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NCAA DI XC All-Region

2021 NCAA Division I Cross Country All-Region

NEW ORLEANS – All-Region honorees for the 2021 NCAA Division I Cross Country season were recognized on Monday by the U.S. Track & Field and Cross Country Coaches Association (USTFCCCA) following Regional Championships Friday.

A total of 225 men from 88 different programs and 225 women from 103 different programs earned All-Region distinction by virtue of a top-25 finish at one of the nine regional sites this past weekend. Only athletes from USTFCCCA member institutions are eligible for awards.

Only three teams in the country had all seven of their athletes earn All-Region honors – and they’re all on the men’s side and champions, too: Midwest Region champion Oklahoma State, South Region champion Ole Miss and Southeast Region champion Wake Forest.

Twelve different programs amassed six honorees on their respective squad: Arkansas, Notre Dame, Princeton, Stanford, Texas and Villanova on the men’s side; Arkansas, NC State, New Mexico, North Carolina and Wisconsin on the women’s side.

Arkansas and Ole Miss tied with the most combined honorees per institution with 12. Stanford and Wisconsin each had 11, while Georgetown, Notre Dame and Oklahoma State all had 10.

No conference had more All-Region athletes than the ACC with 60. Next up on the list was the SEC with 53, followed by the Big Ten with 45 and the Pac-12 with 40.

Many of these honorees with compete next Saturday, November 20, at the 2021 NCAA Division I Cross Country Championships at Apalachee Regional Park in Tallahassee, Florida! Remember you can watch ALL of the action LIVE on ESPNU beginning at 10 am ET.

NCAA Division I Men’s & Women’s Cross Country
2021 USTFCCCA All-Region Honorees

MENRyan Ioanidis Air ForceMountainMountain WestE
MENRyan Johnson Air ForceMountainMountain WestE
MENScott Maison Air ForceMountainMountain WestE
MENHillary Cheruiyot AlabamaSouthSECE
MENVictor Kiprop AlabamaSouthSECE
MENEliud Kipsang AlabamaSouthSECE
MENGilbert Boit ArkansasSouth CentralSECE
MENEmmanuel Cheboson ArkansasSouth CentralSECE
MENAmon Kemboi ArkansasSouth CentralSECE
MENAndrew Kibet ArkansasSouth CentralSECE
MENRyan Murphy ArkansasSouth CentralSECE
MENMyles Richter ArkansasSouth CentralSECE
MENLexington Hilton Arkansas StateSouth CentralSun BeltE
MENRyan Kinnane AuburnSouthSECE
MENDan Schaffer BinghamtonNortheastAmerica EastE
MENDario De Caro Boise StateWestMountain WestE
MENAhmed Ibrahim Boise StateWestMountain WestE
MENLogan Rees Boise StateWestMountain WestE
MENSimon Bedard ButlerGreat LakesBig EastE
MENBarry Keane ButlerGreat LakesBig EastE
MENCasey Clinger BYUMountainWCCE
MENBrandon Garnica BYUMountainWCCE
