Award History

2022 NJCAA Division III Outdoor Track & Field All-America

NEW ORLEANS – All-America honors for the 2022 NJCAA Division III Outdoor Track & Field season were announced on Wednesday by the U.S. Track & Field and Cross Country Coaches Association (USTFCCCA).

Student-athletes earned USTFCCCA All-America honors by virtue of finishing among the top-8 of their respective individual events – including as a member of a relay – at the 2022 NJCAA Division III Outdoor Track & Field Championships last week in Troy, New York.

There were 434 All-America honors split between 22 programs based on efforts in the Empire State: College of DuPage led all programs with 59 total nods, followed by Rowan-Gloucester (N.Y.) CC with 55, Mineral Area College with 46, while Harper (Ill.) and Queensborough (N.Y.) CC both finished with more than 30, as well.

See below for a full list of USTFCCCA All-Americans for the 2022 NJCAA Division III Outdoor Track & Field season!

2022 NJCAA DIII Outdoor Track & Field
USTFCCCA Men’s & Women’s All-America

MEN400 Meter HurdlesKaden StevensFRBergen (N.J.) CC(none selected)E
MENTriple JumpKaden StevensFRBergen (N.J.) CC(none selected)E
MENLong JumpTamir WilliammsSOBergen (N.J.) CC(none selected)E
MEN1500 MetersJoshua CasonFRCamden County (N.J.)Region XIXE
MENTriple JumpMalik PalmerFRCamden County (N.J.)Region XIXE
MEN100 MetersFrederick Fulmore IIFRCC of Philadelphia (Pa.)Region XIXE
MEN10,000 MetersCaleb DeboerFRDuPage (Ill.)Region IVE
MEN800 MetersAnthony EddyFRDuPage (Ill.)Region IVE
MEN1500 MetersAnthony EddyFRDuPage (Ill.)Region IVE
MEN4x400 RelayAnthony EddyFRDuPage (Ill.)Region IVE
MEN4x800 RelayAnthony EddyFRDuPage (Ill.)Region IVE
MEN4x100 RelayDerek ErdmanFRDuPage (Ill.)Region IVE
MEN4x400 RelayDerek ErdmanFRDuPage (Ill.)Region IVE
MEN4x800 RelayDerek ErdmanFRDuPage (Ill.)Region IVE
MEN4x800 RelaySebastian EsparzaFRDuPage (Ill.)Region IVE
MEN4x400 RelaySebastian EsparzaFRDuPage (Ill.)Region IVE
MEN10,000 MetersHector HerreraFRDuPage (Ill.)Region IVE
MEN5000 MetersAxel HuertaFRDuPage (Ill.)Region IVE
MENSteeplechaseAxel HuertaFRDuPage (Ill.)Region IVE
MENPole VaultRyan RinellaFRDuPage (Ill.)Region IVE
MEN100 MetersJosh RiversFRDuPage (Ill.)Region IVE
MEN200 MetersJosh RiversFRDuPage (Ill.)Region IVE
MENHigh JumpJosh RiversFRDuPage (Ill.)Region IVE
MENLong JumpJosh RiversFRDuPage (Ill.)Region IVE
MEN4x100 RelayJosh RiversFRDuPage (Ill.)Region IVE
MENLong JumpJohn SassanFRDuPage (Ill.)Region IVE
MENJavelinJohn SassanFRDuPage (Ill.)Region IVE
MEN4x800 RelaySpensir StecFRDuPage (Ill.)Region IVE
MEN4x400 RelaySpensir StecFRDuPage (Ill.)Region IVE
MEN110 Meter HurdlesMax SzulFRDuPage (Ill.)Region IVE
MEN400 Meter HurdlesMax SzulFRDuPage (Ill.)Region IVE
MEN4x100 RelayMax SzulFRDuPage (Ill.)Region IVE
MEN100 MetersDiego VillalobosFRDuPage (Ill.)Region IVE
MENLong JumpDiego VillalobosFRDuPage (Ill.)Region IVE
MENTriple JumpDiego VillalobosFRDuPage (Ill.)Region IVE
MEN4x100 RelayDiego VillalobosFRDuPage (Ill.)Region IVE
MEN4x800 RelayKyle GreenFRFinger Lakes (N.Y.) CCRegion IIIE
MENJavelinDillian HernandezFRFinger Lakes (N.Y.) CCRegion IIIE
MENPole VaultMemphis LohnesFRFinger Lakes (N.Y.) CCRegion IIIE
MENTriple JumpCameron RyndersFRFinger Lakes (N.Y.) CCRegion IIIE
MEN800 MetersGiovanni VenturaSOFinger Lakes (N.Y.) CCRegion IIIE
MEN5000 MetersGiovanni VenturaSOFinger Lakes (N.Y.) CCRegion IIIE
MEN4x800 RelayGiovanni VenturaSOFinger Lakes (N.Y.) CCRegion IIIE
MENLong JumpHunter ZangerleFRFinger Lakes (N.Y.) CCRegion IIIE
MENTriple JumpHunter ZangerleFRFinger Lakes (N.Y.) CCRegion IIIE
MEN4x800 RelayHunter ZangerleFRFinger Lakes (N.Y.) CCRegion IIIE
MENSteeplechaseJohn ZimmermanFRFinger Lakes (N.Y.) CCRegion IIIE
