Award History
NJCAA ITF All-America

2023 NJCAA Indoor Track & Field All-America

NEW ORLEANS ­– All-America honors for the 2023 NJCAA Indoor Track & Field season were announced on Wednesday by the U.S. Track & Field and Cross Country Coaches Association (USTFCCCA).

Student-athletes earned USTFCCCA All-America honors by finishing among the top-8 in their events – including as a member of a relay – at the 2023 NJCAA Indoor Track & Field Championships this past weekend in Topeka, Kansas.

South Plains (Texas) and New Mexico JC shared the men’s title, while NMJC won the women’s crown outright.

A total of five different programs earned 20 or more All-America certificates at the Washburn Indoor Athletic Facility, led by the New Mexico JC women with a meet-high 26 honors. Also earning 20 or more honors were the South Plains men with 24, while the men from NMJC and women from SPC each had 20.

From a combined program perspective, no institution took home more All-America nods than New Mexico JC with 46. South Plains was second with 44, followed by Cloud County (Kan.) CC with 34, Iowa Western CC with 30 and Barton (Kan.) CC with 28.

Four athletes led the way individually, each earning four All-America honors – Wail Bourahli of Butler (Kan.) CC, Mohammed Kowa of Iowa Western CC, Karim Belmahdi of Monroe-New Rochelle (N.Y.) and Vanessa Mercera of Cloud County. Bourahli was top-8 in the 800 (fourth), 4×800 (fourth), 4×400 (seventh) and distance medley (seventh). Kowa won the mile and finished fourth in the 1000 and 3000 while also anchoring the fifth-place distance medley relay. Belmahdi was top-8 in the 4×800 (second), distance medley (third), 3000 (third) and mile (fourth). Mercera – the only female in the group – was top-8 in the pentathlon (second), 600 (second), 4×400 (third) and high jump (fifth).

See below for a full list of athletes honored by the USTFCCCA.

MEN600 MetersFabian CampbellFRBarton (Kan.) CCRegion VI 
MEN4x400 RelayFabian CampbellFRBarton (Kan.) CCRegion VI 
MENWeight ThrowChrstopher CrawfordFRBarton (Kan.) CCRegion VI 
MEN4x400 RelayJaden HowellFRBarton (Kan.) CCRegion VI 
MENShot PutBrandon LloydSOBarton (Kan.) CCRegion VI 
MENWeight ThrowBrandon LloydSOBarton (Kan.) CCRegion VI 
MEN60 Meter HurdlesJeramiah MartinFRBarton (Kan.) CCRegion VI 
MENHigh JumpJalen McGeeSOBarton (Kan.) CCRegion VI 
MEN400 MetersElijah MosleySOBarton (Kan.) CCRegion VI 
MEN4x400 RelayElijah MosleySOBarton (Kan.) CCRegion VI 
MEN200 MetersAlmond SmallSOBarton (Kan.) CCRegion VI 
MEN4x400 RelayAlmond SmallSOBarton (Kan.) CCRegion VI 
MENShot PutChristopher YoungFRBarton (Kan.) CCRegion VI 
MEN60 Meter HurdlesSchavon CarrSOBryant & Stratton (Va.)Region X 
MENLong JumpMontrell CovilFRBryant & Stratton (Va.)Region X 
MENHigh JumpJaivon HarrisonSOBryant & Stratton (Wis.)Region IV 
MEN4x800 RelayAbdelhakim BoukhiarFRButler (Kan.) CCRegion VI 
MEN800 MetersWail BourahliSOButler (Kan.) CCRegion VI 
MEN4x400 RelayWail BourahliSOButler (Kan.) CCRegion VI 
MEN4x800 RelayWail BourahliSOButler (Kan.) CCRegion VI 
MENDistance Medley RelayWail BourahliSOButler (Kan.) CCRegion VI 
MEN60 MetersShawn BrownSOButler (Kan.) CCRegion VI 
MEN200 MetersShawn BrownSOButler (Kan.) CCRegion VI 
MEN4x400 RelayShawn BrownSOButler (Kan.) CCRegion VI 
MEN4x400 RelayRyan ChaconFRButler (Kan.) CCRegion VI 
MENDistance Medley RelayBennett FeldenkirchenFRButler (Kan.) CCRegion VI 
MEN60 MetersNazzio JohnSOButler (Kan.) CCRegion VI 
MEN4x400 RelayNazzio JohnSOButler (Kan.) CCRegion VI 
MENDistance Medley RelayAndrew LeckSOButler (Kan.) CCRegion VI 
MEN4x800 RelayAndrew LeckSOButler (Kan.) CCRegion VI 
MEN800 MetersZach TrotterSOButler (Kan.) CCRegion VI 
