2019 NJCAA DI Outdoor Track & Field USTFCCCA All-America

NEW ORLEANS – All-America honors for the 2019 NJCAA Division I Outdoor Track & Field season were announced Wednesday by the U.S. Track & Field and Cross Country Coaches Association (USTFCCCA).

Student-athletes earned USTFCCCA All-America honors by virtue of finishing among the top-8 of their respective individual events – including as a member of a relay – at the 2019 NJCAA Division I Outdoor Track & Field Championships this past weekend in Hobbs, New Mexico.

Cloud County (Kan.) won its first outdoor national title in program history, while the New Mexico JC women made it three in a row and protected their home-track advantage.

No program received more combined All-America merits than Iowa Central CC with 46. The fourth-place Triton men brought home 26 nods, while the third-place women contributed 20 to the total.

Barton (Kan.) CC was the only other program with 40 or more combined All-America honors. The Cougar men and women, who both finished national runner-ups, amassed 41 honors with the latter bringing home the lioness’ share with 25.

No athlete received more All-America honors than Awet Yohannes of Iowa Central, who nabbed four. Yohannes earned three as an individual by virtue of his runner-up finish in the steeplechase, fourth-place effort in the 1500 and eighth-place showing in the 5000, as well as one as a member of the runner-up 4×800 relay.

See below for a full list of All-Americans for the 2019 NJCAA Division I Outdoor Track & Field season.

2019 NJCAA DI Outdoor Track & Field
Men’s & Women’s All-Americans

MEN4x400 RelayJason AxonFRAllen (Kan.) CCKJCCC/Region VI
MEN400 MetersJason AxonFRAllen (Kan.) CCKJCCC/Region VI
MEN4x800 RelayXari BarrosSOAllen (Kan.) CCKJCCC/Region VI
MEN4x800 RelayJoshua ClethenSOAllen (Kan.) CCKJCCC/Region VI
MEN4x800 RelayJoel FaneFRAllen (Kan.) CCKJCCC/Region VI
MEN4x400 RelayJeremiah RevereFRAllen (Kan.) CCKJCCC/Region VI
MEN400 MetersRashion WalkerFRAllen (Kan.) CCKJCCC/Region VI
MEN4x400 RelayRashion WalkerFRAllen (Kan.) CCKJCCC/Region VI
MEN4x400 RelayRicardo WatsonFRAllen (Kan.) CCKJCCC/Region VI
MEN4x800 RelayYoel YoelSOAllen (Kan.) CCKJCCC/Region VI
MENJavelinOscar CamposFRASA Miami 
MENDecathlonKaleb AmbroseFRBarton (Kan.) CCKJCCC/Region VI
MENDiscusPhillipe BarnettFRBarton (Kan.) CCKJCCC/Region VI
MEN4x100 RelayDavonte BurnettFRBarton (Kan.) CCKJCCC/Region VI
MEN200 MetersDartez HamlinSOBarton (Kan.) CCKJCCC/Region VI
MEN4x100 RelayDartez HamlinSOBarton (Kan.) CCKJCCC/Region VI
MEN800 MetersNathan HoodSOBarton (Kan.) CCKJCCC/Region VI
MEN110 Meter HurdlesDeshaun JonesFRBarton (Kan.) CCKJCCC/Region VI
MEN400 Meter HurdlesDeshaun JonesFRBarton (Kan.) CCKJCCC/Region VI
MEN4x100 RelayKyle MasonSOBarton (Kan.) CCKJCCC/Region VI
MENJavelinKevin NedrickSOBarton (Kan.) CCKJCCC/Region VI
MENShot PutKevin NedrickSOBarton (Kan.) CCKJCCC/Region VI
MENDiscusKevin NedrickSOBarton (Kan.) CCKJCCC/Region VI
MENHammerAlencar PereiraFRBarton (Kan.) CCKJCCC/Region VI
MEN4x100 RelayDeondre SpruillSOBarton (Kan.) CCKJCCC/Region VI
MEN110 Meter HurdlesStephon TorrenceSOBarton (Kan.) CCKJCCC/Region VI
MEN400 Meter HurdlesKenroy WilliamsSOBarton (Kan.) CCKJCCC/Region VI
MENLong JumpJahkwan BlackleySOBryant & Stratton (N.Y.) 