MEN4x800 RelayJohn ZimmermanFRFinger Lakes (N.Y.) CCRegion IIIE
MEN400 MetersIan SteinbergFRFIT (N.Y.)(none selected)E
MENHammerAndrew TheissFRFIT (N.Y.)(none selected)E
MEN400 MetersMark AldaySOHarper (Ill.)(none selected)E
MEN4x400 RelayMark AldaySOHarper (Ill.)(none selected)E
MEN4x100 RelayMark BavaroFRHarper (Ill.)(none selected)E
MEN4x400 RelayMark BavaroFRHarper (Ill.)(none selected)E
MEN4x100 RelayEnudi EnuenwosuFRHarper (Ill.)(none selected)E
MEN800 MetersRemy JankuskyFRHarper (Ill.)(none selected)E
MEN4x400 RelayRemy JankuskyFRHarper (Ill.)(none selected)E
MEN400 MetersBrenton LongSOHarper (Ill.)(none selected)E
MENPole VaultBrenton LongSOHarper (Ill.)(none selected)E
MEN4x400 RelayBrenton LongSOHarper (Ill.)(none selected)E
MEN4x100 RelayBrenton LongSOHarper (Ill.)(none selected)E
MENHammerManny ToscanoSOHarper (Ill.)(none selected)E
MEN4x100 RelayAli WahbehFRHarper (Ill.)(none selected)E
MENPole VaultDamien ZychFRHarper (Ill.)(none selected)E
MENTriple JumpNotorius GueFRHerkimer County (N.Y.) CCRegion IIIE
MEN800 MetersAvion HarrisFRHerkimer County (N.Y.) CCRegion IIIE
MEN1500 MetersAvion HarrisFRHerkimer County (N.Y.) CCRegion IIIE
MEN800 MetersEian ButlerFRHoward (Md.) CCRegion XXE
MEN4x400 RelayEian ButlerFRHoward (Md.) CCRegion XXE
MEN100 MetersChristopher EvansSOHoward (Md.) CCRegion XXE
MEN200 MetersChristopher EvansSOHoward (Md.) CCRegion XXE
MEN4x100 RelayChristopher EvansSOHoward (Md.) CCRegion XXE
MEN4x400 RelayChristopher EvansSOHoward (Md.) CCRegion XXE
MEN400 Meter HurdlesNicholas HaylockSOHoward (Md.) CCRegion XXE
MEN4x100 RelayNicholas HaylockSOHoward (Md.) CCRegion XXE
MENShot PutMiguel MoranFRHoward (Md.) CCRegion XXE
MENDiscusMiguel MoranFRHoward (Md.) CCRegion XXE
MEN4x100 RelayJoseph SomoriSOHoward (Md.) CCRegion XXE
MEN4x400 RelayArya VahdatshoarSOHoward (Md.) CCRegion XXE
MEN4x100 RelayArya VahdatshoarSOHoward (Md.) CCRegion XXE
MENHigh JumpAlexander ZakySOHoward (Md.) CCRegion XXE
MEN4x400 RelayAlexander ZakySOHoward (Md.) CCRegion XXE
MEN100 MetersCharles BenichouxFRHudson Valley (N.Y.) CCRegion IIIE
MEN200 MetersCharles BenichouxFRHudson Valley (N.Y.) CCRegion IIIE
MENShot PutMartin BondFRHudson Valley (N.Y.) CCRegion IIIE
MENDiscusMartin BondFRHudson Valley (N.Y.) CCRegion IIIE
MENHammerMartin BondFRHudson Valley (N.Y.) CCRegion IIIE
MENJavelinMartin BondFRHudson Valley (N.Y.) CCRegion IIIE
MENShot PutGuerin DupuisFRHudson Valley (N.Y.) CCRegion IIIE
MEN10,000 MetersTrevor DzikowiczFRHudson Valley (N.Y.) CCRegion IIIE
MEN4x800 RelayTrevor DzikowiczFRHudson Valley (N.Y.) CCRegion IIIE
MENHammerRobert FitzgeraldFRHudson Valley (N.Y.) CCRegion IIIE
MENLong JumpDaniel HonsingerFRHudson Valley (N.Y.) CCRegion IIIE
MENDecathlonIsaac Jean BaptisteFRHudson Valley (N.Y.) CCRegion IIIE
MEN10,000 MetersVinny LevchenkoFRHudson Valley (N.Y.) CCRegion IIIE
MEN4x800 RelayVinny LevchenkoFRHudson Valley (N.Y.) CCRegion IIIE
MEN5000 MetersShazim PermaulFRHudson Valley (N.Y.) CCRegion IIIE
MEN10,000 MetersShazim PermaulFRHudson Valley (N.Y.) CCRegion IIIE
MEN4x800 RelayShazim PermaulFRHudson Valley (N.Y.) CCRegion IIIE
MENSteeplechaseGarrick Smith-GrowickFRHudson Valley (N.Y.) CCRegion IIIE
MEN4x800 RelayGarrick Smith-GrowickFRHudson Valley (N.Y.) CCRegion IIIE
MEN200 MetersBernard HindsFRKingsborough (N.Y.) CCRegion XVE
MEN1500 MetersAngelo Botteon FRMiddlesex County (N.J.)(none selected)E
MEN1500 MetersJacob ArnoldFRMineral Area (Mo.)Region XVIE
MEN5000 MetersJacob ArnoldFRMineral Area (Mo.)Region XVIE
MEN10,000 MetersJacob ArnoldFRMineral Area (Mo.)Region XVIE
MEN4x800 RelayJacob ArnoldFRMineral Area (Mo.)Region XVIE
MEN110 Meter HurdlesJordan BalesFRMineral Area (Mo.)Region XVIE
