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NJCAA DI OTF All-America

2021 NJCAA Division I Outdoor Track & Field All-America

NEW ORLEANS – All-America honors for the 2021 NJCAA Division I Outdoor Track & Field season were announced on Wednesday by the U.S. Track & Field and Cross Country Coaches Association (USTFCCCA).

Student-athletes earned USTFCCCA All-America honors by virtue of finishing among the top-8 of their respective individual events – including as a member of a relay – at the 2021 NJCAA Division I Outdoor Track & Field Championships last week in Levelland, Texas.

It should come as no surprise that those teams who were right in the thick of the hunt for the national titles took home the most All-America honors following the meet: Barton County CC and South Plains (Texas) shared the men’s title and each hauled in 20 or more nods (SPC led the way with 22 as Barton County CC had 20); South Plains (Texas) won the women’s team title and amassed 27 All-America performances on its home track, while women’s runner-up New Mexico JC compiled 25 of their own.

In addition to those aforementioned men’s teams, there were eight others with at least 10 efforts worthy of All-America citation: Cloud County CC with 17, Iowa Central CC with 17, Iowa Western CC with 17, Indian Hills CC with 15, New Mexico JC with 15, Coffeyville CC with 13, Butler CC with 10 and Hinds CC with 10.

Seven other women’s teams earned double-digit honors: Barton County CC with 21, Cloud County CC with 20, Iowa Central CC with 19, Iowa Western CC with 19, Mesa (Ariz.) CC with 11, Butler CC with 10 and Western Texas with 10.

See below for a full list of USTFCCCA All-Americans for the 2021 NJCAA Division I Outdoor Track & Field season!

2021 NJCAA Division I Outdoor Track & Field
USTFCCCA All-America Honors

MEN100 MetersCaleb BogerSOBarton (Kan.) CCRegion VIE
MEN200 MetersCaleb BogerSOBarton (Kan.) CCRegion VIE
MEN4x100 RelayCaleb BogerSOBarton (Kan.) CCRegion VIE
MEN4x400 RelayTelron BradfordFRBarton (Kan.) CCRegion VIE
MENLong JumpGlenith CalvinFRBarton (Kan.) CCRegion VIE
MENLong JumpShakwon CokeSOBarton (Kan.) CCRegion VIE
MENTriple JumpShakwon CokeSOBarton (Kan.) CCRegion VIE
MEN100 MetersDenzell FeaginFRBarton (Kan.) CCRegion VIE
MEN200 MetersDenzell FeaginFRBarton (Kan.) CCRegion VIE
MEN4x100 RelayDenzell FeaginFRBarton (Kan.) CCRegion VIE
MEN4x400 RelayGamali FelixFRBarton (Kan.) CCRegion VIE
MENShot PutGiovanni GutierrezFRBarton (Kan.) CCRegion VIE
MEN4x400 RelayJa'Kwan HaleFRBarton (Kan.) CCRegion VIE
MENHammerFabio HesslingFRBarton (Kan.) CCRegion VIE
MENShot PutFred MoudaniFRBarton (Kan.) CCRegion VIE
MEN4x400 RelayJevon O'BryantFRBarton (Kan.) CCRegion VIE
MEN4x100 RelayJevon O'BryantFRBarton (Kan.) CCRegion VIE
MEN800 MetersTyrese ReidFRBarton (Kan.) CCRegion VIE
MEN110 Meter HurdlesAlmighty WilliamsonFRBarton (Kan.) CCRegion VIE
MEN4x100 RelayAlmighty WilliamsonFRBarton (Kan.) CCRegion VIE
MEN400 MetersDezmand BryantSOBossier Parish (La.) CC(none selected)E
MENHigh JumpJaivon HarrisonFRBryant & Stratton (Wis.)Region IVE
MEN4x400 RelayDakari CarterFRButler (Kan.) CCRegion VIE
MEN4x100 RelayJerod ElcockFRButler (Kan.) CCRegion VIE
MEN4x400 RelayJerod ElcockFRButler (Kan.) CCRegion VIE
MEN100 MetersCaleb JacksonFRButler (Kan.) CCRegion VIE
MEN4x400 RelayCaleb JacksonFRButler (Kan.) CCRegion VIE
MEN4x100 RelayCaleb JacksonFRButler (Kan.) CCRegion VIE
MEN200 MetersJeremy McDowellFRButler (Kan.) CCRegion VIE
MEN4x100 RelayJeremy McDowellFRButler (Kan.) CCRegion VIE
MEN4x100 RelayDylan SwainFRButler (Kan.) CCRegion VIE
MEN4x400 RelayJudah TaylorFRButler (Kan.) CCRegion VIE
