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2019 Week #6 - May 8th

Team Rankings

Great Lakes


Event Rankings

RkAthlete/RelayYrTeamMark  C/PDateMeetPlace
1Beyonce BOBBITTFRRio Grande (Ohio)43.32m142-2  5/3/2019Billy Hayes Invitational30.005.1235.12
2SARAH CORBINSRMarian (Ind.)42.53m139-7  5/2/2019Crossroads League Outdoor Championships28.004.0032.00
3Paige PETTELLJRLindsey Wilson (Ky.)42.34m138-11  3/30/2019Centre Invitational26.003.7329.73
4Natalie COTHERMANSOIndiana Wesleyan42.11m138-2  4/27/2019Lancer Invitational24.003.4127.41
5Paige SUTTERSOIndiana Wesleyan41.89m137-5  3/23/2019Polar Bear Invitational (Indiana Wesleyan)22.003.1125.11
6Alexis PUTNAMJRShawnee State (Ohio)41.56m136-4  4/26/2019Mid-South Outdoor Track & Field Championships20.002.7922.79
7Maggie MOLLAKSRGeorgetown (Ky.)40.29m132-2  4/26/2019Mid-South Outdoor Track & Field Championships18.001.5719.57
8Kasey KEITHSOMount Vernon Nazarene (Ohio)40.17m131-10  4/12/2019Walsh Invitational16.001.4517.45
9Tina MILLERSRSiena Heights (Mich.)40.01m131-3  4/5/2019Spartan Invitational14.001.3015.30
10Queen WALKERJRBethel (Ind.)39.41m129-4  5/2/2019Crossroads League Outdoor Championships12.000.8912.89
11De'jah SMITHSOLindsey Wilson (Ky.)39.26m128-10  3/30/2019Centre Invitational10.000.8110.81
12Bailey BALLARDSOAquinas (Mich.)38.82m127-5  5/2/2019Wolverine-Hoosier (WHAC) Outdoor Championships9.000.599.59
13Ebony BUTLERFRIndiana Tech38.41m126-0  5/2/2019Wolverine-Hoosier (WHAC) Outdoor Championships8.000.398.39
14Elizabeth YORK-ACHORFRIndiana Tech38.27m125-7  5/2/2019Wolverine-Hoosier (WHAC) Outdoor Championships7.000.327.32
15Brooke TREADWAYJRGrace (Ind.)38.26m125-6  5/2/2019Crossroads League Outdoor Championships6.000.326.32
16Courtney TAYLORSRSiena Heights (Mich.)38.00m124-8  4/5/2019Spartan Invitational5.000.195.19
17Sierra CRESSFRRio Grande (Ohio)37.53m123-2  4/25/2019River States Outdoor Championships4.500.004.50
18Rachel O'NEILLSRSiena Heights (Mich.)37.48m123-0  5/2/2019Wolverine-Hoosier (WHAC) Outdoor Championships4.000.004.00
19Sarah SPANGLERFRMarian (Ind.)37.47m122-11  5/2/2019Crossroads League Outdoor Championships3.500.003.50
20Brianna JORDAHLSRTaylor (Ind.)37.22m122-2  5/2/2019Crossroads League Outdoor Championships3.000.003.00
21Kirsten LACYSOGeorgetown (Ky.)36.68m120-4  4/6/2019DePauw Invitational2.500.002.50
22Holly HOLTONJRHuntington (Ind.)36.67m120-4  4/6/2019Grizzly Invitational2.000.002.00
23Kady THOMPSONJRIndiana Wesleyan36.50m119-9  4/27/2019Lancer Invitational1.500.001.50
23Paige JACOBSJRUnion (Ky.)36.50m119-9  4/26/2019Appalachian (AAC) Outdoor Championships1.500.001.50
25Natalie SEEBERGJRRio Grande (Ohio)36.25m118-11  4/25/2019River States Outdoor Championships0.950.000.95
26Samantha MILLERFRRio Grande (Ohio)36.21m118-10  4/25/2019River States Outdoor Championships0.900.000.90
27Bailey SUTTONSRSaint Francis (Ind.)36.13m118-7  3/30/2019Hanover Invitational0.850.000.85
28Tytiana LOCKHARTJRUnion (Ky.)36.11m118-6  4/12/2019University of the Cumberlands Invitational0.800.000.80
29Suzette RODRIGUEZSOGoshen (Ind.)35.95m118-0  5/2/2019Crossroads League Outdoor Championships0.750.000.75
30Anna VANTUBERGENFRCornerstone (Mich.)35.87m117-8  4/19/2019Al Owens Classic0.700.000.70
31Jaycey KENDALLJRGeorgetown (Ky.)35.76m117-4  4/12/2019University of the Cumberlands Invitational0.650.000.65
32Brianna LAWSFRLindsey Wilson (Ky.)35.68m117-1  3/30/2019Centre Invitational0.600.000.60
33Jenny KEITHSRTaylor (Ind.)35.66m117-0  4/6/2019George Glass Invitational0.550.000.55
34Katie PRENDERGASTJRMarian (Ind.)35.54m116-7  4/6/2019Oliver Nikoloff Open0.500.000.50
35Raven MORRISJRIndiana Tech34.94m114-8  4/12/2019Ball State Challenge0.450.000.45
36Loren SEELYFRMidway (Ky.)34.86m114-5  4/12/2019Centre Twilight Meet0.400.000.40
37Madison KAISERSRCampbellsville (Ky.)34.79m114-2  4/12/2019Centre Twilight Meet0.350.000.35
38Micah CRUMESSRRochester (Mich.)34.70m113-10  5/2/2019Wolverine-Hoosier (WHAC) Outdoor Championships0.300.000.30
39Keryn LUMPKINSRBethel (Ind.)34.57m113-5  5/2/2019Crossroads League Outdoor Championships0.280.000.28
40Allie ROSEFRAlice Lloyd (Ky.)34.56m113-5  3/30/2019Centre Invitational0.250.000.25
41Natalie CLUMFRCornerstone (Mich.)34.54m113-4  4/19/2019Al Owens Classic0.230.000.23
42Jasmine WICKSSOPoint Park (Pa.)34.50m113-2  4/25/2019River States Outdoor Championships0.200.000.20
43Hannah ERBSKORNSOSpring Arbor (Mich.)34.37m112-9  3/30/2019Centre Invitational0.180.000.18
44Kaylee Dee LONGFRGeorgetown (Ky.)34.25m112-5  3/30/2019Centre Invitational0.150.000.15
45MiKayla CHINNSOBrescia (Ky.)33.76m110-9  3/30/2019Centre Invitational0.130.000.13
46KAREN JONESSRMarian (Ind.)33.59m110-3  4/27/2019Lancer Invitational0.100.000.10
47Niki YOUNGFRShawnee State (Ohio)33.03m108-5  4/6/2019Ohio Cherry Blossom Invitational0.080.000.08
48Sheila NAKUFRIU East (Ind.)33.02m108-4  4/25/2019River States Outdoor Championships0.050.000.05
49Adrianna COILFRMarian (Ind.)32.34m106-1  4/6/2019Oliver Nikoloff Open0.030.000.03
50Kirsten HENTSCHELFRBethel (Ind.)32.30m106-0  4/27/2019Lancer Invitational0.010.000.01

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