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2022 Week #5 - April 25th

Season-to-Date Summary

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#EventSquad Rankings EXPLAINED
USTFCCCA #EventSquad rankings places a rank order to a program's "squad" of athletes in a particular event, using the cumulative season-best qualifying marks from a team's top-four ranked athletes on the national descending-order list. As with the national descending-order list for qualifying and seeding purposes, marks are subject to be converted due to track size and/or altitude. A team must have four or more athletes with a valid season-best mark recorded with TFRRS to achieve a ranking in a particular event.

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2022 Rankings Calendar
Weeks National TFRIRegional TFRI#EventSquad KEY DATES
Week 1Wed 3/30
Mon 3/28
Week 2Wed 4/6
Mon 4/4
Week 3Wed 4/13
Wed 4/13
Wed 4/13
Week 4Wed 4/20
Mon 4/18
Mon 4/18
Week 5Wed 4/27
Mon 4/25
Mon 4/25
Week 6Wed 5/4
Mon 5/2
Mon 5/2
Week 7Wed 5/11
Mon 5/9
Mon 5/9
FINAL ResultsMon 5/23

Week-by-Week Ranking

Only showing those with a season-best ranking in the top 25.
10,000 Meters
TeamWeek #3Week #4Week #5Week #6Week #7
Cloud County (Kan.) CC11111
Iowa Central CC2222
Central Arizona33333
Garden City (Kan.) CC24444
Mesa (Ariz.) CC5
Pima (Ariz.) CC6
100 Meters
TeamWeek #3Week #4Week #5Week #6Week #7
Butler (Kan.) CC11111
Coffeyville (Kan.) CC32222
Indian Hills (Iowa) CC23333
Barton (Kan.) CC44554
Fort Scott (Kan.) CC66665
South Plains (Texas)55446
Northwest Kansas Tech77777
Jacksonville (Texas)2310888
Meridian (Miss.) CC202299
Garden City (Kan.) CC911111210
Cloud County (Kan.) CC1412151611
Central Arizona109121312
Hawkeye (Iowa) CC262791013
North Iowa Area CC1618171814
Hutchinson (Kan.) CC88101115
Iowa Western CC1315161716
Mesa (Ariz.) CC1516141517
New Mexico JC1113131418
Pratt (Kan.) CC1214181918
Iowa Central CC1717202120
Pima (Ariz.) CC2022192021
Allen (Kan.) CC1921242422
Cowley (Kan.)31262623
Louisburg (N.C.)1719212224
Glendale (Ariz.) CC2224232325
Paradise Valley (Ariz.) CC2123252526
Essex County (N.J.)2425262628
Southwestern (Iowa) CC2528313032
110 Meter Hurdles
TeamWeek #3Week #4Week #5Week #6Week #7
New Mexico JC11111
South Plains (Texas)22
Iowa Western CC3
Cloud County (Kan.) CC33234
Iowa Central CC22345
Mesa (Ariz.) CC44456
Garden City (Kan.) CC55567
Southwestern (Iowa) CC66678
Pima (Ariz.) CC9
North Iowa Area CC777810
Fort Scott (Kan.) CC11
1500 Meters
TeamWeek #3Week #4Week #5Week #6Week #7
Colby (Kan.) CC12111
Trinidad State (Colo.)21222
Iowa Western CC33333
Iowa Central CC55554
Northwest Kansas Tech44445
South Plains (Texas)66666
Southern Idaho77897
Monroe-New Rochelle (N.Y.)99778
Fort Scott (Kan.) CC88989
Cowley (Kan.)1010101010
Central Arizona1213121211
Mesa (Ariz.) CC1415111112
Indian Hills (Iowa) CC1311131313
Hagerstown (Md.) CC1112141414
Cloud County (Kan.) CC1514151515
Meridian (Miss.) CC1616161616
Paradise Valley (Ariz.) CC1917171717
Pima (Ariz.) CC1718181818
Hawkeye (Iowa) CC2020201919
North Central Texas1819192020