MENDistance Medley RelayZach TrotterSOButler (Kan.) CCRegion VI 
MEN4x800 RelayZach TrotterSOButler (Kan.) CCRegion VI 
MEN60 Meter HurdlesSharvis SimmondsFRCentral ArizonaRegion I 
MEN600 MetersHassan AbidiSOCloud County (Kan.) CCRegion VI 
MENWeight ThrowMohamed AhmedSOCloud County (Kan.) CCRegion VI 
MEN4x400 RelayJonathan DendeSOCloud County (Kan.) CCRegion VI 
MEN4x400 RelayAlphonse IgishSOCloud County (Kan.) CCRegion VI 
MENHeptathlonHemon JosephSOCloud County (Kan.) CCRegion VI 
MEN4x400 RelayLeroy KamauFRCloud County (Kan.) CCRegion VI 
MENDistance Medley RelaySiyabonga MokgothuFRCloud County (Kan.) CCRegion VI 
MENHeptathlonAnson MosesSOCloud County (Kan.) CCRegion VI 
MENTriple JumpAwakhiwe NdlovuFRCloud County (Kan.) CCRegion VI 
MENPole VaultBen OkraskaSOCloud County (Kan.) CCRegion VI 
MENDistance Medley RelayRaziel PattonSOCloud County (Kan.) CCRegion VI 
MENDistance Medley RelayQuwayne ReidSOCloud County (Kan.) CCRegion VI 
MENHeptathlonRicardo SmithSOCloud County (Kan.) CCRegion VI 
MENDistance Medley RelayShadrick TansiSOCloud County (Kan.) CCRegion VI 
MENWeight ThrowVincent UgwokeSOCloud County (Kan.) CCRegion VI 
MEN600 MetersEmannuel WangaSOCloud County (Kan.) CCRegion VI 
MEN4x400 RelayEmmanuel WangaSOCloud County (Kan.) CCRegion VI 
MENShot PutTrevor GunzellFRCoffeyville (Kan.) CCRegion VI 
MEN60 MetersRay LeeSOCoffeyville (Kan.) CCRegion VI 
MENShot PutDonovahn WatkinsFRCoffeyville (Kan.) CCRegion VI 
MENLong JumpAnthony WoodsSOCoffeyville (Kan.) CCRegion VI 
MENTriple JumpAnthony WoodsSOCoffeyville (Kan.) CCRegion VI 
MENMileMohammed BaghatiSOColby (Kan.) CCRegion VI 
MENMileRicardo BarbosaSOColby (Kan.) CCRegion VI 
MEN3000 MetersRicardo BarbosaSOColby (Kan.) CCRegion VI 
MENMileAled JonesSOColby (Kan.) CCRegion VI 
MEN3000 MetersSanele MasondoSOColby (Kan.) CCRegion VI 
MEN5000 MetersSanele MasondoSOColby (Kan.) CCRegion VI 
MEN5000 MetersKgadi MonyebodiFRColby (Kan.) CCRegion VI 
MEN5000 MetersTom ThierrySOColby (Kan.) CCRegion VI 
MENPole VaultLuke FaulknerSOCowley (Kan.)Region VI 
MENPole VaultRiley HunterFRCowley (Kan.)Region VI 
MENShot PutAbner JohnsonSOCowley (Kan.)Region VI 
MENHeptathlonFelipe MentzSOCowley (Kan.)Region VI 
MENWeight ThrowJaden SchneebergerSOCowley (Kan.)Region VI 
MENPole VaultJack SauderFRDuPage (Ill.)Region IV 
MENDistance Medley RelayJotham AsmeromSOFort Scott (Kan.) CCRegion VI 
MENDistance Medley RelayLogan MajorFRFort Scott (Kan.) CCRegion VI 
MEN3000 MetersEldad MulugetaFRFort Scott (Kan.) CCRegion VI 
MENDistance Medley RelayEldad MulugetaFRFort Scott (Kan.) CCRegion VI 
MEN1000 MetersSamuel NavarroSOFort Scott (Kan.) CCRegion VI 
MENDistance Medley RelaySamuel NavarroSOFort Scott (Kan.) CCRegion VI 
MEN200 MetersDominick BristerFRGlendale (Ariz.) CCRegion I 
MEN600 MetersBlake OsbornSOHawkeye (Iowa) CCRegion XI 
MENPole VaultAaron FortenberrySOHinds (Miss.) CCRegion XXIII 
MEN60 MetersDapriest HogansSOHinds (Miss.) CCRegion XXIII 
MEN200 MetersDapriest HogansSOHinds (Miss.) CCRegion XXIII 
MENPole VaultKareem NazimFRHinds (Miss.) CCRegion XXIII 
MENWeight ThrowChristopher BrownSOHutchinson (Kan.) CCRegion VI 
MENLong JumpDimetre BrowneSOHutchinson (Kan.) CCRegion VI 
MENTriple JumpCaleb ManningSOHutchinson (Kan.) CCRegion VI 
MEN4x800 RelayMohammed Al-YafaeeFRIndian Hills (Iowa) CCRegion XI 
MEN4x800 RelayJorge BecerraSOIndian Hills (Iowa) CCRegion XI 
MEN400 MetersWoyn ChatmanSOIndian Hills (Iowa) CCRegion XI 
MEN4x400 RelayWoyn ChatmanSOIndian Hills (Iowa) CCRegion XI 
MEN400 MetersChris GilesFRIndian Hills (Iowa) CCRegion XI 
MEN4x400 RelayChris JohnsonFRIndian Hills (Iowa) CCRegion XI 