MEN110 Meter HurdlesHunter CaryFRMineral Area (Mo.)Region XVIE
MENShot PutHunter CaryFRMineral Area (Mo.)Region XVIE
MENJavelinHunter CaryFRMineral Area (Mo.)Region XVIE
MENDecathlonHunter CaryFRMineral Area (Mo.)Region XVIE
MENDiscusJosh DuerrFRMineral Area (Mo.)Region XVIE
MENSteeplechaseGrayson KnernschieldFRMineral Area (Mo.)Region XVIE
MEN4x800 RelayGrayson KnernschieldFRMineral Area (Mo.)Region XVIE
MENSteeplechaseRicardo MenjivarFRMineral Area (Mo.)Region XVIE
MEN4x100 RelayMitchell MeyerFRMineral Area (Mo.)Region XVIE
MENJavelinGrant ShankleFRMineral Area (Mo.)Region XVIE
MEN4x100 RelayGrant ShankleFRMineral Area (Mo.)Region XVIE
MEN5000 MetersDevin St. ClairFRMineral Area (Mo.)Region XVIE
MEN10,000 MetersDevin St. ClairFRMineral Area (Mo.)Region XVIE
MEN4x800 RelayDevin St. ClairFRMineral Area (Mo.)Region XVIE
MEN4x100 RelayCory StollFRMineral Area (Mo.)Region XVIE
MEN1500 MetersKyle VinyardFRMineral Area (Mo.)Region XVIE
MEN5000 MetersKyle VinyardFRMineral Area (Mo.)Region XVIE
MEN10,000 MetersKyle VinyardFRMineral Area (Mo.)Region XVIE
MEN4x800 RelayKyle VinyardFRMineral Area (Mo.)Region XVIE
MEN4x100 RelayNoah WinchFRMineral Area (Mo.)Region XVIE
MEN4x100 RelayHayden DayFRMohawk Valley (N.Y.) CCRegion IIIE
MEN200 MetersAndy Hadasz SOMohawk Valley (N.Y.) CCRegion IIIE
MEN400 MetersAndy Hadasz SOMohawk Valley (N.Y.) CCRegion IIIE
MEN4x100 RelayAndy HadaszSOMohawk Valley (N.Y.) CCRegion IIIE
MENDecathlonJosh Miller FRMohawk Valley (N.Y.) CCRegion IIIE
MEN4x100 RelayKhaleel RobertsFRMohawk Valley (N.Y.) CCRegion IIIE
MENLong JumpEly SidibeFRMohawk Valley (N.Y.) CCRegion IIIE
MEN4x100 RelayEly SidibeFRMohawk Valley (N.Y.) CCRegion IIIE
MEN4x400 RelayJabari Davis-UnderwoodFRMonroe-Bronx (N.Y.)Region XVE
MEN4x800 RelayDanario DouglasFRMonroe-Bronx (N.Y.)Region XVE
MEN4x800 RelayJeremiah HerbertFRMonroe-Bronx (N.Y.)Region XVE
MEN4x400 RelayJeremiah HerbertFRMonroe-Bronx (N.Y.)Region XVE
MEN400 MetersRomar ScottFRMonroe-Bronx (N.Y.)Region XVE
MEN800 MetersRomar ScottFRMonroe-Bronx (N.Y.)Region XVE
MEN4x400 RelayRomar ScottFRMonroe-Bronx (N.Y.)Region XVE
MEN4x800 RelayRomar ScottFRMonroe-Bronx (N.Y.)Region XVE
MEN400 MetersWayne StephensonFRMonroe-Bronx (N.Y.)Region XVE
MEN800 MetersWayne StephensonFRMonroe-Bronx (N.Y.)Region XVE
MEN4x400 RelayWayne StephensonFRMonroe-Bronx (N.Y.)Region XVE
MEN4x800 RelayWayne StephensonFRMonroe-Bronx (N.Y.)Region XVE
MEN4x100 RelayAnthony BaaFRNassau (N.Y.) CCRegion XVE
MEN4x800 RelayDouglas BurgessFRNassau (N.Y.) CCRegion XVE
MEN4x800 RelayRueben CheongFRNassau (N.Y.) CCRegion XVE
MEN100 MetersLove JeanFRNassau (N.Y.) CCRegion XVE
MEN200 MetersLove JeanFRNassau (N.Y.) CCRegion XVE
MEN4x100 RelayLove JeanFRNassau (N.Y.) CCRegion XVE
MEN4x800 RelayOwen LawerenceFRNassau (N.Y.) CCRegion XVE
MEN4x800 RelayNick MontoniSONassau (N.Y.) CCRegion XVE
MEN4x100 RelayRobert RiceFRNassau (N.Y.) CCRegion XVE
MEN4x100 RelayQwayne RoseFRNassau (N.Y.) CCRegion XVE
MEN110 Meter HurdlesFrancisco LaracuenteFRNorthern Essex (Mass.) CC(none selected)E
MENDecathlonAndrew ColemanFROnondaga (N.Y.) CCRegion IIIE
MEN110 Meter HurdlesMichael JanaroFROnondaga (N.Y.) CCRegion IIIE
MENDecathlonPaul DouglasFRQueensborough (N.Y.) CCRegion XVE
MEN100 MetersAyoub ElfahimFRQueensborough (N.Y.) CCRegion XVE
MEN200 MetersAyoub ElfahimFRQueensborough (N.Y.) CCRegion XVE
MEN4x100 RelayAyoub ElfahimFRQueensborough (N.Y.) CCRegion XVE
MEN4x400 RelayAyoub ElfahimFRQueensborough (N.Y.) CCRegion XVE
MEN4x400 RelayAlex FergusonSOQueensborough (N.Y.) CCRegion XVE
MEN4x100 RelayAlex FergusonSOQueensborough (N.Y.) CCRegion XVE
MENTriple JumpShorn GrantSOQueensborough (N.Y.) CCRegion XVE
MEN4x800 RelayPeter HoffmannFRQueensborough (N.Y.) CCRegion XVE
