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NCAA DIII XC All-Academic Teams

2018 NCAA DIII Cross Country Team Academic Awards

NEW ORLEANSNorth Central (Ill.)’s men and Washington (Mo.)’s women aren’t strangers to being named NCAA Division III Cross Country Scholar Teams of the Year.

Both not only excelled on the grass circuit – winning their respective gender’s national title this past November – but also stood out in the classroom as well. That’s why the Cardinals and the Bears took home Scholar Team of the Year honors on Thursday, as released by the U.S. Track & Field and Cross Country Coaches Association (USTFCCCA).


Men’s Past Winners
Women’s Past Winners
North Central (Ill.)
Johns Hopkins
North Central (Ill.)
Johns Hopkins
UW-Eau Claire
North Central (Ill.)
Johns Hopkins
St. Olaf
Johns Hopkins
Johns Hopkins
Washington (Mo.)
UW-Eau Claire

For a team to be considered for this honor, it must have competed and compiled a team score at an NCAA Regional meet and have a minimum cumulative GPA of 3.10 on a 4.0 scale. Overall, there were 393 teams honored by the USTFCCCA, of which 215 were women’s teams.

North Central (Ill.) made it look easy once again at NCAAs. The Cardinals put four runners in the top-11 – led by Dhruvil Patel and Al Baldonado placing first and second, respectively – and scored just 43 points to win by 67.

This is the fourth time in the past five years that the Cardinals have been named Scholar Team of the Year (North Central (Ill.) also won in 2014, 2016 and 2017).

WashU fought tooth and nail for the team title, winning by just one point over Johns Hopkins. The Bears, led by Paige Lawler’s individual win, scored 98 points to the Blue Jays’ 98.

This is WashU’s second time being named Scholar Team of the Year in program history dating back to 2006, when the award made its debut.

Out of every team honored, no team had a higher GPA than the women from LeTourneau University (3.85). The highest GPA out of any men’s team went to MIT at 3.78.

See below for a full list of teams honored by the USTFCCCA.


