Strength & Conditioning Coach Certification

Course Overview

The Track and Field Academy’s Strength & Conditioning Coach Certification course is an 21 hour, high level, detailed course covering all aspects of strength training, as well as other key athletic qualities. Successful completion of the course and its evaluations grants the Track and Field Academy’s Strength and Conditioning Coach Certification. The curriculum covers all aspects of Strength and Conditioning for all sports, with additional applications of Strength and Conditioning for Track and Field and Cross Country. Technical sections are illustrated with take-home, animated video created specifically for this course, to enhance clarity and understanding. Topics included in the course are:

• Foundations of Training Design
• Energy System Physiology
• Neuromuscular Physiology
• Warmups and Cooldowns
• Training the Energy Systems
• Training Speed, Power and Coordination
• Foundations of Strength Training
• General Strength Training
• Medicine Ball Training
• Multijump Training
• Multithrow Training
• Foundations of Weight Training Program Design
• Weight Training Exercises and Exercise Choices
• Technique and Teaching of Weight Training Exercises
• Weight Training Administration, Safety and Testing
• Gross Training Design
• Weight Training Design


The Strength and Conditioning Coach Certification course presented by their Track and Field Academy, is accredited by the National Council for Accreditation of Coaching Education (NCACE). NCACE is an independent organization that offers accreditation and national recognition to sport organizations and institutions responsible for the preparation of coaches at all levels. Their rigorous review process ensures alignment with the National Standards for Sport Coaches.

Advanced Endorsement to the Strength and Conditioning Course

The Academy offers an Advanced Endorsement to the Strength and Conditioning Coach Certification . This endorsement signifies attainment of additional qualifications for strength training professionals required by many hiring agencies and sports governing bodies, including the NCAA. To qualify to receive this Advanced Endorsement a person must, in addition to completing the Strength and Conditioning Course, submit evidence of an undergraduate degree and valid certifications in AED, First Aid, and CPR. The candidate may enroll at the same time they register for the Strength and Conditioning Course, or may enroll at a later time. You may access registration for the Advanced Endorsement Here

Eligibility to Take This Course

This course is open to any coach desiring education and training in the field of Strength and Conditioning for Track and Field. It is of particular value to NCAA coaches wishing to meet NCAA certification requirements, and to Strength and Conditioning coaches who wish more detailed knowledge of Strength and Conditioning programs for Track and Field and Cross Country. The course is a high level course and students should demonstrate moderate levels of coaching experience and professional preparation. A minimum of two years of coaching experience is suggested.

Course Offerings

Course 310, the Strength and Conditioning Coach Certification, is typically offered regionally several times per year.  Please consult the Course Offerings Page for up to date course sites and dates.


Registration for any of these courses is available online accessible on our Course Offerings Page.


Course tuition is $245 when registering up to 10 days in advance. Late or on-site registration cost is $275 when available. These courses often fill weeks in advance, and on-site registration may not be available.


Certification is granted by the USTFCCCA for successful completion of all course requirements. To receive the Advanced Endorsement to the Certification, the student must have gained the certification, possess a recognized undergraduate degree, and possess valid certifications in First Aid, CPR, and AED. Students should be prepared to present evidence that these requirements have been met. Continuing Education is required in accordance with the Academy’s standard certification maintenance policies.


The Course 310 is taught by highly respected coaches, who have proven themselves in the coaching field and have extensive experience in the teaching profession. Please refer to the course PDF brochure for your course selection for your specific instructors.


To gain certification, students must pass a series of quizzes and submit an assigned training design project within a specified time period following the on-site portion of the course. Details can be found in the 310 Course Syllabus

For More Information

For additional information about Strength and Conditioning Course offerings, contact Mike Corn at or (504) 599-8903.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Does the Strength and Conditioning Course meet NCAA Requirements for Certification?

Course 310  has been unanimously approved by the National Council for Accreditation of Coaching Education (NCACE) Advisory Board to receive Level 5  Accredited Status. The certification granted meets all NCAA requirements for Strength and Conditioning professionals.  Institutionally based policies may differ.

Does this course cover Program Management issues?

Yes. The Strength and Conditioning Certification is comprehensive and covers several topics such as training administration, safety, injury management, nutrition, substance abuse, and many others. SCC addresses only technical coaching issues and practices.

Who is the organization behind this program?

The Track and Field Academy, and all its programs are designed and operated by The U.S. Track & Field and Cross Country Coaches Association. The USTFCCCA is a national organization representing over 8,000 Track & Field and Cross Country coaches of various levels.

What is the Track and Field Academy?

The Track and Field Academy is a program administered by the USTFCCCA that offers a variety of certification programs and professional development courses for coaches, with an emphasis on professional improvement for Track & Field and Cross Country Coaches.

Are there prerequisites for the Strength and Conditioning course?

No, there are no  prerequisites for the SCC, but the course is a high level course and students should demonstrate moderate levels of coaching experience and professional preparation. The course is not designed for the novice coach.

Is the SCC applicable to High School Coaches?

Yes. While the course is high level, the material presented is applicable to athletes of all levels. In addition, the training calendars referenced are often based on the academic year.

Does the Strength and Conditioning Course certify me?

Yes. The Strength and Conditioning Coach Certification course grants a genuine certification by the USTFCCCA to coaches who successfully complete the course ,  evaluation, and additional certification requirements.

Is this course part of a more extensive program?

Yes. Course 310 is just one of the courses offered by the Track and Field Academy. The program offers multiple courses and certifications, as well as other continuing education experiences for the coach. A complete listing of the courses and certifications offered can be found in the Programs Section of this website.

Is this course a prerequisite to attend the Masters Endorsement Program?

No but is can be used for that purpose. Course 407, Weight Training for Track and Field, is a prerequisite for all Master’s Endorsements. Course 310, Strength and Conditioning is more complete and comprehensive than Course 407, and can be substituted for it as a prerequisite.

Upcoming Academy Course Offerings

Dates Course Offered  
Online 251: Track & Field Technical Certification Online REGISTER
August 17 - August 19, 2021TFA407. Weight Training for Track & Field (ONLINE)REGISTER
August 19 - August 20, 2021TFA410. Performance Nutrition for Track & Field (ONLINE)REGISTER

For additional information, contact Mike Corn at or 504-599-8903