MENJavelinCaden BachFRCloud County (Kan.) CCRegion VIE
MEN5000 MetersAwet BerakiSOCloud County (Kan.) CCRegion VIE
MEN10,000 MetersAwet BerakiSOCloud County (Kan.) CCRegion VIE
MENDecathlonAndrew BettonFRCloud County (Kan.) CCRegion VIE
MENDecathlonMarcquiece CadeFRCloud County (Kan.) CCRegion VIE
MEN4x800 RelayRylan CheneyFRCloud County (Kan.) CCRegion VIE
MENDiscusDaniel CopeSOCloud County (Kan.) CCRegion VIE
MENHammerDaniel CopeSOCloud County (Kan.) CCRegion VIE
MEN1500 MetersHabtamu GetaFRCloud County (Kan.) CCRegion VIE
MEN4x800 RelayHabtamu GetaFRCloud County (Kan.) CCRegion VIE
MEN4x800 RelayMichael IyaliFRCloud County (Kan.) CCRegion VIE
MENSteeplechaseSaba KhvichavaSOCloud County (Kan.) CCRegion VIE
MEN4x800 RelaySaba KhvichavaSOCloud County (Kan.) CCRegion VIE
MENShot PutCourtney LawrenceFRCloud County (Kan.) CCRegion VIE
MENDiscusCourtney LawrenceFRCloud County (Kan.) CCRegion VIE
MEN400 Meter HurdlesEphraim LerkinFRCloud County (Kan.) CCRegion VIE
MENTriple JumpTimothy NyinguanFRCloud County (Kan.) CCRegion VIE
MENShot PutCalvin BosticFRCoffeyville (Kan.) CCRegion VIE
MENHammerCalvin BosticFRCoffeyville (Kan.) CCRegion VIE
MEN4x100 RelayDakari CharltonFRCoffeyville (Kan.) CCRegion VIE
MEN200 MetersAntoine EvansFRCoffeyville (Kan.) CCRegion VIE
MEN4x100 RelayAntoine EvansFRCoffeyville (Kan.) CCRegion VIE
MENJavelinMatthew HeiligSOCoffeyville (Kan.) CCRegion VIE
MEN100 MetersGuinove JoanusFRCoffeyville (Kan.) CCRegion VIE
MEN200 MetersGuinove JoanusFRCoffeyville (Kan.) CCRegion VIE
MEN4x100 RelayGuinove JoanusFRCoffeyville (Kan.) CCRegion VIE
MENTriple JumpHenry KinerFRCoffeyville (Kan.) CCRegion VIE
MEN100 MetersNolton ShelvinFRCoffeyville (Kan.) CCRegion VIE
MEN4x100 RelayNolton ShelvinFRCoffeyville (Kan.) CCRegion VIE
MENShot PutJeremiah WilliamsFRCoffeyville (Kan.) CCRegion VIE
MENDecathlonKolby CasterFRCowley (Kan.)Region VIE
MEN4x800 RelayDawson CrawleyFRCowley (Kan.)Region VIE
MEN4x800 RelayGoran DuijstersFRCowley (Kan.)Region VIE
MENHammerMatt HigdonSOCowley (Kan.)Region VIE
MEN4x800 RelayNathaniel HubbardFRCowley (Kan.)Region VIE
MEN4x800 RelayEdwin OlveraSOCowley (Kan.)Region VIE
MENHigh JumpAmanuel McDowellFRDodge City (Kan.) CCRegion VIE
MENLong JumpAmanuel McDowellFRDodge City (Kan.) CCRegion VIE
MEN5000 MetersGudisa AdnowFRFort Scott (Kan.) CCRegion VIE
MEN10,000 MetersGudisa AdnowFRFort Scott (Kan.) CCRegion VIE
MEN4x800 RelayLucorien DeboestFRFort Scott (Kan.) CCRegion VIE
MENLong JumpTrey DixonFRFort Scott (Kan.) CCRegion VIE
MEN800 MetersMarcus Freeman FRFort Scott (Kan.) CCRegion VIE
MEN4x800 RelayMarcus FreemanFRFort Scott (Kan.) CCRegion VIE
MEN4x800 RelayAlex JajeFRFort Scott (Kan.) CCRegion VIE
MEN4x800 Relaylonnell JohnsonFRFort Scott (Kan.) CCRegion VIE
MEN400 MetersJarvis MilesFRFort Scott (Kan.) CCRegion VIE
MENDecathlonDebonaire WilliamsFRGarden City (Kan.) CCRegion VIE
MEN10,000 MetersZane ChalkerFRHagerstown (Md.) CCRegion XXE
MEN4x400 RelayConnor BelkenFRHawkeye (Iowa) CCRegion XIE
MEN400 Meter HurdlesJoJo FrostSOHawkeye (Iowa) CCRegion XIE
MEN4x400 RelayJoJo FrostSOHawkeye (Iowa) CCRegion XIE
MEN4x400 RelayJacob JensenFRHawkeye (Iowa) CCRegion XIE
MENSteeplechaseSam MickelsonFRHawkeye (Iowa) CCRegion XIE
MEN4x400 RelayBlake OsbornFRHawkeye (Iowa) CCRegion XIE
MENDiscusBlake VeenstraFRHawkeye (Iowa) CCRegion XIE
MENShot PutAlan De FalchiSOHighland (Kan.) CCRegion VIE
MENDiscusAlan De FalchiSOHighland (Kan.) CCRegion VIE
MENHammerAlan De FalchiSOHighland (Kan.) CCRegion VIE
MEN400 MetersD'Andre AndersonFRHinds (Miss.) CCRegion XXIIIE
MEN4x400 RelayD'Andre AndersonFRHinds (Miss.) CCRegion XXIIIE
