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2019 Week #6 - May 8th

Team Rankings


Event Rankings

5000m Race Walk
RkAthlete/RelayYrTeamMark  C/PDateMeetPlace
1Anali CISNEROSJRJudson (Ill.)24:02.84  C5/3/2019Chicagoland (CCAC) Outdoor Championships30.004.2934.29
2Audrey FOXFRBritish Columbia26:23.91  C3/30/2019British Columbia Open28.002.2030.20
3Joean LUFRBritish Columbia26:24.72  C3/30/2019British Columbia Open26.002.1928.19
4Maria ALARCONFRJudson (Ill.)26:39.81  C5/3/2019Chicagoland (CCAC) Outdoor Championships24.001.9925.99
5Siana EMERYJRGoshen (Ind.)26:43.61  C4/27/2019 22.001.9523.95
6Kayla ALLENSOFriends (Kan.)26:50.01  C3/30/2019Baker Relays20.001.8921.89
7Lila DREVESJRMidAmerica Nazarene (Kan.)26:59.39  C3/30/2019Baker Relays18.001.8019.80
8Kelsey BILLINGSLEYSOCornerstone (Mich.)27:13.54  C4/27/2019 16.001.6817.68
9Michaela BARRETTAJRGrand View (Iowa)27:25.96  C4/13/2019NAIA Midwest Quad14.001.5715.57
10Nayeli CISNEROSSOJudson (Ill.)27:41.14  C5/3/2019Chicagoland (CCAC) Outdoor Championships12.001.4813.48
11Elizabeth LARSEN Concordia (Mich.)27:57.42  C4/13/2019 10.001.4011.40
12Kyra DANIELSONFRBritish Columbia28:21.67  C3/30/2019British Columbia Open9.001.2910.29
13D'Amaie DAVISSOCornerstone (Mich.)28:36.52  C4/27/2019
14Zoe ZHANGJRBritish Columbia29:01.72  C3/30/2019British Columbia Open7.001.118.11
15Shelby WINNFRColumbia (S.C.)29:29.83  C4/26/2019Appalachian (AAC) Outdoor Championships6.001.007.00
16Julianna BRADLEYSRCampbellsville (Ky.)30:31.10  C4/26/2019Mid-South Outdoor Track & Field Championships5.000.755.75
17Mikayla KAMBEITZFRMidAmerica Nazarene (Kan.)31:06.59  C3/30/2019Baker Relays4.500.615.11
18Moira BURGESSFRFriends (Kan.)31:25.53  C4/27/2019Zach Kindler Wildcat Open4.000.544.54
19Elise SHAINFELDSRCampbellsville (Ky.)32:24.40  C4/26/2019Mid-South Outdoor Track & Field Championships3.500.333.83
20Mariah PELLINOSOClarke (Iowa)32:55.24  C4/13/2019Mustang Open3.000.233.23
21Jolene JENSONFRFriends (Kan.)33:04.01  C4/27/2019Zach Kindler Wildcat Open2.500.202.70
22Jenessa CARPENTERFRGrand View (Iowa)33:21.45  C5/3/2019Heart of America (HAAC) Outdoor Championships2.000.142.14
23Emma CARTERFRMidAmerica Nazarene (Kan.)33:37.13  C3/30/2019Baker Relays1.500.091.59
24Bree'Anna LEEJRWilliam Penn (Iowa)33:44.63  C5/3/2019Heart of America (HAAC) Outdoor Championships1.000.061.06
25Rubi COLIN-ZARATEFRClarke (Iowa)34:59.24  C4/13/2019Mustang Open0.950.000.95
26Amy BROUCHSOSt. Ambrose (Iowa)35:18.94  C5/3/2019Chicagoland (CCAC) Outdoor Championships0.900.000.90
27Anna ZIRPOLOSOPark (Mo.)35:20.08  C3/30/2019Baker Relays0.850.000.85
28Brittany ROBBINSSOColumbia (S.C.)35:47.54  C3/29/2019Montreat College Invitational0.800.000.80
29Grace WHITEFROlivet Nazarene (Ill.)37:20.01  C5/3/2019Chicagoland (CCAC) Outdoor Championships0.750.000.75
30Kaitlyn CARNEYSOGrand View (Iowa)37:41.68  C5/3/2019Heart of America (HAAC) Outdoor Championships0.700.000.70
31Arianna CANALESSOCalumet St. Joseph (Ind.)37:47.17  C5/3/2019Chicagoland (CCAC) Outdoor Championships0.650.000.65
32Taylor GRUBBSRRio Grande (Ohio)38:49.85  C4/25/2019River States Outdoor Championships0.600.000.60
33Chloe IRELANDJRBrenau (Ga.)39:07.24  C4/26/2019Appalachian (AAC) Outdoor Championships0.550.000.55
34Kelsey MILLERJRRio Grande (Ohio)39:35.81  C4/25/2019River States Outdoor Championships0.500.000.50
35Paola BENITEZ-HERNANDEZSOBrenau (Ga.)39:49.98  C4/26/2019Appalachian (AAC) Outdoor Championships0.450.000.45
36Deeanna JOSEPHSOBrenau (Ga.)41:30.03  C4/26/2019Appalachian (AAC) Outdoor Championships0.400.000.40
37McKenna MOOREFRIU Kokomo (Ind.)41:49.34  C4/25/2019River States Outdoor Championships0.350.000.35
38Lauren THOMESOMount Mercy (Iowa)42:38.34  C5/3/2019Heart of America (HAAC) Outdoor Championships0.300.000.30
39Sidney BERRYFRIU Kokomo (Ind.)43:23.38  C4/25/2019River States Outdoor Championships0.280.000.28
40Cheryl JOHNSONSOCumberlands (Ky.)44:42.55  C4/12/2019University of the Cumberlands Invitational0.250.000.25
41Allie NELSONSOWVU Tech45:29.95  C4/25/2019River States Outdoor Championships0.230.000.23
42Jennifer MAXWELLJRCampbellsville (Ky.)47:40.17  C4/26/2019Mid-South Outdoor Track & Field Championships0.200.000.20
43Samantha CONNELLYFRCumberlands (Ky.)1:00:56  C4/26/2019Mid-South Outdoor Track & Field Championships0.180.000.18
44Kinsey FORGEYFRCumberlands (Ky.)1:00:57  C4/26/2019Mid-South Outdoor Track & Field Championships0.150.000.15
45Courtney LEEJRGeorgetown (Ky.)1:01:59  C4/12/2019University of the Cumberlands Invitational0.130.000.13

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