2019 USTFCCCA NCAA Division III Track & Field Academic Team Awards

NEW ORLEANS – Scholar Teams of the Year and All-Academic Team honors for the 2018-19 NCAA Division III Indoor and Outdoor Track & Field seasons were announced Thursday by the U.S. Track & Field and Cross Country Coaches Association (USTFCCCA).

UW-La Crosse and UW-Eau Claire were named the Men’s Indoor and Outdoor Scholar Teams of the Year, respectively, while Williams and Loras took home respective honors as Women’s Indoor and Outdoor Scholar Teams of the Year.

In order to be in contention for Scholar Team of the Year, a program must finish highly at the respective national championship meet and have at least a 3.00 cumulative team GPA.

Indoor Scholar Teams of the Year History

Men’s Winner
Women’s Winner
UW-La Crosse
North Central (Ill.)
North Central (Ill.)
Washington (Mo.)
UW-Eau Claire
Baldwin Wallace
UW-La Crosse
UW-La Crosse
UW-La Crosse
UW-La Crosse
UW-Eau Claire
UW-La Crosse
UW-La Crosse
UW-La Crosse
Illinois Wesleyan
UW La Crosse

UW-La Crosse earned its first honor as Men’s Indoor Scholar Team of the Year since 2015. The Eagles, who finished runner-up to North Central (Ill.) in Boston, posted a cumulative team GPA of 3.17. This is the seventh time in program history that UW-La Crosse has been named Men’s Indoor Scholar Team of the Year.

Williams is a back-to-back recipient of the Women’s Indoor Scholar Team of the Year, the first time that has happened since UW-Oshkosh did so in 2013 and 2014. The Ephs, who had a cumulative team GPA of 3.57, won the national title indoors.

Outdoor Scholar Teams of the Year History

Men’s Winner
Women’s Winner
UW-Eau Claire
North Central (Ill.)
George Fox
Washington (Mo.)
UW-La Crosse
Illinois Wesleyan
UW-La Crosse
UW-La Crosse
UW-La Crosse
UW-La Crosse
UW-Eau Claire
UW-La Crosse
Illinois Wesleyan
Illinois Wesleyan
UW Platteville

UW-Eau Claire took home honors as the Men’s Outdoor Scholar Team of the Year for the first time since the 2012. The Blugolds, who put together a championship performance in Geneva, Ohio, back in May, had a cumulative team GPA of 3.18.

Loras capped a dream year with its first laurel as Women’s Outdoor Scholar Team of the Year. The Duhawks, who won their first national title in program history with a sterling effort in the Buckeye State, had a cumulative team GPA of 3.37.

All-Academic Teams

All told, 297 teams were honored by the USTFCCCA for their academics.

Breaking it down further, 184 of those were women’s teams compared to 113 men’s programs.

Saint Vincent College’s women had the best cumulative GPA out of any program at the NCAA DIII level at 3.79.

The men’s team with the highest cumulative GPA was Caltech with a 3.69, which edged runner-up Middlebury by .009 (3.681).