MENConner Mantz BYUMountainWCCE
MENDavin Thompson BYUMountainWCCE
MENAidan Troutner BYUMountainWCCE
MENAthanas Kioko CampbellSoutheastBig SouthE
MENFearghal Curtin Charleston SouthernSoutheastBig SouthE
MENPaul Arredondo CharlotteSoutheastConference USAE
MENNickolas Scudder CharlotteSoutheastConference USAE
MENAlec Sandusky CincinnatiGreat LakesAmericanE
MENBrendan Fraser ColoradoMountainPac-12E
MENEduardo Herrera ColoradoMountainPac-12E
MENAlec Hornecker ColoradoMountainPac-12E
MENStephen Jones ColoradoMountainPac-12E
MENAustin Vancil ColoradoMountainPac-12E
MENJack Bennett ColumbiaNortheastIvy LeagueE
MENTyler Berg ColumbiaNortheastIvy LeagueE
MENDavid Vorbach ColumbiaNortheastIvy LeagueE
MENIsaac Basten DrakeMidwestMissouri ValleyE
MENAdam Fogg DrakeMidwestMissouri ValleyE
MENJosh Romine DukeSoutheastACCE
MENDustin Hatfield Eastern IllinoisMidwestOVCE
MENToby Gualter Eastern MichiganGreat LakesMid-AmericanE
MENBaldvin Magnusson Eastern MichiganGreat LakesMid-AmericanE
MENAhmed Muhumed Florida StateSouthACCE
MENAdriaan Wildschutt Florida StateSouthACCE
MENDaniel Bernal FurmanSoutheastSoConE
MENCameron Ponder FurmanSoutheastSoConE
MENDylan Schubert FurmanSoutheastSoConE
MENAaron Wier FurmanSoutheastSoConE
MENSean Laidlaw GeorgetownMid-AtlanticBig EastE
MENJack Salisbury GeorgetownMid-AtlanticBig EastE
MENParker Stokes GeorgetownMid-AtlanticBig EastE
MENShea Weilbaker GeorgetownMid-AtlanticBig EastE
MENMatt Young GeorgetownMid-AtlanticBig EastE
MENSam Bowers GeorgiaSouthSECE
MENCullen McEachern GonzagaWestWCCE
MENJames Mwaura GonzagaWestWCCE
MENWil Smith GonzagaWestWCCE
MENGraham Blanks HarvardNortheastIvy LeagueE
MENAcer Iverson HarvardNortheastIvy LeagueE
MENDavid Melville HarvardNortheastIvy LeagueE
MENMatthew Pereira HarvardNortheastIvy LeagueE
MENJonathan Davis IllinoisMidwestBig TenE
MENArjun Jha IndianaGreat LakesBig TenE
MENJonathan DeSouza IonaNortheastMetro AtlanticE
MENEhab El-Sandali IonaNortheastMetro AtlanticE
MENEd Goddard IonaNortheastMetro AtlanticE
MENCampbell Lee IonaNortheastMetro AtlanticE
MENRyan Ford Iowa StateMidwestBig 12E
MENWesley Kiptoo Iowa StateMidwestBig 12E
MENThomas Pollard Iowa StateMidwestBig 12E
MENGable Sieperda Iowa StateMidwestBig 12E
MENTimothy Sindt Iowa StateMidwestBig 12E
MENRyan James La SalleMid-AtlanticAtlantic 10E
MENGrant O' Callaghan LipscombSouthASUNE
MENDavis Bove LSUSouth CentralSECE
MENGideon Cheplak McNeese StateSouth CentralSouthlandE
MENPayton Gleason MemphisSouthAmericanE
MENTom Brady MichiganGreat LakesBig TenE
MENDevin Meyrer MichiganGreat LakesBig TenE
MENJoost Plaetinck MichiganGreat LakesBig TenE
MENMorgan Beadlescomb Michigan StateGreat LakesBig TenE
MENJames Uhlenberg Michigan StateGreat LakesBig TenE
MENFraser Wilson Michigan StateGreat LakesBig TenE