MENLong JumpTroy JohnsonFRIndian Hills (Iowa) CCRegion XI 
MEN800 MetersRivaldo MarshallSOIndian Hills (Iowa) CCRegion XI 
MEN4x400 RelayRivaldo MarshallSOIndian Hills (Iowa) CCRegion XI 
MEN4x800 RelayCole ReindersFRIndian Hills (Iowa) CCRegion XI 
MEN4x800 RelayRoneldo RockSOIndian Hills (Iowa) CCRegion XI 
MEN800 MetersTyrice TaylorFRIndian Hills (Iowa) CCRegion XI 
MEN4x400 RelayTyrice TaylorFRIndian Hills (Iowa) CCRegion XI 
MEN4x800 RelayBaylor BergrenFRIowa Central CCRegion XI 
MEN4x800 RelayTafari BishopSOIowa Central CCRegion XI 
MEN5000 MetersZander CobbSOIowa Central CCRegion XI 
MEN600 MetersYared KidaneSOIowa Central CCRegion XI 
MENLong JumpRoman KuleshovSOIowa Central CCRegion XI 
MENTriple JumpRoman KuleshovSOIowa Central CCRegion XI 
MEN60 Meter HurdlesJoel NyatusahSOIowa Central CCRegion XI 
MEN60 MetersAyomide OyetunjiFRIowa Central CCRegion XI 
MEN4x800 RelayTrevon PrinceFRIowa Central CCRegion XI 
MENHeptathlonAries ScottSOIowa Central CCRegion XI 
MENTriple JumpSamson ShukuruSOIowa Central CCRegion XI 
MENLong JumpWaukeem WaltersFRIowa Central CCRegion XI 
MENTriple JumpWaukeem WaltersFRIowa Central CCRegion XI 
MEN4x800 RelayJoseph Asahi WrightFRIowa Central CCRegion XI 
MENDistance Medley RelayMelynson BettFRIowa Western CCRegion XI 
MEN4x400 RelayAndrew BrownSOIowa Western CCRegion XI 
MEN4x400 RelayJayden BrownFRIowa Western CCRegion XI 
MENMileJacinto GasparFRIowa Western CCRegion XI 
MENShot PutBrandon GayleFRIowa Western CCRegion XI 
MEN200 MetersTahj HammSOIowa Western CCRegion XI 
MEN4x400 RelayTahj HammSOIowa Western CCRegion XI 
MEN800 MetersSteve HinesSOIowa Western CCRegion XI 
MENDistance Medley RelaySteve HinesSOIowa Western CCRegion XI 
MEN1000 MetersMohammed KowaFRIowa Western CCRegion XI 
MENMileMohammed KowaFRIowa Western CCRegion XI 
MEN3000 MetersMohammed KowaFRIowa Western CCRegion XI 
MENDistance Medley RelayMohammed KowaFRIowa Western CCRegion XI 
MENHigh JumpTyler MissickSOIowa Western CCRegion XI 
MENDistance Medley RelayRomario NorthoverSOIowa Western CCRegion XI 
MEN4x400 RelayRomario NorthoverSOIowa Western CCRegion XI 
MENHigh JumpPaul RowdenFRIowa Western CCRegion XI 
MENShot PutDenzs SimmondsFRIowa Western CCRegion XI 
MENHigh JumpRoman SmithSOIowa Western CCRegion XI 
MEN60 Meter HurdlesKylan BernardFRMeridian (Miss.) CCRegion XXIII 
MEN4x400 RelayTerrick JohnsonFRMeridian (Miss.) CCRegion XXIII 
MEN4x800 RelayTerrick JohnsonFRMeridian (Miss.) CCRegion XXIII 
MEN4x400 RelayDickson KapanduraSOMeridian (Miss.) CCRegion XXIII 
MEN4x800 RelayAvante MackeyFRMeridian (Miss.) CCRegion XXIII 
MEN4x800 RelayNorman MukwadaSOMeridian (Miss.) CCRegion XXIII 
MEN4x400 RelayJacoby TannerSOMeridian (Miss.) CCRegion XXIII 
MEN4x400 RelayJames ThomasFRMeridian (Miss.) CCRegion XXIII 
MEN4x800 RelayDominic TurnerFRMeridian (Miss.) CCRegion XXIII 
MEN4x800 RelayGreyson AkersFRMesa (Ariz.) CCRegion I 
MEN400 MetersJoshua BoehmSOMesa (Ariz.) CCRegion I 
MEN400 MetersDonovan CastilloSOMesa (Ariz.) CCRegion I 
MEN5000 MetersYotuel GarciaSOMesa (Ariz.) CCRegion I 
MEN4x800 RelayHayden GelderSOMesa (Ariz.) CCRegion I 
MEN1000 MetersErnest GreenFRMesa (Ariz.) CCRegion I 
MEN4x800 RelaySamuel GreenFRMesa (Ariz.) CCRegion I 
MEN4x800 RelayNate PavelchikSOMesa (Ariz.) CCRegion I 
MENMileKarim BelmahdiSOMonroe-New Rochelle (N.Y.)Region XV 
MEN3000 MetersKarim BelmahdiSOMonroe-New Rochelle (N.Y.)Region XV 
MEN4x800 RelayKarim BelmahdiSOMonroe-New Rochelle (N.Y.)Region XV 
MENDistance Medley RelayKarim BelmahdiSOMonroe-New Rochelle (N.Y.)Region XV 
MEN4x800 RelayLeroy ChapmanFRMonroe-New Rochelle (N.Y.)Region XV 
MENDistance Medley RelayJaheim DotsonSOMonroe-New Rochelle (N.Y.)Region XV 
