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2019 Week #6 - May 8th

Team Rankings



Event Rankings

200 Meters
RkAthlete/RelayYrTeamMark  C/PDateMeetPlace
1Mariya HUDSONSOWestern Texas23.19cw(23.12A) (2.3)  4/20/2019West Texas A&M Invitational30.005.0035.00
2Brittney JOHNSONSOWestern Texas23.52cw(23.45A) (2.9)  5/4/2019Masked Rider Outdoor Open28.003.9431.94
3Ruth USOROSOSouth Plains (Texas)23.53cw(23.46A) (5.1)  3/22/2019Texas Tech Fearless Champion Open26.003.9129.91
4Raheema WESTFALLSONew Mexico JC23.61cw(23.54A) (2.3)  4/20/2019West Texas A&M Invitational24.003.6527.65
5Satanya WRIGHTSOWestern Texas23.79cw(23.72A) (2.9)  5/4/2019Masked Rider Outdoor Open22.003.1125.11
6Monique GRANTFRNew Mexico JC24.35w (3.2)  3/28/2019Bobcat Invitational (Texas State)20.001.9621.96
7Shikyla WALCOTTFRWestern Texas24.62 (1.9)  4/25/2019Oliver Jackson Twilight Open18.001.4219.42
8Kelliesha KINGFRNew Mexico JC24.70c(24.63A) (1.4)  4/5/2019West Texas A&M Classic16.001.2617.26
9Erin SERMONSSONew Mexico JC24.74c(24.67A) (1.4)  4/5/2019West Texas A&M Classic14.001.1815.18
10Yanique DAYLEFRNew Mexico JC24.78cw(24.71A) (5.6)  3/22/2019Texas Tech Fearless Champion Open12.001.1013.10
11Elon'a JONESFRSouth Plains (Texas)25.09   2/15/2019 10.000.6410.64
12Onome UGBISIENFRCentral Arizona25.10 (-0.3)  4/5/2019Sun Angel Track Classic9.000.639.63
13Angel JOHNSONFRNew Mexico JC25.20cw(25.13A) (3.5)  3/22/2019Texas Tech Fearless Champion Open8.000.538.53
14Rachel CRUTCHERFRNew Mexico JC25.44c(25.37A) (2.0)  4/20/2019West Texas A&M Invitational7.000.307.30
15Patrice MOODYSOSouth Plains (Texas)25.49c(25.42A) (1.0)  5/4/2019Masked Rider Outdoor Open6.000.266.26
16Camille FOSTERFRMesa (Ariz.) CC25.51 (0.0)  4/22/2019NJCAA Region I/ACCAC Championships5.000.245.24
17Regina YEBOAHSOCentral Arizona25.53   4/17/20194.500.224.72
17Demisha ROSWELLFRNew Mexico JC25.53   2/1/2019 4.500.224.72
19Geordan BLANCHARDFRSouth Plains (Texas)25.55cw(25.48A) (2.9)  5/4/2019Masked Rider Outdoor Open3.500.203.70
20Jehnelle GAYLEFRNew Mexico JC25.63c(25.56A) (1.1)  4/5/2019West Texas A&M Classic3.000.133.13
21Latoyia BROOKSSOCentral Arizona25.66   4/17/20192.500.102.60
22LaMeyah CHARLTONSOCentral Arizona25.78   1/26/2019
23Nicolee FOSTERSOCentral Arizona25.81 (1.2)  3/15/2019Willie Williams Classic1.500.001.50
24Raelynn FAIRSOPima (Ariz.) CC25.87 (1.3)  3/15/2019Willie Williams Classic1.000.001.00
25Alyssa HERNANDEZSOSouth Plains (Texas)25.91   2/8/2019 0.950.000.95
26Erin GIBSONFRCentral Arizona25.95 (1.3)  3/15/2019Willie Williams Classic0.900.000.90
27Terayah STUKESFRGlendale (Ariz.) CC26.16 (1.6)  4/12/2019Mesa T-Bird Invitational0.850.000.85
28Annabella SPENCERSOPima (Ariz.) CC26.39 (0.0)  4/22/2019NJCAA Region I/ACCAC Championships0.800.000.80
29Hailey HOLMESFRCentral Arizona26.57 (0.0)  4/5/2019Sun Angel Track Classic0.750.000.75
30Alise GREENSOMesa (Ariz.) CC26.65 (0.0)  4/22/2019NJCAA Region I/ACCAC Championships0.700.000.70
31Berkeley LARSENFRPima (Ariz.) CC26.73 (0.0)  4/22/2019NJCAA Region I/ACCAC Championships0.650.000.65
32Rebekah GREENSOParadise Valley (Ariz.) CC26.77 (0.0)  3/21/2019Cody McBride/Distance in the Dark Invitational0.600.000.60
33Rees YOUNGSOMesa (Ariz.) CC26.82 (0.0)  4/22/2019NJCAA Region I/ACCAC Championships0.550.000.55
34Kymori HENDERSONSOPima (Ariz.) CC26.86 (0.0)  4/22/2019NJCAA Region I/ACCAC Championships0.500.000.50
35Cheyenne HENRYSOParadise Valley (Ariz.) CC26.90 (0.0)  4/22/2019NJCAA Region I/ACCAC Championships0.450.000.45
35BaiLee FLAKEFRParadise Valley (Ariz.) CC26.90 (0.0)  4/22/2019NJCAA Region I/ACCAC Championships0.450.000.45
37Kyra ATKINSFRNew Mexico JC27.21   1/18/2019 0.350.000.35
38Tomi MORENOFRParadise Valley (Ariz.) CC27.27   1/26/2019 0.300.000.30
39Makayla BAKERSONew Mexico JC27.62cw(27.55A) (2.9)  3/22/2019Texas Tech Fearless Champion Open0.280.000.28
40Tamia ROBINSONSOGlendale (Ariz.) CC27.66   1/26/2019
41Lynsie FIKESOParadise Valley (Ariz.) CC27.67 (1.6)  4/12/2019Mesa T-Bird Invitational0.230.000.23
42Alina ESCAMILLAFRWestern Texas27.92   2/15/2019
43Katherine HUBBARDFRParadise Valley (Ariz.) CC28.08 (0.0)  4/22/2019NJCAA Region I/ACCAC Championships0.180.000.18
44Ashley BERRYSOGlendale (Ariz.) CC28.18 (1.6)  4/12/2019Mesa T-Bird Invitational0.150.000.15
45Azaria BROWNFRMesa (Ariz.) CC28.83 (0.0)  3/29/2019Arizona CC (ACCAC) Outdoor Championships0.130.000.13
46Olivia MAGBYFRGlendale (Ariz.) CC30.54 (1.6)  4/12/2019Mesa T-Bird Invitational0.100.000.10
47Jessica REYNOLDSFRMesa (Ariz.) CC30.92   2/2/2019

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