MENJacob Choge Middle TennesseeSouthConference USAE
MENHillary Kimaiyo Middle TennesseeSouthConference USAE
MENAlec Basten MinnesotaMidwestBig TenE
MENMatthew Wilkinson MinnesotaMidwestBig TenE
MENMitchell Small MissouriMidwestSECE
MENDuncan Hamilton Montana StateMountainBig SkyE
MENBen Perrin Montana StateMountainBig SkyE
MENMatthew Richtman Montana StateMountainBig SkyE
MENJP Flavin NC StateSoutheastACCE
MENNate Kawalec NC StateSoutheastACCE
MENRobinson Snider NC StateSoutheastACCE
MENAbdirizak Ibrahim New MexicoMountainMountain WestE
MENKolyn Saltzman New OrleansSouth CentralSouthlandE
MENJack Aho North CarolinaSoutheastACCE
MENPatrick Anderson North CarolinaSoutheastACCE
MENParker Wolfe North CarolinaSoutheastACCE
MENNathan Jubran North FloridaSouthASUNE
MENAidan O'Gorman North FloridaSouthASUNE
MENNoah Perkins North FloridaSouthASUNE
MENJack Beaumont North TexasSouth CentralConference USAE
MENVictor Neiva North TexasSouth CentralConference USAE
MENAlexander Korczynski NortheasternNortheastColonialE
MENDrew Bosley Northern ArizonaMountainBig SkyE
MENAbdihamid Nur Northern ArizonaMountainBig SkyE
MENRyan Raff Northern ArizonaMountainBig SkyE
MENNico Young Northern ArizonaMountainBig SkyE
MENAndrew Alexander Notre DameGreat LakesACCE
MENMatthew Carmody Notre DameGreat LakesACCE
MENDylan Jacobs Notre DameGreat LakesACCE
MENDanny Kilrea Notre DameGreat LakesACCE
MENYared Nuguse Notre DameGreat LakesACCE
MENAnthony Russo Notre DameGreat LakesACCE
MENJosh Park OhioGreat LakesMid-AmericanE
MENShea Foster Oklahoma StateMidwestBig 12E
MENRory Leonard Oklahoma StateMidwestBig 12E
MENAlex Maier Oklahoma StateMidwestBig 12E
MENIsai Rodriguez Oklahoma StateMidwestBig 12E
MENRyan Schoppe Oklahoma StateMidwestBig 12E
MENVictor Shitsama Oklahoma StateMidwestBig 12E
MENRyan Smeeton Oklahoma StateMidwestBig 12E
MENCade Bethmann Ole MissSouthSECE
MENCole Bullock Ole MissSouthSECE
MENMichael Coccia Ole MissSouthSECE
MENDereck Elkins Ole MissSouthSECE
MENMario Garcia Romo Ole MissSouthSECE
MENNick Moulai Ole MissSouthSECE
MENBen Savino Ole MissSouthSECE
MENAaron Bienenfeld OregonWestPac-12E
MENCooper Teare OregonWestPac-12E
MENNoah Carey PennMid-AtlanticIvy LeagueE
MENOliver Stewart  PennMid-AtlanticIvy LeagueE
MENEvan Dorenkamp Penn StateMid-AtlanticBig TenE
MENEric Hamel Penn StateMid-AtlanticBig TenE
MENConnor McMenamin Penn StateMid-AtlanticBig TenE
MENJack Miller PittsburghMid-AtlanticACCE
MENJonas Gertsen PortlandWestWCCE
MENZak Kirk PortlandWestWCCE
MENJacob Klemz PortlandWestWCCE
MENStan Niesten PortlandWestWCCE
MENKevin Berry PrincetonMid-AtlanticIvy LeagueE
MENMatthew Farrell PrincetonMid-AtlanticIvy LeagueE
MENMatt Grossman PrincetonMid-AtlanticIvy LeagueE
MENJakob Kintzele PrincetonMid-AtlanticIvy LeagueE
