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2019 Week #4 - April 23rd

Event Summary

Women's Javelin
Natl RkTeamTotalAvgConferenceRegionalChange
1George Fox159.83m 524-539.96m 131-1Northwest ConferenceWest◀▶
(LW: 1)
2Pacific Lutheran152.98m 501-1138.24m 125-6Northwest ConferenceWest◀▶
(LW: 2)
3Middlebury146.22m 479-936.56m 119-11NESCACNew England◀▶
(LW: 3)
4Pacific (Ore.)144.58m 474-436.15m 118-7Northwest ConferenceWest◀▶
(LW: 4)
5UW-La Crosse144.12m 472-1036.03m 118-3WIACMidwest▲3
(LW: 8)
6TCNJ143.68m 471-535.92m 117-10NJACAtlantic▼1
(LW: 5)
7RPI140.54m 461-135.14m 115-3Liberty LeagueAtlantic▼1
(LW: 6)
8Messiah138.44m 454-334.61m 113-7Middle AtlanticMideast▼1
(LW: 7)
9Nebraska Wesleyan136.52m 447-1134.13m 112-0American RiversCentral▲4
(LW: 13)
10St. Lawrence136.03m 446-434.01m 111-7Liberty LeagueAtlantic▲6
(LW: 16)
11Washington & Jefferson134.54m 441-533.64m 110-4PACMideast▼1
(LW: 10)
12Loras134.52m 441-433.63m 110-4American RiversCentral▲14
(LW: 26)
13UW-Whitewater134.34m 440-933.58m 110-2WIACMidwest▲11
(LW: 24)
14Calvin133.70m 438-833.42m 109-8Michigan IntercollegiateGreat Lakes▼5
(LW: 9)
15Texas Lutheran132.26m 433-1133.06m 108-6SCACSouth/Southeast▼4
(LW: 11)
16Denison131.97m 433-032.99m 108-3NCACGreat Lakes▼2
(LW: 14)
17Luther131.58m 431-932.90m 107-11American RiversCentral▼5
(LW: 12)
18Springfield (Mass.)131.15m 430-432.79m 107-7NEWMACNew England▼3
(LW: 15)
19Dubuque130.98m 429-932.74m 107-5American RiversCentral▼1
(LW: 18)
20LeTourneau130.52m 428-332.63m 107-1ASCSouth/Southeast▲18
(LW: 38)
21Gustavus Adolphus129.76m 425-932.44m 106-5MIACCentral▲53
(LW: 74)
22Wartburg129.40m 424-732.35m 106-2American RiversCentral▲3
(LW: 25)
23SUNY Geneseo129.30m 424-332.33m 106-1SUNYACAtlantic▼3
(LW: 20)
24Ripon128.73m 422-432.18m 105-7Midwest ConferenceMidwest▼7
(LW: 17)
25Marywood128.26m 420-1032.06m 105-3AECMideast▼6
(LW: 19)
26Elizabethtown128.03m 420-132.01m 105-0LandmarkMideast▼5
(LW: 21)
27SUNY Plattsburgh127.85m 419-631.96m 104-11SUNYACAtlantic▼5
(LW: 22)
28Stockton127.33m 417-931.83m 104-5NJACAtlantic▼1
(LW: 27)
29Carroll (Wis.)127.24m 417-631.81m 104-5CCIWMidwest▼6
(LW: 23)
30Utica127.21m 417-431.80m 104-4Empire 8Atlantic▲2
(LW: 32)
31MSOE126.77m 415-1131.69m 104-0NACCMidwest▲9
(LW: 40)
32Bowdoin125.50m 411-931.38m 102-11NESCACNew England▲10
(LW: 42)
33UW-Stevens Point125.32m 411-231.33m 102-10WIACMidwest▲3
(LW: 36)
34Misericordia124.81m 409-631.20m 102-5Middle AtlanticMideast▲28
(LW: 62)
35North Central (Ill.)124.69m 409-131.17m 102-3CCIWMidwest▼7
(LW: 28)
36Lynchburg123.86m 406-530.96m 101-7ODACSouth/Southeast▼7
(LW: 29)
37Occidental123.35m 404-830.84m 101-2SCIACWest▼7
(LW: 30)
38Ursinus123.34m 404-830.84m 101-2CentennialMideast▼7
(LW: 31)
39Worcester State123.15m 404-130.79m 101-0MASCACNew England▼2
(LW: 37)
40Rochester (N.Y.)123.11m 403-1130.78m 101-0Liberty LeagueAtlantic▼7
(LW: 33)
41Central (Iowa)123.06m 403-930.76m 100-11American RiversCentral▼2
(LW: 39)
