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2019 Week #5 - May 1st

Team Rankings



Event Rankings

1500 Meters
RkAthlete/RelayYrTeamMark  C/PDateMeetPlace
1Dais MALEBANAFRCloud County (Kan.) CC3:48.51   4/24/2019Cloud County Invitational30.004.7734.77
2Andrew KIBETSOHutchinson (Kan.) CC3:49.56   4/17/2019Kansas Relays28.004.2732.27
3Santino KENYIFRCloud County (Kan.) CC3:50.07(4:08.48(1))  1/19/2019 26.004.0330.03
4Dennis KIPTOOFRCloud County (Kan.) CC3:52.66   4/24/2019Cloud County Invitational24.002.8726.87
5Caleb CARRASSCOSOColby (Kan.) CC3:55.25   4/10/2019Wichita State K.T. Woodman Invitational22.002.0724.07
6Joshua DORIASOAllen (Kan.) CC3:55.32(4:14.15(1))  2/8/2019 20.002.0522.05
7Nehemiah TOOSOColby (Kan.) CC3:55.74(4:14.60(1))  1/19/2019 18.001.9219.92
8Saba KHVICHAVAFRCloud County (Kan.) CC3:56.76   4/10/2019Wichita State K.T. Woodman Invitational16.001.6217.62
9Yoel YOELSOAllen (Kan.) CC3:56.81   4/5/2019Friends Invitational14.001.6015.60
10Brett HILLABRANDSOHutchinson (Kan.) CC3:58.88   4/17/2019Kansas Relays12.000.9912.99
11Wesley BANGURIAFRColby (Kan.) CC4:00.65(4:19.91(1))  3/1/2019 10.000.6810.68
12Joshua CLETHENSOAllen (Kan.) CC4:00.87   4/19/2019Beach Invitational9.000.659.65
13Thom REYNDERSSOCloud County (Kan.) CC4:02.27   4/10/2019Wichita State K.T. Woodman Invitational8.000.458.45
14Gabriel CHINYASOCloud County (Kan.) CC4:02.52   4/10/2019Wichita State K.T. Woodman Invitational7.000.417.41
15Kwanele MTHEMBUFRCloud County (Kan.) CC4:02.76(4:22.18(1))  2/8/2019 6.000.386.38
16Mitchell DERVINFRAllen (Kan.) CC4:02.94   4/19/2019Beach Invitational5.000.355.35
17Sylvestre KIBARARSOHutchinson (Kan.) CC4:03.21   4/10/2019Wichita State K.T. Woodman Invitational4.500.314.81
18Kylan WESSSOPratt (Kan.) CC4:03.73   4/5/2019Friends Invitational4.000.244.24
19Connor KAUFMANSOHutchinson (Kan.) CC4:03.84   4/5/2019Friends Invitational3.500.223.72
20Jared STARKSOHutchinson (Kan.) CC4:04.66   4/10/2019Wichita State K.T. Woodman Invitational3.000.103.10
21Henos ANDEBRHANFRAllen (Kan.) CC4:05.28   4/5/2019Friends Invitational2.500.022.52
22Juan SANTANAFRAllen (Kan.) CC4:05.59   4/5/2019Friends Invitational2.000.002.00
23Donte HOWARDSOCowley (Kan.)4:06.07   3/31/2019Cowley Tiger Invitational1.500.001.50
24Tallan JAMESSOBarton (Kan.) CC4:06.59c(4:10.09A)  4/5/2019West Texas A&M Classic1.000.001.00
25Adrian PISHNYSOAllen (Kan.) CC4:07.13   4/5/2019Friends Invitational0.950.000.95
26Ablel GEBRESELASEFRCloud County (Kan.) CC4:08.77   4/10/2019Wichita State K.T. Woodman Invitational0.900.000.90
27Raul SANCHEZFRAllen (Kan.) CC4:09.18(4:29.12(1))  3/1/2019 0.850.000.85
28Mauro ARANCIBIASOColby (Kan.) CC4:09.72c(4:15.82A)  4/5/2019Colorado Invitational0.800.000.80
29Deven MARSHALLSOCowley (Kan.)4:09.85   4/10/2019Wichita State K.T. Woodman Invitational0.750.000.75
30Xari BARROSSOAllen (Kan.) CC4:11.10   4/5/2019Friends Invitational0.700.000.70
31Demeyers MORROWSOMeridian (Miss.) CC4:11.46   3/30/2019Southern Miss Invitational0.650.000.65
32Austin ATKINSONFRMeridian (Miss.) CC4:11.62   3/30/2019Southern Miss Invitational0.600.000.60
33Saulo YOELSOHighland (Kan.) CC4:11.93(4:32.09(1))  2/15/2019 0.550.000.55
34Arthur BERTHELINFRColby (Kan.) CC4:12.18   4/10/2019Wichita State K.T. Woodman Invitational0.500.000.50
35Tanner BLACKMORESOCowley (Kan.)4:12.45(4:32.65(1))  1/19/2019 0.450.000.45
35Garrett GANTTFRAllen (Kan.) CC4:12.45   4/5/2019Friends Invitational0.450.000.45
37Marc GONZALESFRCowley (Kan.)4:12.77(4:33.00(1))  2/8/2019 0.350.000.35
38Tony MACKFRMeridian (Miss.) CC4:13.95   4/11/2019Crimson Tide Invite0.300.000.30
39Javon WATKINSFRHighland (Kan.) CC4:13.96   4/17/2019Kansas Relays0.280.000.28
40Austin RUSSELLSOColby (Kan.) CC4:15.42(4:35.86(1))  2/1/2019
41Tony IBARRASOHutchinson (Kan.) CC4:15.88(4:36.35(1))  2/2/2019
42Andre THOMPSONSOCowley (Kan.)4:16.11   4/10/2019Wichita State K.T. Woodman Invitational0.200.000.20
43Levi GEYERFRHesston (Kan.)4:16.46   4/20/2019Tabor College Invitational0.180.000.18
44Joel FANEFRAllen (Kan.) CC4:16.48(4:37.00(1))  1/18/2019
45Kevin KIPKEMBOIFRHighland (Kan.) CC4:16.56   4/27/2019Zach Kindler Wildcat Open0.130.000.13
46Emmanuel KIPNGETICHSOColby (Kan.) CC4:16.84c(4:23.11A)  4/5/2019Colorado Invitational0.100.000.10
47Jared SHRIVERSOPratt (Kan.) CC4:17.02   4/19/2019John Jacobs Invitational0.080.000.08
48Jeffrey KLOPFFRHutchinson (Kan.) CC4:17.78   3/23/2019Emporia State Spring Twilight0.050.000.05
49Tito GONZALEZSOColby (Kan.) CC4:17.93(4:38.57(1))  2/1/2019
50Marcelo CRUZFRDodge City (Kan.) CC4:18.07(4:38.72(1))  2/15/2019

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