Throws Symposiums

Jay Arther

Jay ArtherTOPIC: Helpful Hints For Home Meet & Facility Management

TIME: Tuesday, December 18 | 2:30 pm – 4 pm

LOCATION: Grand Oaks A-C

Jay Arther started at Indiana University in 2008. He handles all operations for track & field events and facilities and is responsible for meet set up and scoring. Arther has been a head coach for several programs in his career both at the collegiate and high school level.

Jessica Riden

Jess RidenTOPIC: Professional Development For Directors of Operations

TIME: Wednesday, December 19 | 2:45 pm – 3:45 pm

LOCATION: Grand Oaks A-C

Jessica Riden served as the Director of Operations at Stanford since 2016 and then in May of 2018, received a new title and a promotion: Assistant Athletics Director. She is the point person for many of Stanford’s high-profile home meets, including the Payton Jordan Invitational. Prior to arriving at Stanford, Riden was a member of the track & field staffs at the University of Washington and Penn State.

Darryl Weston

Darryl WestonTOPIC: Utilizing Technology For Team Communication

TIME: Wednesday, December 19 | 8:15 am – 9:15 am

LOCATION: Grand Oaks A-C

Darryl Weston joined the Pittsburgh staff in November of 2010 as the first coordinator of track & field operations in program history. Six years later, Weston’s title was officially changed to Director of Track & Field Operations. Prior to working with the Panthers, Weston was the Director of Football Operations at the University of Akron from 2007 to 2009.

Head Coach/Director of Operations
Round Table

Sasha LeethTOPIC: Open Discussion

TIME: Thursday, December 20 | 9:30 am – 11 am

LOCATION: Grand Oaks A-C

Join Sasha Leeth of Ole Miss, LaVera Morris of Georgia, Andrea Tepe of LSU and Darryl Weston of Pittsburgh for an open discussion about working as a Director of Operations.