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NJCAA DI OTF All-America

2022 NJCAA Division I Outdoor Track & Field All-America

NEW ORLEANS – All-America honors for the 2022 NJCAA Division I Outdoor Track & Field season were announced on Thursday by the U.S. Track & Field and Cross Country Coaches Association (USTFCCCA).

Student-athletes earned USTFCCCA All-America honors by virtue of finishing among the top-8 of their respective individual events – including as a member of a relay – at the 2022 NJCAA Division I Outdoor Track & Field Championships last week in Hutchinson, Kansas.

Not surprisingly, the programs earning the most honors were among the most successful at the national championships.

Women’s national team champion and men’s runner-up Iowa Western CC earned the most combined men’s and women’s honors with 48, followed by men’s team champion South Plains (Texas) with 46 (the Lady Texans finished fifth).

Barton (Kan.) CC had the next most All-Americans with 41 after finishing third in the men’s team standings and fourth in the women’s. Cloud County (Kan.) CC followed with 37 and New Mexico JC (runner-up in women’s standings) rounded out the top-5 with 34.

Also earning 20 or more All-America honors were Butler (Kan.) CC with 27, Indian Hills (Iowa) CC with 22 and Central Arizona with 20.

Individually, two athletes led the way with four All-American honors – Ashantai Boller of New Mexico JC and Ahmed Sado of Trinidad (Colo.). Bollers placed third in 100 and fourth in the 200 and also ran on the T-Birds’ runner-up 4×400 team and third-place 4×100 squad. Sado was runner-up in the steeplechase, sixth in the 1500 and eighth in the 5000, plus ran on the Trojans’ third-place 4×800 team.

There were 25 different athletes with three All-American honors.

See below for a full list of athletes who earned USTFCCCA All-American honors for their efforts during the 2022 NJCAA DI Outdoor Track & Field Championships!

2022 NJCAA DI Outdoor Track & Field
USTFCCCA Men’s & Women’s All-America

MENTriple JumpJeremiah SaintillSOAllen (Kan.) CCRegion VIE
MENHigh JumpIrayjuan WhiteFRAllen (Kan.) CCRegion VIE
MEN400 MetersTelron BradfordSOBarton (Kan.) CCRegion VIE
MEN4x100 RelayTelron BradfordSOBarton (Kan.) CCRegion VIE
MEN4x400 RelayTelron BradfordSOBarton (Kan.) CCRegion VIE
MENLong JumpShakwon CokeSOBarton (Kan.) CCRegion VIE
MEN4x100 RelayAndrew FergusonSOBarton (Kan.) CCRegion VIE
MENShot PutGiovanni GutierrezSOBarton (Kan.) CCRegion VIE
MENHammerGiovanni GutierrezSOBarton (Kan.) CCRegion VIE
MENDiscusBrandon LloydFRBarton (Kan.) CCRegion VIE
MEN400 MetersElijah MosleyFRBarton (Kan.) CCRegion VIE
MEN4x400 RelayElijah MosleyFRBarton (Kan.) CCRegion VIE
MEN4x100 RelayMarcus PurcellFRBarton (Kan.) CCRegion VIE
MEN200 MetersAlmond SmallFRBarton (Kan.) CCRegion VIE
MEN4x100 RelayAlmond SmallFRBarton (Kan.) CCRegion VIE
MEN4x400 RelayAlmond SmallFRBarton (Kan.) CCRegion VIE
MEN4x400 RelayCedric WilliamsSOBarton (Kan.) CCRegion VIE
MENLong JumpAnthony WoodsFRBarton (Kan.) CCRegion VIE
MENTriple JumpAnthony WoodsFRBarton (Kan.) CCRegion VIE
MEN400 Meter HurdlesJason FerrellFRBryant & Stratton (Va.)Region XE
MENLong JumpEtaijen EasterSOBryant & Stratton (Wis.)Region IVE
MENHigh JumpJaivon HarrisonFRBryant & Stratton (Wis.)Region IVE
MEN4x100 RelayShawn BrownFRButler (Kan.) CCRegion VIE
MEN100 MetersJerod ElcockFRButler (Kan.) CCRegion VIE
MEN200 MetersJerod ElcockFRButler (Kan.) CCRegion VIE
MEN4x100 RelayJerod ElcockFRButler (Kan.) CCRegion VIE
MEN100 MetersCaleb JacksonFRButler (Kan.) CCRegion VIE
MEN4x100 RelayCaleb JacksonFRButler (Kan.) CCRegion VIE
MEN4x100 RelayMorgan JamisonFRButler (Kan.) CCRegion VIE
MEN4x400 RelayMorgan JamisonFRButler (Kan.) CCRegion VIE
MEN100 MetersNazzio JohnFRButler (Kan.) CCRegion VIE
MEN4x400 RelayNazzio JohnFRButler (Kan.) CCRegion VIE
MEN5000 MetersVictor JumoFRButler (Kan.) CCRegion VIE
