2019 NJCAA DIII Outdoor Track & Field USTFCCCA All-America

NEW ORLEANS – All-America honors for the 2019 NJCAA Division III Outdoor Track & Field season were announced Wednesday by the U.S. Track & Field and Cross Country Coaches Association (USTFCCCA).

Student-athletes earned USTFCCCA All-America honors by virtue of finishing among the top-8 of their respective events – including as a member of a relay team – at the 2019 NJCAA Division III Outdoor Track & Field Championships two weeks ago in Utica, New York.

When the dust settled, the Rowan-Gloucester (N.J.) men and the Suffolk County (N.Y.) women were crowned champions in the Empire State.

No program earned more combined All-America honors than Suffolk County (N.Y.) with 66. The Sharks had a staggering 38 nods for the championship-winning women’s team and 28 more for their men who finished runner-up to the Roadrunners.

Two other teams nabbed 55 or more combined All-America honors: Harper (Ill.) and Rowan-Gloucester (N.J.). The Hawks added 59 All-America eggs to their nest, while the Roadrunners had a near-even split between their women (29) and championship-winning men (28).

Nyeira Gordon of Kingsborough (N.Y.) was by far the star of the meet as she hauled in seven All-America honors. Gordon won individual titles in the 400 and the 100 Meter Hurdles, finished runner-up in the 200 and 400 Meter Hurdles and was a member of the title-winning 4×100, 4×400 and 4×800 relay teams. That’s 43½ points, if you’re wondering.

See below for a full list of All-Americans for the 2019 NJCAA Division III Outdoor Track & Field season!

2019 NJCAA Division III Outdoor T&F
Men’s & Women’s All-Americans

MEN4x800 RelayChristopher BenitezFRBergen (N.J.) CC E
MENDecathlonBryan CoccoboFRBergen (N.J.) CC E
MEN4x800 RelayJorge DutanFRBergen (N.J.) CC E
MENDecathlonRey MillerSOBergen (N.J.) CC E
MENJavelinLawrence OrtizFRBergen (N.J.) CC E
MEN4x800 RelayRyan ScullyFRBergen (N.J.) CC E
MEN4x800 RelayRichard WisseSOBergen (N.J.) CC E
MEN4x100 RelayTyrik BazemoreFRCamden County (N.J.)Region XIXE
MENJavelinAlex GeorgiouFRCamden County (N.J.)Region XIXE
MEN4x100 RelayAidan MurpheyFRCamden County (N.J.)Region XIXE
MEN4x100 RelayEric WallaceFRCamden County (N.J.)Region XIXE
MEN400 Meter HurdlesMarquise YoungFRCamden County (N.J.)Region XIXE
MEN110 Meter HurdlesMarquise YoungFRCamden County (N.J.)Region XIXE
MEN4x100 RelayMarquise YoungFRCamden County (N.J.)Region XIXE
MENLong JumpDonoven CookSOCC of Philadelphia (Pa.) E
MEN4x400 RelayJamail KhanSOCC of Philadelphia (Pa.) E
MEN4x400 RelayChristian NuelleFRCC of Philadelphia (Pa.) E
MEN4x400 RelaySean RinggoldSOCC of Philadelphia (Pa.) E
MEN400 MetersSean RinggoldSOCC of Philadelphia (Pa.) E
MEN200 MetersSean RinggoldSOCC of Philadelphia (Pa.) E
MENLong JumpKory WhartonSOCC of Philadelphia (Pa.) E
MEN4x400 RelayKory WhartonSOCC of Philadelphia (Pa.) E
MENSteeplechaseMatthew BakerFRFinger Lakes (N.Y.) CCRegion IIIE
MEN4x800 RelayMichael BoothSOFinger Lakes (N.Y.) CCRegion IIIE
MEN4x400 RelayMichael BoothSOFinger Lakes (N.Y.) CCRegion IIIE
MEN4x400 RelayEthan DietscherFRFinger Lakes (N.Y.) CCRegion IIIE
MEN4x800 RelayEthan DietscherFRFinger Lakes (N.Y.) CCRegion IIIE
MEN1500 MetersEthan DietscherFRFinger Lakes (N.Y.) CCRegion IIIE
MEN4x800 RelayDaniel FrisbeeSOFinger Lakes (N.Y.) CCRegion IIIE
MEN4x400 RelayGregory MarulloFRFinger Lakes (N.Y.) CCRegion IIIE
MEN4x800 RelayDylan McNamaraSOFinger Lakes (N.Y.) CCRegion IIIE