Lansing (Mich.) CC2828212121
Hutchinson (Kan.) CC2121222222
Western Texas2323242323
Vincennes (Ind.)2222232424
Louisburg (N.C.)2726272725
Garden City (Kan.) CC2424252526
Neosho County (Kan.) CC2525262627
200 Meters
TeamWeek #3Week #4Week #5Week #6Week #7
Butler (Kan.) CC21111
Barton (Kan.) CC12222
South Plains (Texas)33333
Coffeyville (Kan.) CC44444
Indian Hills (Iowa) CC55555
Fort Scott (Kan.) CC10101296
Jacksonville (Texas)1111667
New Mexico JC77778
Cloud County (Kan.) CC1212889
Mesa (Ariz.) CC6691010
Northwest Kansas Tech88101111
Iowa Western CC2023222312
Western Texas99111213
Hawkeye (Iowa) CC1813131314
Hutchinson (Kan.) CC1314151515
North Iowa Area CC1921212216
Garden City (Kan.) CC1316141417
Iowa Central CC1315161618
Central Arizona2217171719
Allen (Kan.) CC1620222120
Cowley (Kan.)2622171721
Essex County (N.J.)1718191922
Paradise Valley (Ariz.) CC2119202023
Meridian (Miss.) CC2826262424
Pima (Ariz.) CC2324242525
Glendale (Ariz.) CC2527272727
Monroe-New Rochelle (N.Y.)2425252628
400 Meter Hurdles
TeamWeek #3Week #4Week #5Week #6Week #7
South Plains (Texas)11111
Cloud County (Kan.) CC222
Meridian (Miss.) CC22333
Allen (Kan.) CC3444
Bryant & Stratton (Va.)34555
Iowa Central CC56886
Glendale (Ariz.) CC667
Fort Scott (Kan.) CC45778
Mesa (Ariz.) CC999
Pima (Ariz.) CC111110
Garden City (Kan.) CC67101011
Harcum (Pa.)78121212
400 Meters
TeamWeek #3Week #4Week #5Week #6Week #7
South Plains (Texas)11111
Iowa Western CC55222
Western Texas22433
Barton (Kan.) CC43343
Butler (Kan.) CC34555
Indian Hills (Iowa) CC77776
Cloud County (Kan.) CC66667
Jacksonville (Texas)1412888
Paradise Valley (Ariz.) CC88999
Mesa (Ariz.) CC99101010
Hinds (Miss.) CC1010111111
Fort Scott (Kan.) CC1213131212
Essex County (N.J.)1111121313
Pima (Ariz.) CC2020141414
Hawkeye (Iowa) CC1819181815
Monroe-New Rochelle (N.Y.)1314151516
Coffeyville (Kan.) CC1717191917
New Mexico JC1515161618
Northwest Kansas Tech1616171719
Allen (Kan.) CC2121212020
Meridian (Miss.) CC1918202021
Garden City (Kan.) CC2223222222
Iowa Central CC2322232323
Central Arizona2525242424
Cowley (Kan.)2626272525
Hutchinson (Kan.) CC2424252627
5000 Meters
TeamWeek #3Week #4Week #5Week #6Week #7
Northwest Kansas Tech11111
Colby (Kan.) CC23222
Trinidad State (Colo.)2333
Iowa Western CC78884
Iowa Central CC34445
Cloud County (Kan.) CC45556
Fort Scott (Kan.) CC56667
Central Arizona67778
Cowley (Kan.)101111119
Garden City (Kan.) CC899910
Southern Idaho910101011
Hagerstown (Md.) CC1112121212
Indian Hills (Iowa) CC1314141413
Hutchinson (Kan.) CC1213131314
Pima (Ariz.) CC1617151515
Lansing (Mich.) CC1415161616
Mesa (Ariz.) CC1516171717
Louisburg (N.C.)1920181818
Hawkeye (Iowa) CC1718191919
Vincennes (Ind.)1819202020
Neosho County (Kan.) CC21
800 Meters
TeamWeek #3Week #4Week #5Week #6Week #7
South Plains (Texas)11111
Paradise Valley (Ariz.) CC22222
Indian Hills (Iowa) CC33443
Monroe-New Rochelle (N.Y.)1517334
Trinidad State (Colo.)24245
Iowa Central CC44556
Iowa Western CC66777
Cloud County (Kan.) CC101110108
Central Arizona177999
Fort Scott (Kan.) CC556610
Mesa (Ariz.) CC11128811
Cowley (Kan.)78111112