MENAnthony Monte PrincetonMid-AtlanticIvy LeagueE
MENEd Trippas PrincetonMid-AtlanticIvy LeagueE
MENLiam Back ProvidenceNortheastBig EastE
MENAJ Ernst ProvidenceNortheastBig EastE
MENMarcelo Rocha ProvidenceNortheastBig EastE
MENCurtis Eckstein PurdueGreat LakesBig TenE
MENHociel Landa RiceSouth CentralConference USAE
MENAndrew Bosquez Sam Houston StateSouth CentralWACE
MENKirami Yego South AlabamaSouthSun BeltE
MENBradley Makuvire Southeastern LouisianaSouth CentralSouthlandE
MENNate Osterstock Southern UtahMountainBig SkyE
MENChristian Ricketts Southern UtahMountainBig SkyE
MENMeika Beaudoin-Rousseau StanfordWestPac-12E
MENDevin Hart StanfordWestPac-12E
MENCharles Hicks StanfordWestPac-12E
MEND.J. Principe StanfordWestPac-12E
MENKy Robinson StanfordWestPac-12E
MENCole Sprout StanfordWestPac-12E
MENEvan Brennan Stony BrookNortheastAmerica EastE
MENAlex Comerford SyracuseNortheastACCE
MENJoe Dragon SyracuseNortheastACCE
MENMatthew Scrape SyracuseNortheastACCE
MENAidan Tooker SyracuseNortheastACCE
MENJP Trojan SyracuseNortheastACCE
MENJoe Arthur TempleMid-AtlanticAmericanE
MENKarl Thiessen TennesseeSouthSECE
MENYaseen Abdalla TexasSouth CentralBig 12E
MENIsaac Alonzo TexasSouth CentralBig 12E
MENSamuel Bass TexasSouth CentralBig 12E
MENCruz Gomez TexasSouth CentralBig 12E
MENHaftu Knight TexasSouth CentralBig 12E
MENRodger Rivera TexasSouth CentralBig 12E
MENKelvin Kimaiyo Texas A&M-Corpus ChristiSouth CentralSouthlandE
MENDennis Kipngeno Texas A&M-Corpus ChristiSouth CentralSouthlandE
MENKwanele Mthembu Texas StateSouth CentralSun BeltE
MENIsaac Akers TulsaMidwestAmericanE
MENScott Beattie TulsaMidwestAmericanE
MENCormac Dalton TulsaMidwestAmericanE
MENPeter Lynch TulsaMidwestAmericanE
MENShay McEvoy TulsaMidwestAmericanE
MENMichael Power TulsaMidwestAmericanE
MENNick Randazzo UC Santa BarbaraWestBig WestE
MENPeter Herold UCLAWestPac-12E
MENKyle Cloutier UMass LowellNortheastAmerica EastE
MENDrew Everett UMass LowellNortheastAmerica EastE
MENAbraham Chirchir UTRGVSouth CentralWACE
MENMatthew Estopinal VanderbiltSouthSECE
MENNick Laning VanderbiltSouthSECE
MENJack Jennings VillanovaMid-AtlanticBig EastE
MENLiam Murphy VillanovaMid-AtlanticBig EastE
MENCharlie O'Donovan VillanovaMid-AtlanticBig EastE
MENJosh Phillips VillanovaMid-AtlanticBig EastE
MENHaftu Strintzos VillanovaMid-AtlanticBig EastE
MENJustin Weber VillanovaMid-AtlanticBig EastE
MENRohann Asfaw VirginiaSoutheastACCE
MENDerek Johnson VirginiaSoutheastACCE
MENAntonio Lopez Segura Virginia TechSoutheastACCE
MENZach Facioni Wake ForestSoutheastACCE
MENAaron Las Heras Wake ForestSoutheastACCE
MENJoaquin Martinez De Pinillos Wake ForestSoutheastACCE
MENCoen Roberts Wake ForestSoutheastACCE
MENJustin Robison Wake ForestSoutheastACCE
