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2019 Week #6 - May 8th

Team Rankings



Event Rankings

800 Meters
RkAthlete/RelayYrTeamMark  C/PDateMeetPlace
1Navasky ANDERSON FREssex County (N.J.)1:53.65   4/20/2019Larry Ellis Invitational30.003.9333.93
2Phelani MADUWAFRMonroe-New Rochelle (N.Y.)1:53.87   1/25/2019 28.003.6931.69
3David MCCULLOUGHFRVincennes (Ind.)1:54.39   5/3/2019Billy Hayes Invitational26.003.1329.13
4Qua-Ronz ROBINSONFRLouisburg (N.C.)1:54.67   4/12/2019Aggie Invitational24.002.8426.84
5Milan TODOROVICFRVincennes (Ind.)1:54.88   4/13/2019Illinois Twilight22.002.6124.61
6Seth VAQUEROSOVincennes (Ind.)1:54.98   5/3/2019Billy Hayes Invitational20.002.5122.51
7Dillan HAVILANDFRLansing (Mich.) CC1:55.31   4/19/2019Al Owens Classic18.002.1620.16
8Kajon PARRISFRMonroe-New Rochelle (N.Y.)1:55.64   1/25/2019 16.001.8517.85
9Keron CHARLESFRMonroe-New Rochelle (N.Y.)1:55.80   1/25/2019 14.001.7415.74
10Thapelo MAKOFANESOMonroe-New Rochelle (N.Y.)1:56.49   1/25/2019 12.001.2613.26
11Chris DAVISFRLansing (Mich.) CC1:57.33   4/19/2019Al Owens Classic10.000.8610.86
12Walker HIRSCHFRLouisburg (N.C.)1:57.78   4/19/2019Duke Invitational9.000.719.71
13Shiloh SEYMOURSOASA Miami1:57.84   3/29/2019Spikes Classic8.000.688.68
14Leon CLARKEFREssex County (N.J.)1:58.17   4/6/2019Bill Butler Collegiate Invitational7.000.577.57
15Josh HODGESOVincennes (Ind.)1:58.31   3/1/2019 6.000.526.52
16Jack EVERTSFRLansing (Mich.) CC1:58.68   4/5/2019Spartan Invitational5.000.405.40
17Chase FEDOLAKFRMacomb (Mich.) CC1:59.16   4/19/2019Al Owens Classic4.500.244.74
18Zaire JORDANFRLouisburg (N.C.)1:59.31   5/1/2019Liberty Twilight Qualifer4.000.194.19
19Shaquille BARZEYSOMonroe-New Rochelle (N.Y.)1:59.57   4/12/2019Aggie Invitational3.500.103.60
20Michael BROWNFRBryant & Stratton (N.Y.)2:00.50   4/12/2019Aggie Invitational3.000.003.00
21Jarred JOLLEYFRMacomb (Mich.) CC2:01.20   4/26/2019Davenport Tune Up2.500.002.50
22Jared MUDGEFRBryant & Stratton (N.Y.)2:01.88   4/19/2019New Captains Classic/Combined Events2.000.002.00
23Dennis MCCHESKEYFRLouisburg (N.C.)2:01.90   4/6/2019Phoenix Invitational1.500.001.50
24Elliott LIPESOLansing (Mich.) CC2:02.13   4/5/2019Spartan Invitational1.000.001.00
25Maxwel KIPLAGATFRVincennes (Ind.)2:02.32   2/2/2019 0.950.000.95
26Morne SCHARNICKFRVincennes (Ind.)2:02.56   2/8/2019 0.900.000.90
27Maleik SMALLFRLouisburg (N.C.)2:03.15   5/1/2019Liberty Twilight Qualifer0.850.000.85
28Jack YOUNGBLOODSOLansing (Mich.) CC2:03.54   4/19/2019Al Owens Classic0.800.000.80
29Anthony HALLSOLouisburg (N.C.)2:03.98   2/15/2019 0.750.000.75
30Dylan HUNTERFRLouisburg (N.C.)2:05.01   2/1/2019 0.700.000.70
31Stefan CARLSONFRLansing (Mich.) CC2:06.64   4/5/2019Spartan Invitational0.650.000.65
32Jaylon PRESSLEYFRASA Miami2:06.87   3/29/2019Spikes Classic0.600.000.60
33joel FUDGEFRLansing (Mich.) CC2:07.06   4/26/2019Davenport Tune Up0.550.000.55
34Kyle GASIORFRHagerstown (Md.) CC2:07.31   2/2/2019 0.500.000.50
35Joshua VANSLAMBROUCKFRMacomb (Mich.) CC2:08.33   4/26/2019Davenport Tune Up0.450.000.45
36Joe KRAUSFRMacomb (Mich.) CC2:08.99   4/19/2019Al Owens Classic0.400.000.40
37Edwin ANDERSONFRLouisburg (N.C.)2:09.01   2/1/2019 0.350.000.35
38Cedric AZESOMontgomery (Md.)2:10.57   4/19/2019Morgan State Legacy Meet0.300.000.30
39Codie PULLONFRVincennes (Ind.)2:10.59   2/2/2019
40Matt FRUSHOURSOHagerstown (Md.) CC2:10.66   5/3/2019Jim Kehoe Twilight0.250.000.25
41Ryan PADILLASOMontgomery (Md.)2:11.96   4/19/2019Morgan State Legacy Meet0.230.000.23
42Logan BUSZFRVincennes (Ind.)2:17.41   2/8/2019
43Franklin SANDERSFRVincennes (Ind.)2:17.92   2/8/2019
44Nickolas RIGGLESFRVincennes (Ind.)2:18.35   2/15/2019
45Cail BROWNSOVincennes (Ind.)2:19.53   2/2/2019
46Nathan JOHNSFRMacomb (Mich.) CC2:20.69   4/26/2019Davenport Tune Up0.100.000.10
47Tymothy GREENFREssex County (N.J.)2:26.18   4/6/2019Bill Butler Collegiate Invitational0.080.000.08
48Owen WHITEFRPatrick Henry (Va.) CC2:26.94   12/1/2018
49Seth DODSONFRHagerstown (Md.) CC2:36.34   3/29/2019Fred Hardy Invitational0.030.000.03

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