MEN4x100 RelayAral KahramanFRQueensborough (N.Y.) CCRegion XVE
MEN4x800 RelayBrendan KimFRQueensborough (N.Y.) CCRegion XVE
MENDecathlonChrisnel NicolasFRQueensborough (N.Y.) CCRegion XVE
MEN4x800 RelayMichael OhFRQueensborough (N.Y.) CCRegion XVE
MEN400 Meter HurdlesBenjamin WadeFRQueensborough (N.Y.) CCRegion XVE
MEN4x800 RelayBenjamin WadeFRQueensborough (N.Y.) CCRegion XVE
MEN4x400 RelayBenjamin WadeFRQueensborough (N.Y.) CCRegion XVE
MEN4x400 RelayTahkwai Wilson-HillSOQueensborough (N.Y.) CCRegion XVE
MEN4x100 RelayTahkwai Wilson-HillSOQueensborough (N.Y.) CCRegion XVE
MENJavelinHunter BattenFRRowan-Gloucester (N.J.) CC(none selected)E
MEN400 MetersGiorgio BrunoFRRowan-Gloucester (N.J.) CC(none selected)E
MEN110 Meter HurdlesGiorgio BrunoFRRowan-Gloucester (N.J.) CC(none selected)E
MEN400 Meter HurdlesGiorgio BrunoFRRowan-Gloucester (N.J.) CC(none selected)E
MEN4x100 RelayGiorgio BrunoFRRowan-Gloucester (N.J.) CC(none selected)E
MEN400 MetersJames ColemanFRRowan-Gloucester (N.J.) CC(none selected)E
MEN4x100 RelayJames ColemanFRRowan-Gloucester (N.J.) CC(none selected)E
MENTriple JumpDennis FieldsFRRowan-Gloucester (N.J.) CC(none selected)E
MENShot PutChris GuerrieriFRRowan-Gloucester (N.J.) CC(none selected)E
MENDiscusChris GuerrieriFRRowan-Gloucester (N.J.) CC(none selected)E
MENHammerChris GuerrieriFRRowan-Gloucester (N.J.) CC(none selected)E
MENShot PutMarques HallFRRowan-Gloucester (N.J.) CC(none selected)E
MENDiscusMarques HallFRRowan-Gloucester (N.J.) CC(none selected)E
MENHammerMarques HallFRRowan-Gloucester (N.J.) CC(none selected)E
MENShot PutDanny MalloyFRRowan-Gloucester (N.J.) CC(none selected)E
MENDiscusDanny MalloyFRRowan-Gloucester (N.J.) CC(none selected)E
MENLong JumpElijah ReeseFRRowan-Gloucester (N.J.) CC(none selected)E
MEN4x100 RelayElijah ReeseFRRowan-Gloucester (N.J.) CC(none selected)E
MEN110 Meter HurdlesJaden SanchezFRRowan-Gloucester (N.J.) CC(none selected)E
MEN4x100 RelayJaden SanchezFRRowan-Gloucester (N.J.) CC(none selected)E
MENHammerMichael TaylorFRRowan-Gloucester (N.J.) CC(none selected)E
MEN100 MetersTimmothy BoehleinFRSt. Charles (Mo.) CCRegion XVIE
MEN200 MetersTimmothy BoehleinFRSt. Charles (Mo.) CCRegion XVIE
MEN4x800 RelayDevon FanningSOSt. Charles (Mo.) CCRegion XVIE
MEN5000 MetersJonah McHaffieFRSt. Charles (Mo.) CCRegion XVIE
MENSteeplechaseJonah McHaffieFRSt. Charles (Mo.) CCRegion XVIE
MEN4x800 RelayJonah McHaffieFRSt. Charles (Mo.) CCRegion XVIE
MENSteeplechaseKai MillsFRSt. Charles (Mo.) CCRegion XVIE
MEN4x800 RelayKai MillsFRSt. Charles (Mo.) CCRegion XVIE
MEN4x800 RelayRyan PendergastSOSt. Charles (Mo.) CCRegion XVIE
MEN110 Meter HurdlesTevon WilliamsonFRSt. Charles (Mo.) CCRegion XVIE
MENHigh JumpTevon WilliamsonFRSt. Charles (Mo.) CCRegion XVIE
MEN4x400 RelayMichael BurnsFRSuffolk County (N.Y.) CC(none selected)E
MENPole VaultHunter DillonFRSuffolk County (N.Y.) CC(none selected)E
MEN400 Meter HurdlesAustin GarskeFRSuffolk County (N.Y.) CC(none selected)E
MEN4x400 RelayAustin GarskeFRSuffolk County (N.Y.) CC(none selected)E
MEN4x400 RelayAidan LasurdoFRSuffolk County (N.Y.) CC(none selected)E
MEN4x400 RelayBrandon LopezFRSuffolk County (N.Y.) CC(none selected)E
MENHammerLeonardo SotoFRSuffolk County (N.Y.) CC(none selected)E
MEN1500 MetersJacob GetchellFRSUNY Broome CCRegion IIIE
MEN5000 MetersConner SmithFRSUNY Broome CCRegion IIIE
MENSteeplechaseConner SmithFRSUNY Broome CCRegion IIIE
MEN800 MetersJoshua DeveauxFRThaddeus Stevens (Pa.)(none selected)E
MEN4x400 RelayJoshua DeveauxFRThaddeus Stevens (Pa.)(none selected)E
MEN4x400 RelayJoshua GibsonFRThaddeus Stevens (Pa.)(none selected)E
MENJavelinKaleb HilyerFRThaddeus Stevens (Pa.)(none selected)E
