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2019 Week #4 - April 24th

Event Summary

Women's Discus
Natl RkTeamTotalAvgConferenceRegionalChange
1Concordia (Neb.)179.22m 588-044.80m 147-0Great PlainsMidwest◀▶
(LW: 1)
2Olivet Nazarene (Ill.)164.37m 539-341.09m 134-10ChicagolandMidwest▲1
(LW: 3)
3College of Idaho161.91m 531-340.48m 132-10CascadeWest▼1
(LW: 2)
4Hastings (Neb.)156.18m 512-539.04m 128-1Great PlainsMidwest▲1
(LW: 5)
5Grand View (Iowa)154.68m 507-638.67m 126-11Heart of AmericaMidwest▼1
(LW: 4)
6Dakota State (S.D.)150.31m 493-237.58m 123-4North StarMidwest▲7
(LW: 13)
7St. Thomas (Fla.)148.13m 486-037.03m 121-6Sun ConferenceSouth▼1
(LW: 6)
8Friends (Kan.)147.92m 485-436.98m 121-4Kansas CollegiateSouth Central▲1
(LW: 9)
9Rio Grande (Ohio)147.25m 483-136.81m 120-10River StatesGreat Lakes▼2
(LW: 7)
10Siena Heights (Mich.)146.11m 479-536.53m 119-10Wolverine-HoosierGreat Lakes▼2
(LW: 8)
11Marian (Ind.)146.01m 479-136.50m 119-9CrossroadsGreat Lakes◀▶
(LW: 11)
12Georgetown (Ky.)145.57m 477-736.39m 119-5Mid-SouthGreat Lakes▼2
(LW: 10)
13Valley City State (N.D.)143.23m 469-1135.81m 117-6North StarMidwest▲7
(LW: 20)
14Lindsey Wilson (Ky.)141.72m 465-035.43m 116-3Mid-SouthGreat Lakes▼2
(LW: 12)
15Mobile (Ala.)140.55m 461-235.14m 115-4Southern StatesSouth▼1
(LW: 14)
16Central Methodist (Mo.)140.24m 460-135.06m 115-1Heart of AmericaSouth Central▲1
(LW: 17)
17Bethany (Kan.)139.96m 459-234.99m 114-10Kansas CollegiateSouth Central▲1
(LW: 18)
18York (Neb.)139.48m 457-834.87m 114-5Kansas CollegiateMidwest▼3
(LW: 15)
19Northwestern (Iowa)139.46m 457-734.86m 114-5Great PlainsMidwest◀▶
(LW: 19)
20Clarke (Iowa)136.59m 448-234.15m 112-1Heart of AmericaMidwest▼4
(LW: 16)
21William Woods (Mo.)135.21m 443-733.80m 110-11American MidwestSouth Central◀▶
(LW: 21)
22Dordt (Iowa)134.15m 440-233.54m 110-1Great PlainsMidwest▲7
(LW: 29)
23Jamestown (N.D.)132.44m 434-633.11m 108-8GPACMidwest◀▶
(LW: 23)
24William Penn (Iowa)132.06m 433-333.02m 108-4Heart of AmericaMidwest▼2
(LW: 22)
25Benedictine (Kan.)130.03m 426-732.51m 106-8Heart of AmericaSouth Central▲2
(LW: 27)
26Avila (Mo.)127.91m 419-831.98m 104-11KCACSouth Central▼2
(LW: 24)
27Bethel (Ind.)127.37m 417-1131.84m 104-6CrossroadsGreat Lakes▼2
(LW: 25)
28Mount Marty (S.D.)127.30m 417-831.82m 104-5Great PlainsMidwest▼2
(LW: 26)
29Webber International (Fla.)126.22m 414-131.56m 103-7Sun ConferenceSouth▼1
(LW: 28)
30Union (Ky.)122.59m 402-330.65m 100-7Appalachian (AAC)Great Lakes◀▶
(LW: 30)
31Columbia (S.C.)119.37m 391-829.84m 97-11Appalachian (AAC)South◀▶
(LW: 31)
32Southwest (N.M.)119.18m 391-029.80m 97-9Red RiverSouth Central▲6
(LW: 38)
33Cincinnati Christian (Ohio)115.30m 378-428.82m 94-7River StatesGreat LakesNR
34Campbellsville (Ky.)112.43m 368-1128.11m 92-2¾Mid-SouthGreat Lakes▼1
(LW: 33)
35Westmont (Calif.)111.37m 365-527.84m 91-4¼Golden StateWest▼3
(LW: 32)
36Brenau (Ga.)110.38m 362-227.60m 90-6½AACSouth▼2
(LW: 34)
37Viterbo (Wis.)109.67m 359-1027.42m 89-11½North StarMidwest▼2
(LW: 35)
38Culver-Stockton (Mo.)109.46m 359-227.36m 89-9½Heart of AmericaSouth Central▼2
(LW: 36)
39Point Park (Pa.)107.96m 354-326.99m 88-6¾River StatesGreat Lakes◀▶
(LW: 39)
40Freed-Hardeman (Tenn.)107.57m 352-1126.89m 88-2¾AMCSouth▼3
(LW: 37)
41Saint Francis (Ind.)106.24m 348-726.56m 87-1¾CrossroadsGreat Lakes▼1
(LW: 40)
42Morris (S.C.)95.93m 314-923.98m 78-8¼A.I.I. (NAIA Independents)South▼1
(LW: 41)
43Edward Waters (Fla.)89.75m 294-622.44m 73-7½Gulf CoastSouthNR
#EventSquad Rankings EXPLAINED
USTFCCCA #EventSquad rankings places a rank order to a program's "squad" of athletes in a particular event, using the cumulative season-best qualifying marks from a team's top-four ranked athletes on the national descending-order list. As with the national descending-order list for qualifying and seeding purposes, marks are subject to be converted due to track size and/or altitude. A team must have four or more athletes with a valid season-best mark recorded with TFRRS to achieve a ranking in a particular event.

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