2019 NJCAA Indoor Track & Field All-America

NEW ORLEANS – All-Americans for the 2019 NJCAA Indoor Track & Field season were announced Monday by the U.S. Track & Field and Cross Country Coaches Association (USTFCCCA).

Student-athletes earned USTFCCCA All-America honors by virtue of finishing among the top-8 in their events – including as a member of a relay – at the 2019 NJCAA Indoor Track & Field Championships this past weekend in Pittsburg, Kansas.

Iowa Central CC won the men’s team title, while Barton (Kan.) CC captured the women’s crown. It was the Tritons’ sixth title in the past nine years and the Cougars’ first crown since 2006.

One team stood head and shoulders above the rest, regardless of gender, when it comes to All-America honors received: New Mexico JC‘s women. The Thunderbirds put together a Herculean effort to finish runner-up to Barton (Kan.) as they totaled a whopping 30 All-America certificates.

Not to be outdone, four other teams had 20 or more All-America selections: Both national champions (The Cougars had 23, while the Tritons had 22), the third-place Cloud County (Kan.) men with 21 and the third-place South Plains (Texas) women with 20.

See below for a full list of All-Americans for the 2019 NJCAA Indoor Track & Field season.

2019 NJCAA Indoor Track & Field All-Americans

MEN4x800 RelayXari BarrosSOAllen (Kan.) CCKJCCC/Region VIE
MENDistance Medley RelayJoshua ClethenSOAllen (Kan.) CCKJCCC/Region VIE
MEN4x800 RelayJoshua ClethenSOAllen (Kan.) CCKJCCC/Region VIE
MEN4x800 RelayMitchell DervinFRAllen (Kan.) CCKJCCC/Region VIE
MENDistance Medley RelayJoshua DoriaSOAllen (Kan.) CCKJCCC/Region VIE
MEN4x800 RelayJoel FaneFRAllen (Kan.) CCKJCCC/Region VIE
MENDistance Medley RelayMichael KnowlesSOAllen (Kan.) CCKJCCC/Region VIE
MEN600 MetersMichael KnowlesSOAllen (Kan.) CCKJCCC/Region VIE
MEN1000 MetersYoel YoelSOAllen (Kan.) CCKJCCC/Region VIE
MENMileYoel YoelSOAllen (Kan.) CCKJCCC/Region VIE
MENDistance Medley RelayYoel YoelSOAllen (Kan.) CCKJCCC/Region VIE
MENWeight ThrowPhillipe BarnettFRBarton (Kan.) CCKJCCC/Region VIE
MEN200 MetersDavonte BurnettFRBarton (Kan.) CCKJCCC/Region VIE
MEN4x400 RelayDavonte BurnettFRBarton (Kan.) CCKJCCC/Region VIE
MEN4x400 RelayDartez HamlinSOBarton (Kan.) CCKJCCC/Region VIE
MEN200 MetersDartez HamlinSOBarton (Kan.) CCKJCCC/Region VIE
MEN600 MetersNathan HoodSOBarton (Kan.) CCKJCCC/Region VIE
MEN800 MetersTallan JamesSOBarton (Kan.) CCKJCCC/Region VIE
MEN60 Meter HurdlesDeshaun JonesFRBarton (Kan.) CCKJCCC/Region VIE
MEN4x400 RelayKyle MasonSOBarton (Kan.) CCKJCCC/Region VIE
MEN400 MetersKyle MasonSOBarton (Kan.) CCKJCCC/Region VIE
MENShot PutKevin NedrickSOBarton (Kan.) CCKJCCC/Region VIE
MENWeight ThrowAlencar PereiraFRBarton (Kan.) CCKJCCC/Region VIE
MEN60 Meter HurdlesStephon TorrenceSOBarton (Kan.) CCKJCCC/Region VIE
MENHeptathlonTahj WhitfieldSOBarton (Kan.) CCKJCCC/Region VIE
MEN4x400 RelayKenroy WilliamsSOBarton (Kan.) CCKJCCC/Region VIE
MENTriple JumpTimothy WilsonSOBarton (Kan.) CCKJCCC/Region VIE
MENLong JumpJahkwan BlackleyFRBryant & Stratton (N.Y.) E
MEN400 MetersAlex GraysSOButler (Kan.) CCKJCCC/Region VIE
MEN60 MetersTavarius WrightFRButler (Kan.) CCKJCCC/Region VIE
MENDistance Medley RelayJohnathon DesantiFRCentral ArizonaACCACE
MENPole VaultOwen DeSilvaSOCentral ArizonaACCACE
MEN5000 MetersIkageng GaorekweSOCentral ArizonaACCACE
MEN3000 MetersIkageng GaorekweSOCentral ArizonaACCACE
MENShot PutJohann JeremiahFRCentral ArizonaACCACE
MENDistance Medley RelayDavonte Jett-ReynoldsSOCentral ArizonaACCACE
MENMileJohn NgaruiyaSOCentral ArizonaACCACE
MENDistance Medley RelayJohn NgaruiyaSOCentral ArizonaACCACE
MENDistance Medley RelayDemari NicholsonFRCentral ArizonaACCACE
