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2019 Week #5 - May 1st

Team Rankings



Event Rankings

RkAthlete/RelayYrTeamMark  C/PDateMeetPlace
1Kevin NEDRICKSOBarton (Kan.) CC57.18m187-7  4/19/2019Michael Johnson Classic30.008.4638.46
2Phillipe BARNETTFRBarton (Kan.) CC55.08m180-9  4/19/2019Michael Johnson Classic28.007.2835.28
3Mustafa FALLFRCoffeyville (Kan.) CC47.31m155-3  4/17/2019Kansas Relays26.002.8928.89
4Dae'Trell GORDONSOCowley (Kan.)46.27m151-10  4/20/2019Tabor College Invitational24.002.4026.40
5Jalon DAMESFRCowley (Kan.)43.64m143-2  3/22/2019Bobby Lane Invitational22.001.3623.36
6Maurice MOORESOCoffeyville (Kan.) CC43.37m142-4  4/17/2019Kansas Relays20.001.2521.25
7Corey MORMANFRCowley (Kan.)43.33m142-2  4/27/2019Southwestern (Kan.) Relays18.001.2319.23
8Logan CAROLLFRBarton (Kan.) CC42.91m140-10  3/23/2019Emporia State Spring Twilight16.001.0717.07
9Miles MARHOFERSOCoffeyville (Kan.) CC42.87m140-8  4/6/2019SBU Bearcat Invitational14.001.0515.05
10Brandon PATTERSONFRCoffeyville (Kan.) CC42.32m138-10  4/13/2019David Suenram Gorilla Classic12.000.8712.87
11Chris VAN KOOTENFRCloud County (Kan.) CC42.03m137-11  4/20/2019Tabor College Invitational10.000.8010.80
12Daniel GONZALEZFRCoffeyville (Kan.) CC40.80m133-10  3/29/2019Oral Roberts Invitational9.000.559.55
13Hagen HENDERSONFRNeosho County (Kan.) CC39.63m130-0  3/8/2019Butch Reynolds Invitational8.000.318.31
14Tristan BUNKEFRNeosho County (Kan.) CC39.21m128-8  4/20/2019Tabor College Invitational7.000.227.22
15Jae EATONSOCloud County (Kan.) CC39.09m128-3  4/20/2019Tabor College Invitational6.000.196.19
16Mason RUSSSOCoffeyville (Kan.) CC38.55m126-6  4/6/2019SBU Bearcat Invitational5.000.085.08
17Matt HIGDONFRCowley (Kan.)37.19m122-0  4/27/2019Southwestern (Kan.) Relays4.500.004.50
18Joel CRAINFRCoffeyville (Kan.) CC36.97m121-4  3/8/2019Butch Reynolds Invitational4.000.004.00
19Daniel SCHULEFRHutchinson (Kan.) CC36.55m119-11  4/27/2019Southwestern (Kan.) Relays3.500.003.50
20Mykhel OPPON KUNTUSOCoffeyville (Kan.) CC36.35m119-3  4/6/2019SBU Bearcat Invitational3.000.003.00
21Logan KINGFRCowley (Kan.)35.79m117-5  3/8/2019Butch Reynolds Invitational2.500.002.50
22Brendan ALANDFRCloud County (Kan.) CC34.69m113-10  3/28/2019Alex Francis Classic2.000.002.00
23Tyler WASHAFRCowley (Kan.)34.60m113-6  4/20/2019Tabor College Invitational1.500.001.50
24Dakota ACOSTAFRCoffeyville (Kan.) CC32.24m105-9  3/8/2019Butch Reynolds Invitational1.000.001.00
25Luke STUEVERFRHutchinson (Kan.) CC31.92m104-9  4/27/2019Southwestern (Kan.) Relays0.950.000.95
26Johan COBENAFRCloud County (Kan.) CC31.49m103-4  4/10/2019Wichita State K.T. Woodman Invitational0.900.000.90
27Kaleb AMBROSEFRBarton (Kan.) CC30.51mA100-1  4/5/2019West Texas A&M Classic0.850.000.85
28Devontae ARMSTEADSOCoffeyville (Kan.) CC30.44m99-10½  4/3/2019Cowley Combined Events0.800.000.80
29Erik MOOREFRCoffeyville (Kan.) CC29.05m95-3¾  4/3/2019Cowley Combined Events0.750.000.75
30Tanner BROWNSOCloud County (Kan.) CC27.93m91-7¾  4/10/2019Wichita State K.T. Woodman Invitational0.700.000.70
31Nathan VANNSOCowley (Kan.)27.84m91-4¼  4/3/2019Cowley Combined Events0.650.000.65
32Louis HUMBERTSOCloud County (Kan.) CC24.69m81-0  3/22/2019Arkansas Spring Invitational0.600.000.60
33Ky MANNSOCowley (Kan.)21.99m72-1¾  4/3/2019Cowley Combined Events0.550.000.55
34Kaden WHITINGTONSOHutchinson (Kan.) CC18.12m59-5½  4/3/2019Cowley Combined Events0.500.000.50

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