MEN1000 MetersPrince McabeloSOMonroe-New Rochelle (N.Y.)Region XV 
MENDistance Medley RelayPrince McabeloSOMonroe-New Rochelle (N.Y.)Region XV 
MEN4x800 RelayPrince McabeloSOMonroe-New Rochelle (N.Y.)Region XV 
MENDistance Medley RelayKgaogelo MoloisiFRMonroe-New Rochelle (N.Y.)Region XV 
MEN4x800 RelayKgaogelo MoloisiFRMonroe-New Rochelle (N.Y.)Region XV 
MENPole VaultGavin AndersonFRMuskegon (Mich.) CCRegion VII 
MEN400 MetersDonald ChiyangwaFRNew Mexico JCRegion V 
MEN4x400 RelayDonald ChiyangwaFRNew Mexico JCRegion V 
MENLong JumpKelsey DanielSONew Mexico JCRegion V 
MENTriple JumpKelsey DanielSONew Mexico JCRegion V 
MEN400 MetersAymane El HaddaouiFRNew Mexico JCRegion V 
MEN4x400 RelayAymane El HaddaouiFRNew Mexico JCRegion V 
MENTriple JumpDhia GaaloulFRNew Mexico JCRegion V 
MEN60 Meter HurdlesJahvel GranvilleFRNew Mexico JCRegion V 
MEN60 MetersTapiwanashe MakarawuFRNew Mexico JCRegion V 
MEN200 MetersTapiwanashe MakarawuFRNew Mexico JCRegion V 
MEN4x400 RelayTapiwanashe MakarawuFRNew Mexico JCRegion V 
MEN1000 MetersEvans PololetSONew Mexico JCRegion V 
MENMileEvans PololetSONew Mexico JCRegion V 
MEN60 Meter HurdlesChe SaundersSONew Mexico JCRegion V 
MENPole VaultDalton SmithSONew Mexico JCRegion V 
MEN3000 MetersGerman VegaFRNew Mexico JCRegion V 
MEN5000 MetersGerman VegaFRNew Mexico JCRegion V 
MEN5000 MetersTomas VegaFRNew Mexico JCRegion V 
MEN600 MetersDyimond WalkerFRNew Mexico JCRegion V 
MEN4x400 RelayDyimond WalkerFRNew Mexico JCRegion V 
MENHigh JumpFabian SteeneFRNorth Iowa Area CCRegion XI 
MEN3000 MetersRaphael KiturFRNorthwest Kansas TechRegion VI 
MENWeight ThrowBryce Myers-HaeusslerSOParadise Valley (Ariz.) CCRegion I 
MENMileGilbert OlivasSOParadise Valley (Ariz.) CCRegion I 
MENDistance Medley RelayGilbert OlivasSOParadise Valley (Ariz.) CCRegion I 
MENDistance Medley RelayNathan PestkaFRParadise Valley (Ariz.) CCRegion I 
MENDistance Medley RelayErick ReyesFRParadise Valley (Ariz.) CCRegion I 
MEN1000 MetersPierce VittoneSOParadise Valley (Ariz.) CCRegion I 
MENDistance Medley RelayPierce VittoneSOParadise Valley (Ariz.) CCRegion I 
MEN600 MetersOrion BargerFRPima (Ariz.) CCRegion I 
MEN5000 MetersJoel GardnerSOPima (Ariz.) CCRegion I 
MENHigh JumpTreydarius TintingerFRPima (Ariz.) CCRegion I 
MENPole VaultCameron AbellSOSauk Valley (Ill.) CCRegion IV 
MENHeptathlonNelvin Appiah-KonaduSOSouth Plains (Texas)Region V 
MEN4x400 RelayJeremy BembridgeSOSouth Plains (Texas)Region V 
MENShot PutDonroy BrownSOSouth Plains (Texas)Region V 
MEN1000 MetersMehmet CelikFRSouth Plains (Texas)Region V 
MENDistance Medley RelayMehmet CelikFRSouth Plains (Texas)Region V 
MEN4x800 RelayMehmet CelikFRSouth Plains (Texas)Region V 
MENHigh JumpKudakwashe ChadengaSOSouth Plains (Texas)Region V 
MENHeptathlonHarry CrosbyFRSouth Plains (Texas)Region V 
MEN800 MetersKimar FarquharsonSOSouth Plains (Texas)Region V 
MEN4x800 RelayKimar FarquharsonSOSouth Plains (Texas)Region V 
MEN4x400 RelayKimar FarquharsonSOSouth Plains (Texas)Region V 
MENDistance Medley RelayChristian FranciscoSOSouth Plains (Texas)Region V 
MEN200 MetersKeontae GainesSOSouth Plains (Texas)Region V 
MENWeight ThrowCharles GaitherSOSouth Plains (Texas)Region V 
MEN60 Meter HurdlesJustin GuySOSouth Plains (Texas)Region V 
MENDistance Medley RelayChevonne HallSOSouth Plains (Texas)Region V 
MEN4x800 RelayChevonne HallSOSouth Plains (Texas)Region V 
MEN600 MetersHossam HatibSOSouth Plains (Texas)Region V 
MEN4x400 RelayHossam HatibSOSouth Plains (Texas)Region V 
MEN1000 MetersAron TanuiSOSouth Plains (Texas)Region V 
MENDistance Medley RelayAron TanuiSOSouth Plains (Texas)Region V 
MEN4x800 RelayAron TanuiSOSouth Plains (Texas)Region V 
