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2019 Week #9 - May 13th

Team Rankings



Event Rankings

1500 Meters
RkAthlete/RelayYrTeamMark  C/PDateMeetPlace
1Nicole MCMILLENSRTusculum4:37.74   5/4/2019Tennessee Challenge30.005.0935.09
2Celine RITTERSOMount Olive4:38.10   4/12/2019The Pickle Festival Relays28.004.9532.95
3Lucie NOALLSRQueens (N.C.)4:42.10   4/5/2019Johnson C. Smith Invitational26.003.3929.39
4Kathleen O'NEILLSRCarson-Newman4:43.11   4/18/2019SAC Outdoor Championships24.003.0027.00
5Olivia RISHSOAnderson (S.C.)4:45.38   4/18/2019SAC Outdoor Championships22.002.1924.19
6Allyson ARELLANOSOQueens (N.C.)4:47.16   4/13/2019Bison Outdoor Classic20.001.7421.74
7Micah WEATHERSSOAugusta4:47.21   4/6/2019Gulf South / Peach Belt Conference Challenge18.001.7319.73
8Kylie DAHLBERGSOLenoir-Rhyne4:47.93   3/29/2019Montreat College Invitational16.001.5517.55
9Camryn BRIDGESFRColumbus State4:49.09   4/6/2019Gulf South / Peach Belt Conference Challenge14.001.2615.26
10Emma BROWNJRNorth Georgia4:50.49   4/18/2019Peach Belt Outdoor Championships12.000.9212.92
11Skylar MORENOFRUNC Pembroke4:51.92   4/18/2019Peach Belt Outdoor Championships10.000.7010.70
12Mandi MOXIEJRQueens (N.C.)4:52.06   4/18/2019SAC Outdoor Championships9.000.689.68
13Carla CATALASRClayton State4:52.52   4/18/2019Peach Belt Outdoor Championships8.000.638.63
14Miranda TAYLORSOAugusta4:53.39   4/6/2019Gulf South / Peach Belt Conference Challenge7.000.527.52
15Gillian KASITZSOQueens (N.C.)4:53.86   4/18/2019SAC Outdoor Championships6.000.466.46
16Jastonie HILLJRColumbus State4:54.76   4/18/2019Peach Belt Outdoor Championships5.000.355.35
17Lauryn TUMEYSOWingate4:54.82   4/18/2019SAC Outdoor Championships4.500.354.85
18Shona BLADESSRMount Olive4:55.36(5:18.99(1))  3/14/2019Alan Connie Shamrock Invitational4.000.284.28
19Jordan CRUCEFRLenoir-Rhyne4:56.16   4/18/2019SAC Outdoor Championships3.500.193.69
20Julia OTRANTOSRBelmont Abbey4:57.58   4/6/2019Phoenix Invitational3.000.023.02
21Patience HUNTJRCatawba4:58.00   3/14/201949er Classic2.500.002.50
22Sarah BUCKLERJRNorth Georgia4:58.27   4/18/2019Peach Belt Outdoor Championships2.000.002.00
23Macey VOORHIESFRColumbus State4:59.17   3/29/2019Emory Classic1.500.001.50
24Amber OWENSFRMount Olive4:59.24(5:23.18(1))  3/1/2019Mount Olive-UNC Pembroke1.000.001.00
25Abbie ADAMSSRCatawba4:59.75   4/6/2019Phoenix Invitational0.950.000.95
26Elise GLORVIGENFRNorth Georgia4:59.80   3/29/2019Emory Classic0.900.000.90
27Olivia EVANSSOAnderson (S.C.)5:00.33   4/5/2019Susan Rouse Invitational0.850.000.85
28Skye MCCARTERSRCarson-Newman5:00.59   4/6/2019Lenoir-Rhyne Classic0.800.000.80
29Katie SCHWINDFRNorth Georgia5:01.27   4/6/2019Girls Day Out0.750.000.75
30Kirstin BARTONJRKing5:01.62   3/15/2019Southside Power & Fitness Invitational0.700.000.70
31Alli HAYSOColumbus State5:01.65   3/2/2019Savannah State Eyeopener0.650.000.65
32Caroline HILLIARDFRLenoir-Rhyne5:02.47   3/29/2019Montreat College Invitational0.600.000.60
33Zuzka DURCOVASRQueens (N.C.)5:02.52   3/30/2019Terrier Relays0.550.000.55
34Hannah BEACHSOAnderson (S.C.)5:02.70   4/5/2019Susan Rouse Invitational0.500.000.50
35Elise TANNERSRMount Olive5:03.14   3/30/2019Trojan Challenge0.450.000.45
36Maggie RICESOSouthern Wesleyan (S.C.)5:03.27   3/30/2019Terrier Relays0.400.000.40
37Hailey RUSSELLFRBarton5:03.46   4/19/2019Duke Invitational0.350.000.35
38Alexa QUARLESJREmmanuel (Ga.)5:03.54   3/22/2019Emory Invitational0.300.000.30
39Paiton FAIRSRLenoir-Rhyne5:03.98   3/29/2019Montreat College Invitational0.280.000.28
40Lydia GAMBRELLSOAnderson (S.C.)5:04.10   4/18/2019SAC Outdoor Championships0.250.000.25
41Kaleigh ROACHSRNorth Greenville5:04.76   4/5/2019Susan Rouse Invitational0.230.000.23
42Na'ilah ALLENSOClayton State5:04.91   4/6/2019Gulf South / Peach Belt Conference Challenge0.200.000.20
43Abby JESKEFRWingate5:04.99   3/21/2019Winthrop Invitational (outdoor)
44Kenedi RODNEYSONorth Georgia5:05.22   4/12/2019Berry Field Day Invitational0.150.000.15
45Corey PETHERSSOUNC Pembroke5:05.61   4/18/2019Peach Belt Outdoor Championships0.130.000.13
46Kaitlin RIVERAJRKing5:05.70   4/12/2019Beynon Sports Surfaces Catamount Classic0.100.000.10
47Cynthia LOPEZ-JORDANFRColumbus State5:07.33   3/2/2019Savannah State Eyeopener0.080.000.08
48Annie HETZELJRBelmont Abbey5:07.87   4/26/2019Conference Carolinas Outdoor Championships0.050.000.05
49Breanna HAMMONDJRNorth Georgia5:07.95   4/12/2019Berry Field Day Invitational0.030.000.03
50Tabea KANDLBAUERSOLincoln Memorial5:08.21   3/29/2019Emory Classic0.010.000.01

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