GenderInstitutionGPAHead Coach
MENAlbion College3.17Derick LawrenceE
MENAlfred University3.31Bill SortoreE
MENAllegheny College3.26Ben MourerE
MENAlma College3.19Matthew ChovanecE
MENAlvernia University3.1Tim HartungE
MENAmherst College3.62Cassie Funke-HarrisE
MENAugsburg University3.27Meghan PeytonE
MENAurora University3.3Nicole FarrE
MENBaldwin Wallace University3.19Joseph EbyE
MENBates College3.39Al FereshetianE
MENBeloit College3.12David EckbergE
MENBerry College3.3Paul DeatonE
MENBirmingham-Southern College3.26Kenneth CoxE
MENBluffton University3.38Kaylea JachnoE
MENBridgewater College (Virginia)3.23Denver DavisE
MENCalifornia Lutheran University3.27Matt LeaE
MENCalifornia Institute of Technology3.73Ben RaphelsonE
MENCalvin University3.41Brian DiemerE
MENCarleton College3.56Dave RicksE
MENCarnegie Mellon University3.4Tim ConnellyE
MENCarroll University (Wisconsin)3.24Shawn ThielitzE
MENCarthage College3.37Josh HenryE
MENCase Western Reserve University3.55Kathy LaneseE
MENCatholic University of America3.62Steve RahnE
MENCentral College (Iowa)3.13Joe DunhamE
MENCentre College3.22Lisa H. OwensE
MENChapman University3.42DeAndra'e WoodsE
MENUniversity of Chicago3.48Chris Cory HallE
MENClaremont McKenna-Harvey Mudd-Scripps Colleges3.48John GoldhammerE
MENU.S. Coast Guard Academy3.27Greg AhnrudE
MENColby College3.53Jared BeersE
MENColorado College3.59Ted CastanedaE
MENConcordia College, Moorhead3.45Laura JanuszewskiE
MENConnecticut College3.36Luke MaherE
MENCovenant College3.28Katie StanfordE
MENCrown College (Minnesota)3.25Bill BraungerE
MENUniversity of Dallas3.18Matthew BarberE
MENDenison University3.13Mark FitzPatrickE
MENDePauw University3.39Kori StoffregenE
MENDickinson College3.37Don NichterE
MENDominican University (Illinois)3.35Megan VaccaroE
MENUniversity of Dubuque3.27Rich MaleniakE
MENEarlham College3.43Rob and Claire HewittE
MENEastern University3.26Mike WilsonE
MENEastern Mennonite University3.41Bob HeplerE
MENEdgewood College3.62Bethany BrewsterE
MENElizabethtown College3.55Brian FalkE
MENElmhurst University3.11James AkitaE
MENEmmanuel College (Massachusetts)3.19Reava PotterE
MENEmory University3.52Jordan SchilitE
MENEndicott College3.13Spencer LangeE
MENFranklin College3.23Brandon DworakE
MENFranklin & Marshall College3.13John StoudtE
MENThe State University of New York at Fredonia3.26Thomas WilsonE
MENGettysburg College3.18Aubrey ShenkE
MENGreenville University3.24Brian PattonE
MENGrinnell College3.49Will FreemanE
MENGrove City College3.18Sean SeversonE
MENGustavus Adolphus College3.51Brenden HuberE
MENHamilton College3.43Brett HullE
MENHamline University3.35Devin MonsonE
MENHanover College3.23Brady WellsE
MENHartwick College3.48Thomas Hartnett Jr.E
MENHaverford College3.58Donnelly, TomE
MENHope College3.21Mark NorthuisE
MENHusson University3.35Kate GoupeeE
MENIllinois Wesleyan University3.23Greg HuffakerE
MENIowa Wesleyan University3.44Chris CrealE
MENIthaca College3.56Jim NicholsE
MENJohn Carroll University3.37Kyle BasistaE
MENJohns Hopkins University3.62Bobby Van AllenE
MENKenyon College3.55Duane GomezE
MENKing's College (Pennsylvania)3.43Michael KolinovskyE
MENLake Forest College3.37Ciara KissaneE
MENLawrence University3.56Jason FastE
MENLebanon Valley College3.27James O'BrienE
MENLewis & Clark College3.72Keith WoodardE
MENLoras College3.18Bob SchultzE
MENLuther College3.4Steve PascheE
MENMacalester College3.4Matt HaugenE
MENMaine Maritime Academy3.24Ryan KingE
MENMarymount University (Virginia)3.13Brian CunninghamE
MENMarywood University3.38Rob AhrensE
MENMessiah University3.49Dale FogelsangerE