42St. Olaf122.87m 403-230.72m 100-10MIACCentral▲21
(LW: 63)
43Emory122.40m 401-730.60m 100-5UAASouth/Southeast▼9
(LW: 34)
44Salve Regina122.35m 401-530.59m 100-4IndependentNew England▼9
(LW: 35)
45SUNY Cortland121.75m 399-630.44m 99-10½SUNYACAtlantic▼2
(LW: 43)
46Saint Benedict121.01m 397-030.25m 99-3MIACCentral▲6
(LW: 52)
47Muskingum120.98m 396-1130.24m 99-2¾OACGreat Lakes▼6
(LW: 41)
48John Carroll119.45m 391-1129.86m 97-11¾OACGreat Lakes▼4
(LW: 44)
48Alvernia119.45m 391-1129.86m 97-11¾Middle AtlanticMideast▼4
(LW: 44)
50UW-Stout119.22m 391-229.80m 97-9½WIACMidwest▲23
(LW: 73)
51UW-Oshkosh119.12m 390-1029.78m 97-8½WIACMidwest▼5
(LW: 46)
52Lewis & Clark117.97m 387-129.49m 96-9¼Northwest ConferenceWest▼5
(LW: 47)
53Bethel (Minn.)117.68m 386-129.42m 96-6¼MIACCentral▼5
(LW: 48)
54Mount Union117.62m 385-1129.40m 96-5¾OACGreat Lakes▼1
(LW: 53)
55Case Western Reserve116.50m 382-329.12m 95-6¾UAAGreat LakesNR
56Southern Virginia116.34m 381-929.08m 95-5¼CACSouth/Southeast▼2
(LW: 54)
57Eastern (Pa.)115.61m 379-428.90m 94-10Middle AtlanticMideast▼8
(LW: 49)
58Bridgewater State115.15m 377-1028.79m 94-5½MASCACNew England▼7
(LW: 51)
59Redlands (Calif.)114.88m 376-1128.72m 94-2¾SCIACWest▼9
(LW: 50)
60Johns Hopkins114.85m 376-1028.71m 94-2½CentennialMideast▲9
(LW: 69)
61Monmouth (Ill.)114.80m 376-828.70m 94-2Midwest ConferenceMidwest▼6
(LW: 55)
62Mary Washington113.65m 372-1128.41m 93-2¾CapitalSouth/SoutheastNR
63St. Norbert113.39m 372-028.35m 93-0Midwest ConferenceMidwest▼7
(LW: 56)
64Concordia Wisconsin112.69m 369-928.17m 92-5¼NACCMidwest▼7
(LW: 57)
65Concordia Texas112.21m 368-228.05m 92-½American Southwest (ASC)South/Southeast▲5
(LW: 70)
66UW-Platteville111.97m 367-427.99m 91-10¼WIACMidwest▼6
(LW: 60)
67Oberlin111.96m 367-427.99m 91-10NCACGreat Lakes▼9
(LW: 58)
68Williams111.58m 366-127.90m 91-6¼NESCACNew England▲4
(LW: 72)
69Hope111.20m 364-1027.80m 91-2½Michigan IntercollegiateGreat Lakes▼10
(LW: 59)
70Carleton110.16m 361-527.54m 90-4¼MIACCentral▲23
(LW: 93)
71Albion110.06m 361-127.52m 90-3¼Michigan IntercollegiateGreat Lakes▼10
(LW: 61)
72Wooster109.24m 358-527.31m 89-7¼NCACGreat Lakes▲5
(LW: 77)
73Fontbonne108.61m 356-427.15m 89-1SLIACMidwest▼9
(LW: 64)
74Washington (Mo.)108.55m 356-227.14m 89-½UAAMidwest▼3
(LW: 71)
75Brockport108.54m 356-127.14m 89-½SUNYACAtlantic▲4
(LW: 79)
76Hunter108.09m 354-827.02m 88-8CUNYACAtlantic▼11
(LW: 65)
77Claremont-Mudd-Scripps107.94m 354-226.98m 88-6½SCIACWest▼11
(LW: 66)
78Wheaton (Ill.)107.50m 352-826.88m 88-2¼CCIWMidwest▼11
(LW: 67)
79Shenandoah107.32m 352-126.83m 88-¼ODACSouth/Southeast▼4
(LW: 75)
80Southern Maine107.10m 351-526.78m 87-10¼Little EastNew England▼12
(LW: 68)
81UW-Eau Claire105.78m 347-126.44m 86-9¼WIACMidwest▲9
(LW: 90)
82Millikin104.44m 342-826.11m 85-8CCIWMidwest▼6
(LW: 76)
83Ithaca104.36m 342-526.09m 85-7¼Liberty LeagueAtlantic▼5
(LW: 78)
84Franklin & Marshall104.30m 342-226.08m 85-6¾CentennialMideast▼4
(LW: 80)
85Keene State104.23m 342-026.06m 85-6Little EastNew England▼4