Essex County (N.J.)89121213
Southern Idaho1418191714
Butler (Kan.) CC910131315
Colby (Kan.) CC1213141416
Hawkeye (Iowa) CC1316181917
Western Texas2121151518
North Central Texas1814161619
Meridian (Miss.) CC1615171820
Vincennes (Ind.)2020202121
Neosho County (Kan.) CC1919212022
Lansing (Mich.) CC2525222223
Hagerstown (Md.) CC2322232324
Pima (Ariz.) CC2223252525
Dodge City (Kan.) CC2424262627
TeamWeek #3Week #4Week #5Week #6Week #7
Mesa (Ariz.) CC11111
Cloud County (Kan.) CC2222
TeamWeek #3Week #4Week #5Week #6Week #7
Iowa Western CC11111
South Plains (Texas)22222
Coffeyville (Kan.) CC33
Cowley (Kan.)43444
Mesa (Ariz.) CC34355
Cloud County (Kan.) CC65566
Highland (Kan.) CC56677
Pima (Ariz.) CC77788
Iowa Central CC88899
Paradise Valley (Ariz.) CC9991010
Garden City (Kan.) CC1010101111
Fort Scott (Kan.) CC12
TeamWeek #3Week #4Week #5Week #6Week #7
Paradise Valley (Ariz.) CC12221
Cowley (Kan.)21112
Cloud County (Kan.) CC33333
Hutchinson (Kan.) CC55544
Pima (Ariz.) CC44455
Iowa Western CC6
High Jump
TeamWeek #3Week #4Week #5Week #6Week #7
South Plains (Texas)11111
Iowa Western CC33222
Iowa Central CC22233
Cloud County (Kan.) CC44444
Mesa (Ariz.) CC55565
Hutchinson (Kan.) CC66656
Fort Scott (Kan.) CC77777
Garden City (Kan.) CC99998
Pima (Ariz.) CC88889
North Iowa Area CC1010101010
Highland (Kan.) CC1010111111
Cowley (Kan.)1212121212
TeamWeek #3Week #4Week #5Week #6Week #7
Highland (Kan.) CC11111
Pima (Ariz.) CC23222
Cowley (Kan.)2333
Cloud County (Kan.) CC45444
Mesa (Ariz.) CC34555
Hutchinson (Kan.) CC66
Hawkeye (Iowa) CC7
Fort Scott (Kan.) CC8
Iowa Central CC56679
Long Jump
TeamWeek #3Week #4Week #5Week #6Week #7
Cloud County (Kan.) CC21111
Iowa Western CC62332
New Mexico JC34113
Iowa Central CC13444
Pima (Ariz.) CC45555
Central Arizona56666
Fort Scott (Kan.) CC77877
Coffeyville (Kan.) CC111112128
Hutchinson (Kan.) CC88789
Louisburg (N.C.)12129910
Garden City (Kan.) CC1010101011
Northwest Kansas Tech99111112
Mesa (Ariz.) CC1313131313
Highland (Kan.) CC1818141414
Allen (Kan.) CC1515161615
Bryant & Stratton (Wis.)1414151516
Cowley (Kan.)1717171717
Indian Hills (Iowa) CC1616181818
Dawson (Mont.) CC1919191919
Pole Vault
TeamWeek #3Week #4Week #5Week #6Week #7
Mesa (Ariz.) CC11111
Highland (Kan.) CC22222
Cloud County (Kan.) CC33333
South Plains (Texas)44444
Cowley (Kan.)55555
Iowa Central CC6
Fort Scott (Kan.) CC7
Shot Put
TeamWeek #3Week #4Week #5Week #6Week #7
Iowa Western CC11111
Coffeyville (Kan.) CC22222
Cowley (Kan.)33333
South Plains (Texas)44444
Mesa (Ariz.) CC55555
Highland (Kan.) CC66666
Pima (Ariz.) CC77777
Cloud County (Kan.) CC9910108
Vincennes (Ind.)1010889
Iowa Central CC889910
Garden City (Kan.) CC1111111111
Fort Scott (Kan.) CC1212121212
TeamWeek #3Week #4Week #5Week #6Week #7
Cloud County (Kan.) CC11111
Iowa Central CC33332
Central Arizona22223
Pima (Ariz.) CC44444
Garden City (Kan.) CC55555
Triple Jump
TeamWeek #3Week #4Week #5Week #6Week #7
Iowa Central CC11111
Iowa Western CC32222
Pima (Ariz.) CC23333
Fort Scott (Kan.) CC4
Allen (Kan.) CC45545
Bryant & Stratton (Wis.)54456
Mesa (Ariz.) CC7