MENJavelinDerrick BoyceFRButler (Kan.) CCKJCCC/Region VI
MEN4x100 RelayAgerian JacksonFRButler (Kan.) CCKJCCC/Region VI
MEN4x400 RelayAgerian JacksonFRButler (Kan.) CCKJCCC/Region VI
MENTriple JumpJeremy LawsonFRButler (Kan.) CCKJCCC/Region VI
MENLong JumpJeremy LawsonFRButler (Kan.) CCKJCCC/Region VI
MEN200 MetersJavaghn SpicerFRButler (Kan.) CCKJCCC/Region VI
MEN4x400 RelayJavaghn SpicerFRButler (Kan.) CCKJCCC/Region VI
MEN4x100 RelayJavaghn SpicerFRButler (Kan.) CCKJCCC/Region VI
MEN4x400 RelayArlon WilliamsFRButler (Kan.) CCKJCCC/Region VI
MEN4x100 RelayArlon WilliamsFRButler (Kan.) CCKJCCC/Region VI
MEN4x100 RelayShaquan WoodsSOButler (Kan.) CCKJCCC/Region VI
MEN4x400 RelayShaquan WoodsSOButler (Kan.) CCKJCCC/Region VI
MEN100 MetersTavarius WrightSOButler (Kan.) CCKJCCC/Region VI
MEN400 MetersDalon HarrisFRCCBC Catonsville (Md.)Region XX
MENDiscusOtoniel Costa BadjanaFRCentral ArizonaACCAC
MENPole VaultOwen DeSilvaSOCentral ArizonaACCAC
MEN5000 MetersIkageng GaorekweSOCentral ArizonaACCAC
MEN5000 MetersDavonte Jett-ReynoldsSOCentral ArizonaACCAC
MENSteeplechaseDavonte Jett-ReynoldsSOCentral ArizonaACCAC
MENDecathlonJonathan PlySOCentral ArizonaACCAC
MENPole VaultJonathan PlySOCentral ArizonaACCAC
MENHigh JumpKyle AlcineSOCloud County (Kan.) CCKJCCC/Region VI
MENTriple JumpMurphy BavingaSOCloud County (Kan.) CCKJCCC/Region VI
MENDecathlonTanner BrownSOCloud County (Kan.) CCKJCCC/Region VI
MEN4x800 RelayGabriel ChinyaFRCloud County (Kan.) CCKJCCC/Region VI
MENDecathlonJohan CobenaFRCloud County (Kan.) CCKJCCC/Region VI
MENJavelinJerrod HooverSOCloud County (Kan.) CCKJCCC/Region VI
MENPole VaultLouis HumbertSOCloud County (Kan.) CCKJCCC/Region VI
MEN4x800 RelaySantino KenyiFRCloud County (Kan.) CCKJCCC/Region VI
MEN1500 MetersSantino KenyiFRCloud County (Kan.) CCKJCCC/Region VI
MEN4x800 RelaySaba KhvichavaFRCloud County (Kan.) CCKJCCC/Region VI
MENSteeplechaseDennis KiptooFRCloud County (Kan.) CCKJCCC/Region VI
MEN10,000 MetersDennis KiptooFRCloud County (Kan.) CCKJCCC/Region VI
MEN5000 MetersDennis KiptooFRCloud County (Kan.) CCKJCCC/Region VI
MEN400 MetersLesley MahlakoaneSOCloud County (Kan.) CCKJCCC/Region VI
MEN4x800 RelayDais MalebanaFRCloud County (Kan.) CCKJCCC/Region VI
MEN800 MetersDais MalebanaFRCloud County (Kan.) CCKJCCC/Region VI
MEN1500 MetersDais MalebanaFRCloud County (Kan.) CCKJCCC/Region VI
MEN10,000 MetersKwanele MthembuFRCloud County (Kan.) CCKJCCC/Region VI
MEN5000 MetersKwanele MthembuFRCloud County (Kan.) CCKJCCC/Region VI
MENHigh JumpChris BanksFRCoffeyville (Kan.) CCKJCCC/Region VI
MEN4x100 RelayJames BrownFRCoffeyville (Kan.) CCKJCCC/Region VI
MEN4x400 RelayJames BrownFRCoffeyville (Kan.) CCKJCCC/Region VI
MENLong JumpJames BrownFRCoffeyville (Kan.) CCKJCCC/Region VI
MENLong JumpDarius ClarkSOCoffeyville (Kan.) CCKJCCC/Region VI
MENDiscusMustafa FallFRCoffeyville (Kan.) CCKJCCC/Region VI
MENShot PutMustafa FallFRCoffeyville (Kan.) CCKJCCC/Region VI
MEN4x100 RelayTrentavious HarrisSOCoffeyville (Kan.) CCKJCCC/Region VI
MEN4x400 RelayTristan LavanFRCoffeyville (Kan.) CCKJCCC/Region VI
MENHammerMiles MarhoferSOCoffeyville (Kan.) CCKJCCC/Region VI
MENHammerMaurice MooreSOCoffeyville (Kan.) CCKJCCC/Region VI
MEN4x400 RelayAnthony MorganFRCoffeyville (Kan.) CCKJCCC/Region VI
MENTriple JumpBrian PittmanSOCoffeyville (Kan.) CCKJCCC/Region VI
MEN4x400 RelayDestine ScottFRCoffeyville (Kan.) CCKJCCC/Region VI
MENHigh JumpD'Ionte SmithSOCoffeyville (Kan.) CCKJCCC/Region VI
MEN200 MetersDon'Drea SwintFRCoffeyville (Kan.) CCKJCCC/Region VI
MEN100 MetersDon'Drea SwintFRCoffeyville (Kan.) CCKJCCC/Region VI
MENLong JumpDodley ThermitusSOCoffeyville (Kan.) CCKJCCC/Region VI
MENTriple JumpDodley ThermitusSOCoffeyville (Kan.) CCKJCCC/Region VI
MEN4x100 RelayTyrone ThorntonSOCoffeyville (Kan.) CCKJCCC/Region VI
MEN1500 MetersWesley BanguriaFRColby (Kan.) CCKJCCC/Region VI
MENSteeplechaseWesley BanguriaFRColby (Kan.) CCKJCCC/Region VI
