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2019 Week #2 - April 8th

Event Summary

Men's 110 Meter Hurdles
Natl RkTeamTotalAvgConferenceRegionalChange
1Iowa55.92 13.98 Big TenMidwestNR
2Arkansas56.65 14.16 SECSouth CentralNR
3California56.85 14.21 Pac-12WestNR
4Oregon57.24 14.31 Pac-12WestNR
5Jackson State57.34 14.34 SWACSouthNR
6Nebraska57.36 14.34 Big TenMidwestNR
7CSUN57.63 14.41 Big WestWestNR
8Washington State57.69 14.42 Pac-12WestNR
9Navy57.76 14.44 PatriotMid-AtlanticNR
10Long Beach State57.89 14.47 Big WestWestNR
11Michigan57.95 14.49 Big TenGreat LakesNR
12Kansas58.02 14.50 Big 12MidwestNR
13Connecticut58.08 14.52 AmericanNortheastNR
14Hampton58.23 14.56 Big SouthSoutheastNR
15Princeton58.24 14.56 Ivy LeagueMid-AtlanticNR
16Samford58.27 14.57 SouthernSouthNR
17Louisiana58.35 14.59 Sun BeltSouth CentralNR
18Pittsburgh58.46 14.62 ACCMid-AtlanticNR
19Indiana State58.51 14.63 Missouri ValleyGreat LakesNR
20Syracuse58.53 14.63 ACCNortheastNR
21Youngstown State58.60 14.65 HorizonGreat LakesNR
22Akron58.63 14.66 Mid-AmericanGreat LakesNR
23UTSA58.75 14.69 Conference USASouth CentralNR
24Charlotte58.76 14.69 Conference USASoutheastNR
25Colorado State58.82 14.70 Mountain WestMountainNR
26Michigan State58.84 14.71 Big TenGreat LakesNR
27UC Davis58.91 14.73 Big WestWestNR
28Sam Houston State59.22 14.80 SouthlandSouth CentralNR
29Eastern Michigan59.23 14.81 Mid-AmericanGreat LakesNR
30Cal State Fullerton59.39 14.85 Big WestWestNR
31Southern Miss59.44 14.86 Conference USASouthNR
31BYU59.44 14.86 Independent (DI)MountainNR
33UT Arlington59.55 14.89 Sun BeltSouth CentralNR
34Louisville59.67 14.92 ACCSoutheastNR
35Purdue59.73 14.93 Big TenGreat LakesNR
36Marquette59.74 14.94 Big EastGreat LakesNR
37Utah Valley59.78 14.94 WACMountainNR
38McNeese State59.80 14.95 SouthlandSouth CentralNR
39Central Michigan59.87 14.97 Mid-AmericanGreat LakesNR
40George Mason1:00.18 15.04 Atlantic 10SoutheastNR
41Abilene Christian1:00.35 15.09 SouthlandSouth CentralNR
42Idaho State1:00.44 15.11 Big SkyMountainNR
43Utah State1:00.53 15.13 Mountain WestMountainNR
44Howard1:00.58 15.14 MEACMid-AtlanticNR
45North Dakota State1:00.66 15.16 Summit LeagueMidwestNR
46South Dakota State1:00.83 15.21 Summit LeagueMidwestNR
47Dartmouth1:01.04 15.26 Ivy LeagueNortheastNR
48VCU1:01.61 15.40 Atlantic 10SoutheastNR
49UC Santa Barbara1:01.63 15.41 Big WestWestNR
50Stephen F. Austin1:01.83 15.46 SouthlandSouth CentralNR
51Northeastern1:01.89 15.47 ColonialNortheastNR
52Wofford1:02.10 15.52 SoConSoutheastNR
53Kansas State1:02.13 15.53 Big 12MidwestNR
54Grand Canyon1:02.35 15.59 WACWestNR
55New Hampshire1:02.44 15.61 America EastNortheastNR
56ULM1:02.53 15.63 Sun BeltSouth CentralNR
57Milwaukee1:02.57 15.64 HorizonGreat LakesNR
57Cal Poly1:02.57 15.64 Big WestWestNR
59Lehigh1:02.69 15.67 PatriotMid-AtlanticNR
60UMass1:02.79 15.70 Atlantic 10NortheastNR
61Wichita State1:02.86 15.72 AmericanMidwestNR
62Montana1:03.02 15.76 Big SkyMountainNR
63UMass Lowell1:03.06 15.76 America EastNortheastNR
64Illinois State1:03.40 15.85 Missouri ValleyMidwestNR
65Sacramento State1:04.02 16.00 Big SkyWestNR
66Eastern Washington1:04.08 16.02 Big SkyWestNR
67Bucknell1:04.37 16.09 PatriotMid-AtlanticNR
68Air Force1:04.82 16.20 Mountain WestMountainNR
69N.C. Central1:04.96 16.24 MEACSoutheastNR
70Florida International1:05.51 16.38 Conference USASouthNR
71High Point1:07.13 16.78 Big SouthSoutheastNR
72UNC-Wilmington1:08.12 17.03 ColonialSoutheastNR
73Detroit Mercy1:12.31 18.08 HorizonGreat LakesNR
#EventSquad Rankings EXPLAINED
USTFCCCA #EventSquad rankings places a rank order to a program's "squad" of athletes in a particular event, using the cumulative season-best qualifying marks from a team's top-four ranked athletes on the national descending-order list. As with the national descending-order list for qualifying and seeding purposes, marks are subject to be converted due to track size and/or altitude. A team must have four or more athletes with a valid season-best mark recorded with TFRRS to achieve a ranking in a particular event.

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