MENLuke Tewalt Wake ForestSoutheastACCE
MENThomas Vanoppen Wake ForestSoutheastACCE
MENLeo Daschbach WashingtonWestPac-12E
MENBrian Fay WashingtonWestPac-12E
MENKieran Lumb WashingtonWestPac-12E
MENJoe Waskom WashingtonWestPac-12E
MENAmir Ado Washington StateWestPac-12E
MENChristian Allen Weber StateMountainBig SkyE
MENTaylor Dillon Weber StateMountainBig SkyE
MENEvan Bishop WisconsinGreat LakesBig TenE
MENOlin Hacker WisconsinGreat LakesBig TenE
MENSeth Hirsch WisconsinGreat LakesBig TenE
MENBob Liking WisconsinGreat LakesBig TenE
MENJackson Sharp WisconsinGreat LakesBig TenE
WOMENPrudence Kiyeng Abilene ChristianSouth CentralWACE
WOMENIrene Rono Abilene ChristianSouth CentralWACE
WOMENFlomena Asekol AlabamaSouthSECE
WOMENMercy Chelangat AlabamaSouthSECE
WOMENEsther Gitahi AlabamaSouthSECE
WOMENLauren Gregory ArkansasSouth CentralSECE
WOMENGracie Hyde ArkansasSouth CentralSECE
WOMENLogan Jolly ArkansasSouth CentralSECE
WOMENJulia Paternain ArkansasSouth CentralSECE
WOMENMeghan Underwood ArkansasSouth CentralSECE
WOMENIsabel Van Camp ArkansasSouth CentralSECE
WOMENPauline Meyer Arkansas StateSouth CentralSun BeltE
WOMENJoyce Kimeli AuburnSouthSECE
WOMENEmily Mackay BinghamtonNortheastAmerica EastE
WOMENAnna Oeser Boston CollegeNortheastACCE
WOMENNicola Jansen BradleyMidwestMissouri ValleyE
WOMENAshlyn Ramos BucknellMid-AtlanticPatriotE
WOMENMia Beckham ButlerGreat LakesBig EastE
WOMENAngelina Ellis ButlerGreat LakesBig EastE
WOMENKami Hankins ButlerGreat LakesBig EastE
WOMENAnna Camp BYUMountainWCCE
WOMENAubrey Frentheway BYUMountainWCCE
WOMENAnna Martin BYUMountainWCCE
WOMENSara Musselman BYUMountainWCCE
WOMENTrinity Ruelas Cal State FullertonWestBig WestE
WOMENDorcus Ewoi CampbellSoutheastBig SouthE
WOMENLouise Lounes CharlotteSoutheastConference USAE
WOMENEllie Leather CincinnatiGreat LakesAmericanE
WOMENEmily Covert ColoradoMountainPac-12E
WOMENIndia Johnson ColoradoMountainPac-12E
WOMENAbby Nichols ColoradoMountainPac-12E
WOMENLauren Offerman Colorado StateMountainMountain WestE
WOMENAnnabel Stafford Colorado StateMountainMountain WestE
WOMENLily Tomasula-Martin Colorado StateMountainMountain WestE
WOMENPhoebe Anderson ColumbiaNortheastIvy LeagueE
WOMENMia Nahom ConnecticutNortheastBig EastE
WOMENChloe Thomas ConnecticutNortheastBig EastE
WOMENMelissa Zammitti ConnecticutNortheastBig EastE
WOMENTina Capparell DelawareMid-AtlanticColonialE
WOMENMichaela Reinhart DukeSoutheastACCE
WOMENLindsey Carlson Eastern IllinoisMidwestOVCE
WOMENLaura Taborda Eastern KentuckySoutheastASUNE
WOMENLindsey Stallworth ETSUSouthSoConE
WOMENStephanie Ormsby FloridaSouthSECE
WOMENParker Valby FloridaSouthSECE
WOMENAmanda Beach Florida StateSouthACCE
WOMENRebecca Clark Florida StateSouthACCE
WOMENJennifer Lima Florida StateSouthACCE
