The Bowerman: A Closer Look At The 2018 Fan Vote

NEW ORLEANS – Even though the collegiate track & field season ended three weeks ago, it didn’t stop the six finalists for The Bowerman in 2018 from continuing to break records.

Votes poured in during The Bowerman Fan Vote for the most outstanding male and female athletes from the 2018 collegiate track & field campaign. More than 65,000 accepted votes were tallied for Arizona State’s Maggie Ewen, Kentucky’s Sydney McLaughlin or Georgia’s Keturah Orji, while more than 45,000 were tabulated on Florida’s Grant Holloway or the Southern California duo of Rai Benjamin and Michael Norman.

By the close of the Fan Vote last Thursday night at 10 pm CT, Ewen and Holloway stood tall. Ewen and Holloway captured the Women’s Fan Vote and Men’s Fan Vote titles, respectively, giving them a leg up on the rest of the competition for collegiate track & field’s highest honor.

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If you’re wondering how Ewen and Holloway surged ahead, look no further.

The Bowerman Fan Vote – Most Votes By Day By Finalist

Date Name Votes Pct
Thursday, June 28 Grant Holloway, Florida 5301 24.3
Thursday, June 28 Maggie Ewen, Arizona State 4961 20.2
Friday, June 22 Grant Holloway, Florida 4059 18.6
Wednesday, June 27 Grant Holloway, Florida 4056 18.6
Friday, June 22 Michael Norman, Southern California 3545 20.9

Fans turned out in droves for Ewen and Holloway on the final day of The Bowerman Fan Vote. Holloway and Ewen closed The Bowerman Fan Vote strong as the former hauled in 24.3 percent of his overall total last Thursday and Ewen reeled in 20.2 percent of hers.

Holloway was a beneficiary of two other strong days as well. The Florida Gator topped the charts on the second day of voting – which accounted for 18.6 percent of his overall tally – and the penultimate day of the ballot – which accounted for another 18.6 percent of his tally – so there is a reason why he nabbed the second largest winning ratio in Men’s Fan Vote history behind Deon Lendore in 2014.

Overall, The Bowerman Fan Vote picked up steam as it wore on – because once word got out, the numbers were staggering.

The Bowerman Fan Vote – Votes By Day

Date Votes Pct
Thursday, June 21 3439 3.9
Friday, June 22 13159 14.9
Saturday, June 23 9390 10.6
Sunday, June 24 9657 10.9
Monday, June 25 8883 10.1
Tuesday, June 26 10848 12.3
Wednesday, June 27 14146 16.0
Thursday, June 28 18818 21.3

The final two days of The Bowerman Fan Vote were the largest in terms of percentage of total votes. There were 14,146 accepted votes on Wednesday, June 27 for 16 percent of the overall total and 18,818 accepted votes on Thursday, June 28 for 21.3 percent of that same number.

Fan support is critical in collegiate track & field and The Bowerman Fan Vote certainly shows that.

You can find out who wins The Bowerman on Thursday, December 20. That’s when The Bowerman Presentation will be held at the annual USTFCCCA Convention in San Antonio at the JW Marriot Hill Country Resort & Spa.


The Bowerman Voters will receive ballots listing each of the finalists and must rank them by first, second and third choice. First-place votes will receive three points, second place will notch two, and third will receive one point. The finalist with the highest point total will be declared the winner.

The Bowerman Voters consist of:

  • The Bowerman Advisory Board (11 members)
  • Select media personnel, statisticians, and collegiate administrators
  • Galen Rupp, 2009 men’s winner of The Bowerman
  • Ashton Eaton, 2010 men’s winner of The Bowerman
  • Ngoni Makusha, 2011 men’s winner of The Bowerman
  • Cam Levins, 2012 men’s winner of The Bowerman
  • Derek Drouin, 2013 men’s winner of The Bowerman
  • Deon Lendore, 2014 men’s winner of The Bowerman
  • Marquis Dendy, 2015 men’s winner of The Bowerman
  • Jarrion Lawson, 2016 men’s winner of The Bowerman
  • Christian Coleman, 2017 men’s winner of The Bowerman
  • Jenny (Barringer) Simpson, 2009 women’s winner of The Bowerman
  • Queen Harrison, 2010 women’s winner of The Bowerman
  • Jessica Beard, 2011 women’s winner of The Bowerman
  • Kimberlyn Duncan, 2012 women’s winner of The Bowerman
  • Brianna Rollins, 2013 women’s winner of The Bowerman
  • Laura Roesler, 2014 women’s winner of The Bowerman
  • Jenna Prandini, 2015 women’s winner of The Bowerman
  • Courtney Okolo, 2016 women’s winner of The Bowerman
  • Raevyn Rogers, 2017 women’s winner of The Bowerman
  • Online voting by the public will constitute one collective vote (ranking of choices will be made by order of total single votes)
  • Online voting by USTFCCCA members will constitute one collective vote (ranking of choices will be made by order of total single votes)

Votes are tallied by an independent accounting firm.