MEN800 MetersDylan McNamaraSOFinger Lakes (N.Y.) CCRegion IIIE
MEN4x400 RelayBrenden SofoFRFinger Lakes (N.Y.) CCRegion IIIE
MEN10,000 MetersJack CaseySOHarper (Ill.) E
MEN400 Meter HurdlesKevin CuretFRHarper (Ill.) E
MEN110 Meter HurdlesKevin CuretFRHarper (Ill.) E
MENTriple JumpMarshall DavisFRHarper (Ill.) E
MENTriple JumpWilliam DeShazerFRHarper (Ill.) E
MEN4x100 RelayDwayne EsperSOHarper (Ill.) E
MEN100 MetersDwayne EsperSOHarper (Ill.) E
MEN800 MetersTony EspinozaSOHarper (Ill.) E
MEN4x800 RelayTony EspinozaSOHarper (Ill.) E
MEN4x100 RelayDakari FergusonFRHarper (Ill.) E
MENHigh JumpDakari FergusonFRHarper (Ill.) E
MEN10,000 MetersGlen GarinoSOHarper (Ill.) E
MEN5000 MetersJeff GlatzSOHarper (Ill.) E
MEN10,000 MetersJeff GlatzSOHarper (Ill.) E
MENPole VaultZach GungerSOHarper (Ill.) E
MEN4x400 RelayZach GungerSOHarper (Ill.) E
MENJavelinZach GungerSOHarper (Ill.) E
MENHigh JumpHenry HalversonFRHarper (Ill.) E
MEN4x100 RelayZak HernerFRHarper (Ill.) E
MENHigh JumpJosh HopsonFRHarper (Ill.) E
MEN4x400 RelayJosh HopsonFRHarper (Ill.) E
MEN1500 MetersNathan LimSOHarper (Ill.) E
MEN4x800 RelayNathan LimSOHarper (Ill.) E
MEN1500 MetersJacob MelgosaFRHarper (Ill.) E
MEN1500 MetersSean SanaghanFRHarper (Ill.) E
MEN4x800 RelaySean SanaghanFRHarper (Ill.) E
MEN4x400 RelayKelson SlotemakerFRHarper (Ill.) E
MEN4x100 RelayCraig StallingsFRHarper (Ill.) E
MEN4x400 RelayShujaat SultanSOHarper (Ill.) E
MEN800 MetersShujaat SultanSOHarper (Ill.) E
MEN4x800 RelayShujaat SultanSOHarper (Ill.) E
MENPole VaultAngel VillegasFRHarper (Ill.) E
MEN4x400 RelayJordan EdmondsSOHerkimer County (N.Y.) CCRegion IIIE
MENDiscusNate FlorianSOHerkimer County (N.Y.) CCRegion IIIE
MENTriple JumpKenny JosephSOHerkimer County (N.Y.) CCRegion IIIE
MENHigh JumpKenny JosephSOHerkimer County (N.Y.) CCRegion IIIE
MENHigh JumpRicky PattersonFRHerkimer County (N.Y.) CCRegion IIIE
MEN4x400 RelayRicky PattersonFRHerkimer County (N.Y.) CCRegion IIIE
MEN4x400 RelayJacob SlaughterFRHerkimer County (N.Y.) CCRegion IIIE
MENLong JumpKeijounia ThomasFRHerkimer County (N.Y.) CCRegion IIIE
MEN4x400 RelayAndrew YacobucciFRHerkimer County (N.Y.) CCRegion IIIE
MENDecathlonGrant BunyardFRHoward (Md.) CC E
MENDiscusMiles EasterlingFRHoward (Md.) CC E
MENDecathlonJohn AckerFRHudson Valley (N.Y.) CCRegion IIIE
MEN4x100 RelayMark BlahutFRHudson Valley (N.Y.) CCRegion IIIE
MEN5000 MetersJared CrawFRHudson Valley (N.Y.) CCRegion IIIE
MENSteeplechaseJared CrawFRHudson Valley (N.Y.) CCRegion IIIE
MEN400 Meter HurdlesDaniel FoleySOHudson Valley (N.Y.) CCRegion IIIE
MEN100 MetersDevin KippSOHudson Valley (N.Y.) CCRegion IIIE
MEN4x100 RelayDevin KippSOHudson Valley (N.Y.) CCRegion IIIE
MENDiscusDevin KippSOHudson Valley (N.Y.) CCRegion IIIE
MEN200 MetersDevin KippSOHudson Valley (N.Y.) CCRegion IIIE
MEN4x100 RelayRutchlor LouisSOHudson Valley (N.Y.) CCRegion IIIE
MENTriple JumpChris Mannolini-AdamsSOHudson Valley (N.Y.) CCRegion IIIE
MEN10,000 MetersHolden MaynardSOHudson Valley (N.Y.) CCRegion IIIE
MENSteeplechaseHolden MaynardSOHudson Valley (N.Y.) CCRegion IIIE
MEN4x100 RelayJericho SyllaSOHudson Valley (N.Y.) CCRegion IIIE
MENHammerElijah WashingtonSOHudson Valley (N.Y.) CCRegion IIIE
MENShot PutElijah WashingtonSOHudson Valley (N.Y.) CCRegion IIIE
MEN4x800 RelayAkeem AaronFRKingsborough (N.Y.) CCCUNYACE
MEN4x100 RelayAkeem AaronFRKingsborough (N.Y.) CCCUNYACE
MEN400 Meter HurdlesAkeem AaronFRKingsborough (N.Y.) CCCUNYACE