WOMENLauren Ryan Florida StateSouthACCE
WOMENMaudie Skyring Florida StateSouthACCE
WOMENBethany Graham FurmanSoutheastSoConE
WOMENAnnabelle Eastman George MasonSoutheastAtlantic 10E
WOMENKiera Bothwell GeorgetownMid-AtlanticBig EastE
WOMENSami Corman GeorgetownMid-AtlanticBig EastE
WOMENMaggie Donahue  GeorgetownMid-AtlanticBig EastE
WOMENBaylee Jones GeorgetownMid-AtlanticBig EastE
WOMENChloe Scrimgeour GeorgetownMid-AtlanticBig EastE
WOMENSamantha Drop GeorgiaSouthSECE
WOMENNicole Fegans Georgia TechSouthACCE
WOMENKristen Garcia GonzagaWestWCCE
WOMENEloise Freitag HarvardNortheastIvy LeagueE
WOMENAnna Juul HarvardNortheastIvy LeagueE
WOMENJudy Pendergast HarvardNortheastIvy LeagueE
WOMENMaia Ramsden HarvardNortheastIvy LeagueE
WOMENIsabell Sagar HarvardNortheastIvy LeagueE
WOMENOlivia Howell IllinoisMidwestBig TenE
WOMENSophie Murphy IonaNortheastMetro AtlanticE
WOMENGemma Nuttall IonaNortheastMetro AtlanticE
WOMENDana Feyen Iowa StateMidwestBig 12E
WOMENMadelynn Hill Iowa StateMidwestBig 12E
WOMENCailie Logue Iowa StateMidwestBig 12E
WOMENAshley Tutt Iowa StateMidwestBig 12E
WOMENLona Latema KansasMidwestBig 12E
WOMENJaybe Shufelberger Kansas StateMidwestBig 12E
WOMENPerri Bockrath KentuckySoutheastSECE
WOMENJenna Gearing KentuckySoutheastSECE
WOMENTori Herman KentuckySoutheastSECE
WOMENEleanor Mancini La SalleMid-AtlanticAtlantic 10E
WOMENElizabeth Mancini La SalleMid-AtlanticAtlantic 10E
WOMENAdelyn Ackley LibertySoutheastASUNE
WOMENCalli Doan LibertySoutheastASUNE
WOMENLydia Miller LipscombSouthASUNE
WOMENAnneka Murrin Loyola-ChicagoMidwestMissouri ValleyE
WOMENKaty-Ann McDonald LSUSouth CentralSECE
WOMENLorena Rangel Batres LSUSouth CentralSECE
WOMENKatelynne Hart MichiganGreat LakesBig TenE
WOMENSamantha Tran MichiganGreat LakesBig TenE
WOMENEricka VanderLende MichiganGreat LakesBig TenE
WOMENKayla Windemuller MichiganGreat LakesBig TenE
WOMENLynsie Gram Michigan StateGreat LakesBig TenE
WOMENKaitlyn Hynes Michigan StateGreat LakesBig TenE
WOMENJenna Magness Michigan StateGreat LakesBig TenE
WOMENMakayla Perez Michigan StateGreat LakesBig TenE
WOMENEusila Chepkemei Middle TennesseeSouthConference USAE
WOMENBethany Hasz MinnesotaMidwestBig TenE
WOMENMegan Hasz MinnesotaMidwestBig TenE
WOMENAbby Kohut-Jackson MinnesotaMidwestBig TenE
WOMENAnastasia Korzenowski MinnesotaMidwestBig TenE
WOMENJaycie Thomsen MinnesotaMidwestBig TenE
WOMENSarah Chapman MissouriMidwestSECE
WOMENMackenzie Jones MonmouthMid-AtlanticMetro AtlanticE
WOMENSammi Ragenklint MonmouthMid-AtlanticMetro AtlanticE
WOMENCamila Noe Montana StateMountainBig SkyE
WOMENElizabeth Sullivan NavyMid-AtlanticPatriotE
WOMENSamantha Bush NC StateSoutheastACCE
WOMENKelsey Chmiel NC StateSoutheastACCE
