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2019 Week #5 - May 1st

Team Rankings



Event Rankings

5000 Meters
RkAthlete/RelayYrTeamMark  C/PDateMeetPlace
1Kassim KIBETFRIowa Western CC14:20.17   4/24/2019Drake Relays30.006.0736.07
2Marcus GRAHAMSOIndian Hills (Iowa) CC14:35.61   3/1/2019 28.004.8732.87
3Milos PENDICFRIowa Central CC14:53.14   3/30/2019Washington (Mo.) Invitational26.003.5629.56
4Awet YOHANNESFRIowa Central CC14:55.46   1/18/2019 24.003.3927.39
5Innocent MURWANASHYAKASOIowa Central CC15:07.21   3/1/2019 22.002.6524.65
6Michael DEMEYERSOIndian Hills (Iowa) CC15:08.77   4/25/2019Kip Janvrin Open20.002.5822.58
7Miguel COCAFRIowa Central CC15:29.46   3/30/2019Washington (Mo.) Invitational18.001.6019.60
8Noah BUNDROCKFRIowa Central CC15:38.96   2/15/2019 16.001.1617.16
9Gavin KLEINFRIowa Western CC15:47.57   4/10/2019Wichita State K.T. Woodman Invitational14.000.7814.78
10Shane BREHENY Southwestern (Iowa) CC15:50.02   4/12/2019Sioux City Relays12.000.7012.70
11Trevor RAMSDELLFRIowa Central CC15:55.62   3/29/2019Jim Duncan Invitational10.000.5810.58
12Johnny SMITHFRHawkeye (Iowa) CC15:55.97   4/13/2019Mustang Open9.000.579.57
13Will WHALENFRIowa Central CC15:58.80   2/8/2019 8.000.518.51
14Grant DIEKENSONorth Iowa Area CC16:07.81   4/12/2019Blue Oval Invitational7.000.317.31
15Max ROMAINFRNorth Iowa Area CC16:11.30   4/12/2019Blue Oval Invitational6.000.236.23
16Cedrick WATSONFRSouthwestern (Iowa) CC16:12.43   4/25/2019Kip Janvrin Open5.000.215.21
17Abdul MOHAMEDSOIowa Central CC16:15.50   1/18/2019 4.500.144.64
18Moise HABINEZAFRIowa Central CC16:19.52   3/29/2019Jim Duncan Invitational4.000.064.06
19Evan WILSON FRNorth Iowa Area CC16:20.76   4/12/2019Blue Oval Invitational3.500.033.53
20Clayton GRAINGERSOIndian Hills (Iowa) CC16:28.74   2/8/2019
21Mitchell JOHNSONFRMuskegon (Mich.) CC16:28.88   12/7/2018 2.500.002.50
22Kear KEARFRIowa Central CC16:40.24   3/29/2019Jim Duncan Invitational2.000.002.00
23Connor RILEYFRIndian Hills (Iowa) CC16:47.97   3/30/2019Washington (Mo.) Invitational1.500.001.50
24Seth KILBORNFRIndian Hills (Iowa) CC16:49.81   2/8/2019
25William VALENTINFRIowa Central CC16:53.08   3/29/2019Jim Duncan Invitational0.950.000.95
26Marc ESTRADAFRIndian Hills (Iowa) CC17:02.02   2/15/2019 0.900.000.90
27Zach SCHOCKERFRIndian Hills (Iowa) CC17:13.62   3/30/2019Washington (Mo.) Invitational0.850.000.85
28Austin LUNDY Southwestern (Iowa) CC17:21.66   4/12/2019Sioux City Relays0.800.000.80
29Daniel NORDQUISTFRIowa Central CC17:35.03   3/29/2019Jim Duncan Invitational0.750.000.75
30Skyler RAWLINGSFRSouthwestern (Iowa) CC17:36.15   3/30/2019Baker Relays0.700.000.70
31Daniel REIMERSOIowa Western CC17:38.43   1/19/2019 0.650.000.65
32Gavin CONNELLFRNorth Iowa Area CC17:46.64   4/5/2019Wartburg Outdoor Select0.600.000.60
33Joshua CARSTENSFRSouthwestern (Iowa) CC17:56.19   1/26/2019 0.550.000.55
34Fernando CAVANZONSOSouthwestern (Iowa) CC18:31.50   4/20/2019Dick Young Classic0.500.000.50

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