MENHigh JumpWeston LewisSOColby (Kan.) CCKJCCC/Region VI
MEN10,000 MetersNehemiah TooSOColby (Kan.) CCKJCCC/Region VI
MEN5000 MetersNehemiah TooSOColby (Kan.) CCKJCCC/Region VI
MEN1500 MetersNehemiah TooSOColby (Kan.) CCKJCCC/Region VI
MEN800 MetersTanner BlackmoreSOCowley (Kan.)KJCCC/Region VI
MENDecathlonNathan VannSOCowley (Kan.)KJCCC/Region VI
MENJavelinDavid EnnsSOGarden City (Kan.) CCKJCCC/Region VI
MENJavelinElijah MurrisonSOGarden City (Kan.) CCKJCCC/Region VI
MENPole VaultAlejandro AvilaSOGlendale (Ariz.) CCACCAC
MEN400 Meter HurdlesShareez HammFRHighland (Kan.) CCArrowhead Conference
MEN4x400 RelayZacharey GoodmanSOHinds (Miss.) CCRegion XXIII
MEN4x100 RelayDiamantae GriffinSOHinds (Miss.) CCRegion XXIII
MEN4x400 RelayDiamantae GriffinSOHinds (Miss.) CCRegion XXIII
MEN4x100 RelayTerrance LairdSOHinds (Miss.) CCRegion XXIII
MEN100 MetersTerrance LairdSOHinds (Miss.) CCRegion XXIII
MEN4x100 RelayKhance MeyersSOHinds (Miss.) CCRegion XXIII
MEN100 MetersKhance MeyersSOHinds (Miss.) CCRegion XXIII
MEN200 MetersKhance MeyersSOHinds (Miss.) CCRegion XXIII
MEN4x400 RelayKristopher MooreFRHinds (Miss.) CCRegion XXIII
MEN4x400 RelayBabakarr RandallSOHinds (Miss.) CCRegion XXIII
MEN4x100 RelayBabakarr RandallSOHinds (Miss.) CCRegion XXIII
MENHigh JumpCorvell ToddFRHinds (Miss.) CCRegion XXIII
MEN4x800 RelayBrett HillabrandFRHutchinson (Kan.) CCKJCCC/Region VI
MEN4x800 RelayTony IbarraSOHutchinson (Kan.) CCKJCCC/Region VI
MEN4x800 RelayConnor KaufmanSOHutchinson (Kan.) CCKJCCC/Region VI
MEN5000 MetersSylvestre KibararFRHutchinson (Kan.) CCKJCCC/Region VI
MENSteeplechaseSylvestre KibararFRHutchinson (Kan.) CCKJCCC/Region VI
MEN1500 MetersAndrew KibetFRHutchinson (Kan.) CCKJCCC/Region VI
MEN5000 MetersAndrew KibetFRHutchinson (Kan.) CCKJCCC/Region VI
MEN4x800 RelayJason LuftSOHutchinson (Kan.) CCKJCCC/Region VI
MENShot PutElijah BarnesFRIndian Hills (Iowa) CCICCAC/Region XI
MENDiscusElijah BarnesFRIndian Hills (Iowa) CCICCAC/Region XI
MEN200 MetersKenny BednarekFRIndian Hills (Iowa) CCICCAC/Region XI
MEN400 MetersKenny BednarekFRIndian Hills (Iowa) CCICCAC/Region XI
MEN10,000 MetersMarcus GrahamSOIndian Hills (Iowa) CCICCAC/Region XI
MEN4x800 RelayDenzelle AnglinSOIowa Central CCRegion XI
MENLong JumpAkeem BradshawSOIowa Central CCRegion XI
MEN100 MetersKris BrownFRIowa Central CCRegion XI
MEN4x100 RelayKris BrownFRIowa Central CCRegion XI
MEN4x800 RelayThomas BryantSOIowa Central CCRegion XI
MEN800 MetersThomas BryantSOIowa Central CCRegion XI
MEN4x100 RelayDavid DunlapFRIowa Central CCRegion XI
MENShot PutCaden FenchelFRIowa Central CCRegion XI
MENHammerCaden FenchelFRIowa Central CCRegion XI
MENDiscusCaden FenchelFRIowa Central CCRegion XI
MENDiscusTyler LienauSOIowa Central CCRegion XI
MENHammerTyler LienauSOIowa Central CCRegion XI
MEN200 MetersCourtney LindseyFRIowa Central CCRegion XI
MEN100 MetersCourtney LindseyFRIowa Central CCRegion XI
MEN4x100 RelayCourtney LindseyFRIowa Central CCRegion XI
MEN4x100 RelayPhemelo MatlhabeSOIowa Central CCRegion XI
MEN110 Meter HurdlesTyreck NewmanSOIowa Central CCRegion XI
MEN4x800 RelayMel ObadiahSOIowa Central CCRegion XI
MEN400 MetersEthan SmithFRIowa Central CCRegion XI
MENTriple JumpOlivier SoglohunSOIowa Central CCRegion XI
MENHigh JumpJadon WatsonFRIowa Central CCRegion XI
MENHammerJacob WedigFRIowa Central CCRegion XI
MEN5000 MetersAwet YohannesFRIowa Central CCRegion XI
MEN1500 MetersAwet YohannesFRIowa Central CCRegion XI
MEN4x800 RelayAwet YohannesFRIowa Central CCRegion XI
MENSteeplechaseAwet YohannesFRIowa Central CCRegion XI
MEN4x400 RelayJacobi AgeeSOIowa Western CCICCAC/Region XI
MEN4x400 RelayShamar DeaconFRIowa Western CCICCAC/Region XI
MEN4x400 RelayChevannie HansonFRIowa Western CCICCAC/Region XI
MENShot PutJohnie Jean-JacquesFRIowa Western CCICCAC/Region XI
MEN10,000 MetersKassim KibetFRIowa Western CCICCAC/Region XI
MENSteeplechaseKassim KibetFRIowa Western CCICCAC/Region XI
MEN4x400 RelayEvan PorterSOIowa Western CCICCAC/Region XI