MEN4x100 RelayDapriest HogansFRHinds (Miss.) CCRegion XXIIIE
MEN4x400 RelayDapriest HogansFRHinds (Miss.) CCRegion XXIIIE
MEN110 Meter HurdlesKeirston PaigeFRHinds (Miss.) CCRegion XXIIIE
MEN4x100 RelayKeirston PaigeFRHinds (Miss.) CCRegion XXIIIE
MEN4x100 RelayKurt PowdarFRHinds (Miss.) CCRegion XXIIIE
MEN4x400 RelayKacey PrattFRHinds (Miss.) CCRegion XXIIIE
MEN4x400 RelayOmar SimpsonFRHinds (Miss.) CCRegion XXIIIE
MEN4x100 RelayOmar SimpsonFRHinds (Miss.) CCRegion XXIIIE
MENHigh JumpZachary BielFRHutchinson (Kan.) CCRegion VIE
MEN5000 MetersTeagan FlanaganFRHutchinson (Kan.) CCRegion VIE
MEN10,000 MetersTeagan FlanaganFRHutchinson (Kan.) CCRegion VIE
MENHigh JumpWyatt ThielFRHutchinson (Kan.) CCRegion VIE
MEN4x100 RelayDamoy AllenFRIndian Hills (Iowa) CCRegion XIE
MEN4x400 RelayElijah BerryFRIndian Hills (Iowa) CCRegion XIE
MEN800 MetersJackson BurnettFRIndian Hills (Iowa) CCRegion XIE
MEN4x800 RelayJackson BurnettFRIndian Hills (Iowa) CCRegion XIE
MEN4x800 RelayJerry HarperSOIndian Hills (Iowa) CCRegion XIE
MEN4x800 RelayNick O'ConnorFRIndian Hills (Iowa) CCRegion XIE
MEN4x400 RelayNathan SimonsFRIndian Hills (Iowa) CCRegion XIE
MEN800 MetersJustin SwannFRIndian Hills (Iowa) CCRegion XIE
MEN4x800 RelayJustin SwannFRIndian Hills (Iowa) CCRegion XIE
MEN200 MetersAurel Tchanbi FRIndian Hills (Iowa) CCRegion XIE
MEN4x100 RelayAurel TchanbiFRIndian Hills (Iowa) CCRegion XIE
MEN4x100 RelayIsiah ThomasFRIndian Hills (Iowa) CCRegion XIE
MEN4x400 RelayJustin WaldenFRIndian Hills (Iowa) CCRegion XIE
MEN4x100 RelayKalen WalkerFRIndian Hills (Iowa) CCRegion XIE
MEN4x400 RelayKendrick WinfieldFRIndian Hills (Iowa) CCRegion XIE
MENSteeplechaseRobin Aguilar GonzalezFRIowa Central CCRegion XIE
MEN4x800 RelayRobin Aguilar GonzalezFRIowa Central CCRegion XIE
MENHigh JumpDavid Bosquez GrimaldoFRIowa Central CCRegion XIE
MEN4x800 RelayDarius BrownFRIowa Central CCRegion XIE
MEN1500 MetersKelvin BungeiFRIowa Central CCRegion XIE
MEN5000 MetersKelvin BungeiFRIowa Central CCRegion XIE
MENSteeplechaseKelvin BungeiFRIowa Central CCRegion XIE
MEN4x800 RelayKelvin BungeiFRIowa Central CCRegion XIE
MENLong JumpEliot CummingsFRIowa Central CCRegion XIE
MENTriple JumpEliot CummingsFRIowa Central CCRegion XIE
MEN4x800 RelayCassius HavisFRIowa Central CCRegion XIE
MEN110 Meter HurdlesJaheem HaylesFRIowa Central CCRegion XIE
MEN200 MetersJerome JessupFRIowa Central CCRegion XIE
MENDiscusJames MacKey Jr.FRIowa Central CCRegion XIE
MENDecathlonNicola PalettiFRIowa Central CCRegion XIE
MENHammerWilliam RichardsonSOIowa Central CCRegion XIE
MENDecathlonAries ScottFRIowa Central CCRegion XIE
MEN4x800 RelayEthan BrennemanFRIowa Western CCRegion XIE
MEN110 Meter HurdlesMichael BuchananFRIowa Western CCRegion XIE
MEN4x800 RelayPeter CuddySOIowa Western CCRegion XIE
MENJavelinTucker DaySOIowa Western CCRegion XIE
MENSteeplechaseWimachmorr GiloFRIowa Western CCRegion XIE
MEN4x100 RelayTajean HoustonFRIowa Western CCRegion XIE
MEN4x800 RelaySamuel HydroSOIowa Western CCRegion XIE
MENLong JumpKenyon JohnsonFRIowa Western CCRegion XIE
MENTriple JumpKenyon JohnsonFRIowa Western CCRegion XIE
MENLong JumpTyrell JohnsonSOIowa Western CCRegion XIE
MEN1500 MetersYonas MogosSOIowa Western CCRegion XIE
MEN4x800 RelayYonas MogosSOIowa Western CCRegion XIE
MEN4x100 RelayJude MurrayFRIowa Western CCRegion XIE
MEN110 Meter HurdlesEmmanuel NiangFRIowa Western CCRegion XIE
MEN4x100 RelayMaurice ThompsonSOIowa Western CCRegion XIE
MEN400 Meter HurdlesCortney WatkinsFRIowa Western CCRegion XIE
MEN4x100 RelayNastario WilliamsFRIowa Western CCRegion XIE
MEN100 MetersKeshaun BlackFRMeridian (Miss.) CCRegion XXIIIE