MEN4x400 RelayCameron LeibaFRButler (Kan.) CCRegion VIE
MEN4x400 RelayJared SylvesterFRButler (Kan.) CCRegion VIE
MEN800 MetersZach TrotterFRButler (Kan.) CCRegion VIE
MEN4x100 RelayRazak AbdulFRCentral ArizonaRegion IE
MENTriple JumpGodwin CharlesFRCentral ArizonaRegion IE
MENJavelinBryce HoldridgeFRCentral ArizonaRegion IE
MEN4x100 RelayOusman JagneFRCentral ArizonaRegion IE
MEN4x100 RelayRoyden PeetsFRCentral ArizonaRegion IE
MEN4x100 RelayRomar StapletonFRCentral ArizonaRegion IE
MEN800 MetersHassan AbidiFRCloud County (Kan.) CCRegion VIE
MEN4x800 RelayHassan AbidiFRCloud County (Kan.) CCRegion VIE
MENHammerMohamed AhmedFRCloud County (Kan.) CCRegion VIE
MENDecathlonAndrew BettonSOCloud County (Kan.) CCRegion VIE
MEN4x800 RelayRylan CheneySOCloud County (Kan.) CCRegion VIE
MENLong JumpBrad Davies-PugheFRCloud County (Kan.) CCRegion VIE
MENSteeplechaseMichael IyaliSOCloud County (Kan.) CCRegion VIE
MEN4x800 RelayMichael IyaliSOCloud County (Kan.) CCRegion VIE
MEN400 Meter HurdlesEphraim LerkinSOCloud County (Kan.) CCRegion VIE
MENJavelinDavis MickFRCloud County (Kan.) CCRegion VIE
MENDecathlonAnson MosesFRCloud County (Kan.) CCRegion VIE
MENLong JumpTimothy NyinguanSOCloud County (Kan.) CCRegion VIE
MEN4x800 RelayQuwayne ReidFRCloud County (Kan.) CCRegion VIE
MENTriple JumpGarrian BettsFRCoffeyville (Kan.) CCRegion VIE
MENShot PutCalvin BosticFRCoffeyville (Kan.) CCRegion VIE
MENDiscusCalvin BosticFRCoffeyville (Kan.) CCRegion VIE
MEN200 MetersIreon BrownFRCoffeyville (Kan.) CCRegion VIE
MEN4x100 RelayIreon BrownFRCoffeyville (Kan.) CCRegion VIE
MEN100 MetersDakari CharltonFRCoffeyville (Kan.) CCRegion VIE
MEN200 MetersDakari CharltonFRCoffeyville (Kan.) CCRegion VIE
MEN4x100 RelayDakari CharltonFRCoffeyville (Kan.) CCRegion VIE
MEN4x100 RelayAntoine EvansFRCoffeyville (Kan.) CCRegion VIE
MENLong JumpTreyvon FergusonSOCoffeyville (Kan.) CCRegion VIE
MENTriple JumpTreyvon FergusonSOCoffeyville (Kan.) CCRegion VIE
MENHigh JumpTimothy JohnsonSOCoffeyville (Kan.) CCRegion VIE
MEN110 Meter HurdlesTaj MorrisFRCoffeyville (Kan.) CCRegion VIE
MENShot PutDennis Ohene-AduSOCoffeyville (Kan.) CCRegion VIE
MENHammerDennis Ohene-AduSOCoffeyville (Kan.) CCRegion VIE
MEN100 MetersVictor SmithFRCoffeyville (Kan.) CCRegion VIE
MEN4x100 RelayVictor SmithFRCoffeyville (Kan.) CCRegion VIE
MEN1500 MetersMohammed BaghatiFRColby (Kan.) CCRegion VIE
MENSteeplechaseRicardo BarbosaFRColby (Kan.) CCRegion VIE
MEN5000 MetersSanele MasondoFRColby (Kan.) CCRegion VIE
MEN10,000 MetersSanele MasondoFRColby (Kan.) CCRegion VIE
MEN800 MetersLuke SundbergFRColby (Kan.) CCRegion VIE
MEN110 Meter HurdlesDiego Andres-DouganFRCowley (Kan.)Region VIE
MENShot PutAhmed BrownFRCowley (Kan.)Region VIE
MENJavelinConner KaplingerFRCowley (Kan.)Region VIE
MENHigh JumpJames BellSOEssex County (N.J.)Region XIXE
MEN110 Meter HurdlesDwight HenrySOEssex County (N.J.)Region XIXE
MENTriple JumpEnoch AntwiFRFort Scott (Kan.) CCKJCCC/Region VIE
MEN4x800 RelayLucorien DeboestSOFort Scott (Kan.) CCKJCCC/Region VIE
MEN4x800 RelayDoriye JacksonSOFort Scott (Kan.) CCKJCCC/Region VIE
MEN4x800 RelayLonnell JohnsonSOFort Scott (Kan.) CCKJCCC/Region VIE
MEN1500 MetersSamuel NavarroFRFort Scott (Kan.) CCKJCCC/Region VIE
MEN4x800 RelaySamuel NavarroFRFort Scott (Kan.) CCKJCCC/Region VIE
MEN10,000 MetersKelvin CheriuyotFRGarden City (Kan.) CCRegion VIE
MEN5000 MetersDennis MutaiFRGarden City (Kan.) CCRegion VIE
MEN10,000 MetersDennis MutaiFRGarden City (Kan.) CCRegion VIE
MENDecathlonDebonaire WilliamsFRGarden City (Kan.) CCRegion VIE
MEN10,000 MetersZane ChalkerSOHagerstown (Md.) CCRegion XXE
MENHigh JumpEligha WilsonSOHarcum (Pa.)Region XIXE
MENShot PutBlake VeenstraSOHawkeye (Iowa) CCRegion XIE
MENDiscusBlake VeenstraSOHawkeye (Iowa) CCRegion XIE
MENHammerBlake VeenstraSOHawkeye (Iowa) CCRegion XIE
MENJavelinOdayne HarrisFRHighland (Kan.) CCRegion VIE