MENHeptathlonJonathan PlySOCentral ArizonaACCACE
MENHigh JumpJonathan PlySOCentral ArizonaACCACE
MENPole VaultJonathan PlySOCentral ArizonaACCACE
MENHigh JumpKyle AlcineSOCloud County (Kan.) CCKJCCC/Region VIE
MENTriple JumpMurphy BavingaSOCloud County (Kan.) CCKJCCC/Region VIE
MENHeptathlonTanner BrownSOCloud County (Kan.) CCKJCCC/Region VIE
MENDistance Medley RelayGabriel ChinyaFRCloud County (Kan.) CCKJCCC/Region VIE
MENDistance Medley RelayAblel GebreselaseFRCloud County (Kan.) CCKJCCC/Region VIE
MEN4x400 RelayStephen HollandFRCloud County (Kan.) CCKJCCC/Region VIE
MENPole VaultLouis HumbertSOCloud County (Kan.) CCKJCCC/Region VIE
MEN4x400 RelayMarco JosephSOCloud County (Kan.) CCKJCCC/Region VIE
MEN5000 MetersSantino KenyiFRCloud County (Kan.) CCKJCCC/Region VIE
MENMileSantino KenyiFRCloud County (Kan.) CCKJCCC/Region VIE
MEN1000 MetersSantino KenyiFRCloud County (Kan.) CCKJCCC/Region VIE
MENDistance Medley RelaySaba KhvichavaFRCloud County (Kan.) CCKJCCC/Region VIE
MEN3000 MetersDennis KiptooFRCloud County (Kan.) CCKJCCC/Region VIE
MEN5000 MetersDennis KiptooFRCloud County (Kan.) CCKJCCC/Region VIE
MEN400 MetersLesley MahlakoaneSOCloud County (Kan.) CCKJCCC/Region VIE
MENDistance Medley RelayLesley MahlakoaneSOCloud County (Kan.) CCKJCCC/Region VIE
MEN4x400 RelayLesley MahlakoaneSOCloud County (Kan.) CCKJCCC/Region VIE
MEN3000 MetersKwanele MthembuFRCloud County (Kan.) CCKJCCC/Region VIE
MEN5000 MetersKwanele MthembuFRCloud County (Kan.) CCKJCCC/Region VIE
MEN4x400 RelaySten SeppFRCloud County (Kan.) CCKJCCC/Region VIE
MENTriple JumpJonathan SpearmanSOCloud County (Kan.) CCKJCCC/Region VIE
MENHeptathlonDevontae ArmsteadSOCoffeyville (Kan.) CCKJCCC/Region VIE
MENHigh JumpChris BanksFRCoffeyville (Kan.) CCKJCCC/Region VIE
MENLong JumpJames BrownFRCoffeyville (Kan.) CCKJCCC/Region VIE
MENLong JumpDarius ClarkSOCoffeyville (Kan.) CCKJCCC/Region VIE
MENWeight ThrowJoel CrainFRCoffeyville (Kan.) CCKJCCC/Region VIE
MENShot PutMustafa FallFRCoffeyville (Kan.) CCKJCCC/Region VIE
MEN60 MetersZavier JohnsonFRCoffeyville (Kan.) CCKJCCC/Region VIE
MENWeight ThrowMiles MarhoferSOCoffeyville (Kan.) CCKJCCC/Region VIE
MEN4x400 RelayJoshua MooreFRCoffeyville (Kan.) CCKJCCC/Region VIE
MENWeight ThrowMaurice MooreSOCoffeyville (Kan.) CCKJCCC/Region VIE
MEN4x400 RelayAnthony MorganFRCoffeyville (Kan.) CCKJCCC/Region VIE
MENTriple JumpBrian PittmanSOCoffeyville (Kan.) CCKJCCC/Region VIE
MEN4x400 RelayDestine ScottFRCoffeyville (Kan.) CCKJCCC/Region VIE
MEN400 MetersDestine ScottFRCoffeyville (Kan.) CCKJCCC/Region VIE
MENHigh JumpD'Ionte SmithSOCoffeyville (Kan.) CCKJCCC/Region VIE
MEN200 MetersDon'Drea SwintFRCoffeyville (Kan.) CCKJCCC/Region VIE
MEN4x400 RelayDon'Drea SwintFRCoffeyville (Kan.) CCKJCCC/Region VIE
MEN60 MetersDon'Drea SwintFRCoffeyville (Kan.) CCKJCCC/Region VIE
MENLong JumpDodley ThermitusSOCoffeyville (Kan.) CCKJCCC/Region VIE
MEN4x800 RelayMauro ArancibiaSOColby (Kan.) CCKJCCC/Region VIE
MEN3000 MetersWesley BanguriaFRColby (Kan.) CCKJCCC/Region VIE
MEN4x800 RelayCaleb CarrascoSOColby (Kan.) CCKJCCC/Region VIE
MEN1000 MetersCaleb CarrasscoSOColby (Kan.) CCKJCCC/Region VIE
MEN4x800 RelayTito GonzalezSOColby (Kan.) CCKJCCC/Region VIE
MEN4x800 RelayAustin RussellSOColby (Kan.) CCKJCCC/Region VIE
MENMileNehemiah TooSOColby (Kan.) CCKJCCC/Region VIE
MEN3000 MetersNehemiah TooSOColby (Kan.) CCKJCCC/Region VIE
MEN5000 MetersNehemiah TooSOColby (Kan.) CCKJCCC/Region VIE
MEN800 MetersTanner BlackmoreSOCowley (Kan.)KJCCC/Region VIE
MEN4x800 RelayTanner BlackmoreSOCowley (Kan.)KJCCC/Region VIE
MENShot PutDae'Trell GordonSOCowley (Kan.)KJCCC/Region VIE
MEN4x800 RelayDonte HowardSOCowley (Kan.)KJCCC/Region VIE
MEN1000 MetersDonte HowardSOCowley (Kan.)KJCCC/Region VIE
