Event Specific Specialist Certification Courses

Summer Semester SCC Courses

The Event Specific SCC courses will be offered at Loyola University in Chicago, IL, July 10-14, 2017.

Course Overview

The Specialist Certification Courses (SCC) are, high level, detailed 36 hour courses covering technical coaching of a selected event area. The course is taught over five days. Curriculum is event specific, covering all key aspects of technical coaching. The course is illustrated with take-home, animated video created specifically for this course, to enhance clarity and understanding. The course contains a practical component, featuring training design exercises and video analysis. Topics included in the course can be found in the webpage for each individual course (links are below)

Course Offerings

The following courses will be offered in the Track & Field Academy’s Summer Semester. Choose the appropriate link below for detailed information about content, topics, and instructors for each specific course.


The application process has been discontinued. Registration for any of these courses is on a first come, first served basis. There will be a limited number of places available in each course, so we recommend registering early. Two years of formal coaching experience is required.


The SCC is the only program of its type that provides a genuine certification for successful completion of its event specific curriculum. The certification is granted for meeting an attendance requirement, completing coursework, submitting an assigned training development project, and completing an online examination. This work must be completed prior to a specified deadline.


Course tuition is $425 if paid in full prior to May 1, 2017. Late registration is $475. Payment arrangements are detailed in the registration process.

Strength and Conditioning Coach Certification

The Strength and Conditioning Coach Certification will be offered at the same site July 14-16, at the completion of the event specific SCCs.  Students are welcome to attend an Event Specific SCC and the Strength and Conditioning Course. Register for the Strength and Conditioning course separately, but Room and Board Packages are available for the Event Specific Courses only, the Strength and Conditioning Course only, or both. You will have a chance to register for Room and Board during the registration process.


Travel. Students are responsible for their own transportation to Chicago and the Loyola campus. Note when booking air travel that travel times from Loyola University to O’Hare and Midway Airports range from 30 minutes to one hour. More detailed information about travel and travel options can be found in the PDF Brochure. Refer back to this brochure periodically, as regular revisions will be made and updates will be posted there.

• Arrival and Departure – Specialist Courses. Students taking only the Specialist Certification Courses (302, 303, 304, 305, 306) should plan for on-campus arrival any time on Sunday, July 9, 2017. Specialist Course students should plan to depart campus after 12:30 PM Friday, July 14. No exceptions will be made. It is suggested that you do not book a flight with a departure time earlier than 3:00 PM.

• Arrival and Departure – Strength and Conditioning Course. Students taking only the Strength and Conditioning Coach Certification Courses (310) should plan for on-campus arrival before 12:00 PM on Friday, July 14. Strength and Conditioning Course students should plan to depart campus after 1:00 PM Sunday, July 16. No exceptions will be made. It is suggested that you do not book a flight with a departure time earlier than 3:30 PM.


The SCC is taught by highly respected coaches, who have proven themselves in the coaching field and have extensive experience in the teaching profession.  The 2016 staff includes the following:

  • 302 – Sprints, Hurdles & Relays: Kebba Tolbert of Harvard, and Tommy Badon of Lafayette (LA) Christian Academy.
  • 303 – Jumps:  Todd Lane of LSU and Jim Van Hootegem of Oklahoma
  • 304 – Throws:  Derek Yush of LSU and Michele Curcio of Lafayette College
  • 305 – Endurance:  Derek Stanley of Wisconsin, La Crosse and Houston Franks of Mississippi State
  • 306 – Combined Events & Multievents:  Boo Schexnayder of the TFA
  • 310 – Strength  & Conditioning:  Boo Schexnayder of the TFA and Carrie Lane of Peak Energy Performance

For More Information

For additional information about SCC course offerings, contact Mike Corn at mike@ustfccca.org or (504) 599-8903.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the SCC?

The SCC is the Specialist Certification Course. It is a 36 hour, high level, intensive course for track & field coaches who want to further develop their coaching knowledge in a selected event area. The course covers all aspects of technical coaching.

Who is the organization behind this program?

The Track and Field Academy, and all its programs are designed and operated by The U.S. Track & Field and Cross Country Coaches Association. The USTFCCCA is a national organization representing over 8,000 Track & Field and Cross Country coaches of various levels.

What is the Track and Field Academy?

The Track and Field Academy is a program administered by the USTFCCCA that offers a variety of certification programs and professional development courses for the Track & Field and Cross Country Coach.

Are there prerequisites for the SCC course?

No, there are no coursework prerequisites for the SCC, but 2 years of formal coaching experience are required and admission is competitive. the course is detailed and not designed for the novice.

Is the SCC applicable to High School Coaches?

Yes. While the course is high level, the material presented is applicable to athletes of all levels. In addition, the training calendars referenced are based on the academic year, and the curriculum addresses common high school events.

What does the SCC Evaluation process contain?

SCC students must submit an assigned training development project and complete an online examination within a specified time period following the on-site portion of the course.

Does the SCC certify me?

Yes. The SCC grants a genuine certification by the USTFCCCA to coaches who successfully complete the course and the evaluation. Unlike other programs that offer certificates of completion, this and other Track and Field Academy courses offer true certifications of your skills and knowledge.

Is the SCC part of a more extensive program?

Yes. The SCC is just one of the courses offered by the Track and Field Academy. The program offers multiple courses and certifications, as well as other continuing education experiences for the coach. A complete listing of the courses and certifications offered can be found in the Programs section of this website.

Are all of the SCC event group options being offered?

Yes. In July of 2015 Courses 302 (Sprint, Hurdle, and Relay Event Specialist Certification), 303 (Jumping Event Specialist Certification), 304 (Throwing Event Specialist Certification), 305 (Endurance Event Specialist Certification) and Course 306 (Combined Event Specialist Certification) will be offered.

Can I Take Another Course While There?

In addition, at the completion of these courses, 310 (Strength and Conditioning Specialist Certification) will be offered for students who wish take two courses during the trip and gain more educational experiences per travel dollar.  Registration for the Strength and Conditioning course can be done separately and Room and Board packages are available for either or both courses.

Does this course cover program management issues?

No. The SCC addresses only technical coaching issues and practices.

Is this course a prerequisite to attend the Master’s Endorsement Program?

Yes. Certification in an event area is required to achieve the Master’s Endorsement in any of its subareas. You should consult the Programs section of the Academy website for more detailed information regarding this and other requirements for achieving the Master’s Endorsement.

Academy Policies

Upcoming Academy Course Offerings

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For additional information, contact Mike Corn at mike@ustfccca.org or 504-599-8903