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2019 Week #5 - April 16th

Team Rankings


Event Rankings

RkAthlete/RelayYrTeamMark  C/PDateMeetPlace
1Jacob MITCHEMSOColo. School of Mines8:56.02  C3/28/2019Mike Fanelli Track Classic20.003.4523.45
2Edwin KANGOGOSRAlaska Anchorage8:56.08  C3/28/2019Mike Fanelli Track Classic18.003.4421.44
3Jacob DOMAGALSKIJRGrand Valley State8:59.48  C4/13/2019Bison Outdoor Classic16.002.6618.66
4Jacob KERNELLSRWalsh8:59.94  C3/29/2019Raleigh Relays14.002.5516.55
5Christian NOBLESOLee (Tenn.)9:00.29  C3/2/2019Victor Ice Breaker Duals12.002.4714.47
6Jack JOHNSONSRChico State9:02.04  C3/15/2019Hornet Invitational10.002.0812.08
7Pierre-Louis DETOURBEJRSimon Fraser9:02.73  C3/28/2019Mike Fanelli Track Classic9.001.9210.92
8Jason WEITZELJRConcord9:05.21  C4/13/2019Bison Outdoor Classic8.001.399.39
9Brian MICHELSSRMolloy9:05.27  C4/13/2019Bison Outdoor Classic7.001.388.38
10Trent PHELPSSRDallas Baptist9:07.32  C3/29/2019Stanford Invitational6.001.087.08
11Braden REICHLSOMichigan Tech9:07.33  C4/13/2019Bison Outdoor Classic5.001.076.07
12Aaron AHLSOSimon Fraser9:07.73  C3/28/2019Mike Fanelli Track Classic4.001.015.01
13Jesus URTUSUASTEGUIJRAugustana (S.D.)9:08.27  C3/29/2019Jim Duncan Invitational3.500.934.43
14Ezekiel KIPCHIRCHIRJRWest Texas A&M9:09.34c(9:17.76A) C4/5/2019West Texas A&M Classic3.000.783.78
15Alejandro RIOSSRCal State Stanislaus9:10.21  C3/28/2019Mike Fanelli Track Classic2.500.653.15
16Dylan HAYESSRWestern Washington9:10.99  C3/28/2019Mike Fanelli Track Classic2.000.562.56
17Thomas KELTONJRLee (Tenn.)9:11.05  C3/29/2019Raleigh Relays1.500.552.05
18Derek STEELESOColo. School of Mines9:12.30  C3/28/2019Mike Fanelli Track Classic1.000.461.46
19Jonah THEISENSRBlack Hills State9:12.89c(9:26.00A) C3/30/2019UNCO Tom Benich Classic0.900.421.32
20Kyle LEWISSRWestern Colorado9:13.05c(9:28.45A) C4/5/2019Colorado Invitational0.800.401.20
21Tai SMITHJRMount Olive9:13.27  C3/14/2019Alan Connie Shamrock Invitational0.700.391.09
22Austin PASCHSRMinnesota State9:16.65  C4/6/2019South Dakota Challenge0.600.140.74
23Jake IVERSONSOBlack Hills State9:17.45c(9:30.67A) C3/30/2019UNCO Tom Benich Classic0.550.090.64
24Evan DEL RIOFRMississippi College9:17.51  C4/5/2019Mississippi College Twilight Invitational0.500.080.58
25Evan SUTHERLANDJRWestern Colorado9:17.91c(9:33.44A) C4/5/2019Colorado Invitational0.450.050.50
26Larry FILERSREast Central (Okla.)9:21.00  C4/12/2019A&M-Commerce East Texas Invitational0.400.000.40
27Connor SCHWARTZSOGrand Valley State9:21.56  C4/13/2019Bison Outdoor Classic0.350.000.35
28Corbin HANSENJRNeb.-Kearney9:21.63  C4/5/2019Friends Invitational0.300.000.30
29Jay DAYSOAlabama-Huntsville9:22.89  C3/28/2019Florida Relays0.250.000.25
30Keith OSOWSKISOBlack Hills State9:23.42c(9:36.78A) C3/30/2019UNCO Tom Benich Classic0.200.000.20
31Nathan SCHROEDERSRAugustana (S.D.)9:23.49  C3/29/2019Jim Duncan Invitational0.160.000.16
32Joseph WOLFEFRColo. School of Mines9:23.62  C3/28/2019Mike Fanelli Track Classic0.120.000.12
33Teddy KASSASRChico State9:24.27  C3/15/2019Hornet Invitational0.080.000.08
34Ryan CLIFFORDSRMansfield9:25.03  C4/13/2019Bison Outdoor Classic0.040.000.04
35Isaac OVERMYERJRMinnesota Duluth9:26.49  C4/6/2019Hamline Invitational0.020.000.02

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