WOMENAlexandra Hays NC StateSoutheastACCE
WOMENHeather Holt NC StateSoutheastACCE
WOMENSavannah Shaw NC StateSoutheastACCE
WOMENKatelyn Tuohy NC StateSoutheastACCE
WOMENErika Freyhof NebraskaMidwestBig TenE
WOMENTierney Wolfgram NevadaMountainMountain WestE
WOMENAndrea Modin Engesæth New MexicoMountainMountain WestE
WOMENAbbe Goldstein New MexicoMountainMountain WestE
WOMENEmma Heckel New MexicoMountainMountain WestE
WOMENGracelyn Larkin New MexicoMountainMountain WestE
WOMENAmelia Mazza-Downie New MexicoMountainMountain WestE
WOMENAliandrea Upshaw New MexicoMountainMountain WestE
WOMENAriana Jimenez New OrleansSouth CentralSouthlandE
WOMENArina Kleshchukova New OrleansSouth CentralSouthlandE
WOMENAlexandra Weir New OrleansSouth CentralSouthlandE
WOMENBrynn Brown North CarolinaSoutheastACCE
WOMENAva Dobson North CarolinaSoutheastACCE
WOMENKelsey Harrington North CarolinaSoutheastACCE
WOMENPaige Hofstad North CarolinaSoutheastACCE
WOMENSasha Neglia North CarolinaSoutheastACCE
WOMENNatalie Tyner North CarolinaSoutheastACCE
WOMENTaryn O'Neill Northern ArizonaMountainBig SkyE
WOMENRachel McCardell NorthwesternMidwestBig TenE
WOMENLotte van der Pol NorthwesternMidwestBig TenE
WOMENLauren Bailey Notre DameGreat LakesACCE
WOMENMaddy Denner Notre DameGreat LakesACCE
WOMENOlivia Markezich Notre DameGreat LakesACCE
WOMENErin Strzelecki Notre DameGreat LakesACCE
WOMENAddie Engel Ohio StateGreat LakesBig TenE
WOMENMolly Born Oklahoma StateMidwestBig 12E
WOMENGabby Hentemann Oklahoma StateMidwestBig 12E
WOMENTaylor Roe Oklahoma StateMidwestBig 12E
WOMENAnna Elkin Ole MissSouthSECE
WOMENRyann Helmers Ole MissSouthSECE
WOMENClio Ozanne-Jaques Ole MissSouthSECE
WOMENKristel van den Berg Ole MissSouthSECE
WOMENSintayehu Vissa Ole MissSouthSECE
WOMENEmilie Girard OregonWestPac-12E
WOMENAneta Konieczek OregonWestPac-12E
WOMENAlessia Zarbo OregonWestPac-12E
WOMENGrace Fetherstonhaugh Oregon StateWestPac-12E
WOMENKaylee Mitchell Oregon StateWestPac-12E
WOMENAriana Gardizy PennMid-AtlanticIvy LeagueE
WOMENAlison Willingmyre Penn StateMid-AtlanticBig TenE
WOMENVeerle Bakker PortlandWestWCCE
WOMENAnna Pataki PortlandWestWCCE
WOMENLaura Pellicoro PortlandWestWCCE
WOMENKatie Camarena Portland StateWestBig SkyE
WOMENAbigail Loveys PrincetonMid-AtlanticIvy LeagueE
WOMENFiona Max PrincetonMid-AtlanticIvy LeagueE
WOMENMaria Coffin ProvidenceNortheastBig EastE
WOMENShannon Flockhart ProvidenceNortheastBig EastE
WOMENLaura Mooney ProvidenceNortheastBig EastE
WOMENEmma Tate PurdueGreat LakesBig TenE
WOMENHannah Moran RadfordSoutheastBig SouthE
WOMENGrace Forbes RiceSouth CentralConference USAE
WOMENTaigen Hunter-Galvan RiceSouth CentralConference USAE
WOMENLourdes Vivas de Lorenzi RiceSouth CentralConference USAE
WOMENCaitlin Wosika RiceSouth CentralConference USAE