2019 USTFCCCA All-Academic Teams
NCAA Division III Track & Field

GenderInstitutionGPAHead Coach
MENAllegheny College3.24Justin LinzyE
MENAmherst College3.55Steve RubinE
MENBabson College3.16Russ BrennenE
MENBaldwin Wallace University3.14Jordan HillE
MENBeloit College3.18Brian BlieseE
MENBethel University (Minnesota)3.1Andrew RockE
MENBrandeis University3.38Sinead EvansE
MENCalifornia Institute of Technology3.69Ben RaphelsonE
MENCalvin University3.43Bret OtteE
MENCapital University3.18Hannah WeissE
MENCarleton College3.48Dave RicksE
MENCarnegie Mellon University3.42Gary AldrichE
MENCarroll University (Wisconsin)3.29Shawn ThielitzE
MENCarthage College3.16Josh HenryE
MENCase Western Reserve University3.48Eric SchmuhlE
MENCatholic University of America3.42Steve RahnE
MENChapman University3.33DeAndra'e WoodsE
MENUniversity of Chicago3.51Chris Cory HallE
MENChristopher Newport University3.11Tyler WingardE
MENClaremont McKenna-Harvey Mudd-Scripps Colleges3.42Glenn StewartE
MENU.S. Coast Guard Academy3.26Ethan BrownE
MENColorado College3.51Ted CastanedaE
MENConcordia University Chicago3.21Phil KopinskiE
MENConcordia College, Moorhead3.3Garrick LarsonE
MENConcordia University Wisconsin3.25Russell De LapE
MENConnecticut College3.4Luke MaherE
MENCovenant College3.27Katie StanfordE
MENDePauw University3.35Kori StoffregenE
MENDickinson College3.37Don NichterE
MENEarlham College3.23Claire and Rob HewittE
MENElizabethtown College3.38Brian FalkE
MENEmory University3.48Derek NelsonE
MENFontbonne University3.46Phillip HalleyE
MENGeorge Fox University3.21John SmithE
MENGordon College (Massachusetts)3.1Justin WikerdE
MENGrinnell College3.43William FreemanE
MENGustavus Adolphus College3.33Dale BahrE
MENHamilton College3.38Brett HullE
MENHamline University3.14Paul SchmaedekeE
MENHartwick College3.24Thomas Hartnett Jr.E
MENHaverford College3.58Tom DonnellyE
MENHope College3.28Kevin ColeE
MENIllinois Wesleyan University3.11Chris SchumacherE
MENIthaca College3.21Jim NicholsE
MENJohn Carroll University3.17Kyle BasistaE
MENJohns Hopkins University3.47Bobby Van AllenE
MENKenyon College3.45Duane GomezE
MENLawrence University3.18Jason FastE
MENLewis & Clark College3.24Aaron CampbellE
MENLinfield College3.12Travis OlsonE
MENLuther College3.24Stephen FleagleE
MENMacalester College3.42Margaret GehringE
MENMarywood University3.3Rob AhrensE
MENMiddlebury College3.68Martin BeattyE
MENUniversity of Minnesota, Morris3.11Jessica DevineE
MENMississippi College3.2Butch ArdE
MENMassachusetts Institute of Technology3.59Halston TaylorE
MENMoravian College3.11Jesse BaumannE
MENMuhlenberg College3.3Brad HackettE
MENNazareth College3.25James GossE
MENNebraska Wesleyan University3.37Ted BullingE
MENNew York University3.36Erison HurtaultE
MENOccidental College3.15Rob BartlettE
MENOglethorpe University3.27Kirk ShellhouseE
MENOhio Northern University3.12Jason MausE
MENOtterbein University3.16Dara FordE
MENPacific Lutheran University3.2Adam FryeE
MENPennsylvania State Univ. Erie, the Behrend College3.19Greg CooperE
MENPomona-Pitzer Colleges3.6Jordan CarpenterE
MENUniversity of Redlands3.25Mike SchmidtE
MENRipon College3.16Bob WoodE
MENRochester Institute of Technology3.44David WarthE
MENUniversity of Rochester (N.Y.)3.44Sam AlbertE
MENRensselaer Polytechnic Institute3.3Colin ToryE
MENSaint John's University (Minnesota)3.28Jeremy Karger GatzowE
MENSaint Vincent College3.53Andrew HerrE
MENShenandoah University3.26Andrew MarroccoE
