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2019 Week #6 - May 8th

Team Rankings

Great Lakes


Event Rankings

5000 Meters
RkAthlete/RelayYrTeamMark  C/PDateMeetPlace
1Anna SHIELDSSRPoint Park (Pa.)16:42.06   3/29/2019Wooster Invitational30.006.6136.61
2Brooke SMITHSRShawnee State (Ohio)17:12.24   3/29/2019Raleigh Relays28.004.1132.11
3Kelli SMITHJRCornerstone (Mich.)17:17.25   4/25/2019Hillsdale Gina Relays26.003.7129.71
4Alison SHAPICJRMadonna (Mich.)17:29.55   4/25/2019Hillsdale Gina Relays24.002.7926.79
5Sarah HARDENSOTaylor (Ind.)17:32.36   4/25/2019Hillsdale Gina Relays22.002.6424.64
6Alyssa CAMPBELLFRPoint Park (Pa.)17:43.25   4/13/2019Bison Outdoor Classic20.002.0822.08
7Taylor BLUEMELJRTaylor (Ind.)17:44.43   4/25/2019Hillsdale Gina Relays18.002.0220.02
8Mackenzie GURNEJRMadonna (Mich.)17:58.59   4/25/2019Hillsdale Gina Relays16.001.3017.30
9Janie NOAHSRAquinas (Mich.)18:01.66   4/25/2019Hillsdale Gina Relays14.001.1515.15
10Andrea CROWEFRSiena Heights (Mich.)18:12.53   4/25/2019Hillsdale Gina Relays12.000.6912.69
11Olivia SCHRODERSOTaylor (Ind.)18:14.96   5/2/2019Crossroads League Outdoor Championships10.000.6310.63
12Marissa SMITHSOShawnee State (Ohio)18:22.20   3/30/2019Otterbein April Fools Invitational9.000.469.46
13Alexis MILLERSRAquinas (Mich.)18:22.91   5/2/2019Wolverine-Hoosier (WHAC) Outdoor Championships8.000.448.44
14Victoria HARPERSRSpring Arbor (Mich.)18:25.90   4/25/2019Hillsdale Gina Relays7.000.377.37
15Yvette ROJASJRIndiana Wesleyan18:26.00   3/23/2019Polar Bear Invitational (Indiana Wesleyan)6.000.366.36
16Gabby BRANDONISIOSOAquinas (Mich.)18:30.12   4/5/2019Spartan Invitational5.000.265.26
17MaKenzie MCKIRGANSRMount Vernon Nazarene (Ohio)18:32.22   4/20/2019Kenyon Spring Invitational4.500.214.71
18Brittany SLOANSOIU Kokomo (Ind.)18:34.75   4/6/2019George Glass Invitational4.000.154.15
19Megan GOUGHFRAquinas (Mich.)18:43.33   4/25/2019Hillsdale Gina Relays3.500.003.50
20Vanessa HUBERTSOAquinas (Mich.)18:43.82   4/25/2019Hillsdale Gina Relays3.000.003.00
21Erin COUWENHOVENJRIndiana Wesleyan18:44.34   3/23/2019Polar Bear Invitational (Indiana Wesleyan)2.500.002.50
22Lucy WILLIAMSSRRio Grande (Ohio)18:45.01   4/25/2019River States Outdoor Championships2.000.002.00
23Catherine NEWHARTFRMarian (Ind.)18:47.57   5/2/2019Crossroads League Outdoor Championships1.500.001.50
24Caren HERNANDEZSRSaint Francis (Ind.)18:48.92   3/30/2019Hanover Invitational1.000.001.00
25Evelyn MOOREJRCumberlands (Ky.)18:49.58   4/12/2019University of the Cumberlands Invitational0.950.000.95
26Christina MAGERSFRIndiana Wesleyan18:50.56   5/2/2019Crossroads League Outdoor Championships0.900.000.90
27Annie MCBEATHSOIndiana Wesleyan18:51.01   4/6/2019George Glass Invitational0.850.000.85
28Hannah ADLERFRAquinas (Mich.)18:52.18   4/25/2019Hillsdale Gina Relays0.800.000.80
29Bailley MCCONNELLFRCornerstone (Mich.)18:52.88   4/26/2019Davenport Tune Up0.750.000.75
30Jessica PRICESOShawnee State (Ohio)18:53.01   3/23/2019Blizzard Buzzer0.700.000.70
31Aly TURRENTINEJROhio Christian18:55.29   4/5/2019Marv Frye Invitational0.650.000.65
32Valerie RICHTERSRCornerstone (Mich.)18:55.84   5/2/2019Wolverine-Hoosier (WHAC) Outdoor Championships0.600.000.60
33Nygia POLLARDFRCornerstone (Mich.)18:56.00   5/2/2019Wolverine-Hoosier (WHAC) Outdoor Championships0.550.000.55
34Tea ROMANOWSKIJRAquinas (Mich.)18:57.21   4/5/2019Spartan Invitational0.500.000.50
35Jessica ZVERSJRGrace (Ind.)19:00.74   5/2/2019Crossroads League Outdoor Championships0.450.000.45
36Saige NORRISFRHuntington (Ind.)19:01.38   5/2/2019Crossroads League Outdoor Championships0.400.000.40
37Ashley TOSCHLOGJRIU East (Ind.)19:02.17   4/6/2019Oliver Nikoloff Open0.350.000.35
38Kara ROHLFSRPoint Park (Pa.)19:05.89   3/23/2019Cal-U Early Bird0.300.000.30
39Madeline SALEMJRRochester (Mich.)19:08.17   4/19/2019Al Owens Classic0.280.000.28
40Hayley NEWMANJRIndiana Tech19:09.68   4/25/2019Hillsdale Gina Relays0.250.000.25
41Isabelle DI'TULLIOJRMount Vernon Nazarene (Ohio)19:12.82   5/2/2019Crossroads League Outdoor Championships0.230.000.23
42Kathleen GEORGESOMadonna (Mich.)19:13.77   5/2/2019Wolverine-Hoosier (WHAC) Outdoor Championships0.200.000.20
43Casie NADASKYFRSiena Heights (Mich.)19:17.17   4/25/2019Hillsdale Gina Relays0.180.000.18
44Megan GREBJRMadonna (Mich.)19:19.39   3/30/2019Otterbein April Fools Invitational0.150.000.15
45Hanna GRANTFRAquinas (Mich.)19:24.26   4/5/2019Spartan Invitational0.130.000.13
46Kate CUNNNGHAMFRMarian (Ind.)19:24.82   3/23/2019Blizzard Buzzer0.100.000.10
47Hannah DAWSONJRMarian (Ind.)19:25.23   5/2/2019Crossroads League Outdoor Championships0.080.000.08
48Miranda RZENDZIANJRCampbellsville (Ky.)19:27.76   3/22/2019Pioneer Invitational0.050.000.05
49Jozi BROWNFRShawnee State (Ohio)19:28.74   3/23/2019Blizzard Buzzer0.030.000.03
50Hailley O'NEILLSOSaint Francis (Ind.)19:35.89   3/30/2019Hanover Invitational0.010.000.01

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