MENLong JumpElisha Teneus-ClaudeSOSouth Plains (Texas)Region V 
MEN4x400 RelayEvaldo WhitehorneSOSouth Plains (Texas)Region V 
MEN3000 MetersShane GardSOSouthern IdahoRegion XVIII 
MEN800 MetersAli JuarezSOSouthern IdahoRegion XVIII 
MEN800 MetersTyler StogsdillFRSouthern IdahoRegion XVIII 
MEN4x800 RelayTrenton FaulknerSOVincennes (Ind.)Region XII 
MENDistance Medley RelayTrenton FaulknerSOVincennes (Ind.)Region XII 
MENDistance Medley RelayDesroy JordanFRVincennes (Ind.)Region XII 
MEN4x800 RelayDesroy JordanFRVincennes (Ind.)Region XII 
MENDistance Medley RelayMathew KeitanySOVincennes (Ind.)Region XII 
MEN4x800 RelayMathew KeitanySOVincennes (Ind.)Region XII 
MENHeptathlonOlegs KozjakovsFRVincennes (Ind.)Region XII 
MEN4x800 RelayErnest MomoduSOVincennes (Ind.)Region XII 
MENDistance Medley RelayIsaac StanfordFRVincennes (Ind.)Region XII 
MEN400 MetersDeSean BoyceFRWestern TexasRegion V 
MEN60 MetersJames DadzieFRWestern TexasRegion V 
MEN200 MetersJames DadzieFRWestern TexasRegion V 
MEN60 MetersSanjay SalmonFRWestern TexasRegion V 
WOMENLong JumpKay-Lagay ClarkeFRBarton (Kan.) CCRegion VI 
WOMENTriple JumpKay-Lagay ClarkeFRBarton (Kan.) CCRegion VI 
WOMENPentathlonAna CoutoFRBarton (Kan.) CCRegion VI 
WOMENShot PutTreneese HamiltonFRBarton (Kan.) CCRegion VI 
WOMENWeight ThrowTreneese HamiltonFRBarton (Kan.) CCRegion VI 
WOMENLong JumpBrittania IngramSOBarton (Kan.) CCRegion VI 
WOMENTriple JumpBrittania IngramSOBarton (Kan.) CCRegion VI 
WOMENWeight ThrowEfe LathamSOBarton (Kan.) CCRegion VI 
WOMEN200 MetersNaiya MorganSOBarton (Kan.) CCRegion VI 
WOMEN400 MetersNaiya MorganSOBarton (Kan.) CCRegion VI 
WOMENShot PutKelsie Murrell-RossSOBarton (Kan.) CCRegion VI 
WOMENWeight ThrowKelsie Murrell-RossSOBarton (Kan.) CCRegion VI 
WOMEN60 MetersDanae NembhardSOBarton (Kan.) CCRegion VI 
WOMEN60 Meter HurdlesDanae NembhardSOBarton (Kan.) CCRegion VI 
WOMENPentathlonkayleigh prentissFRBarton (Kan.) CCRegion VI 
WOMEN3000 MetersKhloi BirdFRButler (Kan.) CCRegion VI 
WOMENDistance Medley RelayKhloi BirdFRButler (Kan.) CCRegion VI 
WOMENDistance Medley RelayMallory BodenFRButler (Kan.) CCRegion VI 
WOMEN4x400 RelayTashira EdwardsFRButler (Kan.) CCRegion VI 
WOMENDistance Medley RelayGabriella GordonFRButler (Kan.) CCRegion VI 
WOMEN600 MetersStar MpamaFRButler (Kan.) CCRegion VI 
WOMEN4x400 RelayStar MpamaFRButler (Kan.) CCRegion VI 
WOMENDistance Medley RelayStar MpamaFRButler (Kan.) CCRegion VI 
WOMEN4x400 RelayVionce OlivaresFRButler (Kan.) CCRegion VI 
WOMEN4x400 RelayTrishanie WarnerFRButler (Kan.) CCRegion VI 
WOMENPentathlonPatience BoahemaaFRCentral ArizonaRegion I 
WOMEN800 MetersPassion CrewsSOCloud County (Kan.) CCRegion VI 
WOMEN4x400 RelayPassion CrewsSOCloud County (Kan.) CCRegion VI 
WOMENHigh JumpShackala HenryFRCloud County (Kan.) CCRegion VI 
WOMEN400 MetersVimbayi MaisvorewaSOCloud County (Kan.) CCRegion VI 
WOMEN4x400 RelayVimbayi MaisvorewaSOCloud County (Kan.) CCRegion VI 
WOMENPole VaultMia ManleySOCloud County (Kan.) CCRegion VI 
WOMEN600 MetersVanessa MerceraSOCloud County (Kan.) CCRegion VI 
WOMENHigh JumpVanessa MerceraSOCloud County (Kan.) CCRegion VI 
WOMENPentathlonVanessa MerceraSOCloud County (Kan.) CCRegion VI 
WOMEN4x400 RelayVanessa MerceraSOCloud County (Kan.) CCRegion VI 
WOMEN3000 MetersLucy NdunguSOCloud County (Kan.) CCRegion VI 
WOMEN5000 MetersLucy NdunguSOCloud County (Kan.) CCRegion VI 
WOMEN1000 MetersMelody OchanaSOCloud County (Kan.) CCRegion VI 
WOMENPole VaultJasmine SakaguchiFRCloud County (Kan.) CCRegion VI 
WOMEN60 MetersMiracle ThompsonSOCloud County (Kan.) CCRegion VI 
WOMEN60 Meter HurdlesMiracle ThompsonSOCloud County (Kan.) CCRegion VI 