MEN1000 MetersDeven MarshallSOCowley (Kan.)KJCCC/Region VIE
MEN4x800 RelayDeven MarshallSOCowley (Kan.)KJCCC/Region VIE
MENHeptathlonNathan VannSOCowley (Kan.)KJCCC/Region VIE
MEN4x800 RelayMorris WynnSOCowley (Kan.)KJCCC/Region VIE
MEN800 MetersNavasky Anderson FREssex County (N.J.)Region XIXE
MEN600 MetersLeon ClarkeFREssex County (N.J.)Region XIXE
MENPole VaultAlejandro AvilaSOGlendale (Ariz.) CCACCACE
MENPole VaultGabe HuertaSOGlendale (Ariz.) CCACCACE
MENDistance Medley RelayPayton BahlFRHawkeye (Iowa) CCRegion XIE
MEN4x800 RelayPayton BahlFRHawkeye (Iowa) CCRegion XIE
MENDistance Medley RelayKenneth BeardSOHawkeye (Iowa) CCRegion XIE
MEN4x800 RelayLandon BoomsmaSOHawkeye (Iowa) CCRegion XIE
MENDistance Medley RelayRyan MillikinSOHawkeye (Iowa) CCRegion XIE
MEN4x800 RelayKonner RothSOHawkeye (Iowa) CCRegion XIE
MEN1000 MetersDavid ThompsonSOHawkeye (Iowa) CCRegion XIE
MENDistance Medley RelayDavid ThompsonSOHawkeye (Iowa) CCRegion XIE
MEN4x800 RelayDavid ThompsonSOHawkeye (Iowa) CCRegion XIE
MEN60 Meter HurdlesAl-Tariq DunsonFRHinds (Miss.) CCRegion XXIIIE
MEN4x400 RelayZacharey GoodmanSOHinds (Miss.) CCRegion XXIIIE
MEN200 MetersDiamantae GriffinSOHinds (Miss.) CCRegion XXIIIE
MEN200 MetersKhance MeyersSOHinds (Miss.) CCRegion XXIIIE
MEN4x400 RelayKristopher MooreFRHinds (Miss.) CCRegion XXIIIE
MEN4x400 RelayDerrick PriceFRHinds (Miss.) CCRegion XXIIIE
MEN4x400 RelayCorvell ToddFRHinds (Miss.) CCRegion XXIIIE
MENHigh JumpCorvell ToddFRHinds (Miss.) CCRegion XXIIIE
MEN4x400 RelayBrock AppiahFRHutchinson (Kan.) CCKJCCC/Region VIE
MENPole VaultMyles HansenSOHutchinson (Kan.) CCKJCCC/Region VIE
MENMileBrett HillabrandFRHutchinson (Kan.) CCKJCCC/Region VIE
MENDistance Medley RelayBrett HillabrandFRHutchinson (Kan.) CCKJCCC/Region VIE
MENDistance Medley RelayConnor KaufmanSOHutchinson (Kan.) CCKJCCC/Region VIE
MENDistance Medley RelayJason LuftSOHutchinson (Kan.) CCKJCCC/Region VIE
MEN4x400 RelayElijah Smith Hutchinson (Kan.) CCKJCCC/Region VIE
MENDistance Medley RelayElijah Smith Hutchinson (Kan.) CCKJCCC/Region VIE
MEN4x400 RelayDenilson WhitmoreSOHutchinson (Kan.) CCKJCCC/Region VIE
MEN4x400 RelayDonovan Whitmore Hutchinson (Kan.) CCKJCCC/Region VIE
MENShot PutElijah BarnesFRIndian Hills (Iowa) CCICCAC/Region XIE
MEN400 MetersKenny BednarekFRIndian Hills (Iowa) CCICCAC/Region XIE
MEN5000 MetersMarcus GrahamSOIndian Hills (Iowa) CCICCAC/Region XIE
MENLong JumpAkeem BradshawSOIowa Central CCRegion XIE
MEN60 MetersKris BrownFRIowa Central CCRegion XIE
MENDistance Medley RelayThomas BryantSOIowa Central CCRegion XIE
MENDistance Medley RelayMiguel CocaFRIowa Central CCRegion XIE
MENDistance Medley RelayDavid DunlapFRIowa Central CCRegion XIE
MEN4x400 RelayDavid DunlapFRIowa Central CCRegion XIE
MENShot PutCaden FenchelFRIowa Central CCRegion XIE
MENWeight ThrowTyler LienauSOIowa Central CCRegion XIE
MEN4x400 RelayCourtney LindseyFRIowa Central CCRegion XIE
MEN60 MetersCourtney LindseyFRIowa Central CCRegion XIE
MEN200 MetersCourtney LindseyFRIowa Central CCRegion XIE
MEN4x400 RelayPhemelo Matlhabe Iowa Central CCRegion XIE
MEN400 MetersPhemelo Matlhabe Iowa Central CCRegion XIE
MEN800 MetersMel ObadiahSOIowa Central CCRegion XIE
MEN3000 MetersMilos PendicFRIowa Central CCRegion XIE
MEN4x400 RelayEthan SmithFRIowa Central CCRegion XIE
MEN600 MetersEthan SmithFRIowa Central CCRegion XIE
MENTriple JumpOlivier SoglohunSOIowa Central CCRegion XIE
MENHigh JumpJadon WatsonFRIowa Central CCRegion XIE
MENDistance Medley RelayAwet YohannesFRIowa Central CCRegion XIE
MENMileAwet YohannesFRIowa Central CCRegion XIE
MEN3000 MetersAwet YohannesFRIowa Central CCRegion XIE
MEN60 Meter HurdlesDenzel DowningSOIowa Western CCICCAC/Region XIE