MEN800 MetersAkeem AaronFRKingsborough (N.Y.) CCCUNYACE
MEN400 MetersAmadou BaFRKingsborough (N.Y.) CCCUNYACE
MEN4x800 RelayAmadou BaFRKingsborough (N.Y.) CCCUNYACE
MEN4x100 RelayAmadou BaFRKingsborough (N.Y.) CCCUNYACE
MEN400 MetersTyrese Boyce-MarcelleSOKingsborough (N.Y.) CCCUNYACE
MEN200 MetersTyrese Boyce-MarcelleSOKingsborough (N.Y.) CCCUNYACE
MEN4x100 RelayTyrese Boyce-MarcelleSOKingsborough (N.Y.) CCCUNYACE
MEN4x800 RelayLuis CastelanFRKingsborough (N.Y.) CCCUNYACE
MEN400 Meter HurdlesZenron ChanceSOKingsborough (N.Y.) CCCUNYACE
MEN400 MetersZenron ChanceSOKingsborough (N.Y.) CCCUNYACE
MEN4x100 RelayZenron ChanceSOKingsborough (N.Y.) CCCUNYACE
MENHammerFloyd GordonFRKingsborough (N.Y.) CCCUNYACE
MEN4x800 RelayYonathan PrestanFRKingsborough (N.Y.) CCCUNYACE
MENTriple JumpWilliam CobbFRMiddlesex County (N.J.) E
MEN110 Meter HurdlesJustin JenkinsFRMiddlesex County (N.J.) E
MENDecathlonPeter CarlesimoFRMohawk Valley (N.Y.) CCRegion IIIE
MEN110 Meter HurdlesJosh DobranskyFRMohawk Valley (N.Y.) CCRegion IIIE
MENHammerJason JanuarioFRMohawk Valley (N.Y.) CCRegion IIIE
MENDiscusJason JanuarioFRMohawk Valley (N.Y.) CCRegion IIIE
MENDecathlonZane LafeverFRMohawk Valley (N.Y.) CCRegion IIIE
MEN100 MetersVictor RodriguezJRMohawk Valley (N.Y.) CCRegion IIIE
MENPole VaultMichael ScottFRMohawk Valley (N.Y.) CCRegion IIIE
MENSteeplechaseJosh StuhlmanFRMohawk Valley (N.Y.) CCRegion IIIE
MEN10,000 MetersSteven CuascutSONassau (N.Y.) CC E
MENSteeplechaseSteven CuascutSONassau (N.Y.) CC E
MENLong JumpThomas DavisSONassau (N.Y.) CC E
MENJavelinJacob HartFROnondaga (N.Y.) CCRegion IIIE
MENDecathlonRyan LovellFROnondaga (N.Y.) CCRegion IIIE
MENHigh JumpJerome LuckeyFROnondaga (N.Y.) CCRegion IIIE
MENPole VaultSam StearnsSOOnondaga (N.Y.) CCRegion IIIE
MEN4x100 RelayPaul AgardFRQueensborough (N.Y.) CCCUNYACE
MEN4x800 RelayJustin DavisSOQueensborough (N.Y.) CCCUNYACE
MEN4x100 RelayJustin DavisSOQueensborough (N.Y.) CCCUNYACE
MENShot PutTyrese HanseSOQueensborough (N.Y.) CCCUNYACE
MEN4x100 RelayLucas MathieuFRQueensborough (N.Y.) CCCUNYACE
MEN4x800 RelayNicholas RossettiFRQueensborough (N.Y.) CCCUNYACE
MEN4x100 RelayJamison StewartSOQueensborough (N.Y.) CCCUNYACE
MEN4x800 RelayJamison StewartSOQueensborough (N.Y.) CCCUNYACE
MEN4x800 RelayDaniel WilliamsFRQueensborough (N.Y.) CCCUNYACE
MEN110 Meter HurdlesGlenn AbbottSORowan-Gloucester (N.J.) CC E
MENShot PutAdetomiwa AwogbamilaFRRowan-Gloucester (N.J.) CC E
MENDiscusAdetomiwa AwogbamilaFRRowan-Gloucester (N.J.) CC E
MEN4x800 RelayNoah CziryakFRRowan-Gloucester (N.J.) CC E
MEN10,000 MetersNoah CziryakFRRowan-Gloucester (N.J.) CC E
MEN5000 MetersNoah CziryakFRRowan-Gloucester (N.J.) CC E
MEN1500 MetersMike DowdSORowan-Gloucester (N.J.) CC E
MEN4x800 RelayMike DowdSORowan-Gloucester (N.J.) CC E
MEN5000 MetersMike DowdSORowan-Gloucester (N.J.) CC E
MENSteeplechaseMike DowdSORowan-Gloucester (N.J.) CC E
MENLong JumpDerek Gatling IIFRRowan-Gloucester (N.J.) CC E
MEN4x400 RelayDerek Gatling IIFRRowan-Gloucester (N.J.) CC E
MEN4x400 RelayJosh HobbsFRRowan-Gloucester (N.J.) CC E
MENHammerAdam HuntFRRowan-Gloucester (N.J.) CC E
MENDiscusAdam HuntFRRowan-Gloucester (N.J.) CC E
MENShot PutAdam HuntFRRowan-Gloucester (N.J.) CC E
MEN800 MetersJake KolodziejFRRowan-Gloucester (N.J.) CC E
MEN4x800 RelayJake KolodziejFRRowan-Gloucester (N.J.) CC E
MEN4x400 RelayJake KolodziejFRRowan-Gloucester (N.J.) CC E
MENJavelinEdgar RosaSORowan-Gloucester (N.J.) CC E
