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2019 Week #1 - April 3rd

Team Rankings



Event Rankings

100 Meters
RkAthlete/RelayYrTeamMark  C/PDateMeetPlace
1Tavarius WRIGHTSOButler (Kan.) CC10.18w (2.3)  3/23/2019Emporia State Spring Twilight30.005.2235.22
2Tyreke WILSONFRBarton (Kan.) CC10.43w (4.7)  3/28/2019Alex Francis Classic28.002.8130.81
2Dartez HAMLINSOBarton (Kan.) CC10.43w (4.7)  3/28/2019Alex Francis Classic28.002.8130.81
4Don'Drea SWINTFRCoffeyville (Kan.) CC10.45w (3.3)  3/22/2019Arkansas Spring Invitational24.002.6226.62
4Jared SCOTTSOHutchinson (Kan.) CC10.45w (2.3)  3/23/2019Emporia State Spring Twilight24.002.6226.62
6Javaghn SPICERFRButler (Kan.) CC10.48 (1.7)  3/23/2019Emporia State Spring Twilight20.002.3422.34
7Terrance LAIRDSOHinds (Miss.) CC10.52 (0.7)  3/27/2019Hinds Relays18.001.9719.97
8Jevony MURRAYSOPratt (Kan.) CC10.55c(10.52A) (1.3)  3/22/2019Texas Tech Fearless Champion Open16.001.7417.74
9Zavier JOHNSONFRCoffeyville (Kan.) CC10.61 (1.9)  3/29/2019Oral Roberts Invitational14.001.3715.37
10James BROWNFRCoffeyville (Kan.) CC10.65 (1.9)  3/29/2019Oral Roberts Invitational12.001.1213.12
11Priest FOUSTFRPratt (Kan.) CC10.69cw(10.66A) (3.5)  3/22/2019Texas Tech Fearless Champion Open10.000.9810.98
12Michael HUDSONFRPratt (Kan.) CC10.74cw(10.71A) (3.5)  3/22/2019Texas Tech Fearless Champion Open9.000.839.83
12Joshua MOOREFRCoffeyville (Kan.) CC10.74w (3.7)  3/29/2019Oral Roberts Invitational9.000.839.83
14Deondre SPRUILLSOBarton (Kan.) CC10.81w (2.2)  3/23/2019Emporia State Spring Twilight7.000.627.62
14Aaron CHARLTONSOCoffeyville (Kan.) CC10.81w (3.3)  3/22/2019Arkansas Spring Invitational7.000.627.62
16Destine SCOTTFRCoffeyville (Kan.) CC10.91 (1.9)  3/29/2019Oral Roberts Invitational5.000.325.32
16Tyrone THORNTONSOCoffeyville (Kan.) CC10.91w (3.3)  3/22/2019Arkansas Spring Invitational5.000.325.32
18Trentavious HARRISSOCoffeyville (Kan.) CC10.92w (3.3)  3/22/2019Arkansas Spring Invitational4.000.294.29
19Peter ACKAHSOCloud County (Kan.) CC10.94w (6.4)  3/28/2019Alex Francis Classic3.500.233.73
20Quinton POOLESOCoffeyville (Kan.) CC10.96w (3.7)  3/29/2019Oral Roberts Invitational3.000.173.17
21Michael HULL LITTLEJOHNSOCoffeyville (Kan.) CC10.98w (3.7)  3/29/2019Oral Roberts Invitational2.500.122.62
22Otis COXFRCoffeyville (Kan.) CC11.00w (4.4)  3/29/2019Oral Roberts Invitational2.000.062.06
23Shareez HAMMFRHighland (Kan.) CC11.04w (2.3)  3/23/2019Emporia State Spring Twilight1.500.001.50
24Robert MASTONSOPratt (Kan.) CC11.07cw(11.04A) (3.5)  3/22/2019Texas Tech Fearless Champion Open1.000.001.00
24Dennis FREEMANSONorthwest Kansas Tech11.07 (0.0)  3/9/2019Jet Relays1.000.001.00
24Gill JARIOUSFRCoahoma CC11.07 (0.5)  3/27/2019Hinds Relays1.000.001.00
27Dylan SWAINFRButler (Kan.) CC11.11 (0.0)  3/8/2019Butch Reynolds Invitational0.850.000.85
28Drew BLAKEFRBarton (Kan.) CC11.19w (4.9)  3/28/2019Alex Francis Classic0.800.000.80
29Keyon GRANT/SLOANFRCowley (Kan.)11.21 (1.4)  3/31/2019Cowley Tiger Invitational0.750.000.75
30Grandon JONESFRMeridian (Miss.) CC11.23 (0.3)  3/30/2019Southern Miss Invitational0.700.000.70
31Aaron MCGRIFF Garden City (Kan.) CC11.24 (0.0)  3/9/2019Jet Relays0.650.000.65
32Keith ROBINSONFRMeridian (Miss.) CC11.27 (0.3)  3/30/2019Southern Miss Invitational0.600.000.60
33Johnathan SMITH Garden City (Kan.) CC11.32 (0.0)  3/9/2019Jet Relays0.550.000.55
34Jarian GLOVERFRMeridian (Miss.) CC11.33 (0.8)  3/30/2019Southern Miss Invitational0.500.000.50
34Johuan BERESFORDFRAllen (Kan.) CC11.33w (2.2)  3/23/2019Emporia State Spring Twilight0.500.000.50
36Rashawn MURPHYSONorthwest Kansas Tech11.34 (1.2)  3/2/2019Trinity (Texas) Open0.400.000.40
37Chris BANKSFRCoffeyville (Kan.) CC11.37w (5.1)  3/29/2019Oral Roberts Invitational0.350.000.35
38Byron GARDNERFRDodge City (Kan.) CC11.38w (4.9)  3/28/2019Alex Francis Classic0.300.000.30
39Devontae ARMSTEADSOCoffeyville (Kan.) CC11.39w (3.2)  3/22/2019Arkansas Spring Invitational0.280.000.28
40Anthony GAMBLE Garden City (Kan.) CC11.42 (0.0)  3/9/2019Jet Relays0.250.000.25
41DeShawn STUDWAYFRNorthwest Kansas Tech11.51 (0.0)  3/9/2019Jet Relays0.230.000.23
42Hassan EL-AMINFRNorthwest Kansas Tech11.53w (4.7)  3/28/2019Alex Francis Classic0.200.000.20
43Yson HOGANFRCowley (Kan.)11.56 (0.9)  3/31/2019Cowley Tiger Invitational0.180.000.18
44Rudy ALVAREZSOCoffeyville (Kan.) CC11.68w (4.4)  3/29/2019Oral Roberts Invitational0.150.000.15
45Tyler WALTONFRHinds (Miss.) CC11.78 (0.7)  3/27/2019Hinds Relays0.130.000.13
46Rashad MURPHYSONorthwest Kansas Tech11.80w (4.9)  3/28/2019Alex Francis Classic0.100.000.10
46Erik MOOREFRCoffeyville (Kan.) CC11.80w (5.1)  3/29/2019Oral Roberts Invitational0.100.000.10
48Trevor GRIGGSFRNorthwest Kansas Tech11.85 (0.0)  3/9/2019Jet Relays0.050.000.05
49Derek GREENLEEFRNorthwest Kansas Tech12.38 (0.7)  3/2/2019Trinity (Texas) Open0.030.000.03
49Brandon ROBBINSFRNorthwest Kansas Tech12.38 (0.0)  3/9/2019Jet Relays0.030.000.03

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