MEN1500 MetersAbdiqadir MohamedFRMeridian (Miss.) CCRegion XXIIIE
MENPole VaultHyrum BrobyFRMesa (Ariz.) CCRegion IE
MENDiscusDesmond LottFRMesa (Ariz.) CCRegion IE
MEN400 MetersJacob SamfordFRMesa (Ariz.) CCRegion IE
MENPole VaultLofton ThomasSOMesa (Ariz.) CCRegion IE
MEN5000 MetersEnock KimutaiFRMonroe-New Rochelle (N.Y.)Region XVE
MEN10,000 MetersEnock KimutaiFRMonroe-New Rochelle (N.Y.)Region XVE
MEN1500 MetersMohlouwa Koos MolutsiFRMonroe-New Rochelle (N.Y.)Region XVE
MEN400 MetersVictor AkhaluFRNew Mexico JCRegion VE
MEN4x100 RelayAaron BrewsterFRNew Mexico JCRegion VE
MEN4x100 RelayIsmael CalvilloFRNew Mexico JCRegion VE
MENJavelinOscar CamposSONew Mexico JCRegion VE
MENDecathlonOscar CamposSONew Mexico JCRegion VE
MEN1500 MetersBaptiste Depril-DupreFRNew Mexico JCRegion VE
MEN100 MetersTyrell EdwardsFRNew Mexico JCRegion VE
MEN4x100 RelayTyrell EdwardsFRNew Mexico JCRegion VE
MENPole VaultJadon ElliotFRNew Mexico JCRegion VE
MEN4x100 RelayTimothy FrederickFRNew Mexico JCRegion VE
MENShot PutDiamante GumbsFRNew Mexico JCRegion VE
MENDiscusDiamante GumbsFRNew Mexico JCRegion VE
MENDiscusDjimon GumbsFRNew Mexico JCRegion VE
MEN800 MetersAlex PiquartFRNew Mexico JCRegion VE
MENHammerAndrei RomanovFRNew Mexico JCRegion VE
MEN5000 MetersMelvin KipkemboiFRNorth Iowa Area CCRegion XIE
MEN10,000 MetersMelvin KipkemboiFRNorth Iowa Area CCRegion XIE
MEN4x400 RelayDesire AkpoliSONorthwest Kansas TechRegion VIE
MEN4x400 RelayCecil Brownridge IIIFRNorthwest Kansas TechRegion VIE
MEN4x400 RelayTravion DotsonFRNorthwest Kansas TechRegion VIE
MEN5000 MetersOliver KiptooFRNorthwest Kansas TechRegion VIE
MENSteeplechaseOliver KiptooFRNorthwest Kansas TechRegion VIE
MEN5000 MetersVincent NchoguFRNorthwest Kansas TechRegion VIE
MEN10,000 MetersVincent NchoguFRNorthwest Kansas TechRegion VIE
MEN4x400 RelayStephen ScottSONorthwest Kansas TechRegion VIE
MENJavelinJesse AvinaFRParadise Valley (Ariz.) CCRegion IE
MENShot PutLuis Diaz Bojorquez Jr.FRParadise Valley (Ariz.) CCRegion IE
MEN200 MetersCorde LongFRParadise Valley (Ariz.) CCRegion IE
MEN110 Meter HurdlesCorde LongFRParadise Valley (Ariz.) CCRegion IE
MEN400 Meter HurdlesCorde LongFRParadise Valley (Ariz.) CCRegion IE
MENJavelinJared NationSOParadise Valley (Ariz.) CCRegion IE
MEN4x400 RelayKashawn BaptisteFRPratt (Kan.) CCRegion VIE
MEN4x400 RelayMark EmilienFRPratt (Kan.) CCRegion VIE
MEN4x400 RelayMarvin Jean-FrancoisFRPratt (Kan.) CCRegion VIE
MENSteeplechaseZach McPheeFRPratt (Kan.) CCRegion VIE
MEN4x400 RelayDevin WilliamsSOPratt (Kan.) CCRegion VIE
MENPole VaultCameron AbellFRSauk Valley (Ill.) CCRegion IVE
MENHigh JumpRomaine BeckfordSOSouth Plains (Texas)Region VE
MENJavelinRomaine BeckfordSOSouth Plains (Texas)Region VE
MENPole VaultScott FrazierSOSouth Plains (Texas)Region VE
MEN110 Meter HurdlesJustin GuyFRSouth Plains (Texas)Region VE
MEN4x800 RelayIssac HastingsFRSouth Plains (Texas)Region VE
MEN4x800 RelayDwight MasonFRSouth Plains (Texas)Region VE
MENLong JumpTony McNealFRSouth Plains (Texas)Region VE
MENTriple JumpTony McNealFRSouth Plains (Texas)Region VE
MEN400 MetersKhaleb McRaeSOSouth Plains (Texas)Region VE
MEN4x400 RelayKhaleb McRaeSOSouth Plains (Texas)Region VE
MENPole VaultThomas NietoFRSouth Plains (Texas)Region VE
MEN4x400 RelayIsaiah PalmerFRSouth Plains (Texas)Region VE
MEN4x400 RelayShevoie ReidFRSouth Plains (Texas)Region VE
MEN400 Meter HurdlesChris RobinsonSOSouth Plains (Texas)Region VE
MEN400 MetersSeydi SallFRSouth Plains (Texas)Region VE
MEN800 MetersSeydi SallFRSouth Plains (Texas)Region VE
MEN800 MetersJavon-Taye WilliamsFRSouth Plains (Texas)Region VE
MEN4x800 RelayJavon-Taye WilliamsFRSouth Plains (Texas)Region VE
