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2019 Week #1 - April 2nd

Team Rankings


Event Rankings

RkAthlete/RelayYrTeamMark  C/PDateMeetPlace
1Erica OAWSTERSRUW-Eau Claire49.85m163-7 P5/13/2018UW-La Crosse Eagle Open20.006.5726.57
2Emily FINNEGANSROtterbein47.58m156-1 P5/17/2018Great Lakes Final Qualifying Meet18.003.7821.78
3Sarah SCHMIDTJRCarthage46.97m154-1 P5/5/2018CCIW Outdoor Championships16.003.0219.02
4Karen WETHALSRUW-Stevens Point46.66m153-1 P5/5/2018WIAC Outdoor Championships14.002.6416.64
5Jessie JUENEMANNJRHamline46.48m152-6 P4/28/2018Macalester Janis Rider Invitational12.002.4314.43
6Shelby LANESRDubuque46.13m151-4 P4/27/2018Grand View Viking Classic10.002.1312.13
7Jessica CRAVENSRBrockport45.39m148-11 P4/17/2016Bison Outdoor Classic9.001.5110.51
8Hope DUENASJRWillamette44.86m147-2 P3/24/2018Willamette Invitational8.001.079.07
9Kelsey BETTHAUSERSRDubuque44.82m147-1 P5/13/2017American Rivers (ARC) Outdoor Championships7.001.048.04
10Maddie FITZGIBBONSSRNebraska Wesleyan44.65m146-6 P5/17/2018Augustana (Ill.) Midwest Twilight Qualifier6.000.896.89
11Larkin HOEPNERJRUW-Stevens Point44.45m145-10 P5/4/2018WIAC Outdoor Championships5.000.735.73
12Gillian STREITSOCentral (Iowa)44.25m145-2 C3/30/2019Augustana Viking Olympics4.000.624.62
13Elizabeth WILLISJRCarthage44.15m144-10 C3/28/2019Carroll Pioneer Open3.500.584.08
14Katie WEEKSSRStevens44.12m144-9 P4/6/2018TCNJ Invitational3.000.573.57
15Kayla SLOWICKSODubuque44.04m144-6 P4/27/2018Grand View Viking Classic2.500.533.03
16Kennedy MORRISSOCentral (Iowa)43.58m143-0 P5/17/2018Augustana (Ill.) Midwest Twilight Qualifier2.000.342.34
17Kayla RAMBOFRWhitworth43.44m142-6 C3/16/2019Buc Scoring Invitational1.500.281.78
18Mariah MAYSJRBrockport43.43m142-6 P4/29/2017Cardinal Classic (St. John Fisher)
19Rebecca BURMAHLSRDubuque43.39m142-4 P4/27/2018Grand View Viking Classic0.900.261.16
20Emily SENATORESRConnecticut College43.35m142-3 C3/30/2019Snowflake Classic0.800.241.04
21Octavia MARTINEZSRCornell College43.22m141-10 P5/17/2018Augustana (Ill.) Midwest Twilight Qualifier0.700.180.88
22Linnaea KONFRSTJRNebraska Wesleyan43.14m141-7 P4/26/2018Prairie Wolf Outdoor Invitational0.600.150.75
23Baylee MULITALOFRSouthern Virginia43.01m141-2 C3/22/2019Dr. Jack M. Toms Open0.550.090.64
24Alyssa MCMINNSRMessiah42.92m140-10 P5/5/2018Middle Atlantic (MAC) Outdoor Championships0.500.060.56
25Amanda SABOURINSOUW-La Crosse42.75m140-3 P5/4/2018WIAC Outdoor Championships0.450.000.45
26Sarah JOHNSONSRChristopher Newport42.74m140-3 P5/17/2018MIT Last Chance Qualifier0.400.000.40
27Mikayla BISIGNANISOJohns Hopkins42.63m139-11 P4/6/2018Johns Hopkins/Loyola (Md.) Invitational0.350.000.35
28Ayana BLAIRSOIllinois Wesleyan42.55m139-7 P5/17/2018Augustana (Ill.) Midwest Twilight Qualifier0.300.000.30
29Andrea HAGARJRTrine42.49m139-5 P5/3/2018MIAA Field Day0.250.000.25
30Jasmine KEEGANJROberlin42.39m139-1 P5/6/2017NCAC Outdoor Championships0.200.000.20
31Mesi HAVEASOSouthern Virginia42.23m138-7 C3/30/2019Jim Taylor Invitational0.160.000.16
32Abigail BAKKENJRUW-River Falls42.20m138-6 P5/6/2017WIAC Outdoor Championships0.120.000.12
33Karen DUSRPacific (Ore.)41.90m137-6 C3/16/2019Rich Allen Classic0.080.000.08
34Leilani SALANGSOCoast Guard41.82m137-3 P5/3/2018New England Division III Outdoor Championships0.040.000.04
35Stella AFFOGNONSRTrinity (Texas)41.79m137-1 C3/28/2019Bobcat Invitational (Texas State)

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