Winner: Galen Rupp, Oregon
Finalist: Ashton Eaton, Oregon
Finalist: German Fernandez, Oklahoma State

Winner: Ashton Eaton, Oregon
Finalist: Andrew Wheating, Oregon
Finalist: Ryan Whiting, Arizona State

Winner: Ngoni Makusha, Florida State
Finalist: Jeshua Anderson, Washington State
Finalist: Christian Taylor, Florida

Winner: Cam Levins, Southern Utah
Finalist: Tony McQuay, Florida
Finalist: Andrew Riley, Illinois

Winner: Derek Drouin, Indiana
Finalist: Lawi Lalang, Arizona
Finalist: Julian Wruck, UCLA

Winner: Deon Lendore, Texas A&M
Finalist: Edward Cheserek, Oregon
Finalist: Lawi Lalang, Arizona

Winner: Marquis Dendy, Florida
Finalist: Shawn Barber, Akron
Finalist: Edward Cheserek, Oregon

Winner: Jarrion Lawson, Arkansas
Finalist: Donavan Brazier, Texas A&M
Finalist: Edward Cheserek, Oregon

Winner: Christian Coleman, Tennessee
Finalist: Fred Kerley, Texas A&M
Finalist: Lindon Victor, Texas A&M


Winner: Jenny Barringer, Colorado
Finalist: Destinee Hooker, Texas
Finalist: Porscha Lucas, Texas A&M

Winner: Queen Harrison, Virginia Tech
Finalist: Lisa Koll, Iowa State
Finalist: Blessing Okagbare, UTEP

Winner: Jessica Beard, Texas A&M
Finalist: Kimberlyn Duncan, LSU
Finalist: Tina Sutej, Arkansas

Winner: Kimberlyn Duncan, LSU
Finalist: Brigetta Barrett, Arizona
Finalist: Brianne Theisen, Oregon

Winner: Brianna Rollins, Clemson
Finalist: Brigetta Barrett, Arizona
Finalist: Kori Carter, Stanford

Winner: Laura Roesler, Oregon
Finalist: Sharika Nelvis, Arkansas State
Finalist: Courtney Okolo, Texas

Winner: Jenna Prandini, Oregon
Finalist: Kendra Harrison, Kentucky
Finalist: Demi Payne, Stephen F. Austin

Winner: Courtney Okolo, Texas
Finalist: Keturah Orji, Georgia
Finalist: Raven Saunders, Ole Miss

Winner: Raevyn Rogers, Oregon
Finalist: Maggie Ewen, Arizona State
Finalist: Keturah Orji, Georgia


The Bowerman, which debuted in 2009 and is named after former University of Oregon coach Bill Bowerman, is presented annually by the USTFCCCA to the most outstanding male and female collegiate track & field athletes in the nation.

Past winners include two-time Olympic gold medalist, five-time World Champion and decathlon world-record holder Ashton Eaton (2010), two-time Olympic medalist Galen Rupp (2009), Olympic gold medalist and 2013 100-meter hurdles World Champion Brianna Rollins (2013), Olympic bronze medalist and 2011 IAAF World Champion at 1500 meters Jenny Simpson (2009) as well as two-time Olympic medalist in the high jump and 2015 World Champion Derek Drouin (2013).

Bill Bowerman served the sport of track and field in numerous ways. His leadership as president of the USTFCCCA’s predecessor organization, the National Collegiate Track Coaches Association, and his contributions to NCAA track and field and the running community as a whole are among his many lasting legacies.

For more information on The Bowerman, the award, the trophy and Bill Bowerman himself, visit


The U.S. Track & Field and Cross Country Coaches Association (USTFCCCA) is a non-profit professional organization representing cross country and track & field coaches. The organization represents over 10,000 coaching members encompassing 98% of all NCAA track & field programs (DI, DII, and DIII) and includes members representing the NAIA, NJCAA as well as a number of state high school coaches associations. The USTFCCCA serves as an advocate for cross country and track & field coaches, providing a leadership structure to assist the needs of a diverse membership, serving as a lobbyist for coaches’ interests, and working as a liaison between the various stakeholders in the sports of cross country and track & field.


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