MENPole VaultAndwele ShurlandFRHighland (Kan.) CCRegion VIE
MENJavelinTevaughn TateSOHighland (Kan.) CCRegion VIE
MENDecathlonTevaughn TateSOHighland (Kan.) CCRegion VIE
MENJavelinJarno ZuccoliFRHighland (Kan.) CCRegion VIE
MENPole VaultAaron FortenberryFRHinds (Miss.) CCRegion XXIIIE
MEN400 Meter HurdlesAlfonso Hale JrFRHinds (Miss.) CCRegion XXIIIE
MEN200 MetersDapriest HogansFRHinds (Miss.) CCRegion XXIIIE
MENLong JumpDe"Aundre WardFRHinds (Miss.) CCRegion XXIIIE
MENPole VaultSimon SteinertFRHutchinson (Kan.) CCRegion VIE
MEN4x100 RelayDamoy AllenSOIndian Hills (Iowa) CCRegion XIE
MEN4x400 RelayDorian CravenSOIndian Hills (Iowa) CCRegion XIE
MEN4x800 RelayJerry HarperSOIndian Hills (Iowa) CCRegion XIE
MEN800 MetersRivaldo MarshallFRIndian Hills (Iowa) CCRegion XIE
MEN4x400 RelayRivaldo MarshallFRIndian Hills (Iowa) CCRegion XIE
MEN10,000 MetersChris MetzSOIndian Hills (Iowa) CCRegion XIE
MEN4x800 RelayNick O'ConnorSOIndian Hills (Iowa) CCRegion XIE
MEN4x400 RelaySydney PealFRIndian Hills (Iowa) CCRegion XIE
MEN4x800 RelayRoneldo RockFRIndian Hills (Iowa) CCRegion XIE
MEN4x800 RelayKeegan SimmsSOIndian Hills (Iowa) CCRegion XIE
MEN100 MetersAurel Tchanbi SOIndian Hills (Iowa) CCRegion XIE
MEN4x100 RelayAurel TchanbiSOIndian Hills (Iowa) CCRegion XIE
MEN4x100 RelayIsiah ThomasSOIndian Hills (Iowa) CCRegion XIE
MEN4x100 RelayJustin WaldenSOIndian Hills (Iowa) CCRegion XIE
MEN4x400 RelayKendrick WinfieldSOIndian Hills (Iowa) CCRegion XIE
MEN4x800 RelayRobin Aguilar GonzaleSOIowa Central CCRegion XIE
MEN4x800 RelayCassius HavisSOIowa Central CCRegion XIE
MEN1500 MetersYared KidaneFRIowa Central CCRegion XIE
MEN4x800 RelayYared KidaneFRIowa Central CCRegion XIE
MENSteeplechaseHunter KlimekSOIowa Central CCRegion XIE
MEN4x800 RelayHunter KlimekSOIowa Central CCRegion XIE
MENDiscusJames MacKey Jr.SOIowa Central CCRegion XIE
MENDecathlonAries ScottSOIowa Central CCRegion XIE
MEN400 MetersD'Andre AndersonFRIowa Western CCRegion XIE
MEN400 MetersAndrew BrownFRIowa Western CCRegion XIE
MEN4x400 RelayAndrew BrownFRIowa Western CCRegion XIE
MEN4x400 RelayChaz BrownFRIowa Western CCRegion XIE
MEN110 Meter HurdlesMichael BuchananFRIowa Western CCRegion XIE
MENLong JumpMichael BuchananFRIowa Western CCRegion XIE
MENHammerNemoy CockettSOIowa Western CCRegion XIE
MENDiscusShakiel DacresFRIowa Western CCRegion XIE
MEN4x800 RelayWimachmorr GiloFRIowa Western CCRegion XIE
MEN400 MetersTahj HammFRIowa Western CCRegion XIE
MEN4x400 RelayTahj HammFRIowa Western CCRegion XIE
MEN4x800 RelaySamuel HydroSOIowa Western CCRegion XIE
MENTriple JumpKenyon JohnsonFRIowa Western CCRegion XIE
MEN5000 MetersNicholas KiprotichFRIowa Western CCRegion XIE
MEN10,000 MetersNicholas KiprotichFRIowa Western CCRegion XIE
MEN1500 MetersYonas MogosFRIowa Western CCRegion XIE
MEN4x800 RelayYonas MogosFRIowa Western CCRegion XIE
MEN4x400 RelayRomario NorthoverFRIowa Western CCRegion XIE
MENHigh JumpRoman SmithFRIowa Western CCRegion XIE
MENShot PutChristian TurnerFRIowa Western CCRegion XIE
MENDiscusChristian TurnerFRIowa Western CCRegion XIE
MEN110 Meter HurdlesCortney WatkinsSOIowa Western CCRegion XIE
MEN400 Meter HurdlesCortney WatkinsSOIowa Western CCRegion XIE
MEN4x800 RelayDeiondre WilliamsFRIowa Western CCRegion XIE
MEN4x400 RelayJordan DouglasFRJacksonville (Texas)Region XIVE
MEN4x400 RelayAnthony East IIIFRJacksonville (Texas)Region XIVE
MEN4x400 RelayIsaac HollandFRJacksonville (Texas)Region XIVE
MEN4x400 RelayJustin MalnarFRJacksonville (Texas)Region XIVE
MEN1500 MetersMatthew Bauer SOLouisburg (N.C.)Region XE
MEN4x400 RelayAmos BeadleSOMeridian (Miss.) CCRegion XXIIIE
MEN100 MetersKeshaun BlackSOMeridian (Miss.) CCRegion XXIIIE
MEN400 Meter HurdlesNicquaine HenrySOMeridian (Miss.) CCRegion XXIIIE
MEN4x400 RelayNicquaine HenrySOMeridian (Miss.) CCRegion XXIIIE
MENHigh JumpAugustus KarwehSOMeridian (Miss.) CCRegion XXIIIE