MENShot PutLevi MayerFRThaddeus Stevens (Pa.)(none selected)E
MENDiscusLevi MayerFRThaddeus Stevens (Pa.)(none selected)E
MEN4x400 RelayChristian McCaffreySOThaddeus Stevens (Pa.)(none selected)E
MEN4x400 RelayEshton SauderSOThaddeus Stevens (Pa.)(none selected)E
MENPole VaultJoseph WaltersSOThaddeus Stevens (Pa.)(none selected)E
MEN400 Meter HurdlesHunter ZehnerFRThaddeus Stevens (Pa.)(none selected)E
MENDiscusKimani CoffeeFRTriton (Ill.)(none selected)E
MENJavelinThomas FlanaganFRUnion County (N.J.)(none selected)E
MEN1500 MetersNelly ThebaudSOUnion County (N.J.)(none selected)E
WOMEN100 Meter HurdlesIdayat AdisaFRCamden County (N.J.)Region XIXE
WOMEN400 Meter HurdlesIdayat AdisaFRCamden County (N.J.)Region XIXE
WOMENHigh JumpIdayat AdisaFRCamden County (N.J.)Region XIXE
WOMEN4x800 RelayBetzabel DelosSantos TriSOCamden County (N.J.)Region XIXE
WOMENShot PutAmia GreenFRCamden County (N.J.)Region XIXE
WOMENDiscusAmia GreenFRCamden County (N.J.)Region XIXE
WOMENJavelinAmia GreenFRCamden County (N.J.)Region XIXE
WOMEN4x800 RelayJulia KoernerFRCamden County (N.J.)Region XIXE
WOMEN4x800 RelayNatalie RehnFRCamden County (N.J.)Region XIXE
WOMEN4x800 RelayElizabeth SantanaFRCamden County (N.J.)Region XIXE
WOMEN5000 MetersNicole DiohFRCCRIRegion XXIE
WOMEN800 MetersBelle AdduciFRDuPage (Ill.)Region IVE
WOMEN1500 MetersBelle AdduciFRDuPage (Ill.)Region IVE
WOMEN4x800 RelayBelle AdduciFRDuPage (Ill.)Region IVE
WOMEN800 MetersLillan BuzaniFRDuPage (Ill.)Region IVE
WOMEN1500 MetersLillan BuzaniFRDuPage (Ill.)Region IVE
WOMEN4x800 RelayLillan BuzaniFRDuPage (Ill.)Region IVE
WOMEN100 MetersKiara CarterFRDuPage (Ill.)Region IVE
WOMEN200 MetersKiara CarterFRDuPage (Ill.)Region IVE
WOMEN4x100 RelayKiara CarterFRDuPage (Ill.)Region IVE
WOMEN4x400 RelayKiara CarterFRDuPage (Ill.)Region IVE
WOMEN100 Meter HurdlesMorgan CliffordFRDuPage (Ill.)Region IVE
WOMEN400 Meter HurdlesMorgan CliffordFRDuPage (Ill.)Region IVE
WOMEN4x400 RelayMorgan CliffordFRDuPage (Ill.)Region IVE
WOMEN4x800 RelayMorgan CliffordFRDuPage (Ill.)Region IVE
WOMEN4x100 RelayAlyssa GaskiFRDuPage (Ill.)Region IVE
WOMEN4x800 RelayAlyssa GaskiFRDuPage (Ill.)Region IVE
WOMENHigh JumpAkira LebronFRDuPage (Ill.)Region IVE
WOMENPole VaultAkira LebronFRDuPage (Ill.)Region IVE
WOMENLong JumpAkira LebronFRDuPage (Ill.)Region IVE
WOMENTriple JumpAkira LebronFRDuPage (Ill.)Region IVE
WOMENJavelinAkira LebronFRDuPage (Ill.)Region IVE
WOMEN4x100 RelayAkira LebronFRDuPage (Ill.)Region IVE
WOMENPole VaultMya ManganFRDuPage (Ill.)Region IVE
WOMEN4x100 RelayMya ManganFRDuPage (Ill.)Region IVE
WOMEN400 MetersAlexandra OchabFRDuPage (Ill.)Region IVE
WOMENLong JumpAlexandra OchabFRDuPage (Ill.)Region IVE
WOMEN4x400 RelayAlexandra OchabFRDuPage (Ill.)Region IVE
WOMENHigh JumpPaulina StachuraFRDuPage (Ill.)Region IVE
WOMEN4x400 RelayPaulina StachuraFRDuPage (Ill.)Region IVE
WOMENShot PutMorgan CollazoFRFinger Lakes (N.Y.) CCRegion IIIE
WOMEN800 MetersLeah LloydFRFinger Lakes (N.Y.) CCRegion IIIE
WOMEN1500 MetersLeah LloydFRFinger Lakes (N.Y.) CCRegion IIIE
WOMEN5000 MetersLeah LloydFRFinger Lakes (N.Y.) CCRegion IIIE
WOMENSteeplechaseLeah LloydFRFinger Lakes (N.Y.) CCRegion IIIE
WOMEN4x400 RelayLeah LloydFRFinger Lakes (N.Y.) CCRegion IIIE
WOMEN200 MetersEricka MoodyFRFinger Lakes (N.Y.) CCRegion IIIE
WOMEN400 MetersEricka MoodyFRFinger Lakes (N.Y.) CCRegion IIIE
WOMEN4x400 RelayEricka MoodyFRFinger Lakes (N.Y.) CCRegion IIIE
WOMEN4x400 RelayChyra PattersonSOFinger Lakes (N.Y.) CCRegion IIIE
WOMEN800 MetersElizabeth RoseFRFinger Lakes (N.Y.) CCRegion IIIE
WOMEN4x400 RelayElizabeth RoseFRFinger Lakes (N.Y.) CCRegion IIIE
WOMEN5000 MetersMariah McKenzieFRFIT (N.Y.)(none selected)E
WOMENHigh JumpPola KubrakFRHarper (Ill.)(none selected)E
