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2019 Week #2 - April 10th

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Event Rankings

800 Meters
RkAthlete/RelayYrTeamMark  C/PDateMeetPlace
1Danielle DE CASTROJROregon Tech2:14.67   4/5/2019Chico Twilight Invite30.005.2035.20
2Madelyn HUSTONSOBritish Columbia2:16.44   4/5/2019Western Washington Quad28.003.6431.64
3Jenny SAPPSRLewis-Clark State (Idaho)2:16.49   3/21/2019Sam Adams Classic26.003.6029.60
4Arianna GHIORSOFRThe Master's (Calif.)2:17.30   4/6/2019Pomona-Pitzer Invitational24.002.9026.90
5Casey JENSENSOWestmont (Calif.)2:18.99   4/6/2019Pomona-Pitzer Invitational22.001.7723.77
6Gabrielle JOFFEFRBritish Columbia2:19.03   4/5/2019Western Washington Quad20.001.7521.75
6Dallas BORREGOFRLewis-Clark State (Idaho)2:19.03   3/16/2019Buc Scoring Invitational20.001.7521.75
8Maja PLAZNIKFRLewis-Clark State (Idaho)2:19.34   3/16/2019Buc Scoring Invitational16.001.5717.57
9Daphne SALOMONSOHope International (Calif.)2:19.51   3/9/2019Oxy Distance Carnival and Spring Break Classic14.001.4715.47
10Rylee BROWNFRLewis-Clark State (Idaho)2:19.71   3/16/2019Buc Scoring Invitational12.001.3613.36
11Michelle HERBESFREastern Oregon2:20.72   3/16/2019EOU Team Challenge10.000.8010.80
12Megan BOALSSOEastern Oregon2:20.75   3/22/2019Northwest Nazarene Invitational9.000.799.79
13Abigail WHITESRWestmont (Calif.)2:20.82   2/16/2019UCSB Gaucho Round Up8.000.778.77
14Sydney NICHOLSOCorban (Ore.)2:20.98   4/5/2019John Knight Twilight7.000.727.72
15Amanda WELCHSOEastern Oregon2:22.16   3/16/2019EOU Team Challenge6.000.406.40
16Faith HOMERSREastern Oregon2:22.19   3/16/2019EOU Team Challenge5.000.395.39
17Olivia LANEJREastern Oregon2:22.25   3/25/2019Boxer Combined Events4.500.374.87
18Alyssa CALDERASOWestmont (Calif.)2:22.31   4/6/2019Pomona-Pitzer Invitational4.000.364.36
19Ciara JONESFRSouthern Oregon2:23.06   3/15/2019Hornet Invitational3.500.153.65
20Jessica EMBROSREmbry-Riddle (Ariz.)2:23.12   4/6/2019Pomona-Pitzer Invitational3.000.143.14
21Salina GARCIASRHope International (Calif.)2:23.17   4/6/2019Pomona-Pitzer Invitational2.500.122.62
22Emily MOONSRBushnell (Ore.)2:23.65   3/28/2019Mike Fanelli Track Classic2.000.002.00
23Brianna JURYSRBushnell (Ore.)2:25.19   3/16/2019Lewis & Clark Spring Break Open1.500.001.50
24Brianna CARBAJALSRMarymount California2:25.38   4/6/2019Pomona-Pitzer Invitational1.000.001.00
25Madison PATRICKSOCollege of Idaho2:25.76   3/16/2019EOU Team Challenge0.950.000.95
26Loghan SPRAUERJRSouthern Oregon2:26.39   3/25/2019Boxer Combined Events0.900.000.90
27Ellie SUMMERSFRNorthwest (Wash.)2:26.42   3/16/2019Doris Heritage Distance Festival0.850.000.85
28Amanda BARTHELMESJRWilliam Jessup (Calif.)2:26.96   3/9/2019Aggie Open0.800.000.80
29Elly MACHADOSOCarroll (Mont.)2:27.73   4/5/2019War XII0.750.000.75
30Bethany BODINEFRWestmont (Calif.)2:27.76   2/16/2019UCSB Gaucho Round Up0.700.000.70
31Carrie COTAJRRocky Mountain (Mont.)2:27.77   4/5/2019War XII0.650.000.65
32Sydnee KIZZIARFRSouthern Oregon2:28.05   3/23/2019Humboldt Invitational0.600.000.60
33Emma HORNJRNorthwest (Wash.)2:28.44   3/16/2019Doris Heritage Distance Festival0.550.000.55
34Tea CHATELAINSOBushnell (Ore.)2:28.58   4/5/2019John Knight Twilight0.500.000.50
35Kristen MOHRHOFFSOWestmont (Calif.)2:28.76   2/16/2019UCSB Gaucho Round Up0.450.000.45
35Kelley HIGGINSONFROttawa (Ariz.)2:28.76   3/23/2019Point Loma Invitational0.450.000.45
37Delani DIETRICHFROregon Tech2:29.08   3/28/2019Mike Fanelli Track Classic0.350.000.35
38Kendyl PIERSONSOCarroll (Mont.)2:29.25c(2:29.66A)  3/30/2019Battlin' Bears/Yellowjacket Open0.300.000.30
39Hannah CLARIZIOSRCorban (Ore.)2:29.55   3/2/2019Willamette Opener0.280.000.28
40MJ HAMILTONFRSouthern Oregon2:30.01   4/5/2019John Knight Twilight0.250.000.25
41Amanda COLACCHIAJRWestmont (Calif.)2:30.02   2/16/2019UCSB Gaucho Round Up0.230.000.23
42Valerie SCHMIDTFRCorban (Ore.)2:31.09   3/25/2019Boxer Combined Events0.200.000.20
43Madison WILLHOFTFRSouthern Oregon2:31.29   3/23/2019Humboldt Invitational0.180.000.18
44Katie Jo GEBHARDTFREastern Oregon2:31.42   4/5/2019War XII0.150.000.15
45Madison PARRFRVanguard (Calif.)2:31.53   3/23/2019Point Loma Invitational0.130.000.13
46Adrianna CORTES-ROSASJRWilliam Jessup (Calif.)2:31.55   3/15/2019Hornet Invitational0.100.000.10
47Michaela BANYIJRWestmont (Calif.)2:31.64   3/21/2019Westmont Collegiate Classic0.080.000.08
48Brianna STOPPASRWestmont (Calif.)2:31.94   3/21/2019Westmont Collegiate Classic0.050.000.05
49Avery DORFFFRVanguard (Calif.)2:31.98   3/23/2019Point Loma Invitational0.030.000.03
50Callie JOHNSONFRLewis-Clark State (Idaho)2:32.13   3/21/2019Sam Adams Classic0.010.000.01

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