MENHammerEdgar RosaSORowan-Gloucester (N.J.) CC E
MENDiscusEdgar RosaSORowan-Gloucester (N.J.) CC E
MENHammerJosh VargheseFRRowan-Gloucester (N.J.) CC E
MENShot PutJosh VargheseFRRowan-Gloucester (N.J.) CC E
MEN4x400 RelayDevante WatsonSORowan-Gloucester (N.J.) CC E
MEN400 Meter HurdlesDevante WatsonSORowan-Gloucester (N.J.) CC E
MEN110 Meter HurdlesDevante WatsonSORowan-Gloucester (N.J.) CC E
MEN4x800 RelayDevante WatsonSORowan-Gloucester (N.J.) CC E
MENLong JumpOoreofe OluwadaraSORoxbury CC E
MENJavelinDashawn McNicklesFRSpringfield Tech (Mass.) CC E
MEN400 MetersMatthew AdamoFRSuffolk County (N.Y.) CC E
MEN100 MetersJoshua Barker-OrtizFRSuffolk County (N.Y.) CC E
MEN200 MetersJoshua Barker-OrtizFRSuffolk County (N.Y.) CC E
MEN4x100 RelayJoshua Barker-OrtizFRSuffolk County (N.Y.) CC E
MEN4x100 RelaySharyar ButtSOSuffolk County (N.Y.) CC E
MENSteeplechaseMatthew CalogianesFRSuffolk County (N.Y.) CC E
MEN4x400 RelayChristian CapiletsFRSuffolk County (N.Y.) CC E
MEN4x800 RelayMadimayamou DansokoFRSuffolk County (N.Y.) CC E
MEN400 Meter HurdlesMadimayamou DansokoFRSuffolk County (N.Y.) CC E
MEN5000 MetersLuis Antonio FernandezSOSuffolk County (N.Y.) CC E
MEN1500 MetersLuis Antonio FernandezSOSuffolk County (N.Y.) CC E
MEN800 MetersLuis Antonio FernandezSOSuffolk County (N.Y.) CC E
MEN4x800 RelayLuis Antonio FernandezSOSuffolk County (N.Y.) CC E
MEN4x800 RelayFermin GarciaSOSuffolk County (N.Y.) CC E
MEN800 MetersFermin GarciaSOSuffolk County (N.Y.) CC E
MEN800 MetersJonathan GonzalezSOSuffolk County (N.Y.) CC E
MEN4x800 RelayJonathan GonzalezSOSuffolk County (N.Y.) CC E
MEN5000 MetersJonathan GonzalezSOSuffolk County (N.Y.) CC E
MEN1500 MetersJonathan GonzalezSOSuffolk County (N.Y.) CC E
MEN4x400 RelayEaen HeinrichsSOSuffolk County (N.Y.) CC E
MEN4x100 RelayEaen HeinrichsSOSuffolk County (N.Y.) CC E
MEN400 MetersKhai HendersonSOSuffolk County (N.Y.) CC E
MEN4x400 RelayKhai HendersonSOSuffolk County (N.Y.) CC E
MEN4x400 RelayDenton HenrySOSuffolk County (N.Y.) CC E
MEN100 MetersDenton HenrySOSuffolk County (N.Y.) CC E
MEN4x100 RelayDenton HenrySOSuffolk County (N.Y.) CC E
MEN200 MetersDenton HenrySOSuffolk County (N.Y.) CC E
MENTriple JumpJoselino MolinaFRSuffolk County (N.Y.) CC E
MENDiscusWesley MorganSOThaddeus Stevens E
MENHammerWesley MorganSOThaddeus Stevens E
MENJavelinHughes PeterFRThaddeus Stevens E
MENPole VaultBlaine WikeFRThaddeus Stevens E
MENPole VaultColin AndersonFRTriton (Ill.) E
MEN100 MetersTyrek AndersonFRTriton (Ill.) E
MEN4x100 RelayTyrek AndersonFRTriton (Ill.) E
MENShot PutDarvell BurgessFRTriton (Ill.) E
MEN4x100 RelayDemariye CarpenterSOTriton (Ill.) E
MEN100 MetersDemariye CarpenterSOTriton (Ill.) E
MEN110 Meter HurdlesClyde CobbFRTriton (Ill.) E
MENPole VaultSam CravattaSOTriton (Ill.) E
MEN110 Meter HurdlesSam CravattaSOTriton (Ill.) E
MEN4x800 RelaySam CravattaSOTriton (Ill.) E
MEN4x400 RelaySam CravattaSOTriton (Ill.) E
MENShot PutAbiodun DavidSOTriton (Ill.) E
MEN4x100 RelayJacques HayesSOTriton (Ill.) E
MEN400 Meter HurdlesXavier JosephsFRTriton (Ill.) E
MEN4x800 RelayXavier JosephsFRTriton (Ill.) E
MEN4x400 RelayTyler KimbroughSOTriton (Ill.) E
MEN4x400 RelaySean LowderFRTriton (Ill.) E
MEN4x800 RelayNathanial MaderaFRTriton (Ill.) E
MEN400 MetersDavid PayneFRTriton (Ill.) E
MENLong JumpDavid PayneFRTriton (Ill.) E
MEN4x400 RelayDavid PayneFRTriton (Ill.) E
MENLong JumpPatrick PeelFRTriton (Ill.) E
MENTriple JumpAnton RansonFRTriton (Ill.) E