WOMENJavelinPola KubrakFRHarper (Ill.)(none selected)E
WOMEN4x100 RelayPola KubrakFRHarper (Ill.)(none selected)E
WOMEN800 MetersFiona MetzoFRHarper (Ill.)(none selected)E
WOMEN1500 MetersFiona MetzoFRHarper (Ill.)(none selected)E
WOMEN4x100 RelayFiona MetzoFRHarper (Ill.)(none selected)E
WOMEN100 MetersSamira RosenfeldFRHarper (Ill.)(none selected)E
WOMEN200 MetersSamira RosenfeldFRHarper (Ill.)(none selected)E
WOMEN100 Meter HurdlesSamira RosenfeldFRHarper (Ill.)(none selected)E
WOMENHigh JumpSamira RosenfeldFRHarper (Ill.)(none selected)E
WOMENLong JumpSamira RosenfeldFRHarper (Ill.)(none selected)E
WOMEN4x100 RelaySamira RosenfeldFRHarper (Ill.)(none selected)E
WOMENDiscusArianna TeichmanFRHarper (Ill.)(none selected)E
WOMENHammerArianna TeichmanFRHarper (Ill.)(none selected)E
WOMENShot PutGabriela VelascoFRHarper (Ill.)(none selected)E
WOMENDiscusGabriela VelascoFRHarper (Ill.)(none selected)E
WOMENHammerGabriela VelascoFRHarper (Ill.)(none selected)E
WOMENJavelinGabriela VelascoFRHarper (Ill.)(none selected)E
WOMEN4x100 RelayGabriela VelascoFRHarper (Ill.)(none selected)E
WOMEN100 Meter HurdlesJa'Nia RaySOHerkimer County (N.Y.) CCRegion IIIE
WOMEN200 MetersJynnae StevensFRHerkimer County (N.Y.) CCRegion IIIE
WOMENShot PutNa'Shae EarlySOHoward (Md.) CCRegion XXE
WOMENDiscusNa'Shae EarlySOHoward (Md.) CCRegion XXE
WOMENHammerNa'Shae EarlySOHoward (Md.) CCRegion XXE
WOMENLong JumpIfeoluwa EpebinuadeSOHoward (Md.) CCRegion XXE
WOMENTriple JumpIfeoluwa EpebinuadeSOHoward (Md.) CCRegion XXE
WOMENHigh JumpAlyssa BrunoFRHudson Valley (N.Y.) CCRegion IIIE
WOMENSteeplechaseEva SgambetteraFRHudson Valley (N.Y.) CCRegion IIIE
WOMEN4x800 RelayEva SgambetteraFRHudson Valley (N.Y.) CCRegion IIIE
WOMEN10,000 MetersOlivia SkylstadFRHudson Valley (N.Y.) CCRegion IIIE
WOMEN400 Meter HurdlesOlivia SkylstadFRHudson Valley (N.Y.) CCRegion IIIE
WOMENSteeplechaseOlivia SkylstadFRHudson Valley (N.Y.) CCRegion IIIE
WOMEN4x800 RelayOlivia SkylstadFRHudson Valley (N.Y.) CCRegion IIIE
WOMEN100 MetersLia SoaresFRHudson Valley (N.Y.) CCRegion IIIE
WOMEN200 MetersLia SoaresFRHudson Valley (N.Y.) CCRegion IIIE
WOMENHeptathlonLia SoaresFRHudson Valley (N.Y.) CCRegion IIIE
WOMEN4x800 RelayLia SoaresFRHudson Valley (N.Y.) CCRegion IIIE
WOMENSteeplechaseHickory WhelanFRHudson Valley (N.Y.) CCRegion IIIE
WOMEN4x800 RelayHickory WhelanFRHudson Valley (N.Y.) CCRegion IIIE
WOMEN100 Meter HurdlesRaven OrangeFRMiddlesex County (N.J.)(none selected)E
WOMEN400 Meter HurdlesRaven OrangeFRMiddlesex County (N.J.)(none selected)E
WOMENPole VaultReilly BaughmanFRMineral Area (Mo.)Region XVIE
WOMEN4x100 RelayReilly BaughmanFRMineral Area (Mo.)Region XVIE
WOMENHigh JumpLiberty ColemanFRMineral Area (Mo.)Region XVIE
WOMENPole VaultLiberty ColemanFRMineral Area (Mo.)Region XVIE
WOMEN100 MetersLaine CottrellFRMineral Area (Mo.)Region XVIE
WOMEN400 MetersLaine CottrellFRMineral Area (Mo.)Region XVIE
WOMEN4x100 RelayLaine CottrellFRMineral Area (Mo.)Region XVIE
WOMENDiscusMolly GearhartFRMineral Area (Mo.)Region XVIE
WOMEN1500 MetersHaley HernandezFRMineral Area (Mo.)Region XVIE
WOMEN5000 MetersHaley HernandezFRMineral Area (Mo.)Region XVIE
WOMEN10,000 MetersHaley HernandezFRMineral Area (Mo.)Region XVIE
WOMEN4x800 RelayHaley HernandezFRMineral Area (Mo.)Region XVIE
WOMEN800 MetersKara HovickFRMineral Area (Mo.)Region XVIE
WOMEN4x800 RelayKara HovickFRMineral Area (Mo.)Region XVIE
WOMEN4x100 RelayKara HovickFRMineral Area (Mo.)Region XVIE
WOMEN4x100 RelayStephany LathamFRMineral Area (Mo.)Region XVIE
WOMEN5000 MetersLaura MaddoxFRMineral Area (Mo.)Region XVIE
WOMEN10,000 MetersLaura MaddoxFRMineral Area (Mo.)Region XVIE
WOMEN4x800 RelayLaura MaddoxFRMineral Area (Mo.)Region XVIE