WOMEN4x400 RelayMiracle ThompsonSOCloud County (Kan.) CCRegion VI 
WOMEN800 MetersTara BertFRColby (Kan.) CCRegion VI 
WOMENMileEmily DiercksSOColby (Kan.) CCRegion VI 
WOMEN3000 MetersEmily DiercksSOColby (Kan.) CCRegion VI 
WOMEN1000 MetersElif PoyrazFRColby (Kan.) CCRegion VI 
WOMEN4x800 RelayDelicia BootheSOCowley (Kan.)Region VI 
WOMENPole VaultArantxa CortezSOCowley (Kan.)Region VI 
WOMEN4x800 RelayAndrea Garcia-GonzalezSOCowley (Kan.)Region VI 
WOMENWeight ThrowKayla McClellanSOCowley (Kan.)Region VI 
WOMEN600 MetersAbigail PinnockSOCowley (Kan.)Region VI 
WOMEN4x800 RelayAbigail PinnockSOCowley (Kan.)Region VI 
WOMENPole VaultCarla SantosFRCowley (Kan.)Region VI 
WOMEN4x800 RelayDhennifer Vaz Cowley (Kan.)Region VI 
WOMENPole VaultAbby MakaraFRCuyahoga (Ohio) CCRegion VII 
WOMENHigh JumpJelese AlexanderSOEssex County (N.J.)Region XIX 
WOMENPentathlonJelese AlexanderSOEssex County (N.J.)Region XIX 
WOMEN4x400 RelayJelese AlexanderSOEssex County (N.J.)Region XIX 
WOMEN4x400 RelayAshanti GordonFREssex County (N.J.)Region XIX 
WOMEN4x400 RelayFanta SangooFREssex County (N.J.)Region XIX 
WOMEN4x400 Relaythomyka valcentSOEssex County (N.J.)Region XIX 
WOMEN1000 MetersAnn BadawiFRFort Scott (Kan.) CCRegion VI 
WOMENDistance Medley RelayAnn BadawiFRFort Scott (Kan.) CCRegion VI 
WOMENDistance Medley RelayNakaila BirdineSOFort Scott (Kan.) CCRegion VI 
WOMEN200 MetersDamazvia DamesSOFort Scott (Kan.) CCRegion VI 
WOMENLong JumpDamazvia DamesSOFort Scott (Kan.) CCRegion VI 
WOMENTriple JumpDamazvia DamesSOFort Scott (Kan.) CCRegion VI 
WOMENLong JumpIcey Green FRFort Scott (Kan.) CCRegion VI 
WOMENDistance Medley RelayAliyaha HeronFRFort Scott (Kan.) CCRegion VI 
WOMENDistance Medley RelayChrystal OsakweFRFort Scott (Kan.) CCRegion VI 
WOMENShot PutBeatriz FerrieraFRGarden City (Kan.) CCRegion VI 
WOMENTriple JumpLeila BarmoreFRGlendale (Ariz.) CCRegion I 
WOMENPole VaultAaliyah PriceSOGlendale (Ariz.) CCRegion I 
WOMENHigh JumpJosey ReinemanSOHagerstown (Md.) CCRegion XX 
WOMENShot PutAbby BartzFRHawkeye (Iowa) CCRegion XI 
WOMEN4x400 RelayBrianna CharlesSOHinds (Miss.) CCRegion XXIII 
WOMEN4x400 RelayKiersten ClarkSOHinds (Miss.) CCRegion XXIII 
WOMEN400 MetersJodyAnn DixonSOHinds (Miss.) CCRegion XXIII 
WOMEN60 Meter HurdlesJodyAnn DixonSOHinds (Miss.) CCRegion XXIII 
WOMEN60 MetersDiandrenique GainesSOHinds (Miss.) CCRegion XXIII 
WOMEN200 MetersDiandrenique GainesSOHinds (Miss.) CCRegion XXIII 
WOMEN4x400 RelayBrooke GraySOHinds (Miss.) CCRegion XXIII 
WOMEN4x400 RelayKaylin RobinsonSOHinds (Miss.) CCRegion XXIII 
WOMENHigh JumpMadelyn HernandezFRHutchinson (Kan.) CCRegion VI 
WOMEN4x800 RelayTaylor HoskinsonFRHutchinson (Kan.) CCRegion VI 
WOMENDistance Medley RelayTaylor HoskinsonFRHutchinson (Kan.) CCRegion VI 
WOMENDistance Medley RelayGracie LambertFRHutchinson (Kan.) CCRegion VI 
WOMEN4x800 RelayGracie LambertFRHutchinson (Kan.) CCRegion VI 
WOMEN4x800 RelaySerenity LarsonFRHutchinson (Kan.) CCRegion VI 
WOMENDistance Medley RelayKeneah RomneySOHutchinson (Kan.) CCRegion VI 
WOMENDistance Medley RelayEllie Van ZelfdenFRHutchinson (Kan.) CCRegion VI 
WOMEN4x800 RelayEllie Van ZelfdenFRHutchinson (Kan.) CCRegion VI 
WOMENHigh JumpHaleigh HadleySOIndian Hills (Iowa) CCRegion XI 
WOMEN200 MetersJahzara HartFRIndian Hills (Iowa) CCRegion XI 
WOMEN60 MetersAdeyah BrewsterSOIowa Central CCRegion XI 
WOMEN60 Meter HurdlesAdeyah BrewsterSOIowa Central CCRegion XI 
WOMENTriple JumpAdeyah BrewsterSOIowa Central CCRegion XI 
WOMEN1000 MetersChloe Garcia GrafingSOIowa Central CCRegion XI 
WOMENMileChloe Garcia GrafingSOIowa Central CCRegion XI 
