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2019 Week #7 - May 13th

Team Rankings


11houston-baptistHOUSTON BAPTIST237.11Southland◀▶
(LW: 11)
EventRkAthlete/RelayYrMark  C/PDateMeetPlace
100m36Roxane ADAMAFR12.55 (1.1)  5/3/2019Southland Outdoor Championships0.400.000.40
100m41Joelonce HUBBARDFR12.72 (-0.7)  4/20/2019J. Fred Duckett/Rice Twilight0.230.000.23
100m44Dominique LACYFR12.79w (2.2)  3/15/2019Texas Southern Relays0.150.000.15
100m46Ariel WHITEJR12.86 (0.4)  3/15/2019Texas Southern Relays0.100.000.10
100m50Valeria SALINASFR13.04 (2.0)  3/15/2019Texas Southern Relays0.010.000.01
200m34Roxane ADAMAFR25.30 (-1.2)  4/20/2019J. Fred Duckett/Rice Twilight0.500.000.50
200m43Brandy THOMASJR25.67 (0.4)  4/12/2019Leon Johnson Invitational0.180.000.18
200m45Joelonce HUBBARDFR25.73 (1.0)  3/21/2019Victor Lopez Classic0.130.000.13
400m24Brandy THOMASJR58.62   4/6/2019Houston Alumni Invitational1.000.001.00
400m26Shantelle SLAUGHTERSR58.66   4/12/2019Leon Johnson Invitational0.900.000.90
800m23Johanna DREWSFR2:23.12   3/21/2019Victor Lopez Classic1.500.001.50
800m43Kaitlin SMITHSO2:29.24   5/3/2019Southland Outdoor Championships0.180.000.18
800m46Miracle CRAYTONJR2:30.12   4/20/2019J. Fred Duckett/Rice Twilight0.100.000.10
1500m27Johanna DREWSFR4:52.46   3/15/2019Texas Southern Relays0.850.000.85
5000m21Johanna DREWSFR18:38.95   4/20/2019J. Fred Duckett/Rice Twilight2.500.002.50
100H5Kaitlin SMITHSO14.02 (-0.3)  4/20/2019J. Fred Duckett/Rice Twilight22.002.1024.10
100H22Dennise REYESJR14.82w (2.7)  4/6/2019Houston Alumni Invitational2.000.002.00
100H35Ana KRILETICSR15.42w (2.2)  3/27/2019Texas Relays0.450.000.45
400H13Shantelle SLAUGHTERSR1:03.95   5/3/2019Southland Outdoor Championships8.000.528.52
4x10010Adama, Thomas, Slaughter, Nance 47.98   5/3/2019Southland Outdoor Championships12.000.0012.00
4x40013Thomas, Slaughter, Adama, Hubbard 3:58.25   3/15/2019Texas Southern Relays8.000.008.00
HJ11Samara HODGESJR1.67m5-5¾  3/21/2019Victor Lopez Classic10.000.9810.98
HJ18Kaitlin SMITHSO1.61m5-3¼  4/20/2019J. Fred Duckett/Rice Twilight4.000.084.08
HJ34Dennise REYESJR1.47m4-9¾  4/3/2019Skechers Carl Kight Invitational0.500.000.50
HJ35Dominique LACYFR1.45m4-9  4/20/2019J. Fred Duckett/Rice Twilight0.450.000.45
PV14Salome BRUGIERSO3.27m10-8¾  4/20/2019J. Fred Duckett/Rice Twilight7.000.307.30
LJ12Natayla NANCESR5.83m19-1½ (0.0)  3/21/2019Victor Lopez Classic9.000.549.54
LJ21Kaitlin SMITHSO5.66m18-7 (1.7)  5/3/2019Southland Outdoor Championships2.500.002.50
LJ26Ana KRILETICSR5.54m18-2¼ (0.0)  3/21/2019Victor Lopez Classic0.900.000.90
LJ35Dennise REYESJR5.45m17-10¾ (1.7)  3/21/2019Victor Lopez Classic0.450.000.45
LJ38Dominique LACYFR5.41m17-9 (0.0)  4/12/2019Leon Johnson Invitational0.300.000.30
TJ2Natayla NANCESR12.98m42-7 (1.8)  5/3/2019Southland Outdoor Championships28.004.0432.04
SP11Chantel WARDJR13.91m45-7¾  4/20/2019J. Fred Duckett/Rice Twilight10.000.8710.87
SP24Kaitlin SMITHSO11.29m37-½  4/3/2019Skechers Carl Kight Invitational1.000.001.00
SP35Dennise REYESJR8.85m29-½  4/3/2019Skechers Carl Kight Invitational0.450.000.45
DISC11Jemira THOMLINSONJR42.52m139-6  5/3/2019Southland Outdoor Championships10.000.5610.56
DISC24Imani JACQUETJR34.25m112-5  5/3/2019Southland Outdoor Championships1.000.001.00
HT10Jemira THOMLINSONJR50.35m165-2  3/21/2019Victor Lopez Classic12.000.9712.97
HT16Imani JACQUETJR46.53m152-8  4/20/2019J. Fred Duckett/Rice Twilight5.000.115.11
HT22Chantel WARDJR42.73m140-2  4/6/2019Houston Alumni Invitational2.000.002.00
HT28Christal DICKSONSO37.00m121-5  3/15/2019Texas Southern Relays0.800.000.80
JAV9Christal DICKSONSO41.40m135-10  4/12/2019Leon Johnson Invitational14.001.1115.11
JAV15Ana KRILETICSR37.74m123-10  4/20/2019J. Fred Duckett/Rice Twilight6.000.176.17
JAV16Hanna MCNAUGHTONJR37.47m122-11  4/6/2019Houston Alumni Invitational5.000.105.10
JAV17Kaitlin SMITHSO37.33m122-6  4/6/2019Houston Alumni Invitational4.500.064.56
JAV30Dennise REYESJR29.27m96-½  4/3/2019Skechers Carl Kight Invitational0.700.000.70
HEPT7Kaitlin SMITHSO5,040   5/3/2019Southland Outdoor Championships18.002.1420.14
HEPT14Dennise REYESJR4,139   4/3/2019Skechers Carl Kight Invitational7.000.757.75

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