MENDecathlonJonathan WhitcombSOIowa Western CCICCAC/Region XI
MEN4x800 RelayChris DavisFRLansing (Mich.) CCRegion XII
MEN4x800 RelayJack EvertsFRLansing (Mich.) CCRegion XII
MEN4x800 RelayDillan HavilandFRLansing (Mich.) CCRegion XII
MEN4x800 RelayElliott LipeSOLansing (Mich.) CCRegion XII
MENShot PutZach BoyersSOLouisburg (N.C.)Carolinas JC
MEN110 Meter HurdlesTayshaun ChisholmFRLouisburg (N.C.)Carolinas JC
MENHigh JumpOrlandus GambleSOLouisburg (N.C.)Carolinas JC
MEN10,000 MetersKyle HinsonSOLouisburg (N.C.)Carolinas JC
MEN400 Meter HurdlesAntuane DennardSOMeridian (Miss.) CCRegion XXIII
MEN400 MetersLeander ForbesSOMeridian (Miss.) CCRegion XXIII
MEN4x400 RelayLeander ForbesSOMeridian (Miss.) CCRegion XXIII
MEN4x400 RelayTyrese IvyFRMeridian (Miss.) CCRegion XXIII
MEN4x400 RelayMarcus JacksonSOMeridian (Miss.) CCRegion XXIII
MEN4x400 RelayDemeyers MorrowSOMeridian (Miss.) CCRegion XXIII
MENHigh JumpMakel HubbardFRMesa (Ariz.) CCACCAC
MENPole VaultNoah LovatoSOMesa (Ariz.) CCACCAC
MENDecathlonJuba McClaySOMesa (Ariz.) CCACCAC
MENHammerChukwusom EnekwechiSOMonroe (N.Y.)Region XV
MENShot PutChukwusom EnekwechiSOMonroe (N.Y.)Region XV
MEN4x100 RelayPhillip MarcelleFRMonroe (N.Y.)Region XV
MENTriple JumpLlyod McCurdyFRMonroe (N.Y.)Region XV
MEN4x100 RelayKurt ModesteFRMonroe (N.Y.)Region XV
MEN4x100 RelayBervensky PierreFRMonroe (N.Y.)Region XV
MEN4x100 RelayGiano RobertsFRMonroe (N.Y.)Region XV
MEN110 Meter HurdlesGiano RobertsFRMonroe (N.Y.)Region XV
MENJavelinTrevor Leinstock FRParadise Valley (Ariz.) CCACCAC
MENHammerIsrael OloyedeSOParadise Valley (Ariz.) CCACCAC
MENPole VaultTyler ValenzuelaSOPima (Ariz.) CCACCAC
MEN100 MetersJamhad BoothFRPratt (Kan.) CCKJCCC/Region VI
MENTriple JumpKeshun ByrdFRPratt (Kan.) CCKJCCC/Region VI
MEN110 Meter HurdlesYves CherubinSOPratt (Kan.) CCKJCCC/Region VI
MENLong JumpWilliam JonesFRPratt (Kan.) CCKJCCC/Region VI
MEN400 Meter HurdlesChase MurrayFRPratt (Kan.) CCKJCCC/Region VI
MEN200 MetersJevony MurraySOPratt (Kan.) CCKJCCC/Region VI
MEN4x100 RelayAdrese AtkinsFRSouth Plains (Texas)Region V
MEN4x400 RelayDonnis BlueFRSouth Plains (Texas)Region V
MEN10,000 MetersAndrew BosquezSOSouth Plains (Texas)Region V
MENHigh JumpBryson DeberrySOSouth Plains (Texas)Region V
MENDiscusRiley FinneganSOSouth Plains (Texas)Region V
MENPole VaultScott FrazierFRSouth Plains (Texas)Region V
MENLong JumpIsaiah GriffithSOSouth Plains (Texas)Region V
MENTriple JumpIsaiah GriffithSOSouth Plains (Texas)Region V
MENDecathlonAsani HyltonSOSouth Plains (Texas)Region V
MEN4x100 RelayBrandon LettsSOSouth Plains (Texas)Region V
MEN110 Meter HurdlesDeion LightfootSOSouth Plains (Texas)Region V
MEN4x400 RelayMoitalel MpokeFRSouth Plains (Texas)Region V
MEN400 Meter HurdlesMoitalel MpokeFRSouth Plains (Texas)Region V
MENPole VaultRylan OlguinFRSouth Plains (Texas)Region V
MEN4x100 RelayAJ PembertonFRSouth Plains (Texas)Region V
MEN4x400 RelayDevonte SmithFRSouth Plains (Texas)Region V
MENJavelinBryce SpencerFRSouth Plains (Texas)Region V
MEN800 MetersJaphet ToroitichFRSouth Plains (Texas)Region V
MEN4x100 RelayWillari WatsonSOSouth Plains (Texas)Region V
MEN4x400 RelayWillari WatsonSOSouth Plains (Texas)Region V
MEN110 Meter HurdlesDenvaughn WhymnsFRSouth Plains (Texas)Region V
MEN4x800 RelayKellis JohnsonSOSouthern IdahoRegion XVIII
MEN4x800 RelaySiyad MatanFRSouthern IdahoRegion XVIII
MEN1500 MetersHunter MaySOSouthern IdahoRegion XVIII
MEN10,000 MetersZachary MontoyaSOSouthern IdahoRegion XVIII
MEN4x800 RelayWyatt PeckFRSouthern IdahoRegion XVIII
MEN800 MetersWyatt PeckFRSouthern IdahoRegion XVIII
MENSteeplechaseAshton SiwekFRSouthern IdahoRegion XVIII
MEN4x800 RelayClayton VanDykeSOSouthern IdahoRegion XVIII
MEN1500 MetersClayton VanDykeSOSouthern IdahoRegion XVIII
MEN800 MetersGodfrey ChamaSOTrinidad State (Colo.) JCRegion IX
MENPole VaultTony CappolaSOVincennes (Ind.)Region XII
MENSteeplechaseMaxwell KiplagatFRVincennes (Ind.)Region XII