MEN400 MetersChevannie HansonFRIowa Western CCICCAC/Region XIE
MEN5000 MetersKassim KibetFRIowa Western CCICCAC/Region XIE
MENHeptathlonJonathan WhitcombSOIowa Western CCICCAC/Region XIE
MEN800 MetersAmadou BaSOKingsborough (N.Y.) CCCUNYACE
MEN60 Meter HurdlesTayshaun ChisholmFRLouisburg (N.C.)Carolinas JCE
MENHigh JumpOrlandus GambleSOLouisburg (N.C.)Carolinas JCE
MEN5000 MetersKyle HinsonSOLouisburg (N.C.)Carolinas JCE
MEN1000 MetersWalker HirschFRLouisburg (N.C.)Carolinas JCE
MEN60 Meter HurdlesAveon ReidFRLouisburg (N.C.)Carolinas JCE
MEN4x400 RelayLeander ForbesSOMeridian (Miss.) CCRegion XXIIIE
MEN600 MetersLeander ForbesSOMeridian (Miss.) CCRegion XXIIIE
MEN4x400 RelayTyrese IvyFRMeridian (Miss.) CCRegion XXIIIE
MEN4x400 RelayMarcus JacksonSOMeridian (Miss.) CCRegion XXIIIE
MEN4x400 RelayJoshua St. ClairFRMeridian (Miss.) CCRegion XXIIIE
MENHigh JumpMakel HubbardFRMesa (Ariz.) CCACCACE
MENHeptathlonMakel HubbardFRMesa (Ariz.) CCACCACE
MENHeptathlonMarcus NaisantSOMesa (Ariz.) CCACCACE
MEN4x400 RelayKeron CharlesFRMonroe (N.Y.)Region XVE
MEN4x800 RelayKeron CharlesFRMonroe (N.Y.)Region XVE
MENWeight ThrowChukwusom EnekwechiSOMonroe (N.Y.)Region XVE
MENShot PutChukwusom EnekwechiSOMonroe (N.Y.)Region XVE
MEN4x800 RelayPhelani MaduwaFRMonroe (N.Y.)Region XVE
MEN4x800 RelayThapelo MakofaneSOMonroe (N.Y.)Region XVE
MEN4x400 RelayPhillip MarcelleFRMonroe (N.Y.)Region XVE
MENTriple JumpLloyd McCurdyFRMonroe (N.Y.)Region XVE
MEN4x400 RelayKurt ModesteFRMonroe (N.Y.)Region XVE
MEN200 MetersKurt ModesteFRMonroe (N.Y.)Region XVE
MEN4x800 RelayKajon ParrisFRMonroe (N.Y.)Region XVE
MEN4x400 RelayGiano RobertsFRMonroe (N.Y.)Region XVE
MENWeight ThrowIsrael OloyedeSOParadise Valley (Ariz.) CCACCACE
MENPole VaultTyler ValenzuelaSOPima (Ariz.) CCACCACE
MENTriple JumpKeshun ByrdFRPratt (Kan.) CCKJCCC/Region VIE
MENLong JumpWilliam JonesFRPratt (Kan.) CCKJCCC/Region VIE
MEN4x800 RelayAndrew BosquezSOSouth Plains (Texas)Region VE
MEN4x800 RelayUlises CardozaSOSouth Plains (Texas)Region VE
MENHigh JumpBryson DeberrySOSouth Plains (Texas)Region VE
MEN3000 MetersAlex KitumFRSouth Plains (Texas)Region VE
MEN60 Meter HurdlesDeion LightfootSOSouth Plains (Texas)Region VE
MENTriple JumpHolland MartinSOSouth Plains (Texas)Region VE
MENLong JumpHolland MartinSOSouth Plains (Texas)Region VE
MEN4x800 RelayYusuf MohammedFRSouth Plains (Texas)Region VE
MENPole VaultRylan OlguinFRSouth Plains (Texas)Region VE
MEN4x800 RelayJaphet ToroitichFRSouth Plains (Texas)Region VE
MEN60 MetersWillari WatsonSOSouth Plains (Texas)Region VE
MENLong JumpDenvaughn WhymnsFRSouth Plains (Texas)Region VE
MEN60 Meter HurdlesDenvaughn WhymnsFRSouth Plains (Texas)Region VE
MEN4x800 RelayKellis JohnsonSOSouthern IdahoRegion XVIIIE
MENDistance Medley RelaySiyad MatanFRSouthern IdahoRegion XVIIIE
MEN800 MetersSiyad MatanFRSouthern IdahoRegion XVIIIE
MEN4x800 RelaySiyad MatanFRSouthern IdahoRegion XVIIIE
MENMileHunter MaySOSouthern IdahoRegion XVIIIE
MENDistance Medley RelayHunter MaySOSouthern IdahoRegion XVIIIE
MEN4x800 RelayWyatt PeckFRSouthern IdahoRegion XVIIIE
MENDistance Medley RelayWyatt PeckFRSouthern IdahoRegion XVIIIE
MEN4x800 RelayAshton SiwekFRSouthern IdahoRegion XVIIIE
MENDistance Medley RelayClayton VanDykeSOSouthern IdahoRegion XVIIIE
MENMileClayton VanDykeSOSouthern IdahoRegion XVIIIE
MEN600 MetersGodfrey ChamaSOTrinidad State (Colo.) JCRegion IXE
MENDistance Medley RelayGodfrey ChamaSOTrinidad State (Colo.) JCRegion IXE
MEN800 MetersGodfrey ChamaSOTrinidad State (Colo.) JCRegion IXE
MEN800 MetersDerek HoldsworthSOTrinidad State (Colo.) JCRegion IXE
MENDistance Medley RelayDerek HoldsworthSOTrinidad State (Colo.) JCRegion IXE
MEN1000 MetersDerek HoldsworthSOTrinidad State (Colo.) JCRegion IXE
