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2019 Week #8 - May 17th

EventRkAthlete/RelayYrMark  C/PDateMeetPlace
100m3Dereck DAVISSO10.61w (3.5)  4/19/2019Morgan State Legacy Meet26.003.0629.06
100m5Kendall BELSERSR10.65 (1.3)  5/15/2019All-Atlantic Region DIII Outdoor22.002.6324.63
100m16Malcolm HAYWARDSR10.94 (0.2)  5/2/2019Middle Atlantic (MAC) Outdoor Championships5.000.385.38
100m19Morgan CHEATHAMSR10.97w (2.2)  5/15/2019All-Atlantic Region DIII Outdoor3.500.273.77
100m45Clement ONYEBADISO11.21 (-0.2)  5/2/2019Middle Atlantic (MAC) Outdoor Championships0.130.000.13
200m8Kendall BELSERSR21.77 (-0.2)  5/2/2019Middle Atlantic (MAC) Outdoor Championships16.001.6417.64
200m13Dereck DAVISSO22.05 (-1.1)  5/15/2019All-Atlantic Region DIII Outdoor8.000.668.66
200m32Malcolm HAYWARDSR22.53 (-0.3)  5/2/2019Middle Atlantic (MAC) Outdoor Championships0.600.000.60
200m38Morgan CHEATHAMSR22.59w (2.4)  4/19/2019Morgan State Legacy Meet0.300.000.30
400m4Ritchie CASESO48.92   3/29/2019Danny Curran Invitational24.002.1326.13
400m42Kendall BELSERSR50.69   4/12/2019Johns Hopkins/Loyola (Md.) Invitational0.200.000.20
800m1Iddriss IDDRISSJR1:52.58   5/15/2019All-Atlantic Region DIII Outdoor30.003.4133.41
800m48Sean DODSONSO1:57.50   5/2/2019Middle Atlantic (MAC) Outdoor Championships0.050.000.05
1500m13Patrick WATSONJR3:56.60   5/13/2019SWAT Final Qualifying Meet8.000.648.64
1500m19Iddriss IDDRISSJR3:58.12   5/2/2019Middle Atlantic (MAC) Outdoor Championships3.500.343.84
1500m34Langston GASHSR4:00.35   5/13/2019SWAT Final Qualifying Meet0.500.000.50
Steeple4Patrick WATSONJR9:09.75   4/20/2019Larry Ellis Invitational24.002.8226.82
Steeple7Nikita KULICKJR9:17.11   5/13/2019SWAT Final Qualifying Meet18.002.0820.08
Steeple30Jackson MORROWSR10:00.66   5/2/2019Middle Atlantic (MAC) Outdoor Championships0.700.000.70
5000m5Patrick WATSONJR14:33.43   4/13/2019Bison Outdoor Classic22.002.2124.21
5000m15Langston GASHSR14:51.37   3/29/2019Danny Curran Invitational6.000.496.49
10,000m8Patrick WATSONJR30:54.86   3/29/2019Danny Curran Invitational16.001.7817.78
10,000m41Brett OLINSR33:26.13   5/2/2019Middle Atlantic (MAC) Outdoor Championships0.230.000.23
4x1001Cheatham, Belser, Hayward, Davis 41.41   5/15/2019All-Atlantic Region DIII Outdoor30.004.0534.05
4x40018Case, Dodson, Watson, Iddriss 3:25.60   4/25/2019Penn Relays4.000.364.36
HJ28Clement ONYEBADISO1.87m6-1½  5/2/2019Middle Atlantic (MAC) Outdoor Championships0.800.000.80
HJ45Ritchie CASESO1.81m5-11¼  5/15/2019All-Atlantic Region DIII Outdoor0.130.000.13
LJ10Hayden OTCHEREFR6.93mw22-9 (2.1)  4/12/2019Johns Hopkins/Loyola (Md.) Invitational12.000.7312.73
LJ40Clement ONYEBADISO6.51m21-4¼ (0.0)  5/2/2019Middle Atlantic (MAC) Outdoor Championships0.250.000.25
TJ13Steven SNEEDJR13.61m44-8 (0.0)  5/2/2019Middle Atlantic (MAC) Outdoor Championships8.000.688.68
TJ26Hayden OTCHEREFR13.16m43-2¼ (0.6)  4/12/2019Johns Hopkins/Loyola (Md.) Invitational0.900.000.90
SP44Forrest ALLENSR12.85m42-2  5/2/2019Middle Atlantic (MAC) Outdoor Championships0.150.000.15
DISC27Forrest ALLENSR40.10m131-7  4/17/2019York (Pa.) Twilight Meet0.850.000.85
HT8Forrest ALLENSR47.31m155-3  3/29/2019Danny Curran Invitational16.001.1617.16
DEC2Ritchie CASESO6,023   5/15/2019All-Atlantic Region DIII Outdoor28.003.3531.35

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