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2019 Week #5 - April 16th

Team Rankings


Event Rankings

1500 Meters
RkAthlete/RelayYrTeamMark  C/PDateMeetPlace
1Eilish FLANAGANJRAdams State4:21.53c(4:27.91A) C4/5/2019Colorado Invitational20.003.4223.42
2Alicja KONIECZEKSRWestern Colorado4:22.00c(4:28.40A) C4/5/2019Colorado Invitational18.003.2321.23
3Allie LUDGEJRGrand Valley State4:22.33  C3/29/2019Raleigh Relays16.003.1019.10
4Andra LEHOTAYJRWalsh4:23.16  C3/29/2019Raleigh Relays14.002.7716.77
5Liz BLOCHSRMichigan Tech4:24.67  C4/13/2019Bison Outdoor Classic12.002.1814.18
6Skylyn WEBBSRUC-Colorado Springs4:24.85c(4:31.32A) C4/5/2019Colorado Invitational10.002.1112.11
7Stefanie PARSONSFREdinboro4:25.91  C4/13/2019Bison Outdoor Classic9.001.8210.82
8Casey MONOSZLAYSRCal Poly Pomona4:27.68  C3/23/2019Point Loma Invitational8.001.369.36
9Chloe COOKSRColo. School of Mines4:28.11  C3/29/2019Stanford Invitational7.001.258.25
10Kara BURTONJRColo. School of Mines4:28.50  C3/28/2019Mike Fanelli Track Classic6.001.157.15
11Miryam BASSETTSRSimon Fraser4:28.91  C4/12/2019UCSD Triton Invitational5.001.046.04
12Chloe FLORASOLee (Tenn.)4:29.28  C3/29/2019Raleigh Relays4.000.954.95
13Bailey SHARONSOWestern Colorado4:31.29c(4:37.91A) C4/5/2019Colorado Invitational3.500.554.05
14Elysia BURGOSFRSouthwest Baptist4:32.06  C4/12/2019John McDonnell Invitational3.000.463.46
15Rachael LOPEZSRColorado Christian4:32.16c(4:38.80A) C4/5/2019Colorado Invitational2.500.442.94
16Danielle MCCORMICKSRAlaska Anchorage4:32.17  C3/23/2019Willamette Invitational2.000.442.44
17Layla ALMASRISOUC-Colorado Springs4:32.54c(4:39.19A) C4/5/2019Colorado Invitational1.500.401.90
18Kate LILLYJRSeattle Pacific4:32.64(4:54.46(1)) C3/28/2019Mike Fanelli Track Classic1.000.381.38
19Malena GROVERSRAdams State4:32.92c(4:39.58A) C4/5/2019Colorado Invitational0.900.351.25
20Hailey STREFFSOCSU-Pueblo4:32.98c(4:39.64A) C4/5/2019Colorado Invitational0.800.341.14
21HaLeigh HUNTER-GALVANJRAdams State4:33.27c(4:39.14A) C3/16/2019CSU-Pueblo Early Bird Meet0.700.301.00
22Keagan BOLIBOLFRPoint Loma Nazarene4:33.28  C4/12/2019UCSD Triton Invitational0.600.300.90
23Olivia CAUSSESRWestminster (Utah)4:33.65c(4:39.37A) C4/12/2019Weber State Spring Classic0.550.260.81
24Hasna KAAROURJRAcademy of Art4:33.83  C3/28/2019Mike Fanelli Track Classic0.500.240.74
25Eileen STRESSLINGSRAzusa Pacific4:33.93  C4/6/2019Pomona-Pitzer Invitational0.450.220.67
26Desire MONTENEGROSRAdams State4:34.14c(4:40.83A) C4/5/2019Colorado Invitational0.400.200.60
27Charlee BOXALLJRLee (Tenn.)4:34.47  C3/29/2019Raleigh Relays0.350.160.51
28Dania HOLMBERGSOSeattle Pacific4:34.90  C4/13/2019Jay Hammer Invitational0.300.100.40
28Maia AUSTINFRUC-Colorado Springs4:34.90c(4:41.61A) C4/5/2019Colorado Invitational0.300.100.40
30Sabrina GARCIAJRCal State Stanislaus4:34.91  C3/28/2019Mike Fanelli Track Classic0.200.100.30
31Akia WALKERJRCal State Stanislaus4:35.06  C3/15/2019Hornet Invitational0.160.080.24
32Lauren BAILEYSOIndianapolis4:35.17  C4/6/2019Oliver Nikoloff Open0.120.070.19
33Ruth CVANCARASOAlaska Anchorage4:35.33  C3/23/2019Willamette Invitational0.080.050.13
34Cassidy TOWNERSRPoint Loma Nazarene4:35.39  C4/12/2019UCSD Triton Invitational0.040.040.08
35Hannah PAINTERJRWestminster (Utah)4:35.52c(4:41.27A) C4/12/2019Weber State Spring Classic0.020.030.05

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