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2019 Week #9 - May 13th

Squad Summary

Athlete/RelayYrMark MeetDate

Team Summary

EventNatl RkTotalAvgSquadChange
100 Meters447.73 11.93  ▲1
(LW: 5)
200 Meters21:37.19 24.30  ◀▶
(LW: 2)
400 Meters43:41.12 55.28  ◀▶
(LW: 4)
800 Meters99:01.65 2:15.41  ◀▶
(LW: 9)
1500 Meters7319:41.64 4:55.41  ◀▶
(LW: 73)
5000 Meters461:13:35 18:23.77  ▼1
(LW: 45)
Long Jump5320.84m 68-4½5.21m 17-1¼ ▼2
(LW: 51)
Shot Put2548.90m 160-512.22m 40-1¼ ▼1
(LW: 24)
Discus16164.47m 539-741.12m 134-11 ▼1
(LW: 15)
Hammer36173.11m 568-043.28m 142-0 ◀▶
(LW: 36)
Javelin47126.56m 415-331.64m 103-10 ▼1
(LW: 46)

Event Summary -- Top 16 Squads

Women's Shot Put
Natl RkTeamTotalAvgConferenceRegionalChange
1Ashland56.92m 186-914.23m 46-8¼GLIACMidwest◀▶
(LW: 1)
2West Texas A&M56.88m 186-814.22m 46-8Lone StarSouth Central▲1
(LW: 3)
3Minnesota State56.44m 185-214.11m 46-3½NSICCentral▲1
(LW: 4)
4Angelo State56.27m 184-814.07m 46-2Lone StarSouth Central▼2
(LW: 2)
5Neb.-Kearney55.48m 182-013.87m 45-6¼MIAACentral◀▶
(LW: 5)
6Millersville55.40m 181-913.85m 45-5¼PSACAtlantic▼1
(LW: 5)
7Wayne State (Neb.)54.81m 179-1013.70m 44-11½NSICCentral▲2
(LW: 9)
8Missouri Southern54.41m 178-613.60m 44-7½MIAACentral▼1
(LW: 7)
9Grand Valley State54.33m 178-313.58m 44-6¾GLIACMidwest▼1
(LW: 8)
10Tiffin53.60m 175-1013.40m 43-11¾G-MACMidwest◀▶
(LW: 10)
11Sioux Falls53.12m 174-413.28m 43-7NSICCentral▲1
(LW: 12)
12SF State52.95m 173-913.24m 43-5¼CCAAWest▼1
(LW: 11)
13Colo. School of Mines52.64m 172-913.16m 43-2¼RMACSouth Central◀▶
(LW: 13)
14Indianapolis52.07m 170-1013.02m 42-8½GLVCMidwest◀▶
(LW: 14)
15Cal State Stanislaus51.95m 170-512.99m 42-7½CCAAWest◀▶
(LW: 15)
16Pittsburg State51.49m 168-1112.87m 42-2¾MIAACentral◀▶
(LW: 16)
25Fresno Pacific48.90m 160-512.22m 40-1¼PacWestWest▼1
(LW: 24)
#EventSquad Rankings EXPLAINED
USTFCCCA #EventSquad rankings places a rank order to a program's "squad" of athletes in a particular event, using the cumulative season-best qualifying marks from a team's top-four ranked athletes on the national descending-order list. As with the national descending-order list for qualifying and seeding purposes, marks are subject to be converted due to track size and/or altitude. A team must have four or more athletes with a valid season-best mark recorded with TFRRS to achieve a ranking in a particular event.

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