USTFCCCA Division II Track & Field Athlete Hall of Fame by Name

Last updated: October 20, 2016


Induction Year
Kasia Airent Lewis University 2016
Christine Allen Logue Pittsburg State University 1999
Agapius Amo Texas A&M University-Commerce 2009
Brian Amos Abilene Christian University 2005
Doug Arendell Western Illinois University 1997
Ray Armstead Truman State University 1998
Frank Assumma University of California, Riverside 1996
Cynthia Badgett Saint Augustine’s College 2000
Mike Bennett University of Northern Colorado 1998
Amy Bippert Angelo State University 2005
Kirby Blackley The University of Findlay 2013
Bill Borden Southern Connecticut State University 2007
Geoff Bradshaw California State University, Stanislaus 2008
Ken Brokenburr Saint Augustine’s College 2000
James Browne Abilene Christian University 2005
Howard Burnett New York Institute of Technology 2001
Callie Calhoun Molloy U.S. Air Force Academy 2001
Duane Chappell Lewis University 2015-
Eric Cole Angelo State University 2009
Teena Colebrook California Polytechnic State University 1996
Christopher Coleman Saint Augustine’s College 2010
John Craft Eastern Illinois University 2003
Charlie Craig California State University, Fresno 2000
Mark Curp University of Central Missouri 1997
Kia Davis Saint Augustine’s College 2010
Meredith Davis Morningside College 2010
Patricia Davis Saint Augustine’s College 2000
Curry Dawson Angelo State University 2009
Deandra Doubrava Emporia State University 2006
Dale Drennan University of Texas at Arlington 2002
Elva Dryer Western State University 2011
Nicole Duncan California State University, Los Angeles 2008
Sylvia Dyer Barnier Abilene Christian University 2002
Bill Edwards Western Illinois University 2001
Cliff Felkins Abilene Christian University 1998
Dan Futrell Truman State University 1997
Andrea Giscombe Saint Augustine’s College 2007
Tongula Givens Steddum Missouri Southern State University 2009
Steve Gordon University of South Dakota 2006
Zoila Gomez Adams State College 2012
Trevor Graham Saint Augustine’s College 2001
Dave Haber California State University, East Bay 2004
Doug Hanson North Dakota State University 1999
Felicia Harris California State University, Chico 2004
Tranel Hawkins Angelo State University 2002
Randy Heisler University of Indianapolis 2000
Yolanda Henry Abilene Christian University 2003
Jerry Holloway Western Illinois University 1998
Bershawn Jackson Saint Augustine’s University 2016
Dale Jenkins Abilene Christian University 2005
Carmelita Jeter California State, Dominguez Hills 2016
Charles Johnson Saint Augustine’s College 2007
Larance Jones Truman State University 1996
Petra Juraskova California State University, Los Angeles 2010
Jim Kemp Kentucky State University 2016
Janet Kogo Harding University 2010
Alfred Kruger Morningside College 2010
Nick Lara Adams State University 2015
Debra Larsen California State Polytechnic University, Pomona 1996
Tabreshia Lawrence California State Polytechnic University, Pomona 2008
Mike Lawson Saint Augustine’s College 2007
Ronald Lee California State University, Bakersfield 2004
Heather Leverington Emporia State University 2007
Marlene Lewis Abilene Christian University 1998
Tommy Lister California State University, Los Angeles 2008
Carrie Luis California State University, Stanislaus 1999
Norm McGee University of North Dakota 1997
Derek Miles University of South Dakota 2013
Jearl Miles Alabama A&M University 1999
Amber Miller Angelo State University 2009
Darla Moberly University of Central Missouri 1997
Brian Moorman Pittsburg State University 2006
Charles Mulinga Lewis University 2001
Larry Myricks Mississippi College 1996
Nicodemus Naimadu Abilene Christian University 2015
Janet Nicolls California State Polytechnic University, Pomona 2004
Sarah Parkey Adams State College 2006
Antonio Pettigrew Saint Augustine’s College 2000
Clint Prange Northwest Missouri State University 2016
Christine Ridenour Vanatta Southeast Missouri State University 1999
Gregory Roberts Morehouse College 2009
Mark Robinson Cathoic University 2012
Tomi Rucker Saint Augustine’s College 1998
Jeff Sander University of Central Missouri 2006
Steve Scott University of California, Irvine 1996
Carla Seldon Angelo State University 2003
Joe Silva Western Illinois University 2004
Mike Smierziak Angelo State University 2002
Karin Smith California Polytechnic State University 1996
Kendall Stevens The University of Findlay 2012
Yolande Straughn Abilene Christian University 2005
Chandra Sturrup Norfolk State University 2000
Elaina Swann University of South Dakota 2008
Sherlese Taylor Saint Augustine’s College 2012
Mike Vanatta Southeast Missouri State University 1999
Undrae Walker California State University, Stanislaus 2011
Dwayne Wall Western Illinois University 2003
Barton Williams California Polytechnic State University 2011
Doris Williams California State Polytechnic University, Pomona 1996
Randolph Williams Kentucky State University 2013
Mark Witherspoon Abilene Christian University 2004
Mandi (Zemba) Long Grand Valley State University 2015