MEN4x400 RelayGabriel WoodardFRSouth Plains (Texas)Region VE
MEN800 MetersMehdi YanouriFRSouth Plains (Texas)Region VE
MEN1500 MetersMehdi YanouriFRSouth Plains (Texas)Region VE
MEN4x800 RelayMehdi YanouriFRSouth Plains (Texas)Region VE
MENSteeplechaseEric ChristenSOSouthern IdahoRegion XVIIIE
MEN10,000 MetersIsmael RamirezSOTrinidad State (Colo.) JCRegion IXE
MENHigh JumpAnthony CampbellSOVincennes (Ind.)Region XIIE
MENPole VaultMatteo CapelloFRVincennes (Ind.)Region XIIE
MENPole VaultMatthew FrazierFRVincennes (Ind.)Region XIIE
MENHammerRyan GolliherFRVincennes (Ind.)Region XIIE
MENPole VaultCole SumnerFRVincennes (Ind.)Region XIIE
MEN400 Meter HurdlesJauavney JamesFRWestern TexasRegion VE
WOMEN10,000 MetersElka BillingsFRAllen (Kan.) CCRegion VIE
WOMENHigh JumpAnnia AshleyFRBarton (Kan.) CCRegion VIE
WOMEN4x400 RelaySasha BrownFRBarton (Kan.) CCRegion VIE
WOMENShot PutAna Da SilvaFRBarton (Kan.) CCRegion VIE
WOMEN4x400 RelayJayda DillonFRBarton (Kan.) CCRegion VIE
WOMEN4x100 RelayJayda DillonFRBarton (Kan.) CCRegion VIE
WOMEN400 MetersLashanna GrahamFRBarton (Kan.) CCRegion VIE
WOMEN400 Meter HurdlesLashanna GrahamFRBarton (Kan.) CCRegion VIE
WOMEN4x400 RelayLashanna GrahamFRBarton (Kan.) CCRegion VIE
WOMEN800 MetersKayan GreenFRBarton (Kan.) CCRegion VIE
WOMEN4x400 RelayKayan GreenFRBarton (Kan.) CCRegion VIE
WOMEN100 Meter HurdlesAshanti HarveyFRBarton (Kan.) CCRegion VIE
WOMEN100 Meter HurdlesAyesha NelsonFRBarton (Kan.) CCRegion VIE
WOMEN4x100 RelayAyesha NelsonFRBarton (Kan.) CCRegion VIE
WOMEN4x100 RelayShemia OdaineFRBarton (Kan.) CCRegion VIE
WOMENHigh JumpNia RobinsonFRBarton (Kan.) CCRegion VIE
WOMENLong JumpNia RobinsonFRBarton (Kan.) CCRegion VIE
WOMENTriple JumpNia RobinsonFRBarton (Kan.) CCRegion VIE
WOMEN4x100 RelayNia RobinsonFRBarton (Kan.) CCRegion VIE
WOMENShot PutJada SewellFRBarton (Kan.) CCRegion VIE
WOMENDiscusJada SewellFRBarton (Kan.) CCRegion VIE
WOMENHammerJada SewellFRBarton (Kan.) CCRegion VIE
WOMEN100 Meter HurdlesTania DunbarSOBryant & Stratton (Va.)Region XE
WOMEN400 Meter HurdlesKaelyn WoodrumSOBryant & Stratton (Va.)Region XE
WOMEN4x400 RelayKiara BrownFRButler (Kan.) CCRegion VIE
WOMEN100 MetersToshel GoffeFRButler (Kan.) CCRegion VIE
WOMEN4x400 RelayToshel GoffeFRButler (Kan.) CCRegion VIE
WOMEN200 MetersKaleb McDonaldFRButler (Kan.) CCRegion VIE
WOMEN400 MetersKaleb McDonaldFRButler (Kan.) CCRegion VIE
WOMEN4x400 RelayKaleb McDonaldFRButler (Kan.) CCRegion VIE
WOMEN800 MetersZadie St. LouisFRButler (Kan.) CCRegion VIE
WOMEN100 MetersLinesha ThompsonFRButler (Kan.) CCRegion VIE
WOMEN200 MetersLinesha ThompsonFRButler (Kan.) CCRegion VIE
WOMEN4x400 RelayLinesha ThompsonFRButler (Kan.) CCRegion VIE
WOMEN4x400 RelayIsila ApkupFRCloud County (Kan.) CCRegion VIE
WOMEN400 MetersLeonie BeuFRCloud County (Kan.) CCRegion VIE
WOMEN4x400 RelayLeonie BeuFRCloud County (Kan.) CCRegion VIE
WOMENDiscusMaycee CallihanFRCloud County (Kan.) CCRegion VIE
WOMEN4x400 RelayPassion CrewsFRCloud County (Kan.) CCRegion VIE
WOMEN4x800 RelayPassion CrewsFRCloud County (Kan.) CCRegion VIE
WOMENJavelinBrenna DavidsonFRCloud County (Kan.) CCRegion VIE
WOMEN400 Meter HurdlesTashira EdwardsFRCloud County (Kan.) CCRegion VIE
WOMENShot PutMarie ForbesFRCloud County (Kan.) CCRegion VIE
WOMENDiscusMarie ForbesFRCloud County (Kan.) CCRegion VIE
WOMENHammerMarie ForbesFRCloud County (Kan.) CCRegion VIE
WOMENTriple JumpFaithlyn IrvingFRCloud County (Kan.) CCRegion VIE
WOMENSteeplechasePatricia KomaFRCloud County (Kan.) CCRegion VIE
WOMEN4x800 RelayPatricia KomaFRCloud County (Kan.) CCRegion VIE
WOMEN800 MetersPamela MilanoSOCloud County (Kan.) CCRegion VIE