MENMethodist University3.25Jack BruneczE
MENUniversity of Minnesota, Morris3.13Anthony J KruegerE
MENMassachusetts Institute of Technology3.78Halston TaylorE
MENMonmouth College (Illinois)3.12Jon WeltyE
MENMoravian University3.3Jesse BaumannE
MENCollege of Mount Saint Vincent3.17Andrew GangemiE
MENUniversity of Mount Union3.34Kevin LucasE
MENMuhlenberg College3.44Doug FinleyE
MENMuskingum University3.23Jacob GleasonE
MENNazareth College3.42James GossE
MENNebraska Wesleyan University3.69Ted BullingE
MENNorth Central College3.26Al CariusE
MENUniversity of Northwestern-St. Paul3.7Steve ThiessenE
MENNorwich University3.3Seth JacksonE
MENNew York University3.51Erison HUrtaultE
MENOberlin College3.1Ray AppenheimerE
MENOccidental College3.28Rob BartlettE
MENOhio Northern University3.11Jason MausE
MENOhio Wesleyan University3.12Ben CarlsonE
MENOlivet College3.16Karen LutzkeE
MENOtterbein University3.25Dara FordE
MENUniversity of the Ozarks (Arkansas)3.23Heidi PinkertonE
MENPennsylvania State Univ. Erie, the Behrend College3.15Greg CooperE
MENPiedmont University3.11Jeff JenkinsE
MENPlymouth State University3.24John OstlerE
MENPomona-Pitzer Colleges3.65Jordan CarpenterE
MENPrincipia College3.31Sedge SouthworthE
MENUniversity of Puget Sound3.12Mike OrechiaE
MENRhodes College3.56Robert ShankmanE
MENRochester Institute of Technology3.45David WarthE
MENRoanoke College3.27Kirk NaumanE
MENUniversity of Rochester (N.Y.)3.6Eddie NovaraE
MENRoger Williams University3.25Sean LivingstonE
MENRowan University3.27Dustin DimitE
MENRensselaer Polytechnic Institute3.41John LynchE
MENSaint John's University (Minnesota)3.42Tim MilesE
MENSaint Vincent College3.57Andrew R. HerrE
MENSalisbury University3.14Jim JonesE
MENSalve Regina University3.3Rob McGuinnessE
MENShenandoah University3.33Andrew MarroccoE
MENSimpson College3.13Heath MoenckE
MENUniversity of Southern Maine3.12Ryan HarkleroadE
MENSouthwestern University (Texas)3.32Andrew DiehlE
MENSpringfield College3.34Anna SteinmanE
MENSt. John Fisher College3.25Mike HenchenE
MENSt. Norbert College3.42Donald AugustineE
MENSt. Olaf College3.36Phil LundinE
MENUniversity of St. Thomas (Minnesota)3.36Pete WarehamE
MENStevens Institute of Technology3.57Lance HardenE
MENStockton University3.37Jayson ReschE
MENSuffolk University3.55Will FeldmanE
MENState University of New York at Geneseo3.27Dan MooreE
MENState University of New York at New Paltz3.4Michael TrunkesE
MENState University of New York at Oneonta3.23Chris WilberE
MENPlattsburgh State University of New York3.41Andrew KrugE
MENSwarthmore College3.71Peter CarrollE
MENTrine University3.47Zach RaberE
MENTrinity College (Connecticut)3.51George SuitorE
MENTrinity University (Texas)3.14Emily DaumE
MENTufts University3.46Joel WilliamsE
MENUniversity of California, Santa Cruz3.1David KlechE
MENUniversity of New England3.33Ron OuelletteE
MENUniversity of the South3.33Jeff HeitzenraterE
MENUrsinus College3.25Carl BlickleE
MENUniversity of Texas at Dallas3.4Danielle KcholiE
MENUtica University3.3Eric ParkerE
MENUniversity of Wisconsin-Eau Claire3.18Dan SchwambergerE
MENUniversity of Wisconsin-La Crosse3.33Derek StanleyE
MENUniversity of Wisconsin-Oshkosh3.13Eamon McKennaE
MENUniversity of Wisconsin, Platteville3.15Tom AntczakE
MENUniversity of Wisconsin-Stout3.44Matt SchaufE
MENUniversity of Wisconsin, Whitewater3.38Jeff MillerE
MENVassar College3.49James McCowanE
MENVirginia Wesleyan University3.19Mathew LittletonE
MENWabash College3.48Tyler McCrearyE
MENWartburg College3.13Ryan ChapmanE
MENWashington University (Missouri)3.57Jeff StilesE