MENDistance Medley RelayDontavis Moore-FordFRTrinidad State (Colo.) JCRegion IXE
MENDistance Medley RelayAlejandro SalazarFRTrinidad State (Colo.) JCRegion IXE
MEN4x800 RelayDavid McCulloughFRVincennes (Ind.)Region XIIE
MENShot PutSilas RistlFRVincennes (Ind.)Region XIIE
MEN4x800 RelayMorne ScharnickFRVincennes (Ind.)Region XIIE
MEN4x800 RelayMilan TodorovicFRVincennes (Ind.)Region XIIE
MEN4x800 RelaySeth VaqueroSOVincennes (Ind.)Region XIIE
MEN600 MetersRayon ButtlerSOWestern TexasRegion VE
MEN60 MetersAndre EdwardsSOWestern TexasRegion VE
MEN600 MetersReginald MoutonSOWestern TexasRegion VE
MEN400 MetersKhamal Stewart-BaynesSOWestern TexasRegion VE
MEN60 MetersEmmanuel YeboahSOWestern TexasRegion VE
WOMEN4x800 RelayCarrington BuoyFRAllen (Kan.) CCKJCCC/Region VIE
WOMEN4x800 RelayAmber GloriaSOAllen (Kan.) CCKJCCC/Region VIE
WOMEN4x800 RelayKaren PerezSOAllen (Kan.) CCKJCCC/Region VIE
WOMEN4x800 RelayEsmeralda RodriguezSOAllen (Kan.) CCKJCCC/Region VIE
WOMEN60 MetersKaytie BlackFRBarton (Kan.) CCKJCCC/Region VIE
WOMEN200 MetersKaytie BlackFRBarton (Kan.) CCKJCCC/Region VIE
WOMEN1000 MetersCadeebra CalcoteSOBarton (Kan.) CCKJCCC/Region VIE
WOMEN600 MetersCadeebra CalcoteSOBarton (Kan.) CCKJCCC/Region VIE
WOMEN60 MetersDeborah GiffardSOBarton (Kan.) CCKJCCC/Region VIE
WOMENPentathlonArianna HaydeFRBarton (Kan.) CCKJCCC/Region VIE
WOMENLong JumpArianna HaydeFRBarton (Kan.) CCKJCCC/Region VIE
WOMENShot PutLatavia MainesSOBarton (Kan.) CCKJCCC/Region VIE
WOMEN800 MetersShanique MastersFRBarton (Kan.) CCKJCCC/Region VIE
WOMEN4x400 RelayChristal MosleyFRBarton (Kan.) CCKJCCC/Region VIE
WOMEN400 MetersChristal MosleyFRBarton (Kan.) CCKJCCC/Region VIE
WOMEN60 Meter HurdlesYoveinny MotaFRBarton (Kan.) CCKJCCC/Region VIE
WOMENShot PutFiona RichardsFRBarton (Kan.) CCKJCCC/Region VIE
WOMEN4x400 RelayT'Nia RileyFRBarton (Kan.) CCKJCCC/Region VIE
WOMEN60 MetersT'Nia RileyFRBarton (Kan.) CCKJCCC/Region VIE
WOMEN200 MetersT'Nia RileyFRBarton (Kan.) CCKJCCC/Region VIE
WOMEN400 MetersNijah RobersonSOBarton (Kan.) CCKJCCC/Region VIE
WOMEN4x400 RelayNijah RobersonSOBarton (Kan.) CCKJCCC/Region VIE
WOMEN600 MetersAzan SargusinghSOBarton (Kan.) CCKJCCC/Region VIE
WOMEN4x400 RelayAzan SargusinghSOBarton (Kan.) CCKJCCC/Region VIE
WOMEN60 Meter HurdlesAquila St. LouisFRBarton (Kan.) CCKJCCC/Region VIE
WOMENPentathlonAquila St. LouisFRBarton (Kan.) CCKJCCC/Region VIE
WOMENWeight ThrowKameliah StyleSOBarton (Kan.) CCKJCCC/Region VIE
WOMENShot PutAlexis ClarkFRBryant & Stratton (N.Y.) E
WOMEN800 MetersTi'Coiya GidderonFRBryant & Stratton (N.Y.) E
WOMEN200 MetersOctavia CatoSOButler (Kan.) CCKJCCC/Region VIE
WOMEN60 MetersOctavia CatoSOButler (Kan.) CCKJCCC/Region VIE
WOMENTriple JumpKeyara RobinsonFRButler (Kan.) CCKJCCC/Region VIE
WOMEN600 MetersShenelle TomlinsonSOButler (Kan.) CCKJCCC/Region VIE
WOMENShot PutDevia BrownSOCentral ArizonaACCACE
WOMENWeight ThrowDevia BrownSOCentral ArizonaACCACE
WOMEN5000 MetersLesego MpsheFRCentral ArizonaACCACE
WOMENShot PutCherisse MurraySOCentral ArizonaACCACE
WOMENWeight ThrowCherisse MurraySOCentral ArizonaACCACE
WOMENHigh JumpRegina YeboahSOCentral ArizonaACCACE
WOMENPentathlonRegina YeboahSOCentral ArizonaACCACE
WOMENLong JumpGrace ChinonyelumFRCloud County (Kan.) CCKJCCC/Region VIE
WOMENHigh JumpGrace ChinonyelumFRCloud County (Kan.) CCKJCCC/Region VIE
WOMENTriple JumpGrace ChinonyelumFRCloud County (Kan.) CCKJCCC/Region VIE
WOMEN60 Meter HurdlesDeya EricksonFRCloud County (Kan.) CCKJCCC/Region VIE
WOMEN4x400 RelayChanice ForbesSOCloud County (Kan.) CCKJCCC/Region VIE
WOMENPole VaultSophie JeboseFRCloud County (Kan.) CCKJCCC/Region VIE
WOMENHigh JumpSemaj McGheeFRCloud County (Kan.) CCKJCCC/Region VIE
WOMEN200 MetersJatoria McGirtSOCloud County (Kan.) CCKJCCC/Region VIE