MEN400 Meter HurdlesNorman MukwadaFRMeridian (Miss.) CCRegion XXIIIE
MEN4x400 RelayNorman MukwadaFRMeridian (Miss.) CCRegion XXIIIE
MEN4x400 RelayKeenan YoungFRMeridian (Miss.) CCRegion XXIIIE
MENDecathlonTheodore GosselinFRMesa (Ariz.) CCRegion IE
MEN4x100 RelayAiden HarveyFRMesa (Ariz.) CCRegion IE
MEN4x100 RelayKhamis HassanFRMesa (Ariz.) CCRegion IE
MENDecathlonMakel HubbardSOMesa (Ariz.) CCRegion IE
MENShot PutDesmond LottFRMesa (Ariz.) CCRegion IE
MENDiscusDesmond LottFRMesa (Ariz.) CCRegion IE
MENHammerDesmond LottFRMesa (Ariz.) CCRegion IE
MENPole VaultBryant PalmerFRMesa (Ariz.) CCRegion IE
MEN4x100 RelayJacob SamfordSOMesa (Ariz.) CCRegion IE
MEN4x100 RelayTyson TippettFRMesa (Ariz.) CCRegion IE
MEN110 Meter HurdlesJerry PhillippeFRNew Mexico JCRegion VE
MEN800 MetersEvans PololetFRNew Mexico JCRegion VE
MEN1500 MetersEvans PololetFRNew Mexico JCRegion VE
MENPole VaultDalton SmithFRNew Mexico JCRegion VE
MEN5000 MetersMelvin KipkemboiSONorth Iowa Area CCRegion XIE
MENSteeplechaseMelvin KipkemboiSONorth Iowa Area CCRegion XIE
MEN4x100 RelayCrayg FletcherFRNorthwest Kansas TechRegion VIE
MEN4x100 RelayDerrick HarbinFRNorthwest Kansas TechRegion VIE
MEN5000 MetersEnock KimutaiFRNorthwest Kansas TechRegion VIE
MEN10,000 MetersEnock KimutaiFRNorthwest Kansas TechRegion VIE
MENSteeplechaseOliver KiptooFRNorthwest Kansas TechRegion VIE
MEN4x100 RelayJaydon MooreFRNorthwest Kansas TechRegion VIE
MEN5000 MetersVincent NchoguFRNorthwest Kansas TechRegion VIE
MEN10,000 MetersVincent NchoguFRNorthwest Kansas TechRegion VIE
MEN200 MetersJaysaun SmithFRNorthwest Kansas TechRegion VIE
MEN4x100 RelayLatavious StewartFRNorthwest Kansas TechRegion VIE
MENJavelinJesse AvinaSOParadise Valley (Ariz.) CCRegion IE
MEN4x800 RelayTyler CarreonSOParadise Valley (Ariz.) CCRegion IE
MENShot PutLuis Diaz Bojorquez Jr.SOParadise Valley (Ariz.) CCRegion IE
MENHammerMatthew FieldsSOParadise Valley (Ariz.) CCRegion IE
MEN1500 MetersGilbert OlivasFRParadise Valley (Ariz.) CCRegion IE
MEN4x800 RelayGilbert OlivasFRParadise Valley (Ariz.) CCRegion IE
MEN4x800 RelayNathan PavelchikFRParadise Valley (Ariz.) CCRegion IE
MEN4x800 RelayPierce VittoneFRParadise Valley (Ariz.) CCRegion IE
MENJavelinJoshua BowenSOPima (Ariz.) CCRegion IE
MENPole VaultReece GardnerSOPima (Ariz.) CCRegion IE
MENTriple JumpDonovan HendersonSOPima (Ariz.) CCRegion IE
MENPole VaultCameron AbellFRSauk Valley (Ill.) CCRegion IVE
MEN400 Meter HurdlesCaio AlmeidaFRSouth Plains (Texas)Region VE
MENDecathlonNelvin Appiah-KonaduFRSouth Plains (Texas)Region VE
MEN400 MetersJeremy BembridgeFRSouth Plains (Texas)Region VE
MEN4x400 RelayJeremy BembridgeFRSouth Plains (Texas)Region VE
MENHigh JumpKudakwashe ChadengaFRSouth Plains (Texas)Region VE
MEN4x100 RelayKendal CulmerFRSouth Plains (Texas)Region VE
MEN800 MetersKimar FarquharsonFRSouth Plains (Texas)Region VE
MEN4x800 RelayKimar FarquharsonFRSouth Plains (Texas)Region VE
MEN4x400 RelayKimar FarquharsonFRSouth Plains (Texas)Region VE
MEN4x800 RelayChristian FranciscoFRSouth Plains (Texas)Region VE
MEN200 MetersKeontae GainesFRSouth Plains (Texas)Region VE
MEN4x100 RelayKeontae GainesFRSouth Plains (Texas)Region VE
MENDiscusPaxton HairFRSouth Plains (Texas)Region VE
MENHammerPaxton HairFRSouth Plains (Texas)Region VE
MEN400 MetersHossam HatibFRSouth Plains (Texas)Region VE
MEN4x400 RelayHossam HatibFRSouth Plains (Texas)Region VE
MEN100 MetersChaunzavia LewisFRSouth Plains (Texas)Region VE
MEN4x400 RelayChaunzavia LewisFRSouth Plains (Texas)Region VE
MEN4x100 RelayChaunzavia LewisFRSouth Plains (Texas)Region VE
MEN800 MetersDwight MasonFRSouth Plains (Texas)Region VE
MENSteeplechaseZachary McPheeFRSouth Plains (Texas)Region VE
MENPole VaultThomas NietoFRSouth Plains (Texas)Region VE
MEN400 MetersShevioe ReidFRSouth Plains (Texas)Region VE
MEN4x100 RelayShevioe ReidFRSouth Plains (Texas)Region VE
MEN400 Meter HurdlesChris RobinsonFRSouth Plains (Texas)Region VE