MEN4x800 RelayOwen SavoyFRTriton (Ill.) E
MENJavelinZach StevensFRTriton (Ill.) E
MEN4x100 RelayAntwane ThigpenSOTriton (Ill.) E
MEN200 MetersAntwane ThigpenSOTriton (Ill.) E
MEN400 MetersAntwane ThigpenSOTriton (Ill.) E
MENPole VaultColton WeberSOTriton (Ill.) E
MENTriple JumpTrevelle WhitehornFRTriton (Ill.) E
MEN4x100 RelayDubem AgwuFRUnion County (N.J.) E
MEN200 MetersJosh FittsSOUnion County (N.J.) E
MEN4x100 RelayJosh FittsSOUnion County (N.J.) E
MEN100 MetersJosh FittsSOUnion County (N.J.) E
MEN4x100 RelayBackley JeanFRUnion County (N.J.) E
MEN4x100 RelayAnthony PaternoFRUnion County (N.J.) E
WOMENHigh JumpAllison BryanSOBergen (N.J.) CC E
WOMENJavelinAllison BryanSOBergen (N.J.) CC E
WOMENTriple JumpAllison BryanSOBergen (N.J.) CC E
WOMENHeptathlonAllison BryanSOBergen (N.J.) CC E
WOMEN10,000 MetersEmma O' BrienFRBergen (N.J.) CC E
WOMENJavelinElizabeth VargasSOBergen (N.J.) CC E
WOMEN4x800 RelayBetzabel A. DelosSantos TriFRCamden County (N.J.)Region XIXE
WOMEN10,000 MetersAlyssa FarioFRCamden County (N.J.)Region XIXE
WOMEN5000 MetersAlyssa FarioFRCamden County (N.J.)Region XIXE
WOMENSteeplechaseAlyssa FarioFRCamden County (N.J.)Region XIXE
WOMEN4x800 RelayAlyssa FarioFRCamden County (N.J.)Region XIXE
WOMEN4x800 RelayEmily KotarskiFRCamden County (N.J.)Region XIXE
WOMEN4x800 RelayEmily SantanaFRCamden County (N.J.)Region XIXE
WOMEN4x400 RelayElizabeth ChukwueziSOCC of Philadelphia (Pa.) E
WOMENHigh JumpElizabeth ChukwueziSOCC of Philadelphia (Pa.) E
WOMENTriple JumpElizabeth ChukwueziSOCC of Philadelphia (Pa.) E
WOMEN4x100 RelayJada ErwinSOCC of Philadelphia (Pa.) E
WOMEN4x400 RelayJada ErwinSOCC of Philadelphia (Pa.) E
WOMEN100 MetersJada ErwinSOCC of Philadelphia (Pa.) E
WOMEN4x400 RelayMaisha Hutchins-ColemaFRCC of Philadelphia (Pa.) E
WOMEN4x100 RelayMaisha Hutchins-ColemaFRCC of Philadelphia (Pa.) E
WOMEN800 MetersMaisha Hutchins-ColemanFRCC of Philadelphia (Pa.) E
WOMEN4x100 RelayTianna JeffcoatFRCC of Philadelphia (Pa.) E
WOMEN200 MetersAleah Langley FRCC of Philadelphia (Pa.) E
WOMEN4x400 RelayAleah LangleyFRCC of Philadelphia (Pa.) E
WOMEN4x100 RelayAleah LangleyFRCC of Philadelphia (Pa.) E
WOMEN5000 MetersJazmin Vazquez LopezFRCC of Philadelphia (Pa.) E
WOMENTriple JumpTaneira BowmanFRDelaware County (Pa.) CC E
WOMENLong JumpTaneira BowmanFRDelaware County (Pa.) CC E
WOMEN100 MetersTaneira BowmanFRDelaware County (Pa.) CC E
WOMEN200 MetersTaneira BowmanFRDelaware County (Pa.) CC E
WOMENPole VaultMelinda WaagFRFinger Lakes (N.Y.) CCRegion IIIE
WOMENHeptathlonMelinda WaagFRFinger Lakes (N.Y.) CCRegion IIIE
WOMEN100 Meter HurdlesMelinda WaagFRFinger Lakes (N.Y.) CCRegion IIIE
WOMEN4x800 RelaySarah CarpenterFRFIT (N.Y.) E
WOMEN4x800 RelayShannon CulhaneFRFIT (N.Y.) E
WOMEN4x400 RelayShannon CulhaneFRFIT (N.Y.) E
WOMEN4x800 RelaySonja FeasterFRFIT (N.Y.) E
WOMEN4x400 RelaySonja FeasterFRFIT (N.Y.) E
WOMEN4x800 RelayAlayna LanganSOFIT (N.Y.) E
WOMEN4x400 RelayAlayna LanganSOFIT (N.Y.) E
WOMEN800 MetersAlayna LanganSOFIT (N.Y.) E
WOMEN4x100 RelayCarli LanzaFRFIT (N.Y.) E
WOMEN4x100 RelayAbigail LeeFRFIT (N.Y.) E
WOMEN100 MetersAnya SwappFRFIT (N.Y.) E
WOMEN4x400 RelayAnya SwappFRFIT (N.Y.) E
WOMEN4x100 RelayAnya SwappFRFIT (N.Y.) E
WOMEN4x100 RelaySydney WilsonFRFIT (N.Y.) E
WOMENJavelinMaddie BobinskiSOHarper (Ill.) E
WOMENDiscusMaddie BobinskiSOHarper (Ill.) E
WOMENHammerMaddie BobinskiSOHarper (Ill.) E
WOMENShot PutMaddie BobinskiSOHarper (Ill.) E