WOMEN4x400 RelayPamela MilanoSOCloud County (Kan.) CCRegion VIE
WOMEN4x800 RelayPamela MilanoSOCloud County (Kan.) CCRegion VIE
WOMENSteeplechaseLudjenie MondesirFRCloud County (Kan.) CCRegion VIE
WOMEN4x800 RelayLudjenie MondesirFRCloud County (Kan.) CCRegion VIE
WOMENJavelinHollie StewartFRCloud County (Kan.) CCRegion VIE
WOMEN4x400 RelayAchai AropFRCoffeyville (Kan.) CCRegion VIE
WOMEN4x400 RelayAvagay MorrisFRCoffeyville (Kan.) CCRegion VIE
WOMEN4x400 RelayShavell RileyFRCoffeyville (Kan.) CCRegion VIE
WOMENHammerKristina TchoumakFRCoffeyville (Kan.) CCRegion VIE
WOMEN4x400 RelayTatiana WashingtonFRCoffeyville (Kan.) CCRegion VIE
WOMENTriple JumpPrincess BrowneFRColby (Kan.) CCRegion VIE
WOMEN100 MetersHalutie HorFRColby (Kan.) CCRegion VIE
WOMEN200 MetersHalutie HorFRColby (Kan.) CCRegion VIE
WOMENPole VaultChanna HinesSOCowley (Kan.)Region VIE
WOMENDiscusKayla NoearSOCowley (Kan.)Region VIE
WOMEN1500 MetersLubna SuiedFRCowley (Kan.)Region VIE
WOMEN5000 MetersLubna SuiedFRCowley (Kan.)Region VIE
WOMEN10,000 MetersLubna SuiedFRCowley (Kan.)Region VIE
WOMENJavelinShade TorresFRDodge City (Kan.) CCRegion VIE
WOMEN4x100 RelayAriyonna BastonFRFort Scott (Kan.) CCRegion VIE
WOMENTriple JumpDamazvia DamesFRFort Scott (Kan.) CCRegion VIE
WOMEN4x100 RelayKailah GilmoreFRFort Scott (Kan.) CCRegion VIE
WOMEN4x100 RelayCharleyanse HowardFRFort Scott (Kan.) CCRegion VIE
WOMEN200 MetersTrinity SinegalFRFort Scott (Kan.) CCRegion VIE
WOMEN4x100 RelayTrinity SinegalFRFort Scott (Kan.) CCRegion VIE
WOMEN4x800 RelayEmma DrakeFRHawkeye (Iowa) CCRegion XIE
WOMEN4x800 RelayKaylee LeichtFRHawkeye (Iowa) CCRegion XIE
WOMENHigh JumpKylee NeighborsFRHawkeye (Iowa) CCRegion XIE
WOMENHeptathlonMargaret NielsenFRHawkeye (Iowa) CCRegion XIE
WOMEN4x800 RelayRyann PortchFRHawkeye (Iowa) CCRegion XIE
WOMENHammerMari ShaversSOHawkeye (Iowa) CCRegion XIE
WOMEN4x800 RelaySophie SpargurFRHawkeye (Iowa) CCRegion XIE
WOMENPole VaultTaylor FrancisFRHighland (Kan.) CCRegion VIE
WOMENHigh JumpKendra McDonaldFRHighland (Kan.) CCRegion VIE
WOMENShot PutSantornya RallifordFRHighland (Kan.) CCRegion VIE
WOMENDiscusSantornya RallifordFRHighland (Kan.) CCRegion VIE
WOMENJavelinDeisiane TeixeiraSOHighland (Kan.) CCRegion VIE
WOMEN100 Meter HurdlesJerricka AmbusFRHinds (Miss.) CCRegion XXIIIE
WOMEN4x100 RelayJerricka AmbusFRHinds (Miss.) CCRegion XXIIIE
WOMENHigh JumpBreanna Brown-MarshallFRHinds (Miss.) CCRegion XXIIIE
WOMEN4x100 RelayBreanna Brown-MarshallFRHinds (Miss.) CCRegion XXIIIE
WOMEN400 Meter HurdlesLeandria ElamFRHinds (Miss.) CCRegion XXIIIE
WOMEN4x100 RelayDiandrenique GainesFRHinds (Miss.) CCRegion XXIIIE
WOMEN4x100 RelayOckera MyrieFRHinds (Miss.) CCRegion XXIIIE
WOMENHeptathlonCassidy BunyardFRHoward (Md.) CC(none selected)E
WOMENPole VaultKiana BrownFRHutchinson (Kan.) CCRegion VIE
WOMENJavelinPatrisha DollFRHutchinson (Kan.) CCRegion VIE
WOMENPole VaultViolet MartinezFRHutchinson (Kan.) CCRegion VIE
WOMEN4x100 RelayKahliyah AndersonFRIndian Hills (Iowa) CCRegion XIE
WOMEN4x400 RelayKahliyah AndersonFRIndian Hills (Iowa) CCRegion XIE
WOMEN4x400 RelayAimaya DrummondFRIndian Hills (Iowa) CCRegion XIE
WOMEN4x100 RelayAimaya DrummondFRIndian Hills (Iowa) CCRegion XIE
WOMEN4x100 RelayTemira GoodsFRIndian Hills (Iowa) CCRegion XIE
WOMEN4x400 RelayTemira GoodsFRIndian Hills (Iowa) CCRegion XIE
WOMEN4x100 RelayJanyla HoskinsFRIndian Hills (Iowa) CCRegion XIE
WOMEN4x400 RelayDestiny LottieFRIndian Hills (Iowa) CCRegion XIE
WOMENHammerVictoria AduFRIowa Central CCRegion XIE
WOMENSteeplechaseLilia AlvarezFRIowa Central CCRegion XIE
WOMEN4x800 RelayLilia AlvarezFRIowa Central CCRegion XIE