WOMEN1500 MetersRachel WilsonFRMineral Area (Mo.)Region XVIE
WOMEN4x800 RelayRachel WilsonFRMineral Area (Mo.)Region XVIE
WOMEN100 MetersSadia AbakarFRMohawk Valley (N.Y.) CCRegion IIIE
WOMEN4x100 RelaySadia AbakarFRMohawk Valley (N.Y.) CCRegion IIIE
WOMEN400 MetersArafa DjoumaFRMohawk Valley (N.Y.) CCRegion IIIE
WOMEN4x100 RelayArafa DjoumaFRMohawk Valley (N.Y.) CCRegion IIIE
WOMEN4x100 RelayIveion SeabrooksFRMohawk Valley (N.Y.) CCRegion IIIE
WOMEN4x100 RelayMoenae WashingtonFRMohawk Valley (N.Y.) CCRegion IIIE
WOMEN4x100 RelayAngre CattouseFRMonroe-Bronx (N.Y.)Region XVE
WOMEN4x400 RelayAngre CattouseFRMonroe-Bronx (N.Y.)Region XVE
WOMEN4x100 RelayRovell CayenneFRMonroe-Bronx (N.Y.)Region XVE
WOMEN4x400 RelayRovell CayenneFRMonroe-Bronx (N.Y.)Region XVE
WOMEN200 MetersLamoy DuffusFRMonroe-Bronx (N.Y.)Region XVE
WOMENLong JumpLamoy DuffusFRMonroe-Bronx (N.Y.)Region XVE
WOMENTriple JumpLamoy DuffusFRMonroe-Bronx (N.Y.)Region XVE
WOMEN4x100 RelayLamoy DuffusFRMonroe-Bronx (N.Y.)Region XVE
WOMEN4x400 RelayLamoy DuffusFRMonroe-Bronx (N.Y.)Region XVE
WOMEN4x400 RelayYanise GalloFRMonroe-Bronx (N.Y.)Region XVE
WOMEN4x100 RelayTasheca StanelyFRMonroe-Bronx (N.Y.)Region XVE
WOMEN400 MetersMadison SohlFRNassau (N.Y.) CCRegion XVE
WOMEN800 MetersMadison SohlFRNassau (N.Y.) CCRegion XVE
WOMEN400 MetersEleni TorresFRNassau (N.Y.) CCRegion XVE
WOMENDiscusAubree DomagalaFROnondaga (N.Y.) CCRegion IIIE
WOMENHammerLauren ShalerFROnondaga (N.Y.) CCRegion IIIE
WOMEN4x400 RelayArielle AllertFRQueensborough (N.Y.) CCRegion XVE
WOMEN4x800 RelayChristina ChattanFRQueensborough (N.Y.) CCRegion XVE
WOMENHeptathlonValerie MuseFRQueensborough (N.Y.) CCRegion XVE
WOMEN4x400 RelayValerie MuseFRQueensborough (N.Y.) CCRegion XVE
WOMEN4x800 RelayValerie MuseFRQueensborough (N.Y.) CCRegion XVE
WOMEN4x400 RelayShivangi SharmaFRQueensborough (N.Y.) CCRegion XVE
WOMEN4x800 RelayShivangi SharmaFRQueensborough (N.Y.) CCRegion XVE
WOMEN4x400 RelayKelin ZhuFRQueensborough (N.Y.) CCRegion XVE
WOMEN4x800 RelayKelin ZhuFRQueensborough (N.Y.) CCRegion XVE
WOMENTriple JumpDreana AlgarinFRRowan-Gloucester (N.J.) CC(none selected)E
WOMEN4x100 RelayDreana AlgarinFRRowan-Gloucester (N.J.) CC(none selected)E
WOMENJavelinSabrina BaerFRRowan-Gloucester (N.J.) CC(none selected)E
WOMENHeptathlonSabrina BaerFRRowan-Gloucester (N.J.) CC(none selected)E
WOMEN4x800 RelaySabrina BaerFRRowan-Gloucester (N.J.) CC(none selected)E
WOMEN4x400 RelaySabrina BaerFRRowan-Gloucester (N.J.) CC(none selected)E
WOMEN4x100 RelaySabrina BaerFRRowan-Gloucester (N.J.) CC(none selected)E
WOMEN100 Meter HurdlesPrecious BarcliftFRRowan-Gloucester (N.J.) CC(none selected)E
WOMEN400 Meter HurdlesPrecious BarcliftFRRowan-Gloucester (N.J.) CC(none selected)E
WOMEN4x400 RelayPrecious BarcliftFRRowan-Gloucester (N.J.) CC(none selected)E
WOMEN4x100 RelayPrecious BarcliftFRRowan-Gloucester (N.J.) CC(none selected)E
WOMEN10,000 MetersAlyssa ConnorFRRowan-Gloucester (N.J.) CC(none selected)E
WOMEN4x800 RelayAlyssa ConnorFRRowan-Gloucester (N.J.) CC(none selected)E
WOMENDiscusMariella FarrellFRRowan-Gloucester (N.J.) CC(none selected)E
WOMENHammerMariella FarrellFRRowan-Gloucester (N.J.) CC(none selected)E
WOMEN400 MetersHailey HartwykFRRowan-Gloucester (N.J.) CC(none selected)E
WOMEN400 Meter HurdlesHailey HartwykFRRowan-Gloucester (N.J.) CC(none selected)E
WOMENPole VaultHailey HartwykFRRowan-Gloucester (N.J.) CC(none selected)E
WOMENTriple JumpHailey HartwykFRRowan-Gloucester (N.J.) CC(none selected)E
WOMEN4x400 RelayHailey HartwykFRRowan-Gloucester (N.J.) CC(none selected)E
WOMEN4x100 RelayHailey HartwykFRRowan-Gloucester (N.J.) CC(none selected)E
WOMENShot PutKara KnorrFRRowan-Gloucester (N.J.) CC(none selected)E
