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2019 Week #7 - May 13th

Team Rankings


8belmontBELMONT446.79Ohio Valley▲1
(LW: 9)
EventRkAthlete/RelayYrMark  C/PDateMeetPlace
100m37Abbie WHITEHURSTSR12.68 (0.6)  5/9/2019Ohio Valley (OVC) Outdoor Championships0.350.000.35
200m22Payton BARLOWSO25.38 (-0.6)  4/19/2019Georgia Tech Invitational2.000.072.07
400m4Payton BARLOWSO55.79   3/22/2019Vanderbilt Black and Gold24.003.1027.10
400m37Katrina QUIGLEYJR1:02.96   3/22/2019Vanderbilt Black and Gold0.350.000.35
800m9Ruth WIGGINSSO2:14.82   4/12/2019Governors Invitational14.001.3815.38
800m18Caroline DANIELSO2:20.43   3/22/2019Vanderbilt Black and Gold4.000.004.00
800m20Anna ARRICKSO2:20.98   5/3/2019Billy Hayes Invitational3.000.003.00
1500m5Kortney SCHARDTJR4:33.26   3/22/2019Vanderbilt Black and Gold22.003.0725.07
1500m26Ruth WIGGINSSO4:50.88   4/19/2019Georgia Tech Invitational0.900.000.90
1500m29Claire CHEESEMANSO4:51.47   3/22/2019Vanderbilt Black and Gold0.750.000.75
1500m36Caroline DANIELSO4:53.53   3/22/2019Vanderbilt Black and Gold0.400.000.40
1500m37Sierra LAXSR4:53.62   3/22/2019Vanderbilt Black and Gold0.350.000.35
1500m46Taylor CUNEOFR4:57.50   3/22/2019Vanderbilt Black and Gold0.100.000.10
5000m2Kortney SCHARDTJR16:51.87   4/17/201928.004.8932.89
5000m8Claire CHEESEMANSO17:34.32   4/17/2019Bryan Clay Invitational16.001.1617.16
5000m9Courtney ALAMASR17:36.58   4/17/2019Bryan Clay Invitational14.001.0215.02
5000m11Sierra LAXSR17:38.48   5/9/2019Ohio Valley (OVC) Outdoor Championships10.000.9010.90
5000m27Gabrielle YATAUROSR18:14.86   4/19/2019Georgia Tech Invitational0.850.000.85
5000m31Maria BRAUERJR18:42.33   4/12/2019Governors Invitational0.650.000.65
5000m34Mallory YOUNGSR18:45.08   4/19/2019Georgia Tech Invitational0.500.000.50
10,000m5Courtney ALAMASR37:23.30   5/9/2019Ohio Valley (OVC) Outdoor Championships22.002.0524.05
10,000m10Gabrielle YATAUROSR38:10.89   5/9/2019Ohio Valley (OVC) Outdoor Championships12.001.3913.39
10,000m12Claire CHEESEMANSO38:31.67   5/9/2019Ohio Valley (OVC) Outdoor Championships9.001.1310.13
10,000m15Mallory YOUNGSR39:42.94   5/9/2019Ohio Valley (OVC) Outdoor Championships6.000.666.66
100H30Caroline PRUITTSO15.83 (1.4)  3/22/2019Vanderbilt Black and Gold0.700.000.70
400H6Caroline PRUITTSO1:03.42   5/9/2019Ohio Valley (OVC) Outdoor Championships20.001.5421.54
4x10010Whitehurst, Doerr, Pruitt, Quigley 49.73   5/9/2019Ohio Valley (OVC) Outdoor Championships12.000.0012.00
4x4007Pruitt, Doerr, Quigley, Barlow 3:57.86   5/9/2019Ohio Valley (OVC) Outdoor Championships18.001.3519.35
HJ10Jeanette MORLEYSO1.66m5-5¼  4/12/2019Governors Invitational12.001.1813.18
PV8Tyra FINKELDEYFR3.49m11-5¼  5/9/2019Ohio Valley (OVC) Outdoor Championships16.001.8617.86
PV12Maeve CAREIFR3.10m10-2  4/12/2019Governors Invitational9.000.669.66
SP6Karly HIBBARDSR13.19m43-3¼  4/12/2019Governors Invitational20.001.8521.85
SP23Maja GUSTAFSSONSO10.91m35-9½  3/22/2019Vanderbilt Black and Gold1.500.001.50
DISC21Sarah STEGBAUERFR31.48m103-4  4/5/2019Hilltopper Relays2.500.002.50
HT2Jessica MATTSSONSO60.05m197-0  5/9/2019Ohio Valley (OVC) Outdoor Championships28.006.5034.50
JAV1Karly HIBBARDSR47.52m155-11  5/9/2019Ohio Valley (OVC) Outdoor Championships30.007.1837.18
JAV3Maja GUSTAFSSONSO43.64m143-2  4/5/2019Hilltopper Relays26.004.1730.17
JAV10Grace MANISCALCOSO37.53m123-2  4/5/2019Hilltopper Relays12.000.7712.77

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