MEN800 MetersAron TanuiFRSouth Plains (Texas)Region VE
MEN4x800 RelayAron TanuiFRSouth Plains (Texas)Region VE
MEN4x800 RelayMehdi YanouriFRSouth Plains (Texas)Region VE
MEN4x800 RelayEthan CoyhisSOTrinidad State (Colo.)Region IXE
MEN4x800 RelayConner DosmannSOTrinidad State (Colo.)Region IXE
MEN1500 MetersAhmed SadoFRTrinidad State (Colo.)Region IXE
MEN5000 MetersAhmed SadoFRTrinidad State (Colo.)Region IXE
MENSteeplechaseAhmed SadoFRTrinidad State (Colo.)Region IXE
MEN4x800 RelayAhmed SadoFRTrinidad State (Colo.)Region IXE
MEN4x800 RelayAdrian VillarrealFRTrinidad State (Colo.)Region IXE
MENSteeplechaseMathew KeitanyFRVincennes (Ind.)Region XIIE
MEN4x400 RelayAntonio BlairFRWestern TexasRegion VE
MEN4x400 RelayMiguel NicholasFRWestern TexasRegion VE
MEN4x400 RelayEthan SmithSOWestern TexasRegion VE
MEN4x400 RelayLee StewardSOWestern TexasRegion VE
WOMEN100 MetersJayda DillonSOBarton (Kan.) CCRegion VIE
WOMEN200 MetersJayda DillonSOBarton (Kan.) CCRegion VIE
WOMEN4x100 RelayJayda DillonSOBarton (Kan.) CCRegion VIE
WOMEN400 MetersLashanna GrahamSOBarton (Kan.) CCRegion VIE
WOMEN400 Meter HurdlesLashanna GrahamSOBarton (Kan.) CCRegion VIE
WOMEN4x400 RelayLashanna GrahamSOBarton (Kan.) CCRegion VIE
WOMEN800 MetersKayan GreenSOBarton (Kan.) CCRegion VIE
WOMEN4x400 RelayKayan GreenSOBarton (Kan.) CCRegion VIE
WOMEN400 MetersAshantae HarveyFRBarton (Kan.) CCRegion VIE
WOMEN4x100 RelayAshantae HarveyFRBarton (Kan.) CCRegion VIE
WOMEN4x400 RelayAshantae HarveyFRBarton (Kan.) CCRegion VIE
WOMENTriple JumpBrittania IngramFRBarton (Kan.) CCRegion VIE
WOMEN400 Meter HurdlesDeborah LoweFRBarton (Kan.) CCRegion VIE
WOMENHeptathlonDeborah LoweFRBarton (Kan.) CCRegion VIE
WOMEN4x100 RelayNaiya MorganFRBarton (Kan.) CCRegion VIE
WOMEN4x400 RelayNaiya MorganFRBarton (Kan.) CCRegion VIE
WOMENShot PutKelsie Murrell-RossFRBarton (Kan.) CCRegion VIE
WOMENDiscusKelsie Murrell-RossFRBarton (Kan.) CCRegion VIE
WOMEN100 Meter HurdlesDanae NembhardFRBarton (Kan.) CCRegion VIE
WOMEN4x100 RelayDanae NembhardFRBarton (Kan.) CCRegion VIE
WOMENHigh JumpNia RobinsonSOBarton (Kan.) CCRegion VIE
WOMENLong JumpNia RobinsonSOBarton (Kan.) CCRegion VIE
WOMENHammerAriana RodriguezSOBarton (Kan.) CCRegion VIE
WOMENHammerJada SewellSOBarton (Kan.) CCRegion VIE
WOMEN4x400 RelayAbigail Brooks Butler (Kan.) CCRegion VIE
WOMEN100 MetersKiara BrownFRButler (Kan.) CCRegion VIE
WOMEN200 MetersKiara BrownFRButler (Kan.) CCRegion VIE
WOMEN4x100 RelayKiara BrownFRButler (Kan.) CCRegion VIE
WOMEN4x400 RelayAnn DanghaFRButler (Kan.) CCRegion VIE
WOMEN4x400 RelayKirstin JonesFRButler (Kan.) CCRegion VIE
WOMEN4x100 RelayKirstin JonesFRButler (Kan.) CCRegion VIE
WOMEN200 MetersKaleb McDonaldFRButler (Kan.) CCRegion VIE
WOMEN4x100 RelayKaleb McDonaldFRButler (Kan.) CCRegion VIE
WOMEN4x400 RelayKaleb McDonaldFRButler (Kan.) CCRegion VIE
WOMEN100 MetersShawnakay PeartFRButler (Kan.) CCRegion VIE
WOMEN200 MetersShawnakay PeartFRButler (Kan.) CCRegion VIE
WOMEN4x100 RelayShawnakay PeartFRButler (Kan.) CCRegion VIE
WOMEN400 MetersCece CharlesFRCentral ArizonaRegion IE
WOMEN4x100 RelayCece CharlesFRCentral ArizonaRegion IE
WOMEN100 MetersJuvonna CornetteFRCentral ArizonaRegion IE
WOMEN4x100 RelayJuvonna CornetteFRCentral ArizonaRegion IE
WOMEN400 Meter HurdlesSilet GrayFRCentral ArizonaRegion IE
WOMEN4x100 RelaySilet GrayFRCentral ArizonaRegion IE
WOMENShot PutPrincess KaraFRCentral ArizonaRegion IE
WOMENDiscusPrincess KaraFRCentral ArizonaRegion IE
WOMENDiscusShakera KikFRCentral ArizonaRegion IE
WOMENLong JumpZamesha MyleFRCentral ArizonaRegion IE
WOMENTriple JumpZamesha MyleFRCentral ArizonaRegion IE
WOMEN4x100 RelayZamesha MyleFRCentral ArizonaRegion IE
WOMENShot PutKaise UgehFRCentral ArizonaRegion IE
WOMENJavelinKaise UgehFRCentral ArizonaRegion IE
WOMEN4x400 RelayIsila ApkupFRCloud County (Kan.) CCRegion VIE