WOMEN4x400 RelayJatoria McGirtSOCloud County (Kan.) CCKJCCC/Region VIE
WOMENLong JumpJacqueline PokuaahFRCloud County (Kan.) CCKJCCC/Region VIE
WOMEN4x400 RelayShackera SamuelsFRCloud County (Kan.) CCKJCCC/Region VIE
WOMEN4x400 RelayKenisha StubbsSOCloud County (Kan.) CCKJCCC/Region VIE
WOMENPole VaultJessica WilliamsFRCloud County (Kan.) CCKJCCC/Region VIE
WOMENShot PutNu'uausala TuilefanoFRCoffeyville (Kan.) CCKJCCC/Region VIE
WOMENTriple JumpKichauna WestSOCoffeyville (Kan.) CCKJCCC/Region VIE
WOMEN600 MetersAileen GurrolaSOColby (Kan.) CCKJCCC/Region VIE
WOMEN1000 MetersAileen GurrolaSOColby (Kan.) CCKJCCC/Region VIE
WOMENMileIeshia DickersonSOCowley (Kan.)KJCCC/Region VIE
WOMENDistance Medley RelayIeshia DickersonSOCowley (Kan.)KJCCC/Region VIE
WOMEN3000 MetersIeshia DickersonSOCowley (Kan.)KJCCC/Region VIE
WOMEN1000 MetersSasha ElizondoFRCowley (Kan.)KJCCC/Region VIE
WOMENDistance Medley RelaySasha ElizondoFRCowley (Kan.)KJCCC/Region VIE
WOMENPole VaultThais GomesSOCowley (Kan.)KJCCC/Region VIE
WOMENDistance Medley RelayAnna KellerSOCowley (Kan.)KJCCC/Region VIE
WOMENPole VaultKylie KlassenFRCowley (Kan.)KJCCC/Region VIE
WOMENDistance Medley RelayRosie Perez Cowley (Kan.)KJCCC/Region VIE
WOMEN5000 MetersHarlie Schmeling-HansonSOCowley (Kan.)KJCCC/Region VIE
WOMENHigh JumpTakia ZacheryFRCowley (Kan.)KJCCC/Region VIE
WOMENHigh JumpMadelynn FlukerFRGarden City (Kan.) CCKJCCC/Region VIE
WOMENPentathlonTerayah StukesFRGlendale (Ariz.) CCACCACE
WOMENWeight ThrowYessie ValenciaSOGlendale (Ariz.) CCACCACE
WOMENPentathlonMicaela FleetwoodSOHagerstown (Md.) CCRegion XXE
WOMENWeight ThrowHaile CookSOHawkeye (Iowa) CCRegion XIE
WOMEN4x800 RelaySydney DavisFRHawkeye (Iowa) CCRegion XIE
WOMENDistance Medley RelaySydney DavisFRHawkeye (Iowa) CCRegion XIE
WOMENDistance Medley RelayEmma HartzFRHawkeye (Iowa) CCRegion XIE
WOMENDistance Medley RelayAlayna KollaschSOHawkeye (Iowa) CCRegion XIE
WOMEN4x800 RelayAlayna KollaschSOHawkeye (Iowa) CCRegion XIE
WOMEN4x800 RelayMadison LarsenFRHawkeye (Iowa) CCRegion XIE
WOMEN4x800 RelayJoanna TophamSOHawkeye (Iowa) CCRegion XIE
WOMENDistance Medley RelayJoanna TophamSOHawkeye (Iowa) CCRegion XIE
WOMEN4x400 RelayMagdalena BurdovaFRHighland (Kan.) CCArrowhead ConferenceE
WOMEN600 MetersCoshan CampbellSOHighland (Kan.) CCArrowhead ConferenceE
WOMEN800 MetersCoshan CampbellSOHighland (Kan.) CCArrowhead ConferenceE
WOMEN4x400 RelayCoshan CampbellSOHighland (Kan.) CCArrowhead ConferenceE
WOMEN400 MetersEdita SklenskaFRHighland (Kan.) CCArrowhead ConferenceE
WOMEN4x400 RelayEdita SklenskaFRHighland (Kan.) CCArrowhead ConferenceE
WOMEN4x400 RelayOctavia WrightFRHighland (Kan.) CCArrowhead ConferenceE
WOMEN60 Meter HurdlesSedrickia WynnFRHighland (Kan.) CCArrowhead ConferenceE
WOMEN4x400 RelayMaresha ChandlerSOHinds (Miss.) CCRegion XXIIIE
WOMEN60 Meter HurdlesTrishauna HemmingsSOHinds (Miss.) CCRegion XXIIIE
WOMEN4x400 RelayD'Ajah MileySOHinds (Miss.) CCRegion XXIIIE
WOMEN400 MetersKimorla MushetteFRHinds (Miss.) CCRegion XXIIIE
WOMEN4x400 RelayKimorla MushetteFRHinds (Miss.) CCRegion XXIIIE
WOMEN4x400 RelayJamaya RandFRHinds (Miss.) CCRegion XXIIIE
WOMEN4x800 RelaySaw Ahmara Hutchinson (Kan.) CCKJCCC/Region VIE
WOMEN4x800 RelayChristina BruceFRHutchinson (Kan.) CCKJCCC/Region VIE
WOMEN4x800 RelayGabby CollinsFRHutchinson (Kan.) CCKJCCC/Region VIE
WOMEN4x800 RelaySarah PattesonSOHutchinson (Kan.) CCKJCCC/Region VIE
WOMENWeight ThrowHannah SmithJRHutchinson (Kan.) CCKJCCC/Region VIE
WOMEN5000 MetersLilian BusieneiFRIowa Central CCRegion XIE
WOMENMileWinrose ChesangSOIowa Central CCRegion XIE
WOMEN3000 MetersWinrose ChesangSOIowa Central CCRegion XIE
WOMEN5000 MetersWinrose ChesangSOIowa Central CCRegion XIE
