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2019 Week #7 - May 13th

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Event Rankings

400 Meter Hurdles
RkAthlete/RelayYrTeamMark  C/PDateMeetPlace
1Kenroy WILLIAMSSOBarton (Kan.) CC50.24   4/19/2019Michael Johnson Classic30.007.6337.63
2Shareez HAMMFRHighland (Kan.) CC52.95   5/2/2019NJCAA Region VI/Jayhawk Conference Championships28.003.3631.36
3Deshaun JONESFRBarton (Kan.) CC53.51c(53.40A)  4/5/2019West Texas A&M Classic26.002.5328.53
4Yuben GONCALVESFRCloud County (Kan.) CC53.66   4/24/2019Cloud County Invitational24.002.3126.31
5Antuane DENNARDSOMeridian (Miss.) CC53.79   4/11/2019Crimson Tide Invite22.002.1224.12
6Marco JOSEPHSOCloud County (Kan.) CC53.95   4/24/2019Cloud County Invitational20.001.8921.89
7Chase MURRAYFRPratt (Kan.) CC54.02   5/2/2019NJCAA Region VI/Jayhawk Conference Championships18.001.7919.79
8Byron GARDNERFRDodge City (Kan.) CC54.30   5/2/2019NJCAA Region VI/Jayhawk Conference Championships16.001.5017.50
9Sten SEPPFRCloud County (Kan.) CC54.45   4/24/2019Cloud County Invitational14.001.3615.36
10Xavier HOWARDFRPratt (Kan.) CC54.67   4/6/2019North Texas Classic12.001.1513.15
11Leroy WILSON, IIISOButler (Kan.) CC54.86   5/2/2019NJCAA Region VI/Jayhawk Conference Championships10.000.9810.98
12Jon SYLVESTERSOCoffeyville (Kan.) CC54.94   5/2/2019NJCAA Region VI/Jayhawk Conference Championships9.000.949.94
13Jeremiah REVEREFRAllen (Kan.) CC55.04   4/27/2019Southwestern (Kan.) Relays8.000.898.89
14Tavian CLARKSOMeridian (Miss.) CC55.78   5/7/2019Meridian CC Relay Invitational7.000.547.54
15Stephon TORRENCESOBarton (Kan.) CC55.99c(55.88A)  4/5/2019West Texas A&M Classic6.000.456.45
16Yves CHERUBINSOPratt (Kan.) CC56.41   4/6/2019North Texas Classic5.000.265.26
17Braylon HARRINGTONFRHighland (Kan.) CC56.59   5/2/2019NJCAA Region VI/Jayhawk Conference Championships4.500.174.67
18Faylon KIGHTFRCoffeyville (Kan.) CC56.66   4/6/2019SBU Bearcat Invitational4.000.144.14
19Kelby LAWRENCESOHutchinson (Kan.) CC57.20   5/2/2019NJCAA Region VI/Jayhawk Conference Championships3.500.003.50
20Tyrique CHANDLERFRDodge City (Kan.) CC57.33   5/2/2019NJCAA Region VI/Jayhawk Conference Championships3.000.003.00
21Kynjia DORSEYFRButler (Kan.) CC58.82   5/2/2019NJCAA Region VI/Jayhawk Conference Championships2.500.002.50
22Jeff GILLELANDSOHutchinson (Kan.) CC1:00.27   3/23/2019Emporia State Spring Twilight2.000.002.00
23Jae SOUTHERLANDFRGarden City (Kan.) CC1:00.92   5/2/2019NJCAA Region VI/Jayhawk Conference Championships1.500.001.50
24Woodson ANTHONYFRCoahoma CC1:01.29   4/5/2019Mississippi College Twilight Invitational1.000.001.00
25Ky MANNSOCowley (Kan.)1:02.06   5/2/2019NJCAA Region VI/Jayhawk Conference Championships0.950.000.95
26Larry JONESFRNeosho County (Kan.) CC1:02.57   5/2/2019NJCAA Region VI/Jayhawk Conference Championships0.900.000.90
27Javaris LOGANSOCoffeyville (Kan.) CC1:03.55   5/2/2019NJCAA Region VI/Jayhawk Conference Championships0.850.000.85
28Ethan CRAIGFRHighland (Kan.) CC1:04.26   4/13/2019Darrel Gourley Open0.800.000.80
29Michael VAUGHTFRCowley (Kan.)1:04.31   5/2/2019NJCAA Region VI/Jayhawk Conference Championships0.750.000.75
30Kaden WHITINGTONSOHutchinson (Kan.) CC1:08.44   3/23/2019Emporia State Spring Twilight0.700.000.70

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