WOMENEve Jensen San FranciscoWestWCCE
WOMENRuby Smee San FranciscoWestWCCE
WOMENKaitlyn Gearin  SMUSouth CentralAmericanE
WOMENLeah Hansen South Dakota StateMidwestSummit LeagueE
WOMENAlison Pray Southern UtahMountainBig SkyE
WOMENRayna Stanziano St. Mary's (Calif.)WestWCCE
WOMENChristina Aragon StanfordWestPac-12E
WOMENZofia Dudek StanfordWestPac-12E
WOMENJulia Heymach StanfordWestPac-12E
WOMENLucy Jenks StanfordWestPac-12E
WOMENAudrey Suarez StanfordWestPac-12E
WOMENFiona McLoughlin Stony BrookNortheastAmerica EastE
WOMENHolly Bent SyracuseNortheastACCE
WOMENAnnie Boos SyracuseNortheastACCE
WOMENAbigail Spiers SyracuseNortheastACCE
WOMENAmanda Vestri SyracuseNortheastACCE
WOMENMichelle Joyce TempleMid-AtlanticAmericanE
WOMENOlivia Janke TennesseeSouthSECE
WOMENSydney Seymour TennesseeSouthSECE
WOMENKatie Thronson TennesseeSouthSECE
WOMENIsabel Hebner TexasSouth CentralBig 12E
WOMENEva Jess TexasSouth CentralBig 12E
WOMENBeth Ramos TexasSouth CentralBig 12E
WOMENJulia Black Texas A&MSouth CentralSECE
WOMENAbbey Santoro Texas A&MSouth CentralSECE
WOMENJoy Chirchir ToledoGreat LakesMid-AmericanE
WOMENTherese Olshanski TulaneSouth CentralAmericanE
WOMENKatharina Pesendorfer TulsaMidwestAmericanE
WOMENEmily Sessa UMass LowellNortheastAmerica EastE
WOMENBella Williams UtahMountainPac-12E
WOMENCara Woolnough UtahMountainPac-12E
WOMENEverlyn Kemboi Utah ValleyMountainWACE
WOMENMcKenzie Yanek VanderbiltSouthSECE
WOMENLydia Olivere VillanovaMid-AtlanticBig EastE
WOMENSadie Sigfstead  VillanovaMid-AtlanticBig EastE
WOMENMaggie Smith VillanovaMid-AtlanticBig EastE
WOMENLindsey Butler Virginia TechSoutheastACCE
WOMENSophie Cantine WashingtonWestPac-12E
WOMENMadison Heisterman WashingtonWestPac-12E
WOMENHaley Herberg WashingtonWestPac-12E
WOMENAllie Schadler WashingtonWestPac-12E
WOMENNaomi Smith WashingtonWestPac-12E
WOMENNeema Kimtai Washington StateWestPac-12E
WOMENSummer Allen Weber StateMountainBig SkyE
WOMENBillie Hatch Weber StateMountainBig SkyE
WOMENKatherine Dowie West VirginiaMid-AtlanticBig 12E
WOMENHayley Jackson  West VirginiaMid-AtlanticBig 12E
WOMENMikaela Lucki West VirginiaMid-AtlanticBig 12E
WOMENCeili McCabe West VirginiaMid-AtlanticBig 12E
WOMENSylvia Russell West VirginiaMid-AtlanticBig 12E
WOMENYazmine Wright Wichita StateMidwestAmericanE
WOMENLucinda Crouch WisconsinGreat LakesBig TenE
WOMENStella Gillman WisconsinGreat LakesBig TenE
WOMENVictoria Heiligenthal WisconsinGreat LakesBig TenE
WOMENAlissa Niggemann WisconsinGreat LakesBig TenE
WOMENDanielle Orie WisconsinGreat LakesBig TenE
WOMENSamantha Stieve WisconsinGreat LakesBig TenE
WOMENKayley DeLay YaleNortheastIvy LeagueE
WOMENMaddie Ghazarian YaleNortheastIvy LeagueE
WOMENZoe Nuechterlein YaleNortheastIvy LeagueE