(LW: 81)
86Concordia Moorhead102.92m 337-825.73m 84-5MIACCentralNR
87Alma102.74m 337-125.68m 84-3¼Michigan IntercollegiateGreat Lakes▼5
(LW: 82)
88Rose-Hulman102.64m 336-925.66m 84-2¼HCACGreat Lakes▼5
(LW: 83)
89Illinois Wesleyan102.40m 336-025.60m 84-0CCIWMidwest▼4
(LW: 85)
90Husson101.76m 333-1025.44m 83-5¾North AtlanticNew England▼6
(LW: 84)
91Dickinson101.64m 333-625.41m 83-4½CentennialMideast▼2
(LW: 89)
92Manchester100.86m 330-1125.22m 82-8¾HCACGreat Lakes▼4
(LW: 88)
93Illinois College99.81m 327-624.95m 81-10½Midwest ConferenceMidwest▼7
(LW: 86)
94Trine99.52m 326-624.88m 81-7½Michigan IntercollegiateGreat Lakes▼7
(LW: 87)
95SUNY Oswego99.39m 326-124.85m 81-6¼SUNYACAtlantic◀▶
(LW: 95)
96Nichols98.20m 322-224.55m 80-6½IndependentNew England▲5
(LW: 101)
97Olivet97.30m 319-324.32m 79-9¾Michigan IntercollegiateGreat Lakes▼5
(LW: 92)
98Wisconsin Lutheran97.24m 319-124.31m 79-9¼NACCMidwest▼7
(LW: 91)
99Piedmont95.56m 313-623.89m 78-4½IndependentSouth/Southeast▲5
(LW: 104)
100Wittenberg95.21m 312-523.80m 78-1¼NCACGreat Lakes▼6
(LW: 94)
101Ohio Northern95.17m 312-323.79m 78-¾OACGreat Lakes▼5
(LW: 96)
102Regis (Mass.)92.65m 304-023.16m 76-0GNACNew England▼5
(LW: 97)
103Gordon (Mass.)92.46m 303-423.12m 75-10IndependentNew England▼5
(LW: 98)
104Greenville92.30m 302-1023.08m 75-8½SLIACMidwest▼5
(LW: 99)
105Randolph91.55m 300-522.89m 75-1¼ODACSouth/Southeast▼5
(LW: 100)
106Frostburg State88.32m 289-922.08m 72-5¼CapitalMideast▼4
(LW: 102)
107Mount Saint Mary (N.Y.)87.88m 288-421.97m 72-1SkylineAtlantic▼4
(LW: 103)
108William Peace85.68m 281-121.42m 70-3½IndependentSouth/Southeast◀▶
(LW: 108)
109Pomona-Pitzer84.62m 277-821.16m 69-5SCIACWest▼4
(LW: 105)
110SUNY Oneonta83.24m 273-120.81m 68-3¼SUNYACAtlantic▼4
(LW: 106)
111Emmanuel (Mass.)82.69m 271-420.67m 67-10Great NortheastNew England▼2
(LW: 109)
112McDaniel81.92m 268-920.48m 67-2¼CentennialMideast◀▶
(LW: 112)
113Nazareth80.53m 264-320.13m 66-¾Empire 8AtlanticNR
114York (N.Y.)80.50m 264-120.12m 66-½CUNYACAtlantic▼7
(LW: 107)
115Beloit78.42m 257-419.60m 64-4Midwest ConferenceMidwest▼5
(LW: 110)
116Guilford76.67m 251-719.17m 62-10¾ODACSouth/Southeast▼5
(LW: 111)
117Louisiana College70.45m 231-217.61m 57-9½American Southwest (ASC)South/Southeast▼4
(LW: 113)
118Alfred64.63m 212-116.16m 53-¼Empire 8AtlanticNR
119Lehman49.02m 160-1012.26m 40-2½CUNYACAtlantic▼5
(LW: 114)
#EventSquad Rankings EXPLAINED
USTFCCCA #EventSquad rankings places a rank order to a program's "squad" of athletes in a particular event, using the cumulative season-best qualifying marks from a team's top-four ranked athletes on the national descending-order list. As with the national descending-order list for qualifying and seeding purposes, marks are subject to be converted due to track size and/or altitude. A team must have four or more athletes with a valid season-best mark recorded with TFRRS to achieve a ranking in a particular event.

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