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USTFCCCA National Team Computer Rankings

2017 Outdoor Track & Field

Week #6

Release Date: May 10, 2017
(conducted by U.S. Track & Field and Cross Country Coaches Association)

* no longer affliated with this division

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Rank Institution Points
1Iowa Central CC759.72
2South Plains (Texas)659.30
3Barton (Kan.) CC533.53
4Butler (Kan.) CC452.28
5Cloud County (Kan.) CC412.13
6Paradise Valley (Ariz.) CC347.42
7Central Arizona333.97
8Hinds (Miss.) CC328.19
9Western Texas258.98
10Iowa Western CC235.38
11Coffeyville (Kan.) CC233.09
12Pima (Ariz.) CC190.75
13Mesa (Ariz.) CC184.54
14Meridian (Miss.) CC172.30
15Allen (Kan.) CC168.11
16Cowley (Kan.)150.00
17Hutchinson (Kan.) CC125.47
18Trinidad State (Colo.) JC123.27
19Vincennes (Ind.)115.15
20Garden City (Kan.) CC74.53
21North Iowa Area CC68.17
22DuPage (Ill.)61.44
23Monroe (N.Y.)61.06
24Arkansas Baptist56.07
25Lansing (Mich.) CC55.40
26Neosho County (Kan.) CC48.49
27Indian Hills (Iowa) CC45.80
28Johnson County (Kan.) CC42.76
29Dodge City (Kan.) CC40.58
30Hagerstown (Md.) CC39.88
31Glendale (Ariz.) CC38.21
32Essex County (N.J.)32.96
33Coahoma (Miss.) CC22.01
34Southwestern (Iowa) CC14.36
35Colby (Kan.) CC14.32
36ASA Miami13.21
37Lincoln (Ill.)6.71
38Highland (Kan.) CC6.30
39Pratt (Kan.) CC4.70
40Muskegon (Mich.) CC4.15
41Northwest Kansas Tech2.81
42Ranger (Texas)1.71
43Macomb (Mich.) CC0.62
44Southwestern Christian (Texas)0.50
Rank Institution Points
1New Mexico JC605.52
2Iowa Central CC537.59
3South Plains (Texas)523.30
4Barton (Kan.) CC468.72
5Central Arizona416.06
6Iowa Western CC413.84
7Monroe (N.Y.)312.11
8Western Texas290.17
9Coffeyville (Kan.) CC266.14
10Mesa (Ariz.) CC238.48
11Butler (Kan.) CC237.90
12Vincennes (Ind.)209.36
13Paradise Valley (Ariz.) CC195.84
14Cloud County (Kan.) CC179.06
15Hutchinson (Kan.) CC170.94
16Cowley (Kan.)166.06
17Allen (Kan.) CC128.46
18Essex County (N.J.)120.06
19Highland (Kan.) CC113.75
20Cuyahoga (Ohio) CC94.67
21Hinds (Miss.) CC91.62
22Pima (Ariz.) CC88.09
23Dodge City (Kan.) CC76.75
24Johnson County (Kan.) CC75.08
25Colby (Kan.) CC67.84
26Meridian (Miss.) CC61.68
27Lansing (Mich.) CC57.30
28ASA Miami52.21
29Glendale (Ariz.) CC51.64
30Garden City (Kan.) CC36.84
31Neosho County (Kan.) CC21.63
32Lincoln (Ill.)20.81
33Northwest Kansas Tech18.22
34Indian Hills (Iowa) CC16.67
35Muskegon (Mich.) CC11.86
36Cottey (Mo.)11.39
37Hagerstown (Md.) CC10.02
38Pratt (Kan.) CC8.92
39North Iowa Area CC2.20
40Trinidad State (Colo.) JC1.83
41Macomb (Mich.) CC1.48
42Southwestern (Iowa) CC1.08
43Ranger (Texas)0.85
44Arkansas Baptist0.70
45Coahoma (Miss.) CC0.55
46DuPage (Ill.)0.32


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