WOMEN200 MetersHannah ConnellFRIowa Central CCRegion XIE
WOMEN100 Meter HurdlesHannah ConnellFRIowa Central CCRegion XIE
WOMEN4x100 RelayHannah ConnellFRIowa Central CCRegion XIE
WOMEN1500 MetersRosalie FishFRIowa Central CCRegion XIE
WOMEN5000 MetersRosalie FishFRIowa Central CCRegion XIE
WOMEN4x800 RelayRosalie FishFRIowa Central CCRegion XIE
WOMEN100 MetersOdell FryeFRIowa Central CCRegion XIE
WOMEN200 MetersOdell FryeFRIowa Central CCRegion XIE
WOMEN4x100 RelayOdell FryeFRIowa Central CCRegion XIE
WOMEN4x100 RelayPatience HeathFRIowa Central CCRegion XIE
WOMEN4x800 RelayShaunti LongfellowFRIowa Central CCRegion XIE
WOMENShot PutAshley MicheauxFRIowa Central CCRegion XIE
WOMENHammerAshley MicheauxFRIowa Central CCRegion XIE
WOMEN4x100 RelayTamara RobySOIowa Central CCRegion XIE
WOMEN4x800 RelayJosie StackisFRIowa Central CCRegion XIE
WOMENHeptathlonKiya WulfFRIowa Central CCRegion XIE
WOMEN1500 MetersMohussin AbakarFRIowa Western CCRegion XIE
WOMEN4x800 RelayMohussin AbakarFRIowa Western CCRegion XIE
WOMENLong JumpVictory GeorgeFRIowa Western CCRegion XIE
WOMENTriple JumpVictory GeorgeFRIowa Western CCRegion XIE
WOMEN4x100 RelayVictory GeorgeFRIowa Western CCRegion XIE
WOMEN400 Meter HurdlesDyandra GrayFRIowa Western CCRegion XIE
WOMEN4x100 RelayDyandra GrayFRIowa Western CCRegion XIE
WOMEN4x100 RelayNayomie GreenFRIowa Western CCRegion XIE
WOMEN4x800 RelayBlayne LachanceSOIowa Western CCRegion XIE
WOMEN1500 MetersFaith LingaSOIowa Western CCRegion XIE
WOMEN5000 MetersFaith LingaSOIowa Western CCRegion XIE
WOMEN10,000 MetersFaith LingaSOIowa Western CCRegion XIE
WOMENHigh JumpAlliyah McNeilFRIowa Western CCRegion XIE
WOMENLong JumpAlliyah McNeilFRIowa Western CCRegion XIE
WOMEN4x800 RelayJadyn MillerSOIowa Western CCRegion XIE
WOMENShot PutShania ParkinsonSOIowa Western CCRegion XIE
WOMEN4x800 RelayNia TaylorSOIowa Western CCRegion XIE
WOMEN100 MetersTirecia WalcottFRIowa Western CCRegion XIE
WOMEN4x100 RelayTirecia WalcottFRIowa Western CCRegion XIE
WOMEN10,000 MetersSophia SpaldingFRLansing (Mich.) CCRegion VIIE
WOMEN5000 MetersEllis CollinsFRMesa (Ariz.) CCRegion IE
WOMENSteeplechaseEllis CollinsFRMesa (Ariz.) CCRegion IE
WOMEN4x800 RelayEllis CollinsFRMesa (Ariz.) CCRegion IE
WOMENJavelinKassidy FaraciFRMesa (Ariz.) CCRegion IE
WOMENPole VaultJolynn FlemingFRMesa (Ariz.) CCRegion IE
WOMEN4x800 RelayTanaeya JohnsonFRMesa (Ariz.) CCRegion IE
WOMENDiscusJulianna PerezFRMesa (Ariz.) CCRegion IE
WOMEN4x800 RelayZanna RamirezFRMesa (Ariz.) CCRegion IE
WOMENSteeplechaseMary SimlSOMesa (Ariz.) CCRegion IE
WOMEN4x800 RelayMary SimlSOMesa (Ariz.) CCRegion IE
WOMENPole VaultJanie TenneyFRMesa (Ariz.) CCRegion IE
WOMEN800 MetersAaliyah MooreFRMonroe-New Rochelle (N.Y.)Region XVE
WOMENHigh JumpPhoebe MyersFRMonroe-New Rochelle (N.Y.)Region XVE
WOMENHammerKristin StickdornFRMonroe-New Rochelle (N.Y.)Region XVE
WOMEN800 MetersFlomena AsekolFRNew Mexico JCRegion VE
WOMEN1500 MetersFlomena AsekolFRNew Mexico JCRegion VE
WOMEN4x800 RelayFlomena AsekolFRNew Mexico JCRegion VE
WOMEN400 Meter HurdlesMoisha BarnesSONew Mexico JCRegion VE
WOMEN4x400 RelayMoisha BarnesSONew Mexico JCRegion VE
WOMEN4x800 RelayMoisha BarnesSONew Mexico JCRegion VE
WOMENHammerMathilda BjorklundFRNew Mexico JCRegion VE
WOMENTriple JumpMarieClaire Eton NtongaFRNew Mexico JCRegion VE
WOMENLong JumpSusan FrancisSONew Mexico JCRegion VE
WOMEN4x800 RelayGladys KoechFRNew Mexico JCRegion VE
WOMEN100 Meter HurdlesKimeone McleodFRNew Mexico JCRegion VE
WOMEN100 Meter HurdlesRichara McNeilFRNew Mexico JCRegion VE
WOMENLong JumpRichara McNeilFRNew Mexico JCRegion VE