MEN4x800 RelayMaxwell KiplagatFRVincennes (Ind.)Region XII
MEN4x800 RelayDavid McCulloughFRVincennes (Ind.)Region XII
MENShot PutSilas RistlFRVincennes (Ind.)Region XII
MEN4x800 RelayMilan TodorovicFRVincennes (Ind.)Region XII
MEN4x800 RelaySeth VaqueroSOVincennes (Ind.)Region XII
MEN4x400 RelayNed AzemiaSOWestern TexasRegion V
MEN400 Meter HurdlesNed AzemiaSOWestern TexasRegion V
MEN800 MetersRayon ButtlerSOWestern TexasRegion V
MEN4x400 RelayRayon ButtlerSOWestern TexasRegion V
MEN4x800 RelayRayon ButtlerSOWestern TexasRegion V
MEN4x100 RelayAndre EdwardsSOWestern TexasRegion V
MEN4x800 RelayJesus MataSOWestern TexasRegion V
MEN4x100 RelayAndel MillerSOWestern TexasRegion V
MEN4x800 RelayReginald MoutonSOWestern TexasRegion V
MEN4x400 RelayReginald MoutonSOWestern TexasRegion V
MEN4x800 RelayEvan ReyesSOWestern TexasRegion V
MEN4x400 RelayKhamal Stewart-BaynesSOWestern TexasRegion V
MEN400 MetersKhamal Stewart-BaynesSOWestern TexasRegion V
MEN4x100 RelayKhamal Stewart-BaynesSOWestern TexasRegion V
MEN4x100 RelayEmmanuel YeboahSOWestern TexasRegion V
MEN100 MetersEmmanuel YeboahSOWestern TexasRegion V
WOMENHigh JumpSanise SeabrookFRAllen (Kan.) CCKJCCC/Region VI
WOMENHammerAntonella CreazzolaSOASA Miami 
WOMENTriple JumpNyakuome ThichiotSOASA Miami 
WOMEN800 MetersCadeebra CalcoteSOBarton (Kan.) CCKJCCC/Region VI
WOMEN4x400 RelayCadeebra CalcoteSOBarton (Kan.) CCKJCCC/Region VI
WOMEN100 MetersSharikae CampbellFRBarton (Kan.) CCKJCCC/Region VI
WOMEN4x100 RelayDeborah GiffardSOBarton (Kan.) CCKJCCC/Region VI
WOMENHeptathlonArianna HaydeFRBarton (Kan.) CCKJCCC/Region VI
WOMENLong JumpArianna HaydeFRBarton (Kan.) CCKJCCC/Region VI
WOMENShot PutLatavia MainesSOBarton (Kan.) CCKJCCC/Region VI
WOMEN400 MetersChristal MosleyFRBarton (Kan.) CCKJCCC/Region VI
WOMEN200 MetersChristal MosleyFRBarton (Kan.) CCKJCCC/Region VI
WOMEN4x100 RelayYoveinny MotaFRBarton (Kan.) CCKJCCC/Region VI
WOMEN100 Meter HurdlesYoveinny MotaFRBarton (Kan.) CCKJCCC/Region VI
WOMENLong JumpTracy Ann PowellFRBarton (Kan.) CCKJCCC/Region VI
WOMENShot PutFiona RichardsFRBarton (Kan.) CCKJCCC/Region VI
WOMENDiscusFiona RichardsFRBarton (Kan.) CCKJCCC/Region VI
WOMEN200 MetersT'Nia RileyFRBarton (Kan.) CCKJCCC/Region VI
WOMEN4x400 RelayT'Nia RileyFRBarton (Kan.) CCKJCCC/Region VI
WOMEN100 MetersT'Nia RileyFRBarton (Kan.) CCKJCCC/Region VI
WOMEN4x100 RelayT'Nia RileyFRBarton (Kan.) CCKJCCC/Region VI
WOMEN400 MetersNijah RobersonSOBarton (Kan.) CCKJCCC/Region VI
WOMEN4x100 RelayNijah RobersonSOBarton (Kan.) CCKJCCC/Region VI
WOMEN4x400 RelayNijah RobersonSOBarton (Kan.) CCKJCCC/Region VI
WOMEN4x400 RelayAzan SargusinghSOBarton (Kan.) CCKJCCC/Region VI
WOMEN400 MetersAzan SargusinghSOBarton (Kan.) CCKJCCC/Region VI
WOMENHeptathlonAquila St. LouisFRBarton (Kan.) CCKJCCC/Region VI
WOMEN100 Meter HurdlesAquila St. LouisFRBarton (Kan.) CCKJCCC/Region VI
WOMEN100 MetersOctavia CatoSOButler (Kan.) CCKJCCC/Region VI
WOMEN800 MetersClaudina ConstantineSOButler (Kan.) CCKJCCC/Region VI
WOMENHeptathlonTamera RhodeFRButler (Kan.) CCKJCCC/Region VI
WOMENShot PutDevia BrownSOCentral ArizonaACCAC
WOMENHammerDevia BrownSOCentral ArizonaACCAC
WOMENJavelinDevia BrownSOCentral ArizonaACCAC
WOMENDiscusDevia BrownSOCentral ArizonaACCAC
WOMENDiscusJaztyne GriffinFRCentral ArizonaACCAC
WOMEN10,000 MetersLesego MpsheFRCentral ArizonaACCAC
WOMENShot PutCherisse MurraySOCentral ArizonaACCAC
WOMENDiscusCherisse MurraySOCentral ArizonaACCAC
WOMENHeptathlonRegina YeboahSOCentral ArizonaACCAC
WOMENHigh JumpRegina YeboahSOCentral ArizonaACCAC
WOMENJavelinShanee AngolSOCloud County (Kan.) CCKJCCC/Region VI
WOMEN4x100 RelayAnigbata Gra ChinonyelumFRCloud County (Kan.) CCKJCCC/Region VI
WOMENTriple JumpGrace ChinonyelumFRCloud County (Kan.) CCKJCCC/Region VI
WOMENHigh JumpGrace ChinonyelumFRCloud County (Kan.) CCKJCCC/Region VI
WOMENLong JumpGrace ChinonyelumFRCloud County (Kan.) CCKJCCC/Region VI
WOMEN4x100 RelayChanice ForbesSOCloud County (Kan.) CCKJCCC/Region VI