WOMENDiscusKara KnorrFRRowan-Gloucester (N.J.) CC(none selected)E
WOMENHammerKara KnorrFRRowan-Gloucester (N.J.) CC(none selected)E
WOMENJavelinKara KnorrFRRowan-Gloucester (N.J.) CC(none selected)E
WOMENShot PutGrace VitFRRowan-Gloucester (N.J.) CC(none selected)E
WOMENJavelinGrace VitFRRowan-Gloucester (N.J.) CC(none selected)E
WOMENHeptathlonGrace VitFRRowan-Gloucester (N.J.) CC(none selected)E
WOMEN800 MetersAshton WiseleyFRRowan-Gloucester (N.J.) CC(none selected)E
WOMEN1500 MetersAshton WiseleyFRRowan-Gloucester (N.J.) CC(none selected)E
WOMEN4x400 RelayAshton WiseleyFRRowan-Gloucester (N.J.) CC(none selected)E
WOMEN4x800 RelayAshton WiseleyFRRowan-Gloucester (N.J.) CC(none selected)E
WOMENSteeplechasePaige WodarczykFRRowan-Gloucester (N.J.) CC(none selected)E
WOMEN4x800 RelayPaige WodarczykFRRowan-Gloucester (N.J.) CC(none selected)E
WOMEN100 Meter HurdlesGrace BosticFRSt. Charles (Mo.) CCRegion XVIE
WOMEN400 Meter HurdlesGrace BosticFRSt. Charles (Mo.) CCRegion XVIE
WOMEN4x100 RelayGrace BosticFRSt. Charles (Mo.) CCRegion XVIE
WOMEN4x100 RelayTerniya FieldsFRSt. Charles (Mo.) CCRegion XVIE
WOMEN100 MetersJulianne HansenFRSt. Charles (Mo.) CCRegion XVIE
WOMEN200 MetersJulianne HansenFRSt. Charles (Mo.) CCRegion XVIE
WOMEN400 MetersJulianne HansenFRSt. Charles (Mo.) CCRegion XVIE
WOMEN4x100 RelayJulianne HansenFRSt. Charles (Mo.) CCRegion XVIE
WOMENLong JumpRobyn MooreFRSt. Charles (Mo.) CCRegion XVIE
WOMENTriple JumpRobyn MooreFRSt. Charles (Mo.) CCRegion XVIE
WOMENJavelinRobyn MooreFRSt. Charles (Mo.) CCRegion XVIE
WOMEN4x100 RelayRobyn MooreFRSt. Charles (Mo.) CCRegion XVIE
WOMEN5000 MetersArianna AraujoFRSuffolk County (N.Y.) CC(none selected)E
WOMEN10,000 MetersArianna AraujoFRSuffolk County (N.Y.) CC(none selected)E
WOMEN5000 MetersYasmeen AraujoFRSuffolk County (N.Y.) CC(none selected)E
WOMEN10,000 MetersYasmeen AraujoFRSuffolk County (N.Y.) CC(none selected)E
WOMEN4x400 RelayYasmeen AraujoFRSuffolk County (N.Y.) CC(none selected)E
WOMENPole VaultRachel BerlinFRSuffolk County (N.Y.) CC(none selected)E
WOMEN4x400 RelayEmmaGrace FitchFRSuffolk County (N.Y.) CC(none selected)E
WOMEN100 Meter HurdlesAngelina GuevaraFRSuffolk County (N.Y.) CC(none selected)E
WOMENHeptathlonAngelina GuevaraFRSuffolk County (N.Y.) CC(none selected)E
WOMEN100 MetersJiana HallFRSuffolk County (N.Y.) CC(none selected)E
WOMEN200 MetersJiana HallFRSuffolk County (N.Y.) CC(none selected)E
WOMEN100 MetersStephane HonoreFRSuffolk County (N.Y.) CC(none selected)E
WOMEN4x400 RelayStephane HonoreFRSuffolk County (N.Y.) CC(none selected)E
WOMEN4x400 RelayCaitlin KeghlianFRSuffolk County (N.Y.) CC(none selected)E
WOMENShot PutMorgan KeulerFRSuffolk County (N.Y.) CC(none selected)E
WOMENHammerKimberlee SokolowskiFRSuffolk County (N.Y.) CC(none selected)E
WOMENShot PutJaimee StarzeeFRSuffolk County (N.Y.) CC(none selected)E
WOMENHammerJaimee StarzeeFRSuffolk County (N.Y.) CC(none selected)E
WOMENHigh JumpMegan CardenFRSUNY Broome CCRegion IIIE
WOMENLong JumpMegan CardenFRSUNY Broome CCRegion IIIE
WOMENHeptathlonMegan CardenFRSUNY Broome CCRegion IIIE
WOMEN4x400 RelayMegan CardenFRSUNY Broome CCRegion IIIE
WOMEN400 Meter HurdlesMelissa CardenFRSUNY Broome CCRegion IIIE
WOMENLong JumpMelissa CardenFRSUNY Broome CCRegion IIIE
WOMENTriple JumpMelissa CardenFRSUNY Broome CCRegion IIIE
WOMEN4x400 RelayMelissa CardenFRSUNY Broome CCRegion IIIE
WOMEN1500 MetersClaudia ChermakFRSUNY Broome CCRegion IIIE
WOMEN5000 MetersClaudia ChermakFRSUNY Broome CCRegion IIIE
WOMEN4x400 RelayClaudia ChermakFRSUNY Broome CCRegion IIIE
WOMEN4x400 RelayCherise MackFRSUNY Broome CCRegion IIIE
WOMENTriple JumpFaustyna KarpiesiukSOTriton (Ill.)(none selected)E