
West Region (8)
Brian Batliner (4th)
42.17 ▼ 1
(LW: 17)
19 garden-city-kan-cc GARDEN CITY (KAN.) CC
Central Region (8)
Douglas Marshall (4th)
41.22 ▼ 4
(LW: 15)
20 iowa-western-cc IOWA WESTERN CC
Midwest Region (3)
Emmett Statzer (11th)
34.25 ▼ 6
(LW: 14)
21 mesa-ariz-cc MESA (ARIZ.) CC
West Region (6)
Steve Jacobs (30th)
33.50 ▲ 1
(LW: 22)
22 arkansas-baptist ARKANSAS BAPTIST
Central Region (15)
Cedric Vaughn (9th)
30.44 ▲ 12
(LW: 34)
23 essex-county-n-j ESSEX COUNTY (N.J.)
Atlantic Region (5)

28.47 ▲ 1
(LW: 24)
24 meridian-miss-cc MERIDIAN (MISS.) CC
Central Region (10)

Chip Gayden (5th)
27.62 ▼ 3
(LW: 21)
25 cuyahoga-ohio-cc CUYAHOGA (OHIO) CC
Midwest Region (4)

Don Cox (26th)
25.67 ▼ 7
(LW: 18)

Dropped Out of Top 25: No. 19 Hawkeye (Iowa) CC, No. 20 Hinds (Miss.) CC, No. 25 Colby (Kan.) CC



Men's Indoor Track & Field National Team Computer Rankings (Top 25)

2018 Week #4 -- February 14

next ranking: February 21
RankSchoolPointsRegionHead Coach (Yr)Last Week
1Iowa Central CC298.55MidwestDenny Myers (9th)2
2Barton (Kan.) CC296.31CentralDavid Schenek (9th)1
3South Plains (Texas)276.07WestErik Vance (2nd)3
4Cloud County (Kan.) CC232.43CentralHarry Kitchener (41st)4
5Coffeyville (Kan.) CC157.91CentralCraig Perry (11th)6
6Mesa (Ariz.) CC152.52WestSteve Jacobs (30th)10
7Meridian (Miss.) CC147.57CentralChip Gayden (5th)5
8Western Texas144.70WestJames Williams (6th)9
9Paradise Valley (Ariz.) CC139.52WestDave Barney (22nd)13
10Trinidad State (Colo.) JC134.03WestLauren Martin (2nd)7
11Central Arizona132.85WestTony Dougherty (18th)11
12Monroe (N.Y.)108.58AtlanticLesleigh Hogg (4th)8
13Hutchinson (Kan.) CC95.94CentralPat Becher (33rd)12
14Pima (Ariz.) CC93.60WestGreg Wenneborg (13th)18
15Hinds (Miss.) CC82.44CentralReginald Dillon (17th)15
16Iowa Western CC74.81MidwestEmmett Statzer (11th)14
17Arkansas Baptist63.90CentralCedric Vaughn (9th)16
18Garden City (Kan.) CC48.77CentralDouglas Marshall (4th)19
19Gillette (Wyo.)47.64MidwestSean Smith (1st)21
20Vincennes (Ind.)42.64MidwestBlake Albrecht (1st)20
21Southwestern (Iowa) CC42.00MidwestTrey Bruton (1st)17
22Colby (Kan.) CC32.38CentralCameron Rieth (3rd)23
23Cowley (Kan.)32.16CentralMark Phillips (14th)24
24Butler (Kan.) CC31.01CentralDustin Mettler (1st)25
25Allen (Kan.) CC27.19CentralVince DeGrado (7th)26
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Men's Regional Index Leaders
RegionInstitutionPointsLast Week
AtlanticMonroe (N.Y.)619.531
CentralCloud County (Kan.) CC520.282
MidwestIowa Central CC830.911
WestSouth Plains (Texas)599.561
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Men's #EventSquad Leaders (Best Foursome in the Country By Event)
EventInstitutionSquad AverageSquad Total
60 MetersBarton (Kan.) CC6.7326.90
200 MetersBarton (Kan.) CC21.571:26.29
400 MetersMeridian (Miss.) CC48.053:12.20
600 MetersWestern Texas1:19.725:18.89
800 MetersCloud County (Kan.) CC1:55.807:43.21
1000 MetersIowa Central CC2:31.8010:07.19
MileTrinidad State (Colo.) JC4:19.6717:18.67
3000 MetersParadise Valley (Ariz.) CC8:38.9134:35.63
5000 MetersSouth Plains (Texas)15:02.671:0:10.67
60 Meter HurdlesSouth Plains (Texas)8.2332.91
High JumpSouth Plains (Texas)2.01m6-78.04m26-4½
Pole VaultParadise Valley (Ariz.) CC4.48m14-8¼17.90m58-8¾
Long JumpBarton (Kan.) CC7.07m23-2¼28.27m92-9
Triple JumpCoffeyville (Kan.) CC14.69m48-2¼58.74m192-8
Shot PutCowley (Kan.)14.51m47-7¼58.03m190-4
Weight ThrowCoffeyville (Kan.) CC16.36m53-8¼65.45m214-8



