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2019 Week #7 - May 13th

Team Rankings


(LW: 7)
EventRkAthlete/RelayYrMark  C/PDateMeetPlace
100m14Michaela MOORESO12.23 (1.9)  4/26/2019Oregon State High Performance7.000.717.71
100m30Laurel MACK-WILSONJR12.86 (-0.6)  3/28/2019Mike Fanelli Track Classic0.700.000.70
100m34Renee SOLIMANJR12.99 (1.3)  3/28/2019Mike Fanelli Track Classic0.500.000.50
200m22Caylah LUNNINGSR25.43 (1.1)  4/17/2019Bryan Clay Invitational2.000.002.00
200m30Michaela MOORESO25.93 (0.8)  4/26/2019Oregon State High Performance0.700.000.70
200m38Regie GRADYFR26.42 (-0.7)  3/16/2019Doris Heritage Distance Festival0.300.000.30
200m49Chloe DELEISSEGUESFR26.88 (0.2)  5/4/2019Ken Shannon Invitational0.030.000.03
400m13Regie GRADYFR57.69c(57.58A)  5/9/2019WAC Outdoor Championships8.000.728.72
400m20Caylah LUNNINGSR59.47   3/28/2019Mike Fanelli Track Classic3.000.063.06
400m24Chloe DELEISSEGUESFR1:00.91   3/16/2019Doris Heritage Distance Festival1.000.001.00
400m25Rachel VAN LIEWFR1:02.31   5/4/2019Ken Shannon Invitational0.950.000.95
800m6Siobhan RUBIOJR2:11.93c(2:12.60A)  5/9/2019WAC Outdoor Championships20.002.2622.26
800m9Ellie POSTMAFR2:14.75   4/17/201914.001.1015.10
800m30Emily O'HARAJR2:25.55   4/26/2019Oregon State High Performance0.700.000.70
1500m31Marie-Therese CHAHROURIFR4:46.57c(4:52.45A)  5/9/2019WAC Outdoor Championships0.650.000.65
1500m40Anastasia HONEASO4:51.64   3/16/2019Doris Heritage Distance Festival0.250.000.25
1500m42Emily O'HARAJR4:51.95c(4:57.94A)  5/9/2019WAC Outdoor Championships0.200.000.20
1500m46Fiona O'LEARYFR4:53.43   3/28/2019Mike Fanelli Track Classic0.100.000.10
1500m47Rachel KASTAMASO4:53.52   3/28/2019Mike Fanelli Track Classic0.080.000.08
1500m49Shannan HIGGINSJR4:55.19   3/28/2019Mike Fanelli Track Classic0.030.000.03
1500m50Thea FOULKJR4:55.37   3/28/2019Mike Fanelli Track Classic0.010.000.01
Steeple16Shannan HIGGINSJR11:58.10   4/13/2019Jay Hammer Invitational5.000.195.19
5000m21Rachel KASTAMASO17:53.46   4/26/2019Oregon State High Performance2.500.002.50
5000m33Elle STEINSO18:13.40   3/16/2019Doris Heritage Distance Festival0.550.000.55
5000m36Courtney GELMINI FR18:25.66   3/28/2019Mike Fanelli Track Classic0.400.000.40
10,000m12Elle STEINSO37:29.61   3/28/2019Mike Fanelli Track Classic9.001.1510.15
10,000m17Courtney GELMINI FR40:03.66c(41:14.93A)  5/9/2019WAC Outdoor Championships4.500.044.54
100H8Michelle NEWBLOMJR14.55w (3.6)  4/26/2019Oregon State High Performance16.001.5417.54
400H9Nicole GOLBAFR1:04.87c(1:04.76A)  5/9/2019WAC Outdoor Championships14.001.3715.37
400H16Alex HOWERTONFR1:10.41   4/26/2019Oregon State High Performance5.000.145.14
400H17Michelle NEWBLOMJR1:10.74   4/17/20194.500.084.58
4x1004Newblom, Grady, Lunning, Moore 46.97c(46.85A)  5/9/2019WAC Outdoor Championships24.002.9026.90
4x4007Grady, Rubio, Lunning, Postma 3:55.60c(3:55.16A)  5/9/2019WAC Outdoor Championships18.002.1720.17
HJ14Rachel VAN LIEWFR1.55m5-1  5/4/2019Ken Shannon Invitational7.000.707.70
HJ16Laurel MACK-WILSONJR1.50m4-11  5/4/2019Ken Shannon Invitational5.000.165.16
HJ23Rowan CUADRADOFR1.40m4-7  5/4/2019Ken Shannon Invitational1.500.001.50
LJ5Caylah LUNNINGSR5.76m18-10¾  4/17/201922.001.7023.70
LJ25Renee SOLIMANJR5.23m17-2 (0.0)  3/28/2019Mike Fanelli Track Classic0.950.000.95
LJ33Sophia HEYMANFR4.61mw15-1½ (3.1)  4/26/2019Oregon State High Performance0.550.000.55
TJ13Nicole GOLBAFR10.59m34-9 (0.4)  3/16/2019Doris Heritage Distance Festival8.000.538.53
TJ16Sophia HEYMANFR10.21m33-6 (0.0)  4/26/2019Oregon State High Performance5.000.115.11
SP20Tallia SOVAFR11.59m38-¼  5/4/2019Ken Shannon Invitational3.000.003.00
SP24Sylvia HENDRIXFR10.52m34-6¼  3/16/2019Doris Heritage Distance Festival1.000.001.00
DISC20Tallia SOVAFR34.45m113-0  5/4/2019Ken Shannon Invitational3.000.003.00
DISC21Jami TRESSELTFR33.53m110-0  5/4/2019Ken Shannon Invitational2.500.002.50
HT25Jami TRESSELTFR37.58m123-4  4/26/2019Oregon State High Performance0.950.000.95
HT27Sylvia HENDRIXFR32.85m107-10  4/13/2019Jay Hammer Invitational0.850.000.85
HT28Tallia SOVAFR25.86m84-10¼  3/16/2019Doris Heritage Distance Festival0.800.000.80
JAV3Nicole WHITTERNFR41.53mA136-3  5/9/2019WAC Outdoor Championships26.003.1229.12
JAV11Tallia SOVAFR35.21mA115-6  5/9/2019WAC Outdoor Championships10.000.8010.80
JAV14Jamie HEGGSO34.03m111-8  5/4/2019Ken Shannon Invitational7.000.507.50

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