MENWashington and Jefferson College3.41Derek WorkmanE
MENWashington and Lee University3.56Brandon SpaldingE
MENWaynesburg University3.21Chris HardieE
MENWentworth Institute of Technology3.36Dan RoarkE
MENWesleyan University (Connecticut)3.39John CrookeE
MENWheaton College (Illinois)3.4David WalfordE
MENWhitman College3.44Scott ShieldsE
MENWhittier College3.43Greg PhillipsE
MENWhitworth University3.44Toby SchwarzE
MENWillamette University3.36Matt McGuirkE
MENWilliams College3.53Peter FarwellE
MENWilmington College (Ohio)3.27Ron CombsE
MENWisconsin Lutheran College3.39Steve TravisE
MENWittenberg University3.2Craig PenneyE
MENCollege of Wooster3.34Dennis RiceE
MENWorcester Polytechnic Institute3.48Brian ChabotE
MENYork College of Pennsylvania3.2Stephen LoBiancoE
WOMENAlbion College3.56Derick LawrenceE
WOMENAlfred University3.33Bill SortoreE
WOMENAllegheny College3.66Ben MourerE
WOMENAlma College3.46Matthew ChovanecE
WOMENAlvernia University3.64Tim HartungE
WOMENAmherst College3.47Cassie Funke-HarrisE
WOMENAnderson University (Indiana)3.28Sol StephensE
WOMENArcadia University3.37Joe DyasE
WOMENAugustana University (South Dakota)3.56David ThompsonE
WOMENAurora University3.12Nicole FarrE
WOMENBabson College3.19Russ BrennenE
WOMENBaldwin Wallace University3.53Joseph EbyE
WOMENBates College3.51Jay HartshornE
WOMENBeloit College3.66David EckbergE
WOMENBenedictine University (Illinois)3.65Paul ZavalaE
WOMENBerry College3.33Paul DeatonE
WOMENBethany College (West Virginia)3.45Michael GuinnE
WOMENBirmingham-Southern College3.7Kenneth CoxE
WOMENBluffton University3.49Kaylea JachnoE
WOMENBrandeis University3.32Sinead EvansE
WOMENBridgewater College (Virginia)3.68Denver DavisE
WOMENBuena Vista University3.14Colt SlackE
WOMENCalifornia Lutheran University3.31Matt LeaE
WOMENCalifornia Institute of Technology3.55Ben RaphelsonE
WOMENCalvin University3.73Brian DiemerE
WOMENCarleton College3.66Donna RicksE
WOMENCarnegie Mellon University3.44Tim ConnellyE
WOMENCarroll University (Wisconsin)3.58Shawn ThielitzE
WOMENCarthage College3.41Stephanie DominE
WOMENCase Western Reserve University3.7Kathy LaneseE
WOMENCatholic University of America3.51Steve RahnE
WOMENCedar Crest College3.36Alec DuncanE
WOMENCentral College (Iowa)3.37Joe DunhamE
WOMENCentre College3.15Lisa H. OwensE
WOMENChapman University3.6DeAndra'e WoodsE
WOMENChatham University3.83Jon MorrowE
WOMENUniversity of Chicago3.55Chris Cory HallE
WOMENChristopher Newport University3.14Sarah LagasseE
WOMENClaremont McKenna-Harvey Mudd-Scripps Colleges3.63John GoldhammerE
WOMENU.S. Coast Guard Academy3.19Greg AhnrudE
WOMENCoe College3.44Matthew BarreauE
WOMENColby College3.58Jared BeersE
WOMENColby-Sawyer College3.32Lyndsay OstlerE
WOMENColorado College3.58Ted CastanedaE
WOMENConcordia College, Moorhead3.68Laura JanuszewskiE
WOMENConcordia University Wisconsin3.47Russ DeLapE
WOMENConnecticut College3.56Ned BishopE
WOMENCornell College3.56Dan SchoferE
WOMENCovenant College3.42Katie StanfordE
WOMENCrown College (Minnesota)3.5Bill BraungerE
WOMENUniversity of Dallas3.19Matthew BarberE
WOMENDenison University3.43Mark FitzPatrickE
WOMENDePauw University3.31Kori StoffregenE
WOMENDickinson College3.56Don NichterE
WOMENDominican University (Illinois)3.62Megan VaccaroE
WOMENUniversity of Dubuque3.84Rich MaleniakE
WOMENEarlham College3.51Claire and Rob HewittE
WOMENEastern University3.53Mike WilsonE
WOMENEastern Mennonite University3.58Bob HeplerE
WOMENEdgewood College3.32Bethany BrewsterE
WOMENElizabethtown College3.3Brian FalkE
WOMENElmhurst University3.43Jordan BartolazziE
WOMENEmmanuel College (Massachusetts)3.42Reava PotterE
