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2018 FINAL - May 19th

Team Rankings

1new-mexico-jcNEW MEXICO JC139.00Region VNR
2central-arizonaCENTRAL ARIZONA98.00ACCACNR
3iowa-central-ccIOWA CENTRAL CC95.00ICCAC/Region XINR
4south-plains-texasSOUTH PLAINS (TEXAS)67.00Region VNR
4barton-kan-ccBARTON (KAN.) CC67.00KJCCC/Region VINR
6cloud-county-kan-ccCLOUD COUNTY (KAN.) CC48.00KJCCC/Region VINR
7western-texasWESTERN TEXAS45.00Region VNR
8asa-miamiASA MIAMI44.00NR
9butler-kan-ccBUTLER (KAN.) CC28.00KJCCC/Region VINR
10cowley-kanCOWLEY (KAN.)25.00KJCCC/Region VINR
11highland-kan-ccHIGHLAND (KAN.) CC23.00KJCCC/Region VINR
12vincennes-indVINCENNES (IND.)21.00Region XIINR
13essex-county-n-jESSEX COUNTY (N.J.)20.00Region XIXNR
14hinds-miss-ccHINDS (MISS.) CC18.00Region XXIIINR
15arkansas-baptistARKANSAS BAPTIST16.00Bi-StateNR
16iowa-western-ccIOWA WESTERN CC12.00ICCAC/Region XINR
16meridian-miss-ccMERIDIAN (MISS.) CC12.00Region XXIIINR
18southern-idahoSOUTHERN IDAHO11.00NR
19monroe-new-rochelle-n-yMONROE-NEW ROCHELLE (N.Y.)10.00Region XVNR
19allen-kan-ccALLEN (KAN.) CC10.00KJCCC/Region VINR
21coffeyville-kan-ccCOFFEYVILLE (KAN.) CC9.00KJCCC/Region VINR
22pima-ariz-ccPIMA (ARIZ.) CC8.00ACCACNR
23colby-kan-ccCOLBY (KAN.) CC7.00KJCCC/Region VINR
24mesa-ariz-ccMESA (ARIZ.) CC5.00ACCACNR
25hutchinson-kan-ccHUTCHINSON (KAN.) CC4.00KJCCC/Region VINR
26garden-city-kan-ccGARDEN CITY (KAN.) CC3.00KJCCC/Region VINR
27trinidad-state-colo-jcTRINIDAD STATE (COLO.) JC2.00Region IXNR
27indian-hills-iowa-ccINDIAN HILLS (IOWA) CC2.00ICCAC/Region XINR
27hagerstown-md-ccHAGERSTOWN (MD.) CC2.00Region XXNR
30paradise-valley-ariz-ccPARADISE VALLEY (ARIZ.) CC1.00ACCACNR
30cuyahoga-ohio-ccCUYAHOGA (OHIO) CC1.00Region XIINR
30dodge-city-kan-ccDODGE CITY (KAN.) CC1.00KJCCC/Region VINR
33lansing-mich-ccLANSING (MICH.) CC0.00Region XIINR
33hawkeye-iowa-ccHAWKEYE (IOWA) CC0.00Region XINR
33johnson-county-kan-ccJOHNSON COUNTY (KAN.) CC0.00KJCCC/Region VINR
33pratt-kan-ccPRATT (KAN.) CC0.00KJCCC/Region VINR
33neosho-county-kan-ccNEOSHO COUNTY (KAN.) CC0.00KJCCC/Region VINR
33glendale-ariz-ccGLENDALE (ARIZ.) CC0.00ACCACNR
33lincoln-illLINCOLN (ILL.)0.00Region XXIVNR
33dupage-illDUPAGE (ILL.)0.00Region IVNR

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COVID-19 Pandemic Impacts
The 2020 outdoor track & field season and NJCAA Division I National Championsips were canceled and the season did not finish. No rankings were compiled for this season.
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