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2019 Week #7 - May 13th

Team Rankings



Event Rankings

10,000 Meters
RkAthlete/RelayYrTeamMark  C/PDateMeetPlace
1Nehemiah TOOSOColby (Kan.) CC30:21.68   4/10/2019Wichita State K.T. Woodman Invitational30.005.7635.76
2Dennis KIPTOOFRCloud County (Kan.) CC30:24.52   4/17/2019Kansas Relays28.005.6533.65
3Kwanele MTHEMBUFRCloud County (Kan.) CC30:40.26   5/2/2019NJCAA Region VI/Jayhawk Conference Championships26.005.0331.03
4Joshua DORIASOAllen (Kan.) CC31:54.70   5/2/2019NJCAA Region VI/Jayhawk Conference Championships24.002.8726.87
5Jared STARKSOHutchinson (Kan.) CC32:06.66   4/17/2019Kansas Relays22.002.5724.57
6Kevin KIPKEMBOIFRHighland (Kan.) CC32:39.18   5/2/2019NJCAA Region VI/Jayhawk Conference Championships20.001.7921.79
7Tyler SOLIZSOCowley (Kan.)32:54.22   4/10/2019Wichita State K.T. Woodman Invitational18.001.4319.43
8Joshua CLETHENSOAllen (Kan.) CC33:13.95   5/2/2019NJCAA Region VI/Jayhawk Conference Championships16.000.9716.97
9Jacob TAYLORSOCowley (Kan.)33:14.59   5/2/2019NJCAA Region VI/Jayhawk Conference Championships14.000.9614.96
10Gabriel CHINYASOCloud County (Kan.) CC33:30.15   4/5/2019Friends Invitational12.000.6012.60
11Ablel GEBRESELASEFRCloud County (Kan.) CC33:41.81   5/2/2019NJCAA Region VI/Jayhawk Conference Championships10.000.4310.43
12Jeffrey KLOPFFRHutchinson (Kan.) CC33:43.25   4/10/2019Wichita State K.T. Woodman Invitational9.000.419.41
13Garrett GANTTFRAllen (Kan.) CC33:47.66   5/2/2019NJCAA Region VI/Jayhawk Conference Championships8.000.368.36
14Jesse BEBBFRColby (Kan.) CC33:48.87   5/2/2019NJCAA Region VI/Jayhawk Conference Championships7.000.357.35
15Erick ESTRADA FRPratt (Kan.) CC33:57.46   5/2/2019NJCAA Region VI/Jayhawk Conference Championships6.000.256.25
16Victor CRUZSOCowley (Kan.)33:59.72   5/2/2019NJCAA Region VI/Jayhawk Conference Championships5.000.235.23
17Messi ELGINFRCowley (Kan.)34:03.21   5/2/2019NJCAA Region VI/Jayhawk Conference Championships4.500.194.69
18Maekele HABTOMFRHighland (Kan.) CC34:06.53   5/2/2019NJCAA Region VI/Jayhawk Conference Championships4.000.154.15
19Gavin ALEXANDERSOHutchinson (Kan.) CC35:25.34   4/10/2019Wichita State K.T. Woodman Invitational3.500.003.50
20Kade GERLACHSOHutchinson (Kan.) CC35:28.07   5/2/2019NJCAA Region VI/Jayhawk Conference Championships3.000.003.00
21Collin CARPENTERSODodge City (Kan.) CC35:40.20   5/2/2019NJCAA Region VI/Jayhawk Conference Championships2.500.002.50
22Sam BLOSSERFRHesston (Kan.)41:23.59   4/5/2019Friends Invitational2.000.002.00

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