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2019 Week #5 - May 1st

EventRkAthlete/RelayYrMark  C/PDateMeetPlace
MAR6Taylor GROVESR4:15:12  C12/1/2018 20.001.9421.94
100H49Sarah LEWISFR15.24 (0.0) C4/27/2019Concordia (Neb.) Blizzard Buster0.250.000.25
400H25Sarah LEWISFR1:05.43  C4/19/2019Jim Dutcher Memorial0.950.181.13
400H27Kennedy MOGULSO1:05.64  C4/25/2019Prairie Wolf Outdoor Invitational0.850.120.97
4x4007  3:54.44  C4/24/2019Drake Relays18.001.6819.68
4x80019  9:44.75  C4/13/2019NAIA Midwest Quad0.950.151.10
HJ12Mackenzie KOEPKEFR1.67m5-5¾ C4/5/2019Concordia (Neb.) Outdoor Invitational9.000.749.74
HJ47Sophia HOELZJR1.59m5-2½ C4/19/2019Jim Dutcher Memorial0.750.000.75
HJ47Ally GLASERFR1.59m5-2½ C4/19/2019Jim Dutcher Memorial0.750.000.75
PV1Erin MAPSONFR3.80m12-5½ C4/19/2019Jim Dutcher Memorial30.003.6333.63
PV3McKenzie GRAVOJR3.73m12-2¾ C4/25/2019Prairie Wolf Outdoor Invitational26.002.5928.59
PV10Tristen METZGERJR3.60m11-9¾ C4/5/2019Concordia (Neb.) Outdoor Invitational12.001.1113.11
PV13Allison BROOKSJR3.53m11-7 C4/25/2019Prairie Wolf Outdoor Invitational8.000.758.75
LJ9Claire CORNELLFR5.76m18-10¾ (0.0) C4/5/2019Concordia (Neb.) Outdoor Invitational14.001.1215.12
LJ10Jessica DETERDINGJR5.71m18-8¾ (0.0) C4/27/2019Concordia (Neb.) Blizzard Buster12.000.6912.69
LJ44Cora OLSONFR5.53m18-1¾ (0.0) C4/18/2019Jim Dutcher Memorial0.150.000.15
TJ14Leah LARSONSR11.67m38-3½ (0.0) C4/27/2019Concordia (Neb.) Blizzard Buster7.000.647.64
SP2Samantha LIERMANNSR14.89m48-10¼ C4/19/2019Jim Dutcher Memorial28.003.5331.53
SP13Adrianna SHAWJR13.48m44-2¾ C4/25/2019Prairie Wolf Outdoor InvitationalD0.742.74
SP17Johanna RAGLANDSR13.34m43-9¼ C4/19/2019Jim Dutcher Memorial4.500.605.10
SP22Jodi FRYSO12.94m42-5½ C3/31/2019Bronco Invitational2.000.182.18
SP36Elle LUEHRFR12.54m41-1¾ C4/25/2019Prairie Wolf Outdoor Invitational0.400.000.40
DISC3Adrianna SHAWJR47.16m154-9 C4/5/2019Concordia (Neb.) Outdoor Invitational26.003.4029.40
DISC5Carley WEISSERSR45.80m150-3 C4/27/2019Concordia (Neb.) Blizzard Buster22.002.1824.18
DISC9Bethany SHAWJR44.87m147-3 C4/18/2019Jim Dutcher Memorial14.001.4615.46
DISC12Samantha LIERMANNSR43.22m141-10 C4/27/2019Concordia (Neb.) Blizzard BusterD0.652.65
DISC13Morgan DE JONGSO43.15m141-7 C4/19/2019Jim Dutcher Memorial8.000.628.62
DISC26Johanna RAGLANDSR41.82m137-3 C4/5/2019Concordia (Neb.) Outdoor Invitational0.900.090.99
DISC34Elle LUEHRFR40.23m132-0 C4/25/2019Prairie Wolf Outdoor Invitational0.500.000.50
DISC44Sarah RAGLANDSO39.61m130-0 C4/25/2019Prairie Wolf Outdoor Invitational0.150.000.15
HT3Adrianna SHAWJR55.88m183-4 C4/5/2019Concordia (Neb.) Outdoor Invitational26.003.2829.28
HT6Samantha LIERMANNSR54.21m177-10 C4/5/2019Concordia (Neb.) Outdoor Invitational20.002.3022.30
HT12Carley WEISSERSR50.83m166-9 C4/25/2019Prairie Wolf Outdoor Invitational9.000.769.76
HT15Johanna RAGLANDSR50.37m165-3 C4/17/2019Kansas Relays6.000.646.64
HT30Sarah RAGLANDSO47.36m155-5 C4/13/2019NAIA Midwest Quad0.700.000.70
HT33Madison HOLTSO46.76m153-5 C4/5/2019Concordia (Neb.) Outdoor Invitational0.550.000.55
HT39Bethany SHAWJR46.35m152-1 C4/5/2019Concordia (Neb.) Outdoor Invitational0.280.000.28
HT45Mackenzie FERRELLSO45.92m150-8 C3/31/2019Bronco Invitational0.130.000.13
HT47Mariah HUNEKEJR45.84m150-5 C3/31/2019Bronco Invitational0.750.000.75
JAV12Jasmine EICKHOFFSR40.88m134-2 C4/18/2019Jim Dutcher Memorial9.000.879.87
JAV43Jessica DETERDINGJR36.84m120-11 C4/19/2019Jim Dutcher Memorial0.180.000.18
HEPT3Jessica DETERDINGJR4,707  C4/19/2019Jim Dutcher Memorial26.002.2828.28
HEPT20Kennedy MOGULSO4,172  C4/19/2019Jim Dutcher Memorial3.000.413.41
HEPT23Emily LOYSO4,100  C4/19/2019Jim Dutcher Memorial1.500.231.73
HEPT24Claire CORNELLFR4,048  C4/19/2019Jim Dutcher Memorial1.000.101.10
HEPT41Allison BROOKSJR3,625  C4/19/2019Jim Dutcher Memorial0.230.000.23

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