WOMENPentathlonJade JacksonSOIowa Central CCRegion XI 
WOMENMileTaylor McCreedySOIowa Central CCRegion XI 
WOMEN3000 MetersTaylor McCreedySOIowa Central CCRegion XI 
WOMENLong JumpNyadhol ThichiotSOIowa Central CCRegion XI 
WOMENTriple JumpNyadhol ThichiotSOIowa Central CCRegion XI 
WOMEN5000 MetersZinash ValenSOIowa Central CCRegion XI 
WOMENHigh JumpMiracle AilesSOIowa Western CCRegion XI 
WOMENLong JumpMiracle AilesSOIowa Western CCRegion XI 
WOMEN4x800 RelayCallie ArnoldFRIowa Western CCRegion XI 
WOMENMileMercy BiwottSOIowa Western CCRegion XI 
WOMEN5000 MetersMercy BiwottSOIowa Western CCRegion XI 
WOMEN4x800 RelayJosey FrenchSOIowa Western CCRegion XI 
WOMENShot PutJazmyn JamesSOIowa Western CCRegion XI 
WOMEN4x800 RelayLauren PiersonFRIowa Western CCRegion XI 
WOMENPentathlonAntonia SealySOIowa Western CCRegion XI 
WOMEN4x800 RelayBethany StaceySOIowa Western CCRegion XI 
WOMENShot PutShakera WilliamsSOIowa Western CCRegion XI 
WOMEN800 MetersPrivilege ChikaraFRMeridian (Miss.) CCRegion XXIII 
WOMENMilePrivilege ChikaraFRMeridian (Miss.) CCRegion XXIII 
WOMEN60 Meter HurdlesArryona SimmonsFRMeridian (Miss.) CCRegion XXIII 
WOMEN800 MetersKate BrockmanSOMesa (Ariz.) CCRegion I 
WOMEN1000 MetersKate BrockmanSOMesa (Ariz.) CCRegion I 
WOMENDistance Medley RelayKate BrockmanSOMesa (Ariz.) CCRegion I 
WOMEN4x400 RelayZaria HamiltonSOMesa (Ariz.) CCRegion I 
WOMEN1000 MetersAnna HarmonSOMesa (Ariz.) CCRegion I 
WOMENMileAnna HarmonSOMesa (Ariz.) CCRegion I 
WOMENDistance Medley RelayAnna HarmonSOMesa (Ariz.) CCRegion I 
WOMEN600 MetersTaylor JacobsFRMesa (Ariz.) CCRegion I 
WOMENDistance Medley RelayTaylor JacobsFRMesa (Ariz.) CCRegion I 
WOMEN4x400 RelayTaylor JacobsFRMesa (Ariz.) CCRegion I 
WOMEN4x400 RelayKatherine LemishSOMesa (Ariz.) CCRegion I 
WOMEN4x400 RelayDiane OndoboFRMesa (Ariz.) CCRegion I 
WOMENDistance Medley RelayDiane OndoboFRMesa (Ariz.) CCRegion I 
WOMENTriple JumpAlyssa DyettFRMonroe-New Rochelle (N.Y.)Region XV 
WOMEN800 MetersKayla JohnsonFRMonroe-New Rochelle (N.Y.)Region XV 
WOMENDistance Medley RelayKayla JohnsonFRMonroe-New Rochelle (N.Y.)Region XV 
WOMENDistance Medley RelayZothile Jesi MbhamaliFRMonroe-New Rochelle (N.Y.)Region XV 
WOMENDistance Medley RelayKahliyah SmithFRMonroe-New Rochelle (N.Y.)Region XV 
WOMENDistance Medley RelayShaquka TyrellFRMonroe-New Rochelle (N.Y.)Region XV 
WOMEN4x800 RelayDaisy KorirSONeosho County (Kan.) CCRegion VI 
WOMEN4x800 RelayDelsinay PenaSONeosho County (Kan.) CCRegion VI 
WOMEN4x800 RelayNaomi SalilFRNeosho County (Kan.) CCRegion VI 
WOMEN4x800 RelayLandrea SearsFRNeosho County (Kan.) CCRegion VI 
WOMEN60 Meter HurdlesEse AwusaSONew Mexico JCRegion V 
WOMEN60 MetersAshantai BollersSONew Mexico JCRegion V 
WOMEN200 MetersAshantai BollersSONew Mexico JCRegion V 
WOMENMileDamaris ChewonSONew Mexico JCRegion V 
WOMEN3000 MetersDamaris ChewonSONew Mexico JCRegion V 
WOMEN5000 MetersDamaris ChewonSONew Mexico JCRegion V 
WOMEN400 MetersLacarthea CooperFRNew Mexico JCRegion V 
WOMENDistance Medley RelayVanessa GallegosFRNew Mexico JCRegion V 
WOMEN5000 MetersCarolyne KimaiyoFRNew Mexico JCRegion V 
WOMENDistance Medley RelayJoan KimalelSONew Mexico JCRegion V 
WOMENLong JumpAaliyah LindsaySONew Mexico JCRegion V 
WOMENTriple JumpAaliyah LindsaySONew Mexico JCRegion V 
WOMENDistance Medley RelayMinankolo MagassaSONew Mexico JCRegion V 
WOMEN800 MetersLetlhogonolo MagoroSONew Mexico JCRegion V 
WOMEN1000 MetersLetlhogonolo MagoroSONew Mexico JCRegion V 
WOMENDistance Medley RelayJada MartinSONew Mexico JCRegion V 
WOMEN60 MetersTijuanique MortonSONew Mexico JCRegion V 
WOMEN200 MetersTijuanique MortonSONew Mexico JCRegion V 
WOMEN400 MetersDejona SimpsonFRNew Mexico JCRegion V 