WOMEN4x400 RelayChanice ForbesSOCloud County (Kan.) CCKJCCC/Region VI
WOMEN4x400 RelayTanya HarcumFRCloud County (Kan.) CCKJCCC/Region VI
WOMENPole VaultSophie JeboseFRCloud County (Kan.) CCKJCCC/Region VI
WOMEN4x100 RelayMyflore MethelusSOCloud County (Kan.) CCKJCCC/Region VI
WOMEN100 MetersMyflore MethelusSOCloud County (Kan.) CCKJCCC/Region VI
WOMEN100 Meter HurdlesJacqueline PokuaahFRCloud County (Kan.) CCKJCCC/Region VI
WOMEN4x400 RelayJacqueline PokuaahFRCloud County (Kan.) CCKJCCC/Region VI
WOMEN4x100 RelayJacqueline PokuaahFRCloud County (Kan.) CCKJCCC/Region VI
WOMENLong JumpJacqueline PokuaahFRCloud County (Kan.) CCKJCCC/Region VI
WOMEN400 Meter HurdlesKenisha StubbsSOCloud County (Kan.) CCKJCCC/Region VI
WOMEN4x400 RelayKenisha StubbsSOCloud County (Kan.) CCKJCCC/Region VI
WOMENPole VaultJessica WilliamsFRCloud County (Kan.) CCKJCCC/Region VI
WOMEN4x100 RelayHeaven BarnesFRCoffeyville (Kan.) CCKJCCC/Region VI
WOMEN4x100 RelayAisha CobbSOCoffeyville (Kan.) CCKJCCC/Region VI
WOMEN4x100 RelayTalyssa GatlinSOCoffeyville (Kan.) CCKJCCC/Region VI
WOMEN4x100 RelayAzyairiah GriffinSOCoffeyville (Kan.) CCKJCCC/Region VI
WOMENShot PutNu'uausala TuilefanoFRCoffeyville (Kan.) CCKJCCC/Region VI
WOMENTriple JumpKichauna WestSOCoffeyville (Kan.) CCKJCCC/Region VI
WOMENDiscusBrooklynne WilsonSOCoffeyville (Kan.) CCKJCCC/Region VI
WOMENHammerBrooklynne WilsonSOCoffeyville (Kan.) CCKJCCC/Region VI
WOMEN800 MetersAileen GurrolaSOColby (Kan.) CCKJCCC/Region VI
WOMEN1500 MetersAileen GurrolaSOColby (Kan.) CCKJCCC/Region VI
WOMENSteeplechaseIeshia DickersonSOCowley (Kan.)KJCCC/Region VI
WOMEN4x800 RelayIeshia DickersonSOCowley (Kan.)KJCCC/Region VI
WOMEN5000 MetersIeshia DickersonSOCowley (Kan.)KJCCC/Region VI
WOMEN1500 MetersSasha ElizondoFRCowley (Kan.)KJCCC/Region VI
WOMEN4x800 RelaySasha ElizondoFRCowley (Kan.)KJCCC/Region VI
WOMENPole VaultThais GomesSOCowley (Kan.)KJCCC/Region VI
WOMENJavelinErika HoagFRCowley (Kan.)KJCCC/Region VI
WOMEN4x800 RelayAnna KellerSOCowley (Kan.)KJCCC/Region VI
WOMEN4x800 RelayRaye MoranSOCowley (Kan.)KJCCC/Region VI
WOMENDiscusKayla NoearFRCowley (Kan.)KJCCC/Region VI
WOMEN10,000 MetersHarlie Schmeling-HansonSOCowley (Kan.)KJCCC/Region VI
WOMENHigh JumpTakia ZacheryFRCowley (Kan.)KJCCC/Region VI
WOMENShot PutDeonmonique GranvilleFRDodge City (Kan.) CCKJCCC/Region VI
WOMEN800 MetersEmily SalmansFRDodge City (Kan.) CCKJCCC/Region VI
WOMENJavelinAshlyn WebbFRDodge City (Kan.) CCKJCCC/Region VI
WOMEN4x100 RelayLillie Burnett Garden City (Kan.) CCKJCCC/Region VI
WOMENHigh JumpJessica Carrillo Garden City (Kan.) CCKJCCC/Region VI
WOMEN4x100 RelayMeosha Erving Garden City (Kan.) CCKJCCC/Region VI
WOMENHigh JumpMadelynn FlukerFRGarden City (Kan.) CCKJCCC/Region VI
WOMEN4x100 RelayArhianna Franklin Garden City (Kan.) CCKJCCC/Region VI
WOMEN4x100 RelaySheridan RodriguezFRGarden City (Kan.) CCKJCCC/Region VI
WOMENHammerYessie ValenciaSOGlendale (Ariz.) CCACCAC
WOMENHeptathlonMicaela FleetwoodSOHagerstown (Md.) CCRegion XX
WOMEN4x800 RelayAlayna KollaschSOHawkeye (Iowa) CCRegion XI
WOMEN4x800 RelayMadison LarsenFRHawkeye (Iowa) CCRegion XI
WOMEN4x800 RelayRebecca McDermottFRHawkeye (Iowa) CCRegion XI
WOMENSteeplechaseJoanna TophamSOHawkeye (Iowa) CCRegion XI
WOMEN4x800 RelayJoanna TophamSOHawkeye (Iowa) CCRegion XI
WOMEN400 Meter HurdlesMagdalena BurdovaFRHighland (Kan.) CCArrowhead Conference
WOMEN4x400 RelayMagdalena BurdovaFRHighland (Kan.) CCArrowhead Conference
WOMEN4x400 RelayOnnieka RolleFRHighland (Kan.) CCArrowhead Conference
WOMEN400 MetersEdita SklenskaFRHighland (Kan.) CCArrowhead Conference
WOMEN4x400 RelayEdita SklenskaFRHighland (Kan.) CCArrowhead Conference
WOMEN4x400 RelayOctavia WrightFRHighland (Kan.) CCArrowhead Conference
WOMEN100 Meter HurdlesSedrickia WynnFRHighland (Kan.) CCArrowhead Conference
WOMEN4x400 RelayZykia CageFRHinds (Miss.) CCRegion XXIII
WOMEN400 MetersMaresha ChandlerSOHinds (Miss.) CCRegion XXIII