WOMEN4x100 RelayIsila ApkupFRCloud County (Kan.) CCRegion VIE
WOMENPole VaultMaggie ArmstrongFRCloud County (Kan.) CCRegion VIE
WOMEN4x100 RelayLeonie BeuFRCloud County (Kan.) CCRegion VIE
WOMEN4x400 RelayLeonie BeuFRCloud County (Kan.) CCRegion VIE
WOMENJavelinJessi BrummettFRCloud County (Kan.) CCRegion VIE
WOMEN4x800 RelayPassion CrewsFRCloud County (Kan.) CCRegion VIE
WOMEN4x800 RelayAbigail FisherFRCloud County (Kan.) CCRegion VIE
WOMENTriple JumpFaithlyn IrvingFRCloud County (Kan.) CCRegion VIE
WOMEN400 MetersVimbayi MaisvorewaFRCloud County (Kan.) CCRegion VIE
WOMEN4x100 RelayVimbayi MaisvorewaFRCloud County (Kan.) CCRegion VIE
WOMEN4x400 RelayVimbayi MaisvorewaFRCloud County (Kan.) CCRegion VIE
WOMENPole VaultMia ManleyFRCloud County (Kan.) CCRegion VIE
WOMENHeptathlonVanessa MerceraFRCloud County (Kan.) CCRegion VIE
WOMEN800 MetersPamela MilanoFRCloud County (Kan.) CCRegion VIE
WOMEN4x400 RelayPamela MilanoFRCloud County (Kan.) CCRegion VIE
WOMEN4x800 RelayPamela MilanoFRCloud County (Kan.) CCRegion VIE
WOMENSteeplechaseLudjenie MondesirFRCloud County (Kan.) CCRegion VIE
WOMEN4x800 RelayLudjenie MondesirFRCloud County (Kan.) CCRegion VIE
WOMEN5000 MetersLucy NdunguFRCloud County (Kan.) CCRegion VIE
WOMEN10,000 MetersLucy NdunguFRCloud County (Kan.) CCRegion VIE
WOMENSteeplechaseMelody OchanaFRCloud County (Kan.) CCRegion VIE
WOMENJavelinHollie StewartFRCloud County (Kan.) CCRegion VIE
WOMEN4x100 RelayMiracle ThompsonFRCloud County (Kan.) CCRegion VIE
WOMENHammerSaqqary BakerSOColby (Kan.) CCRegion VIE
WOMEN1500 MetersEmily DiercksFRColby (Kan.) CCRegion VIE
WOMEN5000 MetersRegan HodsdenSOColby (Kan.) CCRegion VIE
WOMENShot PutKyra ChoiceFRCowley (Kan.)Region VIE
WOMENPole VaultArantxa CortezFRCowley (Kan.)Region VIE
WOMENDiscusKayla McClellanFRCowley (Kan.)Region VIE
WOMENHammerKayla McClellanFRCowley (Kan.)Region VIE
WOMENHammerSarah RobinsonFRCowley (Kan.)Region VIE
WOMENHammerChloe WilsonFRCowley (Kan.)Region VIE
WOMENJavelinShade TorresSODodge City (Kan.) CCRegion VIE
WOMENHeptathlonJelese AlexanderFREssex County (N.J.)Region XIXE
WOMEN4x800 RelayDelverna BromfieldSOEssex County (N.J.)Region XIXE
WOMEN4x800 RelayMegan ThompsonSOEssex County (N.J.)Region XIXE
WOMEN4x800 Relaythomyka valcentFREssex County (N.J.)Region XIXE
WOMEN4x800 Relayzoey-ann wintSOEssex County (N.J.)Region XIXE
WOMEN4x100 RelayYaria AkersSOFort Scott (Kan.) CCKJCCC/Region VIE
WOMEN4x100 RelayAriyonna BastonSOFort Scott (Kan.) CCKJCCC/Region VIE
WOMENLong JumpDamazvia DamesFRFort Scott (Kan.) CCKJCCC/Region VIE
WOMENTriple JumpDamazvia DamesFRFort Scott (Kan.) CCKJCCC/Region VIE
WOMEN4x100 RelayDamazvia DamesFRFort Scott (Kan.) CCKJCCC/Region VIE
WOMEN4x100 RelayKailah GilmoreSOFort Scott (Kan.) CCKJCCC/Region VIE
WOMEN5000 MetersShareen CheruiyotFRGarden City (Kan.) CCRegion VIE
WOMENSteeplechaseShareen CheruiyotFRGarden City (Kan.) CCRegion VIE
WOMEN10,000 MetersValentine LagatFRGarden City (Kan.) CCRegion VIE
WOMEN1500 MetersEmma HoinsFRHawkeye (Iowa) CCRegion XIE
WOMENSteeplechaseEmma HoinsFRHawkeye (Iowa) CCRegion XIE
WOMENHigh JumpKylee NeighborsSOHawkeye (Iowa) CCRegion XIE
WOMENHigh JumpDayjahney HibbertFRHighland (Kan.) CCRegion VIE
WOMENShot PutJazmyn JamesFRHighland (Kan.) CCRegion VIE
WOMENShot PutSantornya RallifordSOHighland (Kan.) CCRegion VIE
WOMENDiscusSantornya RallifordSOHighland (Kan.) CCRegion VIE
WOMENShot PutShakera WilliamsFRHighland (Kan.) CCRegion VIE
WOMEN100 Meter HurdlesJerricka AmbusFRHinds (Miss.) CCRegion XXIIIE
WOMEN4x100 RelayJerricka AmbusFRHinds (Miss.) CCRegion XXIIIE
WOMENHigh JumpBreanna Brown-MarshallFRHinds (Miss.) CCRegion XXIIIE
WOMEN4x100 RelayKiersten ClarkFRHinds (Miss.) CCRegion XXIIIE
WOMEN4x400 RelayKiersten ClarkFRHinds (Miss.) CCRegion XXIIIE
WOMEN400 Meter HurdlesJodyAnn DixonFRHinds (Miss.) CCRegion XXIIIE
WOMEN4x400 RelayJodyAnn DixonFRHinds (Miss.) CCRegion XXIIIE
WOMEN100 MetersDiandrenique GainesFRHinds (Miss.) CCRegion XXIIIE