WOMENEmory University3.44Jordan SchilitE
WOMENEndicott College3.52Spencer LangeE
WOMENFontbonne University3.55Phillip HalleyE
WOMENFranklin College3.12Brandon DworakE
WOMENFranklin & Marshall College3.41John StoudtE
WOMENThe State University of New York at Fredonia3.31Thomas WilsonE
WOMENGettysburg College3.53Aubrey ShenkE
WOMENGordon College (Massachusetts)3.52Justin WikerdE
WOMENGreenville University3.43Brian PattonE
WOMENGrinnell College3.62Evelyn FreemanE
WOMENGrove City College3.45Sean SeversonE
WOMENGustavus Adolphus College3.52Brenden HuberE
WOMENHamilton College3.51Ellen HullE
WOMENHamline University3.48Devin MonsonE
WOMENHartwick College3.51Thomas Hartnett Jr.E
WOMENHaverford College3.65Francis RizzoE
WOMENHeidelberg University3.14Brian GrimeE
WOMENHope College3.63Mark NorthuisE
WOMENHusson University3.29Kate GoupeeE
WOMENIllinois Wesleyan University3.3Greg HuffakerE
WOMENJohn Carroll University3.47Kyle BasistaE
WOMENJohns Hopkins University3.46Bobby Van AllenE
WOMENKenyon College3.54Duane GomezE
WOMENKing's College (Pennsylvania)3.61Michael KolinovskyE
WOMENUniversity of La Verne3.25Justin WoodE
WOMENLake Forest College3.53Ciara KissaneE
WOMENLawrence University3.6Jason FastE
WOMENLebanon Valley College3.57James O'BrienE
WOMENLeTourneau University3.85Mesa AllisonE
WOMENLewis & Clark College3.25Keith WoodardE
WOMENLoras College3.6Bob SchultzE
WOMENLuther College3.58Yarrow PascheE
WOMENUniversity of Lynchburg3.63Jake ReedE
WOMENMacalester College3.54Betsy EmersonE
WOMENMaine Maritime Academy3.43Ryan KingE
WOMENManchester University3.21Brian CashdollarE
WOMENUniversity of Mary Washington3.21Kunle LawsonE
WOMENMarymount University (Virginia)3.23Brian CunninghamE
WOMENMarywood University3.68Rob AhrensE
WOMENMcMurry University3.24Rexi ParcellsE
WOMENMeredith College3.39Leslie PayneE
WOMENMessiah University3.43Dale FogelsangerE
WOMENMethodist University3.42Jack BruneczE
WOMENMillikin University3.36Andrew CraycraftE
WOMENMisericordia University3.71Christopher WadasE
WOMENMassachusetts Institute of Technology3.71Halston TaylorE
WOMENMonmouth College (Illinois)3.33Jon WeltyE
WOMENMoravian University3.59Jesse BaumannE
WOMENMount Holyoke College3.54Chris KiblerE
WOMENUniversity of Mount Union3.4Kevin LucasE
WOMENMuhlenberg College3.57Doug FinleyE
WOMENNazareth College3.26James GossE
WOMENNebraska Wesleyan University3.42Ted BullingE
WOMENNorth Central College3.48Mahesh NarayananE
WOMENNorth Park University3.48Daniel SimpsonE
WOMENUniversity of Northwestern-St. Paul3.52Steve ThiessenE
WOMENNorwich University3.39Seth JacksonE
WOMENNew York University3.53Erison HurtaultE
WOMENOberlin College3.58Ray AppenheimerE
WOMENOccidental College3.46Rob BartlettE
WOMENOhio Northern University3.46Jason MausE
WOMENOhio Wesleyan University3.63Ben CarlsonE
WOMENOlivet College3.49Karen LutzkeE
WOMENOtterbein University3.65Dara FordE
WOMENUniversity of the Ozarks (Arkansas)3.22Heidi PinkertonE
WOMENUniversity of the Pacific3.58Matt LydumE
WOMENPennsylvania State Univ. Erie, the Behrend College3.3Greg CooperE
WOMENPiedmont University3.54Jeff JenkinsE
WOMENPlymouth State University3.2John OstlerE
WOMENPomona-Pitzer Colleges3.69Kirk ReynoldsE
WOMENPrincipia College3.7Sedge SouthworthE
WOMENUniversity of Puget Sound3.58Mike OrechiaE
WOMENRamapo College3.35Justina CassavellE
WOMENRhodes College3.39Robert ShankmanE
WOMENRipon College3.36Corey BinsE
WOMENRochester Institute of Technology3.65David StevensE
WOMENRoanoke College3.15Kirk NaumanE
WOMENUniversity of Rochester (N.Y.)3.51Eddie NovaraE