WOMEN4x800 RelayNadine RoseFRNew Mexico JCRegion VE
WOMEN4x400 RelayNadine RoseFRNew Mexico JCRegion VE
WOMEN400 MetersMaria SimancaFRNew Mexico JCRegion VE
WOMEN4x400 RelayMaria SimancaFRNew Mexico JCRegion VE
WOMEN100 MetersAyla StanisclausFRNew Mexico JCRegion VE
WOMEN200 MetersAyla StanisclausFRNew Mexico JCRegion VE
WOMENHigh JumpLuisarys ToledoFRNew Mexico JCRegion VE
WOMENShot PutLuisarys ToledoFRNew Mexico JCRegion VE
WOMENJavelinLuisarys ToledoFRNew Mexico JCRegion VE
WOMENHeptathlonLuisarys ToledoFRNew Mexico JCRegion VE
WOMEN4x400 RelayLuisarys ToledoFRNew Mexico JCRegion VE
WOMENPole VaultVictoria Villanueva SONew Mexico JCRegion VE
WOMEN400 MetersAnna-Kay AllenFRSouth Plains (Texas)Region VE
WOMEN4x400 RelayAnna-Kay AllenFRSouth Plains (Texas)Region VE
WOMEN4x400 RelayJordan BrownFRSouth Plains (Texas)Region VE
WOMEN100 MetersRosemary ChukwumaFRSouth Plains (Texas)Region VE
WOMEN200 MetersRosemary ChukwumaFRSouth Plains (Texas)Region VE
WOMEN4x100 RelayRosemary ChukwumaFRSouth Plains (Texas)Region VE
WOMEN800 MetersCemore DonaldFRSouth Plains (Texas)Region VE
WOMEN4x800 RelayCemore DonaldFRSouth Plains (Texas)Region VE
WOMEN4x800 RelayEsmeralda EspinozaFRSouth Plains (Texas)Region VE
WOMENTriple JumpDejah FullerFRSouth Plains (Texas)Region VE
WOMEN100 Meter HurdlesTia HarryFRSouth Plains (Texas)Region VE
WOMEN4x800 RelayLexi JacksonFRSouth Plains (Texas)Region VE
WOMEN400 Meter HurdlesCamille LewisFRSouth Plains (Texas)Region VE
WOMENHigh JumpCamille LewisFRSouth Plains (Texas)Region VE
WOMEN4x800 RelayCamille LewisFRSouth Plains (Texas)Region VE
WOMENLong JumpOnaara ObamuwagunFRSouth Plains (Texas)Region VE
WOMENTriple JumpOnaara ObamuwagunFRSouth Plains (Texas)Region VE
WOMEN4x100 RelayKeshana PageFRSouth Plains (Texas)Region VE
WOMEN4x400 RelayKeshana PageFRSouth Plains (Texas)Region VE
WOMENHigh JumpJoniar ThomasFRSouth Plains (Texas)Region VE
WOMENLong JumpJoniar ThomasFRSouth Plains (Texas)Region VE
WOMENJavelinJoniar ThomasFRSouth Plains (Texas)Region VE
WOMENHeptathlonJoniar ThomasFRSouth Plains (Texas)Region VE
WOMEN4x100 RelayJoniar ThomasFRSouth Plains (Texas)Region VE
WOMEN400 MetersSuccess UmukoroFRSouth Plains (Texas)Region VE
WOMEN4x400 RelaySuccess UmukoroFRSouth Plains (Texas)Region VE
WOMEN4x100 RelaySuccess UmukoroFRSouth Plains (Texas)Region VE
WOMENSteeplechaseAmy WhiteSOSouthern IdahoRegion XVIIIE
WOMEN10,000 MetersMaura WilliamsFRSouthern IdahoRegion XVIIIE
WOMENHeptathlonFane SauvakacoloFRSouthwestern (Iowa) CCRegion XIE
WOMEN1500 MetersSheilah CheruiyotFRTrinidad State (Colo.) JCRegion IXE
WOMEN5000 MetersSheilah CheruiyotFRTrinidad State (Colo.) JCRegion IXE
WOMEN1500 MetersSharon JesangFRTrinidad State (Colo.) JCRegion IXE
WOMEN5000 MetersSharon JesangFRTrinidad State (Colo.) JCRegion IXE
WOMEN10,000 MetersAshley LagatFRTrinidad State (Colo.) JCRegion IXE
WOMENSteeplechaseAshley LagatFRTrinidad State (Colo.) JCRegion IXE
WOMENPole VaultMakinzi MeurerFRVincennes (Ind.)Region XIIE
WOMEN5000 MetersMeagan MorenoFRVincennes (Ind.)Region XIIE
WOMEN10,000 MetersMeagan MorenoFRVincennes (Ind.)Region XIIE
WOMEN4x100 RelayChelsea AgyemangSOWestern TexasRegion VE
WOMEN4x400 RelayNiesha BurgherFRWestern TexasRegion VE
WOMEN4x100 RelayNiesha BurgherFRWestern TexasRegion VE
WOMEN800 MetersShadae FindleyFRWestern TexasRegion VE
WOMEN4x400 RelayShadae FindleyFRWestern TexasRegion VE
WOMEN4x400 RelayLatifah PinnockFRWestern TexasRegion VE
WOMENHeptathlonMaricia SpenceSOWestern TexasRegion VE
WOMEN4x100 RelayMaricia SpenceSOWestern TexasRegion VE
WOMEN4x400 RelayMaricia SpenceSOWestern TexasRegion VE
WOMEN4x100 RelayDy'Mond WileyFRWestern TexasRegion VE