WOMEN100 Meter HurdlesTrishauna HemmingsSOHinds (Miss.) CCRegion XXIII
WOMEN4x400 RelayD'Ajah MileySOHinds (Miss.) CCRegion XXIII
WOMEN4x400 RelayJamaya RandFRHinds (Miss.) CCRegion XXIII
WOMEN4x400 RelayJasmine WardFRHinds (Miss.) CCRegion XXIII
WOMENLong JumpJewel BoldenSOHutchinson (Kan.) CCKJCCC/Region VI
WOMEN100 Meter HurdlesJewel BoldenSOHutchinson (Kan.) CCKJCCC/Region VI
WOMENPole VaultSummer CaseyFRHutchinson (Kan.) CCKJCCC/Region VI
WOMENJavelinKaty CommonsFRHutchinson (Kan.) CCKJCCC/Region VI
WOMENHammerHannah SmithSOHutchinson (Kan.) CCKJCCC/Region VI
WOMEN400 Meter HurdlesTyarra English-PaulsonSOIndian Hills (Iowa) CCICCAC/Region XI
WOMEN10,000 MetersLilian BusieneiFRIowa Central CCRegion XI
WOMENSteeplechaseLilian BusieneiFRIowa Central CCRegion XI
WOMEN5000 MetersWinrose ChesangSOIowa Central CCRegion XI
WOMEN1500 MetersWinrose ChesangSOIowa Central CCRegion XI
WOMEN10,000 MetersWinrose ChesangSOIowa Central CCRegion XI
WOMEN4x100 RelayMarjanae ColeySOIowa Central CCRegion XI
WOMEN4x800 RelayEleonora CurtabbiFRIowa Central CCRegion XI
WOMENSteeplechaseEleonora CurtabbiFRIowa Central CCRegion XI
WOMEN5000 MetersEleonora CurtabbiFRIowa Central CCRegion XI
WOMEN4x800 RelayJade FordFRIowa Central CCRegion XI
WOMENShot PutLea GradyFRIowa Central CCRegion XI
WOMENHammerLea GradyFRIowa Central CCRegion XI
WOMEN4x100 RelayTatyana McKenzieFRIowa Central CCRegion XI
WOMEN4x100 RelayIndia McNeillSOIowa Central CCRegion XI
WOMEN4x100 RelayTamara RobyFRIowa Central CCRegion XI
WOMENHammerMaddie SchmokerSOIowa Central CCRegion XI
WOMEN4x800 RelayAbeba SullivanSOIowa Central CCRegion XI
WOMEN4x800 RelayFlorance UwajenezaFRIowa Central CCRegion XI
WOMEN5000 MetersFlorance UwajenezaFRIowa Central CCRegion XI
WOMEN10,000 MetersFlorance UwajenezaFRIowa Central CCRegion XI
WOMENTriple JumpSamiya Abu-YoumSOIowa Western CCICCAC/Region XI
WOMEN100 MetersAmya ClarkeFRIowa Western CCICCAC/Region XI
WOMENHeptathlonSierra CowardFRIowa Western CCICCAC/Region XI
WOMEN4x400 RelayAliyah GeorgeFRIowa Western CCICCAC/Region XI
WOMEN4x400 RelayAccacia HindsFRIowa Western CCICCAC/Region XI
WOMEN4x400 RelayChristine IrvingFRIowa Western CCICCAC/Region XI
WOMEN4x400 RelayMakeda NewmanFRIowa Western CCICCAC/Region XI
WOMENHigh JumpMarquania RowellSOMeridian (Miss.) CCRegion XXIII
WOMEN1500 MetersQuin JohnsonSOMesa (Ariz.) CCACCAC
WOMENHammerSadie SweeneySOMesa (Ariz.) CCACCAC
WOMENHeptathlonRees YoungSOMesa (Ariz.) CCACCAC
WOMENJavelinRees YoungSOMesa (Ariz.) CCACCAC
WOMEN4x800 RelayJoanna ArcherFRMonroe (N.Y.)Region XV
WOMEN800 MetersJoanna ArcherFRMonroe (N.Y.)Region XV
WOMEN5000 MetersSharon ChumoFRMonroe (N.Y.)Region XV
WOMEN10,000 MetersSharon ChumoFRMonroe (N.Y.)Region XV
WOMEN4x800 RelayFaten LaribiFRMonroe (N.Y.)Region XV
WOMEN800 MetersFaten LaribiFRMonroe (N.Y.)Region XV
WOMEN1500 MetersClaudrice McKoySOMonroe (N.Y.)Region XV
WOMEN4x800 RelayClaudrice McKoySOMonroe (N.Y.)Region XV
WOMEN4x800 RelayMalethabo SeemaSOMonroe (N.Y.)Region XV
WOMEN400 Meter HurdlesMoisha BarnesFRNew Mexico JCRegion V
WOMEN4x400 RelayMoisha BarnesFRNew Mexico JCRegion V
WOMEN4x800 RelayDune CostesFRNew Mexico JCRegion V
WOMEN4x100 RelayRachel CrutcherFRNew Mexico JCRegion V
WOMEN4x800 RelayBritnie DixonFRNew Mexico JCRegion V
WOMEN4x800 RelayAlyssa FraustoSONew Mexico JCRegion V
WOMENTriple JumpMonique GrantFRNew Mexico JCRegion V
WOMEN100 Meter HurdlesMonique GrantFRNew Mexico JCRegion V
WOMEN200 MetersMonique GrantFRNew Mexico JCRegion V
WOMENLong JumpMonique GrantFRNew Mexico JCRegion V
WOMENShot PutSiyu GuFRNew Mexico JCRegion V
WOMENDiscusSiyu GuFRNew Mexico JCRegion V
WOMENHigh JumpRushellee JonesFRNew Mexico JCRegion V
WOMEN4x100 RelayKelliesha KingFRNew Mexico JCRegion V
WOMEN4x400 RelayMachiyla KnightFRNew Mexico JCRegion V
WOMEN400 Meter HurdlesMachiyla KnightFRNew Mexico JCRegion V
WOMEN4x100 RelayKristal LiburdSONew Mexico JCRegion V
WOMENLong JumpKristal LiburdSONew Mexico JCRegion V