WOMEN4x100 RelayDiandrenique GainesFRHinds (Miss.) CCRegion XXIIIE
WOMEN4x400 RelayBrooke GrayFRHinds (Miss.) CCRegion XXIIIE
WOMENHigh JumpKayla JemisonFRHinds (Miss.) CCRegion XXIIIE
WOMEN4x400 RelayLazericka LouisFRHinds (Miss.) CCRegion XXIIIE
WOMEN4x100 RelayTrinity WilliamsFRHinds (Miss.) CCRegion XXIIIE
WOMEN10,000 MetersLouise CockingFRHutchinson (Kan.) CCRegion VIE
WOMENPole VaultViolet MartinezFRHutchinson (Kan.) CCRegion VIE
WOMEN4x400 RelayKahliyah AndersonSOIndian Hills (Iowa) CCRegion XIE
WOMEN4x400 RelayAimaya DrummondSOIndian Hills (Iowa) CCRegion XIE
WOMEN4x400 RelayTemira GoodsSOIndian Hills (Iowa) CCRegion XIE
WOMENHigh JumpHaleigh HadleyFRIndian Hills (Iowa) CCRegion XIE
WOMEN800 MetersAliyah SimmonsSOIndian Hills (Iowa) CCRegion XIE
WOMEN4x400 RelayAliyah SimmonsSOIndian Hills (Iowa) CCRegion XIE
WOMENLong JumpSiby YaoSOIndian Hills (Iowa) CCRegion XIE
WOMEN100 Meter HurdlesAdeyah BrewsterFRIowa Central CCRegion XIE
WOMEN4x800 RelayBritney BrownFRIowa Central CCRegion XIE
WOMEN4x800 RelayChloe Garcia GrafingFRIowa Central CCRegion XIE
WOMEN4x800 RelayShaunti LongfellowSOIowa Central CCRegion XIE
WOMENSteeplechaseTaylor McCreedyFRIowa Central CCRegion XIE
WOMEN4x800 RelayTaylor McCreedyFRIowa Central CCRegion XIE
WOMENTriple JumpNyadhol ThichiotFRIowa Central CCRegion XIE
WOMENLong JumpMiracle AilesFRIowa Western CCRegion XIE
WOMEN5000 MetersMercy BiwottFRIowa Western CCRegion XIE
WOMEN1500 MetersHilda ChebetFRIowa Western CCRegion XIE
WOMEN5000 MetersHilda ChebetFRIowa Western CCRegion XIE
WOMEN10,000 MetersHilda ChebetFRIowa Western CCRegion XIE
WOMEN4x400 RelayDaniella DeerFRIowa Western CCRegion XIE
WOMENDiscusCheyanne FearonFRIowa Western CCRegion XIE
WOMENTriple JumpVictory GeorgeFRIowa Western CCRegion XIE
WOMEN4x100 RelayVictory GeorgeFRIowa Western CCRegion XIE
WOMEN400 Meter HurdlesDyandra GraySOIowa Western CCRegion XIE
WOMEN4x100 RelayDyandra GraySOIowa Western CCRegion XIE
WOMEN4x400 RelayDyandra GraySOIowa Western CCRegion XIE
WOMENHigh JumpAlliyah McNeilSOIowa Western CCRegion XIE
WOMENLong JumpAlliyah McNeilSOIowa Western CCRegion XIE
WOMEN4x400 RelayAlliyah McNeilSOIowa Western CCRegion XIE
WOMEN400 MetersNickisha PryceFRIowa Western CCRegion XIE
WOMEN4x100 RelayNickisha PryceFRIowa Western CCRegion XIE
WOMEN4x400 RelayNickisha PryceFRIowa Western CCRegion XIE
WOMENJavelinAntonia SealyFRIowa Western CCRegion XIE
WOMENHeptathlonAntonia SealyFRIowa Western CCRegion XIE
WOMENHammerElizabeth SeberaSOIowa Western CCRegion XIE
WOMEN100 MetersTirecia WalcottFRIowa Western CCRegion XIE
WOMEN200 MetersTirecia WalcottFRIowa Western CCRegion XIE
WOMEN4x100 RelayTirecia WalcottFRIowa Western CCRegion XIE
WOMEN4x800 RelayKatherine BonhamSOMesa (Ariz.) CCRegion IE
WOMENSteeplechaseKate BrockmanFRMesa (Ariz.) CCRegion IE
WOMEN4x800 RelayKate BrockmanFRMesa (Ariz.) CCRegion IE
WOMENShot PutKarsten DeakinFRMesa (Ariz.) CCRegion IE
WOMENDiscusKarsten DeakinFRMesa (Ariz.) CCRegion IE
WOMENJavelinKaprice FaraciFRMesa (Ariz.) CCRegion IE
WOMEN4x800 RelayAnna HarmonFRMesa (Ariz.) CCRegion IE
WOMENJavelinSara JacobsonFRMesa (Ariz.) CCRegion IE
WOMEN4x800 RelayBrooke StradlingFRMesa (Ariz.) CCRegion IE
WOMEN1500 MetersTshwanelo MarupingFRMonroe-New Rochelle (N.Y.)Region XVE
WOMENSteeplechaseTshwanelo MarupingFRMonroe-New Rochelle (N.Y.)Region XVE
WOMEN800 MetersFarrah MillerFRMonroe-New Rochelle (N.Y.)Region XVE
WOMEN800 MetersAaliyah MooreFRMonroe-New Rochelle (N.Y.)Region XVE
WOMEN1500 MetersAaliyah MooreFRMonroe-New Rochelle (N.Y.)Region XVE
WOMEN400 MetersChinenye OnuorahFRMonroe-New Rochelle (N.Y.)Region XVE
WOMEN100 Meter HurdlesEse AwusaFRNew Mexico JCRegion VE
WOMEN10,000 MetersSarah BertrySONew Mexico JCRegion VE
WOMEN100 MetersAshantai BollersFRNew Mexico JCRegion VE
WOMEN200 MetersAshantai BollersFRNew Mexico JCRegion VE
WOMEN4x100 RelayAshantai BollersFRNew Mexico JCRegion VE