WOMEN400 Meter HurdlesGrace CareySOHarper (Ill.) E
WOMEN4x100 RelayGrace CareySOHarper (Ill.) E
WOMENLong JumpGrace CareySOHarper (Ill.) E
WOMEN4x400 RelayGrace CareySOHarper (Ill.) E
WOMEN4x400 RelayJessi GessnerSOHarper (Ill.) E
WOMEN1500 MetersJessi GessnerSOHarper (Ill.) E
WOMEN4x800 RelayJessi GessnerSOHarper (Ill.) E
WOMEN4x100 RelayDomenica JaramilloFRHarper (Ill.) E
WOMEN5000 MetersTaylor KreissSOHarper (Ill.) E
WOMEN10,000 MetersTaylor KreissSOHarper (Ill.) E
WOMEN10,000 MetersSarah NelsonFRHarper (Ill.) E
WOMENPole VaultWilma RishkoFRHarper (Ill.) E
WOMEN800 MetersWilma RishkoFRHarper (Ill.) E
WOMEN4x800 RelayWilma RishkoFRHarper (Ill.) E
WOMEN4x400 RelayAlyssa SmullinFRHarper (Ill.) E
WOMEN4x100 RelayAlyssa SmullinFRHarper (Ill.) E
WOMEN4x800 RelayRachael TempleSOHarper (Ill.) E
WOMEN5000 MetersRachael TempleSOHarper (Ill.) E
WOMEN1500 MetersRachael TempleSOHarper (Ill.) E
WOMEN4x800 RelayRoxanne TempleFRHarper (Ill.) E
WOMEN4x400 RelayRoxanne TempleFRHarper (Ill.) E
WOMEN4x100 RelayRoxanne TempleFRHarper (Ill.) E
WOMEN800 MetersRoxanne TempleFRHarper (Ill.) E
WOMEN4x100 RelayKaitlyn BaudendistelFRHerkimer County (N.Y.) CCRegion IIIE
WOMEN4x100 RelayKaitlyn BehanFRHerkimer County (N.Y.) CCRegion IIIE
WOMENHeptathlonMalerie BellesSOHerkimer County (N.Y.) CCRegion IIIE
WOMENHigh JumpMalerie BellesSOHerkimer County (N.Y.) CCRegion IIIE
WOMEN4x100 RelayMalerie BellesSOHerkimer County (N.Y.) CCRegion IIIE
WOMENShot PutAshley BoscoFRHerkimer County (N.Y.) CCRegion IIIE
WOMENHammerAshley BoscoFRHerkimer County (N.Y.) CCRegion IIIE
WOMENJavelinAshley BoscoFRHerkimer County (N.Y.) CCRegion IIIE
WOMEN4x100 RelayLiberty ZamarripasFRHerkimer County (N.Y.) CCRegion IIIE
WOMEN4x400 RelayAnna ClarkeFRHudson Valley (N.Y.) CCRegion IIIE
WOMENDiscusAlexis HolmesSOHudson Valley (N.Y.) CCRegion IIIE
WOMEN4x400 RelayAshley MartinezSOHudson Valley (N.Y.) CCRegion IIIE
WOMENHammerJasmine Minick-SeldonSOHudson Valley (N.Y.) CCRegion IIIE
WOMENSteeplechaseMercedes PlanavskySOHudson Valley (N.Y.) CCRegion IIIE
WOMEN1500 MetersMercedes PlanavskySOHudson Valley (N.Y.) CCRegion IIIE
WOMEN4x400 RelayMercedes PlanavskySOHudson Valley (N.Y.) CCRegion IIIE
WOMEN10,000 MetersMercedes PlanavskySOHudson Valley (N.Y.) CCRegion IIIE
WOMEN4x400 RelayHannah WhiteFRHudson Valley (N.Y.) CCRegion IIIE
WOMENHammerMilvia FenelonSOKingsborough (N.Y.) CCCUNYACE
WOMEN4x100 RelayNyeira GordonSOKingsborough (N.Y.) CCCUNYACE
WOMEN4x800 RelayNyeira GordonSOKingsborough (N.Y.) CCCUNYACE
WOMEN400 MetersNyeira GordonSOKingsborough (N.Y.) CCCUNYACE
WOMEN200 MetersNyeira GordonSOKingsborough (N.Y.) CCCUNYACE
WOMEN4x400 RelayNyeira GordonSOKingsborough (N.Y.) CCCUNYACE
WOMEN100 Meter HurdlesNyeira GordonSOKingsborough (N.Y.) CCCUNYACE
WOMEN400 Meter HurdlesNyeira GordonSOKingsborough (N.Y.) CCCUNYACE
WOMEN4x400 RelayWallatta IfillFRKingsborough (N.Y.) CCCUNYACE
WOMEN4x800 RelayWallatta IfillFRKingsborough (N.Y.) CCCUNYACE
WOMEN4x100 RelayWallatta IfillFRKingsborough (N.Y.) CCCUNYACE
WOMEN800 MetersTyesha JamesSOKingsborough (N.Y.) CCCUNYACE
WOMEN4x400 RelayTyesha JamesSOKingsborough (N.Y.) CCCUNYACE
WOMEN4x800 RelayTyesha JamesSOKingsborough (N.Y.) CCCUNYACE
WOMEN200 MetersTyesha JamesSOKingsborough (N.Y.) CCCUNYACE
WOMEN4x100 RelayTyesha JamesSOKingsborough (N.Y.) CCCUNYACE
WOMEN400 MetersTyesha JamesSOKingsborough (N.Y.) CCCUNYACE
WOMEN400 MetersJeanne-Marie JohnsonSOKingsborough (N.Y.) CCCUNYACE