WOMENWeight ThrowLea GradyFRIowa Central CCRegion XIE
WOMEN600 MetersIndia McNeillSOIowa Central CCRegion XIE
WOMENShot PutMaddie SchmokerSOIowa Central CCRegion XIE
WOMENWeight ThrowMaddie SchmokerSOIowa Central CCRegion XIE
WOMEN5000 MetersFlorance UwajenezaFRIowa Central CCRegion XIE
WOMEN3000 MetersFlorance UwajenezaFRIowa Central CCRegion XIE
WOMEN4x400 RelayKitra BellFRIowa Western CCICCAC/Region XIE
WOMEN4x400 RelayAliyah GeorgeFRIowa Western CCICCAC/Region XIE
WOMEN400 MetersChristine IrvingFRIowa Western CCICCAC/Region XIE
WOMEN4x400 RelayChristine IrvingFRIowa Western CCICCAC/Region XIE
WOMENLong JumpPatricia JohnsonFRIowa Western CCICCAC/Region XIE
WOMEN600 MetersMakeda NewmanFRIowa Western CCICCAC/Region XIE
WOMEN4x400 RelayMakeda NewmanFRIowa Western CCICCAC/Region XIE
WOMENHigh JumpMarquania RowellSOMeridian (Miss.) CCRegion XXIIIE
WOMENDistance Medley RelayCamille FosterFRMesa (Ariz.) CCACCACE
WOMEN4x800 RelayNijillanaa HunterFRMesa (Ariz.) CCACCACE
WOMENMileQuin JohnsonSOMesa (Ariz.) CCACCACE
WOMEN1000 MetersQuin JohnsonSOMesa (Ariz.) CCACCACE
WOMENDistance Medley RelayQuin JohnsonSOMesa (Ariz.) CCACCACE
WOMEN4x800 RelayAlexandra LouisSOMesa (Ariz.) CCACCACE
WOMENDistance Medley RelayAlexandra LouisSOMesa (Ariz.) CCACCACE
WOMENDistance Medley RelayMaggie OrrFRMesa (Ariz.) CCACCACE
WOMEN4x800 RelayMaggie OrrFRMesa (Ariz.) CCACCACE
WOMEN4x800 RelayJanae QuihuisFRMesa (Ariz.) CCACCACE
WOMENPentathlonRees YoungSOMesa (Ariz.) CCACCACE
WOMENDistance Medley RelayJoanna ArcherFRMonroe (N.Y.)Region XVE
WOMEN4x800 RelayJoanna ArcherFRMonroe (N.Y.)Region XVE
WOMEN800 MetersJoanna ArcherFRMonroe (N.Y.)Region XVE
WOMEN5000 MetersSharon ChumoFRMonroe (N.Y.)Region XVE
WOMEN4x800 RelayFaten LaribiFRMonroe (N.Y.)Region XVE
WOMENDistance Medley RelayFaten LaribiFRMonroe (N.Y.)Region XVE
WOMEN1000 MetersFaten LaribiFRMonroe (N.Y.)Region XVE
WOMEN1000 MetersClaudrice McKoySOMonroe (N.Y.)Region XVE
WOMEN4x800 RelayClaudrice McKoySOMonroe (N.Y.)Region XVE
WOMENDistance Medley RelayClaudrice McKoySOMonroe (N.Y.)Region XVE
WOMEN400 MetersAvon SamuelsSOMonroe (N.Y.)Region XVE
WOMEN800 MetersLethabo SeemaSOMonroe (N.Y.)Region XVE
WOMEN800 MetersMalethabo SeemaSOMonroe (N.Y.)Region XVE
WOMENDistance Medley RelayMalethabo SeemaSOMonroe (N.Y.)Region XVE
WOMEN4x800 RelayMalethabo SeemaSOMonroe (N.Y.)Region XVE
WOMEN4x400 RelayMoisha BarnesFRNew Mexico JCRegion VE
WOMENDistance Medley RelayMoisha BarnesFRNew Mexico JCRegion VE
WOMEN1000 MetersDune CostesFRNew Mexico JCRegion VE
WOMENDistance Medley RelayDune CostesFRNew Mexico JCRegion VE
WOMEN4x800 RelayDune CostesFRNew Mexico JCRegion VE
WOMEN4x400 RelayYanique DayleFRNew Mexico JCRegion VE
WOMEN60 MetersYanique DayleFRNew Mexico JCRegion VE
WOMENDistance Medley RelayBritnie DixonFRNew Mexico JCRegion VE
WOMEN4x800 RelayBritnie DixonFRNew Mexico JCRegion VE
WOMEN800 MetersBritnie DixonFRNew Mexico JCRegion VE
WOMEN4x800 RelayAlyssa FraustoSONew Mexico JCRegion VE
WOMENTriple JumpMonique GrantFRNew Mexico JCRegion VE
WOMEN60 Meter HurdlesMonique GrantFRNew Mexico JCRegion VE
WOMENPentathlonMonique GrantFRNew Mexico JCRegion VE
WOMENLong JumpMonique GrantFRNew Mexico JCRegion VE
WOMEN200 MetersMonique GrantFRNew Mexico JCRegion VE
WOMENShot PutSiyu GuFRNew Mexico JCRegion VE
WOMENHigh JumpRushellee JonesFRNew Mexico JCRegion VE
WOMENPentathlonRushellee JonesFRNew Mexico JCRegion VE
WOMENTriple JumpKristal LiburdSONew Mexico JCRegion VE
WOMENLong JumpKristal LiburdSONew Mexico JCRegion VE
WOMENDistance Medley RelayMontserret RiosFRNew Mexico JCRegion VE
WOMEN4x800 RelayMontserret RiosFRNew Mexico JCRegion VE
WOMEN60 Meter HurdlesDemisha RoswellFRNew Mexico JCRegion VE
WOMEN400 MetersErin SermonsSONew Mexico JCRegion VE