WOMENRoger Williams University3.29Sean LivingstonE
WOMENRowan University3.37Derick AdamsonE
WOMENRensselaer Polytechnic Institute3.46John LynchE
WOMENCollege of Saint Benedict3.67Robin Balder-LanoueE
WOMENSaint Mary's College (Indiana)3.22Jackie BautersE
WOMENSaint Vincent College3.68Kevin WanichkoE
WOMENSalisbury University3.67Jim JonesE
WOMENSalve Regina University3.4Rob McGuinnessE
WOMENShenandoah University3.37Andrew MarroccoE
WOMENSimpson College3.63Heath MoenckE
WOMENSmith College3.75Ellen O'NeilE
WOMENUniversity of Southern Maine3.22George TowleE
WOMENSouthwestern University (Texas)3.64Andrew DiehlE
WOMENSpringfield College3.77Anna SteinmanE
WOMENSt. Catherine University3.81Cami PaulsonE
WOMENSt. John Fisher College3.61Mike HenchenE
WOMENSt. Lawrence University3.58Mary Kate CurranE
WOMENSt. Norbert College3.51Donald AugustineE
WOMENSt. Olaf College3.49Erica MakerE
WOMENUniversity of St. Thomas (Minnesota)3.62Joe SweeneyE
WOMENStevens Institute of Technology3.73Lance HardenE
WOMENStevenson University3.68Dave BerdanE
WOMENStockton University3.73Joe DareE
WOMENSuffolk University3.66Will FeldmanE
WOMENSUNY Brockport3.3Danielle NovaraE
WOMENState University of New York at Geneseo3.34Dan MooreE
WOMENState University of New York at New Paltz3.2Michael TrunkesE
WOMENState University of New York at Oneonta3.13Chris WilberE
WOMENPlattsburgh State University of New York3.31Andrew KrugE
WOMENSusquehanna University3.1Ethan SenecalE
WOMENSwarthmore College3.68Peter CarrollE
WOMENSweet Briar College3.11Jacob SmithE
WOMENTrine University3.55Zach RaberE
WOMENTrinity College (Connecticut)3.39George SuitorE
WOMENTrinity University (Texas)3.44Emily DaumE
WOMENTufts University3.57Kristen MorwickE
WOMENUniversity of California, Santa Cruz3.46David KlechE
WOMENUniversity of Maine, Farmington3.22Joseph DiSalvoE
WOMENUniversity of Massachusetts, Dartmouth3.3Michael SalemE
WOMENUniversity of New England3.58Ron OuelletteE
WOMENUniversity of the South3.43Jeff HeitzenraterE
WOMENUrsinus College3.42Carl BlickleE
WOMENUniversity of Texas at Dallas3.58Danielle KcholiE
WOMENUtica University3.35Eric ParkerE
WOMENUniversity of Wisconsin-Eau Claire3.49Dan SchwambergerE
WOMENUniversity of Wisconsin-La Crosse3.51Derek StanleyE
WOMENUniversity of Wisconsin-Oshkosh3.42Eamon McKennaE
WOMENUniversity of Wisconsin, Platteville3.48Tom AntczakE
WOMENUniversity of Wisconsin-River Falls3.21Danielle Douglas FergusonE
WOMENUniversity of Wisconsin-Stevens Point3.41Brett WittE
WOMENUniversity of Wisconsin-Stout3.48Matt SchaufE
WOMENUniversity of Wisconsin, Whitewater3.29Jeff MillerE
WOMENVassar College3.76James McCowanE
WOMENVirginia Wesleyan University3.19Krista LittletonE
WOMENWartburg College3.36Ryan ChapmanE
WOMENWashington University (Missouri)3.72Jeff StilesE
WOMENWashington and Jefferson College3.32Derek WorkmanE
WOMENWashington and Lee University3.54Mike DagerE
WOMENWaynesburg University3.65Chris HardieE
WOMENWellesley College3.43Philip JenningsE
WOMENWesleyan University (Connecticut)3.67John CrookeE
WOMENWheaton College (Illinois)3.65David WalfordE
WOMENWhitman College3.77Scott ShieldsE
WOMENWhittier College3.27Greg PhillipsE
WOMENWhitworth University3.78Toby SchwarzE
WOMENWilkes University3.24Nicholas WadasE
WOMENWillamette University3.49Matt McGuirkE
WOMENWilliam Smith College3.64Evan AbelsonE
WOMENWilliams College3.67Peter FarwellE
WOMENWisconsin Lutheran College3.41Steve TravisE
WOMENWittenberg University3.55Craig PenneyE
WOMENCollege of Wooster3.47Dennis RiceE
WOMENWorcester Polytechnic Institute3.78Brian ChabotE
WOMENYork College of Pennsylvania3.47Stephen LoBiancoE