WOMEN4x400 RelayAshantai BollersFRNew Mexico JCRegion VE
WOMEN5000 MetersDamaris ChewonFRNew Mexico JCRegion VE
WOMEN10,000 MetersDamaris ChewonFRNew Mexico JCRegion VE
WOMENPole VaultAlexa ContrerasFRNew Mexico JCRegion VE
WOMENHeptathlonAmoy EdwardsFRNew Mexico JCRegion VE
WOMENTriple JumpMarieClaire Eton NtongaSONew Mexico JCRegion VE
WOMENTriple JumpAaliyah LindsayFRNew Mexico JCRegion VE
WOMENSteeplechaseJaida LylesFRNew Mexico JCRegion VE
WOMEN4x800 RelayJaida LylesFRNew Mexico JCRegion VE
WOMEN4x800 RelayMinankolo MagassaFRNew Mexico JCRegion VE
WOMEN800 MetersLetlhogonolo MagoroFRNew Mexico JCRegion VE
WOMEN4x800 RelayLetlhogonolo MagoroFRNew Mexico JCRegion VE
WOMEN4x100 RelayJada MartinFRNew Mexico JCRegion VE
WOMEN100 Meter HurdlesKimeone McleodSONew Mexico JCRegion VE
WOMEN100 Meter HurdlesRichara McNeilSONew Mexico JCRegion VE
WOMENLong JumpRichara McNeilSONew Mexico JCRegion VE
WOMEN4x800 RelayNadine RoseSONew Mexico JCRegion VE
WOMEN4x100 RelayShanique RoweFRNew Mexico JCRegion VE
WOMEN4x400 RelayMaria SimancaSONew Mexico JCRegion VE
WOMEN200 MetersDeshana SkeeteFRNew Mexico JCRegion VE
WOMEN400 MetersDeshana SkeeteFRNew Mexico JCRegion VE
WOMEN4x400 RelayDeshana SkeeteFRNew Mexico JCRegion VE
WOMEN400 Meter HurdlesCalisha TaylorFRNew Mexico JCRegion VE
WOMEN4x400 RelayCalisha TaylorFRNew Mexico JCRegion VE
WOMEN4x100 RelayKishawna WallaceSONew Mexico JCRegion VE
WOMENHammerAudrey ArmstrongFRParadise Valley (Ariz.) CCRegion IE
WOMEN10,000 MetersLacey FronSOParadise Valley (Ariz.) CCRegion IE
WOMENJavelinJessica Bright-ShadeSOPima (Ariz.) CCRegion IE
WOMENPole VaultJaida OlsonFRPima (Ariz.) CCRegion IE
WOMENLong JumpJacklyn TriceFRPima (Ariz.) CCRegion IE
WOMENHeptathlonAbigail WallsSOPima (Ariz.) CCRegion IE
WOMENHeptathlonKiley SandersFRSauk Valley (Ill.) CCRegion IVE
WOMEN4x400 RelayAnna-Kay AllenSOSouth Plains (Texas)Region VE
WOMENPole VaultSarahi BaezaFRSouth Plains (Texas)Region VE
WOMENHigh JumpAmaya BrownFRSouth Plains (Texas)Region VE
WOMEN800 MetersCemore DonaldFRSouth Plains (Texas)Region VE
WOMEN4x800 RelayCemore DonaldFRSouth Plains (Texas)Region VE
WOMEN4x800 RelayEsmeralda EspinozaFRSouth Plains (Texas)Region VE
WOMENDiscusKimola HinesFRSouth Plains (Texas)Region VE
WOMEN4x800 RelayJeniel JonesFRSouth Plains (Texas)Region VE
WOMEN4x400 RelayCamille LewisFRSouth Plains (Texas)Region VE
WOMEN4x800 RelayCamille LewisFRSouth Plains (Texas)Region VE
WOMENPole VaultTaraLee McKarnsFRSouth Plains (Texas)Region VE
WOMEN400 Meter HurdlesAmaya PhillipsFRSouth Plains (Texas)Region VE
WOMEN4x400 RelayAmaya PhillipsFRSouth Plains (Texas)Region VE
WOMENHeptathlonJamelia SimmonsFRSouth Plains (Texas)Region VE
WOMEN400 Meter HurdlesShenell TuckerFRSouth Plains (Texas)Region VE
WOMEN100 MetersSuccess UmukoroFRSouth Plains (Texas)Region VE
WOMEN200 MetersSuccess UmukoroFRSouth Plains (Texas)Region VE
WOMEN4x400 RelaySuccess UmukoroFRSouth Plains (Texas)Region VE
WOMEN1500 MetersNatalya BabcockFRSouthern IdahoRegion XVIIIE
WOMEN4x800 RelayNatalya BabcockFRSouthern IdahoRegion XVIIIE
WOMEN4x800 RelayBethany BlakeyFRSouthern IdahoRegion XVIIIE
WOMEN4x800 RelayDanielle BrowFRSouthern IdahoRegion XVIIIE
WOMEN1500 MetersAudrey CampFRSouthern IdahoRegion XVIIIE
WOMEN5000 MetersAudrey CampFRSouthern IdahoRegion XVIIIE
WOMEN4x800 RelayAudrey CampFRSouthern IdahoRegion XVIIIE
WOMEN10,000 MetersLydia FelixFRSouthern IdahoRegion XVIIIE
WOMEN1500 MetersSharon JesangFRTrinidad State (Colo.)Region IXE
WOMEN5000 MetersSharon JesangFRTrinidad State (Colo.)Region IXE
WOMEN800 MetersShadae FindleySOWestern TexasRegion VE
WOMEN4x800 RelayShadae FindleySOWestern TexasRegion VE
WOMEN4x800 RelayRushell JohnsonFRWestern TexasRegion VE
WOMEN4x800 RelayLatifah PinnockSOWestern TexasRegion VE
WOMEN4x800 RelaySancia SmithFRWestern TexasRegion VE
WOMEN400 MetersDy'Mond WileySOWestern TexasRegion VE