WOMEN4x400 RelayErin SermonsSONew Mexico JCRegion VE
WOMENPole VaultVictoria Villanueva FRNew Mexico JCRegion VE
WOMEN200 MetersRaheema WestfallSONew Mexico JCRegion VE
WOMEN60 MetersRaheema WestfallSONew Mexico JCRegion VE
WOMEN4x400 RelayRaheema WestfallSONew Mexico JCRegion VE
WOMENPole VaultStephanie CasausFRParadise Valley (Ariz.) CCACCACE
WOMENPole VaultKarli FawcettFRParadise Valley (Ariz.) CCACCACE
WOMENPole VaultLily StandleyFRParadise Valley (Ariz.) CCACCACE
WOMENDistance Medley RelayKatherine BrunoSOPima (Ariz.) CCACCACE
WOMENLong JumpRaelynn FairFRPima (Ariz.) CCACCACE
WOMENDistance Medley RelayKaylen FoxSOPima (Ariz.) CCACCACE
WOMENHigh JumpAnahiramar LopezSOPima (Ariz.) CCACCACE
WOMENTriple JumpMecca MarksSOPima (Ariz.) CCACCACE
WOMENTriple JumpHailey MylesSOPima (Ariz.) CCACCACE
WOMEN1000 MetersMary SimlFRPima (Ariz.) CCACCACE
WOMENDistance Medley RelayMary SimlFRPima (Ariz.) CCACCACE
WOMENDistance Medley RelayAnnabella SpencerSOPima (Ariz.) CCACCACE
WOMEN5000 MetersAminata KenyawaniSOPratt (Kan.) CCKJCCC/Region VIE
WOMENMileDorcus EwoiFRSouth Plains (Texas)Region VE
WOMENDistance Medley RelayDorcus EwoiFRSouth Plains (Texas)Region VE
WOMEN3000 MetersDorcus EwoiFRSouth Plains (Texas)Region VE
WOMENDistance Medley RelayItzel Garcia-SantosFRSouth Plains (Texas)Region VE
WOMEN4x800 RelayItzel Garcia-SantosFRSouth Plains (Texas)Region VE
WOMEN3000 MetersGladys JemaiyoFRSouth Plains (Texas)Region VE
WOMEN5000 MetersGladys JemaiyoFRSouth Plains (Texas)Region VE
WOMENMileGladys JemaiyoFRSouth Plains (Texas)Region VE
WOMEN4x400 RelayElon'a JonesFRSouth Plains (Texas)Region VE
WOMEN4x800 RelayLynda MartinezFRSouth Plains (Texas)Region VE
WOMEN4x400 RelayHanah MillsFRSouth Plains (Texas)Region VE
WOMENDistance Medley RelayHanah MillsFRSouth Plains (Texas)Region VE
WOMEN4x400 RelayPatrice MoodySOSouth Plains (Texas)Region VE
WOMEN4x400 RelayJaniel MooreSOSouth Plains (Texas)Region VE
WOMEN4x800 RelayAngela RodriguezFRSouth Plains (Texas)Region VE
WOMEN4x800 RelayNyia SenaFRSouth Plains (Texas)Region VE
WOMENDistance Medley RelayNyia SenaFRSouth Plains (Texas)Region VE
WOMENLong JumpRuth UsoroSOSouth Plains (Texas)Region VE
WOMEN60 MetersRuth UsoroSOSouth Plains (Texas)Region VE
WOMENTriple JumpRuth UsoroSOSouth Plains (Texas)Region VE
WOMEN4x800 RelayMegan GalbraithFRSouthern IdahoRegion XVIIIE
WOMENDistance Medley RelayMarley MaySOSouthern IdahoRegion XVIIIE
WOMEN4x800 RelayMarley MaySOSouthern IdahoRegion XVIIIE
WOMEN4x800 RelayJenny SchenkFRSouthern IdahoRegion XVIIIE
WOMENDistance Medley RelayJenny SchenkFRSouthern IdahoRegion XVIIIE
WOMEN800 MetersJenny SchenkFRSouthern IdahoRegion XVIIIE
WOMENDistance Medley RelayAllison TeemantSOSouthern IdahoRegion XVIIIE
WOMEN4x800 RelayAllison TeemantSOSouthern IdahoRegion XVIIIE
WOMEN3000 MetersBailey WallSOSouthern IdahoRegion XVIIIE
WOMENMileBailey WallSOSouthern IdahoRegion XVIIIE
WOMENMileKami WithersFRSouthern IdahoRegion XVIIIE
WOMENDistance Medley RelayKami WithersFRSouthern IdahoRegion XVIIIE
WOMEN3000 MetersBenadine ChelimoSOTrinidad State (Colo.) JCRegion IXE
WOMENMileBenadine ChelimoSOTrinidad State (Colo.) JCRegion IXE
WOMEN3000 MetersToni MooreSOTrinidad State (Colo.) JCRegion IXE
WOMEN4x400 RelayKeiara-Ashle CunninghamFRWestern TexasRegion VE
WOMEN400 MetersMariya HudsonSOWestern TexasRegion VE
WOMEN4x400 RelayMariya HudsonSOWestern TexasRegion VE
WOMEN200 MetersMariya HudsonSOWestern TexasRegion VE
WOMEN4x400 RelayBrittney JohnsonSOWestern TexasRegion VE
WOMEN60 MetersBrittney JohnsonSOWestern TexasRegion VE
WOMEN4x400 RelaySatanya WrightSOWestern TexasRegion VE
WOMEN600 MetersSatanya WrightSOWestern TexasRegion VE
WOMEN200 MetersSatanya WrightSOWestern TexasRegion VE