WOMEN4x400 RelayDejona SimpsonFRNew Mexico JCRegion V 
WOMEN400 MetersDeshana SkeeteSONew Mexico JCRegion V 
WOMEN4x400 RelayDeshana SkeeteSONew Mexico JCRegion V 
WOMEN600 MetersCalisha TaylorSONew Mexico JCRegion V 
WOMEN4x400 RelayCalisha TaylorSONew Mexico JCRegion V 
WOMEN600 MetersMichaliliah VassellSONew Mexico JCRegion V 
WOMEN4x400 RelayMichaliliah VassellSONew Mexico JCRegion V 
WOMENWeight ThrowAudrey ArmstrongSOParadise Valley (Ariz.) CCRegion I 
WOMENShot PutKarsten DeakinSOParadise Valley (Ariz.) CCRegion I 
WOMENPole VaultCandice PocaseSOPima (Ariz.) CCRegion I 
WOMENLong JumpJacklyn TriceSOPima (Ariz.) CCRegion I 
WOMENPentathlonJacklyn TriceSOPima (Ariz.) CCRegion I 
WOMEN4x800 RelayKarli JensenFRSalt Lake (Utah) CCRegion XVIII 
WOMEN3000 MetersMolly JensenFRSalt Lake (Utah) CCRegion XVIII 
WOMEN4x800 RelayMallory McCarterFRSalt Lake (Utah) CCRegion XVIII 
WOMEN5000 MetersZaylie ParasFRSalt Lake (Utah) CCRegion XVIII 
WOMEN4x800 RelayZaylie ParasFRSalt Lake (Utah) CCRegion XVIII 
WOMEN4x800 RelayKennedy SwainFRSalt Lake (Utah) CCRegion XVIII 
WOMENHigh JumpTeagan MeyersFRSauk Valley (Ill.) CCRegion IV 
WOMENHigh JumpAmaya BrownSOSouth Plains (Texas)Region V 
WOMEN60 MetersBreanna ClarkeFRSouth Plains (Texas)Region V 
WOMEN800 MetersRushana DwyerFRSouth Plains (Texas)Region V 
WOMENDistance Medley RelayRushana DwyerFRSouth Plains (Texas)Region V 
WOMEN4x400 RelayRushana DwyerFRSouth Plains (Texas)Region V 
WOMEN1000 MetersLilliana GuerreroFRSouth Plains (Texas)Region V 
WOMENDistance Medley RelayLilliana GuerreroFRSouth Plains (Texas)Region V 
WOMEN400 MetersSafhia HindsFRSouth Plains (Texas)Region V 
WOMEN4x400 RelaySafhia HindsFRSouth Plains (Texas)Region V 
WOMENWeight ThrowKimola HinesSOSouth Plains (Texas)Region V 
WOMENDistance Medley RelayJeniel JonesSOSouth Plains (Texas)Region V 
WOMENShot PutRonelle PlazaSOSouth Plains (Texas)Region V 
WOMENWeight ThrowRonelle PlazaSOSouth Plains (Texas)Region V 
WOMEN600 MetersLeticia QuingostasFRSouth Plains (Texas)Region V 
WOMEN4x400 RelayLeticia QuingostasFRSouth Plains (Texas)Region V 
WOMEN60 Meter HurdlesAshyiria SavageSOSouth Plains (Texas)Region V 
WOMENDistance Medley RelayCorlasia ScottSOSouth Plains (Texas)Region V 
WOMEN60 MetersSuccess UmukoroSOSouth Plains (Texas)Region V 
WOMEN200 MetersSuccess UmukoroSOSouth Plains (Texas)Region V 
WOMEN4x400 RelaySuccess UmukoroSOSouth Plains (Texas)Region V 
WOMENDistance Medley RelayCarissa MackeyFRSoutheastern (Iowa) CCRegion XI 
WOMENMileAisha RamoneFRSoutheastern (Iowa) CCRegion XI 
WOMENDistance Medley RelayAisha RamoneFRSoutheastern (Iowa) CCRegion XI 
WOMENDistance Medley RelayAllie SimpsonSOSoutheastern (Iowa) CCRegion XI 
WOMENDistance Medley RelayCassidy YaleyFRSoutheastern (Iowa) CCRegion XI 
WOMEN3000 MetersLydia FelixSOSouthern IdahoRegion XVIII 
WOMEN5000 MetersLydia FelixSOSouthern IdahoRegion XVIII 
WOMEN800 MetersJaresa JacksonFRSouthern IdahoRegion XVIII 
WOMEN3000 MetersElizabeth PhillipsFRSouthern IdahoRegion XVIII 
WOMEN5000 MetersMarryn PollFRSouthern IdahoRegion XVIII 
WOMENWeight ThrowMolly VenteicherSOSouthwestern (Iowa) CCRegion XI 
WOMENPole VaultJulia Do Amaral SalviFRVincennes (Ind.)Region XII 
WOMENPole VaultYsnaira Dos Santos VieiraFRVincennes (Ind.)Region XII 
WOMEN600 MetersAsia FosterFRWestern TexasRegion V 
WOMEN4x400 RelayAsia FosterFRWestern TexasRegion V 
WOMEN4x400 RelayShackelia GreenFRWestern TexasRegion V 
WOMEN200 MetersGrace ObourFRWestern TexasRegion V 
WOMEN400 MetersGrace ObourFRWestern TexasRegion V 
WOMEN4x400 RelayGrace ObourFRWestern TexasRegion V 
WOMEN4x400 RelayAnurika SinclairFRWestern TexasRegion V