MENSimpson College3.29Dave ClevelandE
MENUniversity of Southern Maine3.12Ryan HarkleroadE
MENSouthwestern University (Texas)3.28Andrew DiehlE
MENSpringfield College3.21Mike MillerE
MENSt. Lawrence University3.25John NewmanE
MENSt. Norbert College3.18Donald AugustineE
MENSt. Olaf College3.37Phil LundinE
MENUniversity of St. Thomas (Minnesota)3.3Steve MathreE
MENStevens Institute of Technology3.54Lance HardenE
MENSuffolk University3.39Will FeldmanE
MENState University of New York at Geneseo3.13Christopher PopoviciE
MENSwarthmore College3.57Peter CarrollE
MENThe College of New Jersey3.28Justin LindseyE
MENTrinity College (Connecticut)3.25John Michael MasonE
MENTufts University3.44Joel WilliamsE
MENUniversity of California, Santa Cruz3.17David KlechE
MENUniversity of the Ozarks (Arkansas)3.24Heidi PinkertonE
MENUrsinus College3.26Carl BlickleE
MENUniversity of Wisconsin-Eau Claire3.18Chip SchneiderE
MENUniversity of Wisconsin-La Crosse3.17Joshua BuchholtzE
MENUniversity of Wisconsin, Platteville3.13Chris RotzenbergE
MENUniversity of Wisconsin-Stout3.29Kyle SteinerE
MENUniversity of Wisconsin, Whitewater3.14Mike JohnsonE
MENVassar College3.36James McCowanE
MENWashington University (Missouri)3.48Jeff StilesE
MENWashington and Jefferson College3.1Derek WorkmanE
MENWashington and Lee University3.37Brandon UhlE
MENWesleyan University (Connecticut)3.6Walter CurryE
MENWestfield State University3.24Sean O'BrienE
MENWheaton College (Illinois)3.41Scott BradleyE
MENWhitworth University3.42Toby SchwarzE
MENWillamette University3.22Matt McGuirkE
MENWilliams College3.49Ethan BarronE
MENCollege of Wooster3.2Dennis RiceE
MENWorcester Polytechnic Institute3.5Brian ChabotE
MENYork College of Pennsylvania3.25Stephen LoBiancoE
WOMENAlbion College3.33Lance ColemanE
WOMENAllegheny College3.61Justin LinzyE
WOMENAlvernia University3.35Tim HartungE
WOMENAmherst College3.55Steve RubinE
WOMENAnderson University (Indiana)3.1Sol StephensE
WOMENAugustana College (Illinois)3.44David ThompsonE
WOMENAurora University3.12Jeff FellersE
WOMENBabson College3.23Russ BrennenE
WOMENBaldwin Wallace University3.46Jordan HillE
WOMENBeloit College3.37Brian BlieseE
WOMENBerry College3.21Luke SyversonE
WOMENBethel University (Minnesota)3.49Andrew RockE
WOMENBrandeis University3.35Sinead EvansE
WOMENBridgewater College (Virginia)3.34Denver DavisE
WOMENBridgewater State University3.36Connor FoleyE
WOMENCollege at Brockport, State University of New York3.3Ed JaskulskiE
WOMENBuena Vista University3.39Colt SlackE
WOMENCalifornia Lutheran University3.32Matthew LeaE
WOMENCalifornia Institute of Technology3.46Ben RaphelsonE
WOMENCalvin University3.43Bret OtteE
WOMENCapital University3.27Hannah WeissE
WOMENCarleton College3.61Donna RicksE
WOMENCarnegie Mellon University3.5Gary AldrichE
WOMENCarroll University (Wisconsin)3.48Shawn ThielitzE
WOMENCarthage College3.42Stephanie DominE
WOMENCase Western Reserve University3.62Eric SchmuhlE
WOMENCatholic University of America3.49Steve RahnE
WOMENCentral College (Iowa)3.23Brandon SturmanE
WOMENCentre College3.13Lisa H. OwensE
WOMENChapman University3.56DeAndra'e WoodsE
WOMENChatham University3.59Erin GaleE
WOMENUniversity of Chicago3.59Chris Cory HallE
WOMENChristopher Newport University3.15Tyler WingardE
WOMENClaremont McKenna-Harvey Mudd-Scripps Colleges3.55Glenn StewartE
WOMENU.S. Coast Guard Academy3.18Ethan BrownE
WOMENCoe College3.4Matthew BarreauE
WOMENColorado College3.6Ted CastanedaE