WOMENTriple JumpKristal LiburdSONew Mexico JCRegion V
WOMEN4x800 RelayMontserret RiosFRNew Mexico JCRegion V
WOMEN100 Meter HurdlesDemisha RoswellFRNew Mexico JCRegion V
WOMEN4x400 RelayErin SermonsSONew Mexico JCRegion V
WOMEN400 MetersErin SermonsSONew Mexico JCRegion V
WOMENPole VaultVictoria Villanueva FRNew Mexico JCRegion V
WOMEN100 MetersRaheema WestfallSONew Mexico JCRegion V
WOMEN200 MetersRaheema WestfallSONew Mexico JCRegion V
WOMEN4x100 RelayRaheema WestfallSONew Mexico JCRegion V
WOMEN4x400 RelayCavell WhitelyFRNew Mexico JCRegion V
WOMEN4x800 RelayEmma DavisonFRNorth Iowa Area CCRegion XI
WOMEN4x800 RelayCecelia HemsworthFRNorth Iowa Area CCRegion XI
WOMENJavelinKasey ParishFRNorth Iowa Area CCRegion XI
WOMEN4x800 RelayIvy RolleneFRNorth Iowa Area CCRegion XI
WOMEN4x800 RelayAlly TragerFRNorth Iowa Area CCRegion XI
WOMENPole VaultStephanie CasausSOParadise Valley (Ariz.) CCACCAC
WOMENPole VaultKarli FawcettSOParadise Valley (Ariz.) CCACCAC
WOMEN10,000 MetersTaylore LowryFRParadise Valley (Ariz.) CCACCAC
WOMENPole VaultLily StandleyFRParadise Valley (Ariz.) CCACCAC
WOMENSteeplechaseKatherine BrunoSOPima (Ariz.) CCACCAC
WOMEN1500 MetersKatherine BrunoSOPima (Ariz.) CCACCAC
WOMENTriple JumpHailey MylesSOPima (Ariz.) CCACCAC
WOMENSteeplechaseMary SimlFRPima (Ariz.) CCACCAC
WOMEN4x400 RelaySylvia FreemanSOPratt (Kan.) CCKJCCC/Region VI
WOMEN4x400 RelayFeja HodgesSOPratt (Kan.) CCKJCCC/Region VI
WOMEN4x400 RelayCasly IsraelFRPratt (Kan.) CCKJCCC/Region VI
WOMEN4x400 RelayJakyevia NickersonFRPratt (Kan.) CCKJCCC/Region VI
WOMEN1500 MetersDorcus EwoiFRSouth Plains (Texas)Region V
WOMEN800 MetersDorcus EwoiFRSouth Plains (Texas)Region V
WOMEN4x800 RelayDorcus EwoiFRSouth Plains (Texas)Region V
WOMEN800 MetersItzel Garcia-SantosFRSouth Plains (Texas)Region V
WOMEN4x800 RelayItzel Garcia-SantosFRSouth Plains (Texas)Region V
WOMEN400 Meter HurdlesAlyssa HernandezSOSouth Plains (Texas)Region V
WOMEN10,000 MetersGladys JemaiyoFRSouth Plains (Texas)Region V
WOMEN5000 MetersGladys JemaiyoFRSouth Plains (Texas)Region V
WOMEN4x800 RelayLynda MartinezFRSouth Plains (Texas)Region V
WOMEN400 Meter HurdlesJaniel MooreSOSouth Plains (Texas)Region V
WOMENJavelinAkira PhillipFRSouth Plains (Texas)Region V
WOMEN4x800 RelayNyia SenaFRSouth Plains (Texas)Region V
WOMEN200 MetersRuth UsoroSOSouth Plains (Texas)Region V
WOMEN100 MetersRuth UsoroSOSouth Plains (Texas)Region V
WOMENLong JumpRuth UsoroSOSouth Plains (Texas)Region V
WOMENTriple JumpRuth UsoroSOSouth Plains (Texas)Region V
WOMEN4x800 RelayShaylee HillSOSouthern IdahoRegion XVIII
WOMEN5000 MetersShaylee HillSOSouthern IdahoRegion XVIII
WOMEN4x800 RelayMarley MaySOSouthern IdahoRegion XVIII
WOMEN4x800 RelayJenny SchenkFRSouthern IdahoRegion XVIII
WOMEN4x800 RelayAllison TeemantSOSouthern IdahoRegion XVIII
WOMENSteeplechaseBailey WallSOSouthern IdahoRegion XVIII
WOMEN5000 MetersBailey WallSOSouthern IdahoRegion XVIII
WOMENHeptathlonElenani TinaiFRSouthwestern (Iowa) CCICCAC/Region XI
WOMEN1500 MetersBenadine ChelimoSOTrinidad State (Colo.) JCRegion IX
WOMENSteeplechaseBenadine ChelimoSOTrinidad State (Colo.) JCRegion IX
WOMENDiscusJazzmine PooleSOVincennes (Ind.)Region XII
WOMEN4x400 RelayKeiara-Ashle CunninghamFRWestern TexasRegion V
WOMEN400 Meter HurdlesKeiara-Ashley CunninghamFRWestern TexasRegion V
WOMEN400 MetersMariya HudsonSOWestern TexasRegion V
WOMEN4x400 RelayMariya HudsonSOWestern TexasRegion V
WOMEN4x100 RelayMariya HudsonSOWestern TexasRegion V
WOMEN200 MetersMariya HudsonSOWestern TexasRegion V
WOMEN100 MetersBrittney JohnsonSOWestern TexasRegion V
WOMEN4x100 RelayBrittney JohnsonSOWestern TexasRegion V
WOMEN4x400 RelayBrittney JohnsonSOWestern TexasRegion V
WOMEN200 MetersBrittney JohnsonSOWestern TexasRegion V
WOMEN4x100 RelayShikyla WalcottFRWestern TexasRegion V
WOMEN4x400 RelaySatanya WrightSOWestern TexasRegion V
WOMEN4x100 RelaySatanya WrightSOWestern TexasRegion V
WOMEN400 MetersSatanya WrightSOWestern TexasRegion V