WOMEN4x400 RelayJeanne-Marie JohnsonSOKingsborough (N.Y.) CCCUNYACE
WOMEN4x800 RelayJeanne-Marie JohnsonSOKingsborough (N.Y.) CCCUNYACE
WOMEN200 MetersJeanne-Marie JohnsonSOKingsborough (N.Y.) CCCUNYACE
WOMEN4x100 RelayJeanne-Marie JohnsonSOKingsborough (N.Y.) CCCUNYACE
WOMEN100 MetersJeanne-Marie JohnsonSOKingsborough (N.Y.) CCCUNYACE
WOMEN10,000 MetersSofia CameronFRMassasoit (Mass.) CC E
WOMEN4x800 RelayMahima MemballyFRMiddlesex County (N.J.) E
WOMEN4x800 RelayKeniya OrangeFRMiddlesex County (N.J.) E
WOMEN4x800 RelayKaty PachecoSOMiddlesex County (N.J.) E
WOMENPole VaultKaty PachecoSOMiddlesex County (N.J.) E
WOMENLong JumpKaty PachecoSOMiddlesex County (N.J.) E
WOMENTriple JumpKaty PachecoSOMiddlesex County (N.J.) E
WOMEN4x800 RelayBetsy SanchezFRMiddlesex County (N.J.) E
WOMENPole VaultRachel BeaulieuFRMohawk Valley (N.Y.) CCRegion IIIE
WOMEN100 MetersFrancesca DonatelloFRMohawk Valley (N.Y.) CCRegion IIIE
WOMENLong JumpFrancesca DonatelloFRMohawk Valley (N.Y.) CCRegion IIIE
WOMENDiscusJane FahyFRMohawk Valley (N.Y.) CCRegion IIIE
WOMENShot PutJane FahyFRMohawk Valley (N.Y.) CCRegion IIIE
WOMENJavelinJane FahyFRMohawk Valley (N.Y.) CCRegion IIIE
WOMENSteeplechaseSara MooreJRMohawk Valley (N.Y.) CCRegion IIIE
WOMEN100 Meter HurdlesMio Sakai JRMohawk Valley (N.Y.) CCRegion IIIE
WOMEN400 Meter HurdlesKatherine BurgessFRNassau (N.Y.) CC E
WOMEN1500 MetersOlivia MullinsSONorthern Essex (Mass.) CC E
WOMEN5000 MetersOlivia MullinsSONorthern Essex (Mass.) CC E
WOMENSteeplechaseKatelyn RichardsonSONorthern Essex (Mass.) CC E
WOMENPole VaultIsabella SabatinniFROnondaga (N.Y.) CCRegion IIIE
WOMEN4x800 RelayTashi GlasgowFRQueensborough (N.Y.) CCCUNYACE
WOMEN4x800 RelayAndrea GuevaraFRQueensborough (N.Y.) CCCUNYACE
WOMEN4x800 RelayAnabel HernandezSOQueensborough (N.Y.) CCCUNYACE
WOMEN4x800 RelayAicha OurtiFRQueensborough (N.Y.) CCCUNYACE
WOMEN4x400 RelayAllison BoneSORowan-Gloucester (N.J.) CC E
WOMEN4x800 RelayAllison BoneSORowan-Gloucester (N.J.) CC E
WOMENHeptathlonAllison BoneSORowan-Gloucester (N.J.) CC E
WOMEN4x100 RelayAllison BoneSORowan-Gloucester (N.J.) CC E
WOMEN1500 MetersLyndsay BoydFRRowan-Gloucester (N.J.) CC E
WOMEN4x800 RelayLyndsay BoydFRRowan-Gloucester (N.J.) CC E
WOMEN5000 MetersLyndsay BoydFRRowan-Gloucester (N.J.) CC E
WOMEN4x400 RelayLyndsay BoydFRRowan-Gloucester (N.J.) CC E
WOMENHammerNicole CaramannaSORowan-Gloucester (N.J.) CC E
WOMENJavelinNicole CaramannaSORowan-Gloucester (N.J.) CC E
WOMENSteeplechaseMcKenna DowdSORowan-Gloucester (N.J.) CC E
WOMEN4x100 RelayMcKenna DowdSORowan-Gloucester (N.J.) CC E
WOMEN4x800 RelayMcKenna DowdSORowan-Gloucester (N.J.) CC E
WOMEN4x400 RelayMcKenna DowdSORowan-Gloucester (N.J.) CC E
WOMENJavelinCatherine HansSORowan-Gloucester (N.J.) CC E
WOMENShot PutEmily HiltFRRowan-Gloucester (N.J.) CC E
WOMENDiscusEmily HiltFRRowan-Gloucester (N.J.) CC E
WOMENHammerEmily HiltFRRowan-Gloucester (N.J.) CC E
WOMENHammerElisia LancasterSORowan-Gloucester (N.J.) CC E
WOMENDiscusElisia LancasterSORowan-Gloucester (N.J.) CC E
WOMENShot PutElisia LancasterSORowan-Gloucester (N.J.) CC E
WOMENTriple JumpRayannia RobinsonFRRowan-Gloucester (N.J.) CC E
WOMENHigh JumpRayannia RobinsonFRRowan-Gloucester (N.J.) CC E
WOMEN4x400 RelayKeyonia VaughnFRRowan-Gloucester (N.J.) CC E
WOMEN4x100 RelayKeyonia VaughnFRRowan-Gloucester (N.J.) CC E
WOMENHeptathlonEmileigh ZaneFRRowan-Gloucester (N.J.) CC E
WOMEN4x100 RelayEmileigh ZaneFRRowan-Gloucester (N.J.) CC E
