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2019 Week #5 - May 1st

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Event Rankings

400 Meters
RkAthlete/RelayYrTeamMark  C/PDateMeetPlace
1Leander FORBESSOMeridian (Miss.) CC46.13   4/20/2019LSU Alumni Gold30.006.9036.90
2Kristopher MOOREFRHinds (Miss.) CC47.05   4/27/2019Southern Miss Open28.003.9931.99
3Lesley MAHLAKOANESOCloud County (Kan.) CC47.38   4/24/2019Cloud County Invitational26.002.9728.97
4Zacharey GOODMANSOHinds (Miss.) CC47.52   4/27/2019Southern Miss Open24.002.5426.54
5Alex GRAYSSOButler (Kan.) CC47.68   3/1/2019 22.002.0624.06
6Adriano GUMBSSOBarton (Kan.) CC47.75   4/19/2019Michael Johnson Classic20.001.8521.85
7Kenroy WILLIAMSSOBarton (Kan.) CC47.79   1/11/2019 18.001.7219.72
8Destine SCOTTFRCoffeyville (Kan.) CC47.92   4/6/2019SBU Bearcat Invitational16.001.4017.40
9Che' LARAFRPratt (Kan.) CC48.05c(47.94A)  3/22/2019Texas Tech Fearless Champion Open14.001.1415.14
10Tanner BROWNSOCloud County (Kan.) CC48.19   4/24/2019Cloud County Invitational12.000.8612.86
11Kyle MASONSOBarton (Kan.) CC48.20   3/1/2019 10.000.8410.84
12Rashion WALKERFRAllen (Kan.) CC48.24   4/5/2019Friends Invitational9.000.769.76
13Robert MASTONSOPratt (Kan.) CC48.25   4/19/2019John Jacobs Invitational8.000.748.74
14Cruz MAGEESOHinds (Miss.) CC48.35   4/11/2019Crimson Tide Invite7.000.547.54
15Marcus JACKSONSOMeridian (Miss.) CC48.36   4/11/2019Crimson Tide Invite6.000.526.52
15Anthony MORGANFRCoffeyville (Kan.) CC48.36   2/15/2019 6.000.526.52
17Tristan LAVANFRCoffeyville (Kan.) CC48.49   4/26/2019Pittsburg State Wendy's Invitational4.500.354.85
18Darrien WELLSSODodge City (Kan.) CC48.65   2/15/2019
19Joshua MOOREFRCoffeyville (Kan.) CC48.73   4/6/2019SBU Bearcat Invitational3.500.123.62
20Derrick PRICEFRHinds (Miss.) CC48.83   3/1/2019
21Dartez HAMLINSOBarton (Kan.) CC48.98   1/26/2019 2.500.002.50
22Agerian JACKSONFRButler (Kan.) CC48.99   4/5/2019Friends Invitational2.000.002.00
23Elijah SMITHSOHutchinson (Kan.) CC49.07   4/5/2019Friends Invitational1.500.001.50
24Makell BROWNSOMeridian (Miss.) CC49.12   3/30/2019Southern Miss Invitational1.000.001.00
24Jaiden VENTOURFRCoffeyville (Kan.) CC49.12   4/26/2019Pittsburg State Wendy's Invitational1.000.001.00
26Cardet BIENVENUEFRButler (Kan.) CC49.16   2/8/2019 0.900.000.90
27Jason AXONFRAllen (Kan.) CC49.18   4/19/2019John Jacobs Invitational0.850.000.85
27Ricardo WATSONFRAllen (Kan.) CC49.18   4/19/2019John Jacobs Invitational0.850.000.85
27Don'Drea SWINTFRCoffeyville (Kan.) CC49.18   4/26/2019Pittsburg State Wendy's Invitational0.850.000.85
30Mytavious CARRIGANSOHighland (Kan.) CC49.21   4/13/2019Darrel Gourley Open0.700.000.70
31Aaron CHARLTONSOCoffeyville (Kan.) CC49.30   4/6/2019SBU Bearcat Invitational0.650.000.65
32Tyler ALLENFRBarton (Kan.) CC49.42   3/1/2019 0.600.000.60
33Christopher PHILLIPSFRMeridian (Miss.) CC49.52   4/27/2019Southern Miss Open0.550.000.55
34Jon SYLVESTERSOCoffeyville (Kan.) CC49.56   4/26/2019Pittsburg State Wendy's Invitational0.500.000.50
35Sten SEPPFRCloud County (Kan.) CC49.62   2/8/2019 0.450.000.45
36Jeremiah REVEREFRAllen (Kan.) CC49.64   3/23/2019Emporia State Spring Twilight0.400.000.40
36Rogay GATSONSOArkansas Baptist49.64   4/5/2019Little Rock Invite0.400.000.40
38Stephen SCOTTFRHinds (Miss.) CC49.66   4/5/2019Mississippi College Twilight Invitational0.300.000.30
39Jordan WOODSSOHinds (Miss.) CC49.68   4/11/2019Crimson Tide Invite0.280.000.28
40Stephen HOLLANDFRCloud County (Kan.) CC49.74   4/24/2019Cloud County Invitational0.250.000.25
41Sameer MATEENFRPratt (Kan.) CC49.77   4/19/2019John Jacobs Invitational0.230.000.23
42Patrick ROGERSSOCoffeyville (Kan.) CC49.85   4/6/2019SBU Bearcat Invitational0.200.000.20
43Michael KNOWLESSOAllen (Kan.) CC49.90   3/23/2019Emporia State Spring Twilight0.180.000.18
44Damilola SUMMERFRAllen (Kan.) CC49.92   4/19/2019John Jacobs Invitational0.150.000.15
45Javell JOHNSONFRNeosho County (Kan.) CC49.98   4/20/2019Tabor College Invitational0.130.000.13
46Shareez HAMMFRHighland (Kan.) CC50.00   2/15/2019
47Dusty TORRESSOHutchinson (Kan.) CC50.02   2/15/2019
47Shaquan WOODSSOButler (Kan.) CC50.02   1/26/2019
49Robin ANDERSONFRAllen (Kan.) CC50.13   2/8/2019
50Tyrese IVYFRMeridian (Miss.) CC50.16   4/11/2019Crimson Tide Invite0.010.000.01

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