Combined Event and Multievent SCC

Something New

The Combined Event Specialist Certification Course (SCC) has been redesigned to include information on designing training for common track and field event combinations (the sprint-hurdle athlete, the sprint-jump athlete, etc.) The course continues its previous focus on the combined events as well.

About the Combined Event and Multievent SCC

This course will not be offered in 2018.

The Combined Event Specialist Certification Course (SCC) is a detailed, 36 hour course that covers all issues in technical coaching of the combined events, and examines training design for athletes who compete in multiple Track and Field disciplines. Certification by the USTFCCCA is granted for successfully completing the course and its evaluations. The course is illustrated with pertinent, animated take-home video created specifically for this course, to enhance clarity and understanding.

Course Topics

Topics include training theory, periodization of combined event training, biomechanics of the sprint, hurdle, jumping, throwing, and middle distance events, training components, training design and administration, peripheral training concerns, technical models, and technical teaching in the combined events. In addition the course also examines Multievent training, specifically training plans and arrangements for frequent track and field event doubles and triples such as Sprints and Hurdles, Sprints and Jumps, Hurdles and Jumps, etc.

Special Notes on Course Scope

The Combined Event SCC is a course that concentrates on specific training methods, training plans, and commonality based biomechanics for the Pentathlon, Heptathlon, and Decathlon, and training schemes for common Track and Field event combinations. It is not designed to be an option for a coach wanting to gain knowledge in a wide variety of events. Applicants should have specific interest in the coaching of the combined events and multievents.


The SCC is taught by highly respected coaches, who have proven themselves in the coaching field and have extensive experience in the teaching profession.


There is no longer an application process. Registration is on a first come, first served basis and when classes are full, no additional registrations will be permitted. There are no prerequisite courses for this course, but two years of formal coaching experience is required. Registration will close July 1, 2017. You can access the Registration Link at the Academy Homepage.

Travel and Other Information

Information about course structure, room and board, housing, travel, certification, costs, payment, etc., can be found on our Event Specific Specialist Certification Course Page.

For More Information

For additional information about SCC course offerings, contact Mike Corn at or (504) 599-8903.

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For additional information, contact Mike Corn at or 504-599-8903