WOMEN4x800 RelayEmileigh ZaneFRRowan-Gloucester (N.J.) CC E
WOMENJavelinEmileigh ZaneFRRowan-Gloucester (N.J.) CC E
WOMENDiscusYuri HernandezSOSpringfield Tech (Mass.) CC E
WOMEN100 MetersArmanie AbreuSOSuffolk County (N.Y.) CC E
WOMEN4x100 RelayArmanie AbreuSOSuffolk County (N.Y.) CC E
WOMENShot PutSkyye-Linda AlexanderFRSuffolk County (N.Y.) CC E
WOMEN10,000 MetersNina BonettiFRSuffolk County (N.Y.) CC E
WOMENSteeplechaseNina BonettiFRSuffolk County (N.Y.) CC E
WOMEN4x800 RelayStephanie CardalenaFRSuffolk County (N.Y.) CC E
WOMENPole VaultJodi CochraneFRSuffolk County (N.Y.) CC E
WOMEN5000 MetersAllaura DashnawFRSuffolk County (N.Y.) CC E
WOMENSteeplechaseAllaura DashnawFRSuffolk County (N.Y.) CC E
WOMEN800 MetersJulianna FaustinFRSuffolk County (N.Y.) CC E
WOMEN4x400 RelayJulianna FaustinFRSuffolk County (N.Y.) CC E
WOMEN4x800 RelayJulianna FaustinFRSuffolk County (N.Y.) CC E
WOMEN4x800 RelayOlivia HillFRSuffolk County (N.Y.) CC E
WOMENLong JumpAlexis JacksonSOSuffolk County (N.Y.) CC E
WOMENTriple JumpAlexis JacksonSOSuffolk County (N.Y.) CC E
WOMENLong JumpNigeria JonesFRSuffolk County (N.Y.) CC E
WOMENHigh JumpNigeria JonesFRSuffolk County (N.Y.) CC E
WOMENTriple JumpNigeria JonesFRSuffolk County (N.Y.) CC E
WOMENHeptathlonErica MartinezFRSuffolk County (N.Y.) CC E
WOMEN100 Meter HurdlesErica MartinezFRSuffolk County (N.Y.) CC E
WOMENLong JumpErica MartinezFRSuffolk County (N.Y.) CC E
WOMEN200 MetersMichelle MasiSOSuffolk County (N.Y.) CC E
WOMEN400 MetersMichelle MasiSOSuffolk County (N.Y.) CC E
WOMEN4x100 RelayMichelle MasiSOSuffolk County (N.Y.) CC E
WOMEN4x400 RelayMichelle MasiSOSuffolk County (N.Y.) CC E
WOMEN4x400 RelaySelene NegronSOSuffolk County (N.Y.) CC E
WOMEN400 MetersSelene NegronSOSuffolk County (N.Y.) CC E
WOMEN4x100 RelayNikianne OttoFRSuffolk County (N.Y.) CC E
WOMEN100 MetersNikianne OttoFRSuffolk County (N.Y.) CC E
WOMENPole VaultNikianne OttoFRSuffolk County (N.Y.) CC E
WOMEN4x400 RelayMalaika Pierre-LouisFRSuffolk County (N.Y.) CC E
WOMEN4x100 RelayMalaika Pierre-LouisFRSuffolk County (N.Y.) CC E
WOMEN200 MetersMalaika Pierre-LouisFRSuffolk County (N.Y.) CC E
WOMEN100 MetersMalaika Pierre-LouisFRSuffolk County (N.Y.) CC E
WOMEN800 MetersJulia SchaeferFRSuffolk County (N.Y.) CC E
WOMEN4x800 RelayJulia SchaeferFRSuffolk County (N.Y.) CC E
WOMEN1500 MetersJulia SchaeferFRSuffolk County (N.Y.) CC E
WOMENHigh JumpJulia StangerFRSuffolk County (N.Y.) CC E
WOMENHigh JumpJenna VairoFRSullivan County (N.Y.) CC E
WOMENTriple JumpJenna VairoFRSullivan County (N.Y.) CC E
WOMENLong JumpJenna VairoFRSullivan County (N.Y.) CC E
WOMEN1500 MetersCynthia PresaFRTriton (Ill.) E
WOMEN400 Meter HurdlesChisom ChineduSOUnion County (N.J.) E
WOMEN100 Meter HurdlesChisom ChineduSOUnion County (N.J.) E
WOMEN4x100 RelayChisom ChineduSOUnion County (N.J.) E
WOMEN4x400 RelayChisom ChineduSOUnion County (N.J.) E
WOMENHigh JumpNwaneka ChineduSOUnion County (N.J.) E
WOMEN4x400 RelayNwaneka ChineduSOUnion County (N.J.) E
WOMEN4x100 RelayNwaneka ChineduSOUnion County (N.J.) E
WOMEN4x100 RelayTochi ChineduSOUnion County (N.J.) E
WOMEN200 MetersTochi ChineduSOUnion County (N.J.) E
WOMEN4x400 RelayTochi ChineduSOUnion County (N.J.) E
WOMEN400 MetersTochi ChineduSOUnion County (N.J.) E
WOMEN4x100 RelayAjanae IrbySOUnion County (N.J.) E
WOMENDiscusKadrian RiceSOUnion County (N.J.) E
WOMEN4x400 RelayKadrian RiceSOUnion County (N.J.) E
WOMENShot PutKadrian RiceSOUnion County (N.J.) E