WOMENConcordia College (New York)3.62Marv RoeskeE
WOMENConcordia University Chicago3.43Phil KopinskiE
WOMENConcordia University Wisconsin3.5Russell De LapE
WOMENConnecticut College3.53Ned BishopE
WOMENCornell College3.3Dan SchoferE
WOMENCovenant College3.37Katie StanfordE
WOMENCrown College (Minnesota)3.57Bill BraungerE
WOMENDenison University3.26Mark FitzPatrickE
WOMENDePauw University3.36Kori StoffregenE
WOMENDickinson College3.52Don NichterE
WOMENUniversity of Dubuque3.42Chad GunnelsonE
WOMENEarlham College3.38Claire and Rob HewittE
WOMENEastern University3.45Mike WilsonE
WOMENElizabethtown College3.46Brian FalkE
WOMENElmhurst College3.35Jordan BartolazziE
WOMENEmory University3.53Derek NelsonE
WOMENEndicott College3.44Spencer LangeE
WOMENFontbonne University3.27Phillip HalleyE
WOMENThe State University of New York at Fredonia3.17Thomas WilsonE
WOMENGeneva College3.44Phillips ThompsonE
WOMENGeorge Fox University3.54John SmithE
WOMENGettysburg College3.36Aubrey ShenkE
WOMENGordon College (Massachusetts)3.44Justin WikerdE
WOMENGoucher College3.14John CaslinE
WOMENGrinnell College3.54Evelyn FreemanE
WOMENGustavus Adolphus College3.46Dale BahrE
WOMENHamilton College3.46Ellen HullE
WOMENHamline University3.27Shawn Johnson-HippE
WOMENHanover College3.16Brian PowerE
WOMENHartwick College3.27Thomas Hartnett Jr.E
WOMENHaverford College3.61Francis RizzoE
WOMENHeidelberg University3.14Joseph YoderE
WOMENHope College3.6Kevin ColeE
WOMENHusson University3.32Kate GoupeeE
WOMENIllinois College3.25Jason HaynesE
WOMENIllinois Wesleyan University3.37Chris SchumacherE
WOMENIthaca College3.58Jennifer PotterE
WOMENJohn Carroll University3.42Kyle BasistaE
WOMENJohns Hopkins University3.58Bobby Van AllenE
WOMENKenyon College3.58Duane GomezE
WOMENKing's College (Pennsylvania)3.4Michael KolinovskyE
WOMENUniversity of La Verne3.2Kevin ReidE
WOMENLawrence University3.32Jason FastE
WOMENLebanon Valley College3.51Melissa BylerE
WOMENLewis & Clark College3.32Aaron CampbellE
WOMENLinfield College3.55Travis OlsonE
WOMENLoras College3.37Matt JonesE
WOMENLuther College3.49Stephen FleagleE
WOMENUniversity of Lynchburg3.23Jim SprecherE
WOMENMacalester College3.59Margaret GehringE
WOMENMarywood University3.59Rob AhrensE
WOMENMiddlebury College3.74Martin BeattyE
WOMENMillikin University3.27Andrew CraycraftE
WOMENUniversity of Minnesota, Morris3.12Jessica DevineE
WOMENMisericordia University3.52Christopher WadasE
WOMENMississippi College3.43Butch ArdE
WOMENMassachusetts Institute of Technology3.7Halston TaylorE
WOMENMonmouth College (Illinois)3.25Roger HaynesE
WOMENMoravian College3.61Jesse BaumannE
WOMENMount Holyoke College3.68Chris KiblerE
WOMENUniversity of Mount Union3.35Kevin LucasE
WOMENMuhlenberg College3.57Brad HackettE
WOMENMuskingum University3.22Ashley ShafferE
WOMENNazareth College3.29James GossE
WOMENNebraska Wesleyan University3.55Ted BullingE
WOMENNorth Central College3.47Kari KluckhohnE
WOMENNew York University3.52Erison HurtaultE
WOMENOberlin College3.43Ray AppenheimerE
WOMENOccidental College3.37Rob BartlettE
WOMENOhio Northern University3.26Jason MausE
WOMENOhio Wesleyan University3.34Kris BoeyE
WOMENOlivet College3.44Karen LutzkeE
WOMENOtterbein University3.65Dara FordE
WOMENPacific Lutheran University3.44Adam FryeE
WOMENPennsylvania State Univ. Erie, the Behrend College3.22Greg CooperE
WOMENPiedmont College3.13Jeff JenkinsE
WOMENPlymouth State University3.21John OstlerE