Women's Indoor Track & Field National Team Computer Rankings (Top 25)

2018 Week #4 -- February 14

next ranking: February 21
RankSchoolPointsRegionHead Coach (Yr)Last Week
1Iowa Central CC435.54MidwestDenny Myers (9th)1
2Central Arizona302.70WestTony Dougherty (18th)4
3New Mexico JC298.52WestKeith Blackwill (13th)2
4South Plains (Texas)273.52WestErik Vance (2nd)3
5Barton (Kan.) CC188.32CentralDavid Schenek (9th)5
6Western Texas177.63WestJames Williams (6th)8
7Monroe (N.Y.)159.07AtlanticLesleigh Hogg (4th)6
8Cowley (Kan.)135.88CentralMark Phillips (14th)7
9Cloud County (Kan.) CC116.20CentralTed Schmitz (37th)10
10Vincennes (Ind.)85.13MidwestBlake Albrecht (1st)12
11Butler (Kan.) CC83.93CentralDustin Mettler (1st)9
12Highland (Kan.) CC78.63CentralTom Bond (10th)11
13Pima (Ariz.) CC53.59WestGreg Wenneborg (13th)23
14ASA Miami52.15AtlanticSidney Cartwright (3rd)NR
15Hutchinson (Kan.) CC49.74CentralPat Becher (33rd)16
16Coffeyville (Kan.) CC47.28CentralCraig Perry (11th)13
17Southern Idaho42.96WestLindsey Anderson (1st)28
18Paradise Valley (Ariz.) CC42.17WestBrian Batliner (4th)17
19Garden City (Kan.) CC41.22CentralDouglas Marshall (4th)15
20Iowa Western CC34.25MidwestEmmett Statzer (11th)14
21Mesa (Ariz.) CC33.50WestSteve Jacobs (30th)22
22Arkansas Baptist30.44CentralCedric Vaughn (9th)34
23Essex County (N.J.)28.47AtlanticDeshaun Craig (3rd)24
24Meridian (Miss.) CC27.62CentralChip Gayden (5th)21
25Cuyahoga (Ohio) CC25.67MidwestDon Cox (26th)18
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Women's Regional Index Leaders
RegionInstitutionPointsLast Week
AtlanticMonroe (N.Y.)595.061
CentralCowley (Kan.)410.072
MidwestIowa Central CC751.501
WestCentral Arizona553.072
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Women's #EventSquad Leaders (Best Foursome in the Country By Event)
EventInstitutionSquad AverageSquad Total
60 MetersNew Mexico JC7.6730.66
200 MetersNew Mexico JC24.621:38.46
400 MetersSouth Plains (Texas)56.503:45.98
600 MetersMonroe (N.Y.)1:38.226:32.88
800 MetersIowa Central CC2:18.219:12.84
1000 MetersMonroe (N.Y.)3:05.3012:21.20
MileIowa Central CC5:08.2720:33.07
3000 MetersIowa Central CC10:03.2540:12.98
5000 MetersIowa Central CC17:27.931:9:51.73
60 Meter HurdlesCentral Arizona8.9435.77
High JumpCentral Arizona1.52m4-11¾6.08m19-11¼
Pole VaultCowley (Kan.)3.11m10-2¼12.42m40-9
Long JumpSouth Plains (Texas)5.22m17-1½20.88m68-6
Triple JumpNew Mexico JC11.60m38-¾46.40m152-2
Shot PutIowa Central CC13.31m43-8¼53.25m174-8
Weight ThrowIowa Central CC15.82m51-1163.28m207-7


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