WOMENPomona-Pitzer Colleges3.65Kirk ReynoldsE
WOMENUniversity of Puget Sound3.46Mike OrechiaE
WOMENRamapo College3.25Justina CassavellE
WOMENUniversity of Redlands3.49Mike SchmidtE
WOMENRhode Island College3.34Timothy RuddE
WOMENRipon College3.28Bob WoodE
WOMENRochester Institute of Technology3.58David WarthE
WOMENUniversity of Rochester (N.Y.)3.46Sam AlbertE
WOMENRowan University3.13Derick AdamsonE
WOMENRensselaer Polytechnic Institute3.33Colin ToryE
WOMENCollege of Saint Benedict3.52Robin Balder-LanoueE
WOMENSaint Vincent College3.79Kevin WanichkoE
WOMENSalisbury University3.33Jim JonesE
WOMENSalve Regina University3.51Matthew B. HirdE
WOMENShenandoah University3.34Andrew MarroccoE
WOMENSimpson College3.44Dave ClevelandE
WOMENSmith College3.65Adrien RicciE
WOMENUniversity of Southern Maine3.19George TowleE
WOMENSouthwestern University (Texas)3.1Andrew DiehlE
WOMENSpringfield College3.65Mike MillerE
WOMENSt. Catherine University3.73Shannon HoulihanE
WOMENSt. John Fisher College3.46Mike HenchenE
WOMENSt. Lawrence University3.45Mary Kate CurranE
WOMENSt. Norbert College3.44Donald AugustineE
WOMENSt. Olaf College3.4Katie BretscherE
WOMENThe College of St. Scholastica3.52Todd BouchieE
WOMENUniversity of St. Thomas (Minnesota)3.51Joe SweeneyE
WOMENStevens Institute of Technology3.62Lance HardenE
WOMENStevenson University3.42Dave BerdanE
WOMENStockton University3.66Todd CurllE
WOMENSuffolk University3.48Will FeldmanE
WOMENState University of New York at Geneseo3.29Christopher PopoviciE
WOMENState University of New York at Oneonta3.23Chris WilberE
WOMENPlattsburgh State University of New York3.32Nicholas JonesE
WOMENState University of New York at Potsdam3.23Brett WillmottE
WOMENSusquehanna University3.45Ethan SenecalE
WOMENSwarthmore College3.56Peter CarrollE
WOMENThe College of New Jersey3.46Justin LindseyE
WOMENTrine University3.3Josh FletcherE
WOMENTrinity University (Texas)3.35Marcus WhiteheadE
WOMENTufts University3.75Kristen MorwickE
WOMENUniversity of California, Santa Cruz3.33David KlechE
WOMENUniversity of Massachusetts, Dartmouth3.33Michael SalemE
WOMENUniversity of the Ozarks (Arkansas)3.32Heidi PinkertonE
WOMENUniversity of the South3.56Jeff HeitzenraterE
WOMENUrsinus College3.35Carl BlickleE
WOMENUtica College3.15Eric ParkerE
WOMENUniversity of Wisconsin-Eau Claire3.48Chip SchneiderE
WOMENUniversity of Wisconsin-La Crosse3.46Nickolas DavisE
WOMENUniversity of Wisconsin, Platteville3.31Chris RotzenbergE
WOMENUniversity of Wisconsin-Stevens Point3.32Brett WittE
WOMENUniversity of Wisconsin-Stout3.43Kyle SteinerE
WOMENUniversity of Wisconsin, Whitewater3.3Mike JohnsonE
WOMENVassar College3.78James McCowanE
WOMENWartburg College3.48Marcus NewsomE
WOMENWashington University (Missouri)3.65Jeff StilesE
WOMENWashington and Jefferson College3.25Derek WorkmanE
WOMENWashington and Lee University3.55Dana FreemanE
WOMENWellesley College3.4Philip JenningsE
WOMENWesleyan University (Connecticut)3.64Walter CurryE
WOMENWestfield State University3.48Sean O'BrienE
WOMENWheaton College (Illinois)3.68Scott BradleyE
WOMENWheaton College (Massachusetts)3.36Kim SpenceE
WOMENWhittier College3.36Robert NeelyE
WOMENWhitworth University3.67Toby SchwarzE
WOMENWidener University3.5Logan StromanE
WOMENWillamette University3.43Matt McGuirkE
WOMENWilliams College3.57Nate HoeyE
WOMENWittenberg University3.12Paris HilliardE
WOMENCollege of Wooster3.47Dennis RiceE
WOMENWorcester Polytechnic Institute3.61Brian ChabotE